University of Toronto. Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE) Inventory list

Identifier Title Level of description Sort ascending Date Digital object
A2017-0013_BD009 OISE Annual Report File 2004-2005
A2017-0013_BD012 OISE Annual Report File 2007-2008
A2017-0013_BD018 OISE Review: Terms of Reference File 7 May. 2015
A2017-0013_BD021 OISE Review: Dean's memorandum to the community on the community consultations regarding the OISE Review File 16 Sep. 2015
A2017-0013_BD024 OISE Review: OISE External Review - Summary of Key Findings & Recommendations File Jun. 2016
A2017-0013_BD027 OISE Equity and Diversity Policy File 6 Apr. 2005
A2017-0013_BD039 OISE Council Minutes File 28 Oct. 2015
A2017-0013_BD042 OISE Council Minutes File 27 Apr. 2016
A2017-0013_BD045 OISE Council Minutes File 15 Feb. 2017
A2017-0013_BD048 Bylaws of the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (Amended in April, 2015) File Apr. 2015
A2017-0013_BD054 Sponsoring Educational Activities with External Organizations File n.d.
A2017-0013_BD003 OISE Annual Research Report File 2007-2008
A2017-0013_BD006 OISE Annual Report File 2000-2001
A2017-0013_BD019 OISE Review: Provost's letter to the Dean commissioning the OISE Review File 6 Jul. 2015
A2017-0013_BD022 OISE Review: OISE External Review DRAFT Self-Study File 19 Oct. 2015
A2017-0013_BD025 OISE Review: Dean's memorandum to the community on the key findings, recommendations & next steps File 10 Jun. 2016
A2017-0013_BD028 OISE Truth and Reconciliation Commission Task Force Report File 31 Oct. 2016
A2017-0013_BD030 OISE's New Reality: Trends and Analyses File [ca. 2016]
A2017-0013_BD033 Towards Framing an Academic Plan: OISE's Planning Process File 19 May. 2017
A2017-0013_BD036 OISE Council Minutes File 3 Dec. 2014
A2017-0013_BD049 OISE Council Nominations & Elections Procedures File n.d.
A2017-0013_BD052 Open Access Policy File n.d.
A2017-0013_BD055 Divisional Guidelines for the Assessment of Teaching File n.d.
A2017-0013_BD001 OISE Annual Research Report File 2005-2006
A2017-0013_BD004 OISE Annual Research Report File 2008-2009
A2017-0013_BD007 OISE Annual Report File 2001-2002
A2017-0013_BD010 OISE Annual Report File 2005-2006
A2017-0013_BD013 OISE Annual Report File 2008-2009
A2017-0013_BD016 OISE Academic Plan 2004-2009 File 30 Jun. 2004
A2017-0013_BD029 OISE's Future Reality: Discussion Guide File [ca. 2016]
A2017-0013_BD031 Academic Planning Introduction (Faculty Council) File [ca. 2016]
A2017-0013_BD034 Council of the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education: 2016-2017 Membership File n.d.
A2017-0013_BD037 OISE Council Minutes File 18 Feb. 2015
A2017-0013_BD040 OISE Council Minutes File 2 Dec. 2015
A2017-0013_BD043 OISE Council Minutes File 19 Oct. 2016
A2017-0013_BD002 OISE Annual Research Report File 2006-2007
A2017-0013_BD005 OISE Annual Research Report File 2009-2010
A2017-0013_BD008 OISE Annual Report File 2002-2003
A2017-0013_BD011 OISE Annual Report File 2006-2007
A2017-0013_BD014 OISE Annual Report File 2009-2010
A2017-0013_BD017 Report of the Teaching Task Force File Feb. 2008
A2017-0013_BD020 OISE Review: Dean File 23 Jul. 2015
A2017-0013_BD023 OISE Review: OISE External Review FINAL Self-Study File 30 Nov. 2015
A2017-0013_BD026 OISE Review: Administrative Response to the External Review of OISE File 3 Oct. 2016
A2017-0013_BD032 What We've Heard So Far: OISE's