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# Reference code Title Dates Access restrictions
1 CA ON00357 2001-6-1-1987.180V-23-7 Tennis Club Investments June 1934–Oct 1984 None
2 CA ON00357 2001-6-1-1987.180V-23-8 Tennis Club March 1952–April 1984 None
3 CA ON00357 2001-6-1-1997.049V-1-16 Vic Tennis Club 1985-1986 None
4 CA ON00357 2001-6-1-2004.037V-2-5 Vic Tennis Club 1988-1998 None
5 CA ON00357 2001-6-1987.114V-1-1 Records of the purchase of organ for Victoria College Chapel 1955-1962 None
6 CA ON00357 2001-6-1987.180V-4-10 Emmanuel College specifications Dec 1929-Jan 1930 None
7 CA ON00357 2001-6-1987.180V-4-11 Victoria College & residence alterations Feb 1938-June 1942 None
8 CA ON00357 2001-6-1987.180V-4-12 Victoria College & residence alterations May 1945-Jan 1946 None
9 CA ON00357 2001-6-1987.180V-4-13 Demolition, 67 Queen's Park Jan-March 1951 None
10 CA ON00357 2001-6-1987.180V-4-14 Annesley Hall kitchen alterations April-June 1959 None
11 CA ON00357 2001-6-1987.180V-4-15 Residence Furnishings Report July 1959-Nov 1960 None
12 CA ON00357 2001-6-1987.180V-4-16 New Academic Building October - November 1965 None
13 CA ON00357 2001-6-1987.180V-4-17 Victoria College alterations June 1968-Feb 1969 None
14 CA ON00357 2001-6-1987.180V-5-1 New Academic Building alterations June 1975 None
15 CA ON00357 2001-6-1987.180V-5-2 Institute for the History & Philosophy of Science & Technology Aug 1981-Oct 1982 None
16 CA ON00357 2001-6-1987.180V-5-3 Birge-Carnegie renovations July 1984-June 1985 None
17 CA ON00357 2001-6-1987.180V-5-4 Central Power Plant July 1922-July 1939 None
18 CA ON00357 2001-6-1987.180V-5-5 Central Power Plant 1939-1950 None
19 CA ON00357 2001-6-1987.180V-5-6 Extension of Steam Line May 1974-June 1975 None
20 CA ON00357 2001-6-1987.180V-5-7 Extension of Steam Line Jan 1975-Jan 1976 None
21 CA ON00357 2001-6-1987.180V-5-8 The Men of the Trees Dec 1927-Oct 1942 None
22 CA ON00357 2001-6-1987.180V-5-9 Organ for chapel May 1960-March 1961 None
23 CA ON00357 2001-6-1987.180V-5-10 Grounds Aug 1962-May 1963 None
24 CA ON00357 2001-6-1987.180V-5-11 Grounds June 1965-June 1966 None
25 CA ON00357 2001-6-1987.180V-5-12 Grounds Sept 1975-May 1976 None
26 CA ON00357 2001-6-1987.180V-6-1 Superintendent Oct 1940-June 1945 None
27 CA ON00357 2001-6-1987.180V-6-2 Superintendent Aug 1949-June 1950 None
28 CA ON00357 2001-6-1987.180V-6-3 Superintendent March-April 1964 None
29 CA ON00357 2001-6-1987.180V-6-4 Superintendent April 1965-Jan 1966 None
30 CA ON00357 2001-6-1987.180V-6-5 Superintendent Sept 1970-June 1971 None
31 CA ON00357 2001-6-1987.180V-6-6 Superintendent Sept 1975-Feb 1976 None
32 CA ON00357 2001-6-1987.180V-6-7 Superintendent July 1980-June 1981 None
33 CA ON00357 2001-6-1987.180V-7-1 Correspondence identification of the original corner stone in Cobourg 1953-1955 None
34 CA ON00357 2001-6-1987.180V-23-9 Theatre, Victoria April 1969–Feb 1970 None
35 CA ON00357 2001-6-2004.005V-1-1 Lillian Massey Building renovations 1995-1999 None
36 CA ON00357 2001-6-2004.005V-1-2 Victoria College Building foyer renovation project 1992 None
37 CA ON00357 2001-6-2004.037V-3-1 Annesley Hall renovation project tenders 1988-1989 None
38 CA ON00357 2001-6-2004.037V-3-2 Annesley Hall renovations 1988 None
39 CA ON00357 2001-6-2004.037V-3-3 Annesley Hall renovations 1988-1989 None
40 CA ON00357 2001-6-2004.037V-3-4 Annesley Hall renovations - contracts 1988-1989 None
41 CA ON00357 2001-6-2004.037V-4-1 Burwash Hall Lower House mechanical project manual for renovations 1995 None
42 CA ON00357 2001-6-2004.037V-4-2 Burwash Hall Lower House mechanical project manual for renovations - electrical project manual for renovations 1995 None
43 CA ON00357 2001-6-2004.037V-4-3 Burwash Hall Lower House mechanical project manual for renovations - general project manual for renovations 1995 None
44 CA ON00357 2001-6-2004.037V-4-4 Burwash Hall Lower House mechanical project manual for renovations - stipulated contracts for renovations 1995 None
45 CA ON00357 2001-6-2004.037V-4-5 Burwash Hall project 1986-1987 None
46 CA ON00357 2001-6-2004.037V-4-6 Burwash Hall project - financing 1987-1988 None
47 CA ON00357 2001-6-2004.037V-5-1 Burwash Hall project - Page and Steele Architects 1987-1988 None
48 CA ON00357 2001-6-2004.037V-5-2 Burwash Hall project - site meeting minutes 1987 None
49 CA ON00357 2001-6-2004.037V-5-3 Burwash Hall project - site meeting minutes 1987-1988 None
50 CA ON00357 2001-6-2004.037V-5-4 Burwash Hall project - tender papers, schedules and other records 1985-1988 None
51 CA ON00357 2001-6-2004.037V-5-5 Burwash Hall Upper Houses general project manual for renovations 1996 None
52 CA ON00357 2001-6-2004.037V-6-1 Facilities Renewal Program (FRP) 1994 None
53 CA ON00357 2001-6-2004.037V-6-2 Facilities Renewal Program (FRP) - grants 1992-1993 None
54 CA ON00357 2001-6-2004.037V-6-3 Facilities Renewal Program (FRP) - grants [includes audit statements and auditor's report] 1993-2000 None
55 CA ON00357 2001-6-2004.037V-6-4 Facilities Renewal Program (FRP) - grants [includes completed audit statements] 1994-1998 None
56 CA ON00357 2001-6-2004.037V-6-5 Infrastructure grants 1997 None
57 CA ON00357 2001-6-2004.037V-6-6 Institute for the History and Philosophy of Science and Technology 1992-1994 None
58 CA ON00357 2001-6-2004.037V-6-7 Margaret Addison Hall renovations – general architectural project manual 2000 None
59 CA ON00357 2001-6-2004.037V-6-8 Margaret Addison Hall renovations - general mechanical and electrical project manual 2000 None
60 CA ON00357 2001-6-2004.037V-7-1 Margaret Addison Hall renovations – stipulated price contract 2000 None
61 CA ON00357 2001-6-2004.037V-7-2 Pratt Library renovations – Vanbots contracts 2000 None
62 CA ON00357 2001-6-2004.037V-7-3 Rowell Jackman Hall – planning and contract records 1987-1992 None
63 CA ON00357 2001-6-2004.037V-7-4 Rowell Jackman Hall – planning and contract records 1992 None
64 CA ON00357 2001-6-2004.037V-7-5 Rowell Jackman Hall -- quantity survey work 1992 None
65 CA ON00357 2001-6-2004.037V-7-6 Stephenson House 1939-1991 None
66 CA ON00357 2001-6-2004.037V-7-7 Stephenson House - F.C. Stephenson Estate 1931-1946 None
67 CA ON00357 2001-6-2004.037V-7-8 Stephenson House -financial administration 1938-1948 None
68 CA ON00357 2001-6-2004.037V-7-9 Stephenson House - Stephenson Memorial 1939-1954 None
69 CA ON00357 2001-6-2004.037V-7-10 Stephenson House - Stephenson Trust 1939-1957 None
70 CA ON00357 2001-6-2007.060V-1-1 General correspondence 2000 None
71 CA ON00357 2001-6-2007.060V-1-2 Facilities Renewal Program 2001-2005 None
72 CA ON00357 2001-6-2007.060V-1-3 Liens 1999-2004 None
73 CA ON00357 2001-6-2007.060V-1-4 Northrop Frye Hall 2003-2004 None
74 CA ON00357 2001-6-2009.10V-2-1 Architects' report on the sites of buildings and the physical growth of Victoria University 1950 None
75 CA ON00357 2001-6-2009.10V-2-2 Appraisal report of Victoria University by Fidelity Appraisals 1955 None
76 CA ON00357 2001-6-2009.10V-2-3 Appraisal report of South House by Fidelity Appraisals 1958 None
77 CA ON00357 2001-6-2009.10V-2-4 Appraisal report for Victoria College Building/Ryerson House/Nelles House/Cavan House/Gandier House/Bowles House/Emmanuel College Building/Birge-Carnegie by Fidelity Appraisals 1965 None
78 CA ON00357 2001-6-2009.10V-2-5 Land Use Study by Gordon Adamson and Associates 1970 None
79 CA ON00357 2001-6-2009.10V-2-6 Campus Centre Location Study [197?] None
80 CA ON00357 2001-6-2009.10V-2-7 Insurance appraisal report re construction of Burwash Hall/Annesley Hall by Vercan Associates 1976 None
81 CA ON00357 2001-6-2009.10V-2-8 Wymilwood Coffee Shop Review and Recommendations by Harley, Little Associates 1980 None
82 CA ON00357 2001-6-2009.10V-2-9 Report on Upgrading of Life/Fire/Safety Features by Page & Steele Architects 1985 None
83 CA ON00357 2001-6-2009.10V-3-1 Northrop Frye Hall Asbestos Survey Report by Decommissioning Consulting Services 1997 None
84 CA ON00357 2001-6-2009.10V-3-2 E.J. Pratt & Emmanuel College Libraries Renovations Feasibility Study & Building Program by Shore Tilbe Irwin & Partners 1997 None
85 CA ON00357 2001-6-2009.10V-3-3 E.J. Pratt Library Pre-Renovation Facility Survey Report by Decommissioning Consulting Services 1999 None
86 CA ON00357 2001-6-2009.10V-3-4 E.J. Pratt Library renovations correspondence 1999 None
87 CA ON00357 2001-6-2009.10V-7-4 Isabel Bader Theatre 2000-2005 None
88 CA ON00357 2001-6-2012.03V-1-1 Rowell Jackman Hall - Development and collateral agreements 1992 None
89 CA ON00357 2001-6-2012.03V-2-1 Carpark Management Services 1982, 1990 None
90 CA ON00357 2001-6-2012.03V-2-2 Institutional Zoning By-laws/Historic Buildings Agreement 1980-1986 None
91 CA ON00357 2001-6-2012.03V-2-3 Parking by-laws 1979 None
92 CA ON00357 2001-6-2012.03V-2-4 Renewal leases from University of Toronto 1892, 1931, 1932, 1934, 1973 None
93 CA ON00357 2001-6-2012.03V-2-5 Walkway (Victoria University/St. Michael's College) 1989 None
94 CA ON00357 2001-6-2012.11V-1-1 Bader Theatre contracts (including architect's) 1998-1999 None
95 CA ON00357 2001-6-2012.11V-1-2 Bader Theatre donation agreement 1998-1999 None
96 CA ON00357 2001-6-2012.11V-1-3 "Library of the Future" architect's contract 1999 None
97 CA ON00357 2001-6-2012.11V-1-4 Stephenson House agreement 1939 None
98 CA ON00357 2001-6-2015.04V-2-1 Chartered Trust Co. 113-151 Bloor Street West Property Proposal 1959 None
99 CA ON00357 2001-6-2015.04V-2-2 113, 127, 137, 147 Bloor Street Specifications for demolition 1959 None
100 CA ON00357 2001-6-2015.04V-2-12 Binscarth Road Residence Complete General Conditions - Catto and Catto architects [193?] None
101 CA ON00357 2001-6-2015.04V-2-13 Proposal for development at 113-151 Bloor Street West [between 1960-1969] None
102 CA ON00357 2001-6-2015.04V-3-1 Victoria University Fire Insurance Schedule - Osler, Hammond & Nanton 1953, 1955 None
103 CA ON00357 2001-6-2015.04V-3-2 Victoria University Inspection Report by Johnson & Higgens 1952 None
104 CA ON00357 2001-6-2015.04V-3-3 Victoria University Insurance Report - Osler, Hammond & Nanton 1963 None
105 CA ON00357 2001-6-2015.04V-3-4 Victoria University Estimated Value of Buildings for Insurance Purposes prepared by John Kinsey and Associates Limited 1961 None
106 CA ON00357 2001-6-2015.04V-3-5 Insurance inspection reports 1952-1955 None
107 CA ON00357 2001-6-2015.04V-3-6 Appraisal Report - CURIE Replacement Cost New Study, Buildings and Contents. American Appraisal Canada, Inc. 1991, 1993 None
108 CA ON00357 2001-6-2015.04V-3-7 Fire Insurance Inspection Report submitted by The Western Assurance Co. 1938 None
109 CA ON00357 2001-6-2015.04V-3-8 Victoria College Group - Secondary feeders and D.C. conversion report 1957 None
110 CA ON00357 2001-6-2015.13V-1-1 Stephenson House 1957-2010 None
111 CA ON00357 2001-6-2016.05V-1-4 Lester B. Pearson Peace Garden 2004 None
112 CA ON00357 2001-6-2016.05V-1-5 Victoria University Summary of Buildings 2004 None
113 CA ON00357 2001-6-2016.05V-1-6 Schedule of Operating Costs Incurred in Maintaining Lillian Massey Building 2010 None
114 CA ON00357 2001-6-2017.05V-TR-1 Victoria University Signage Program - specifications and results 1990 None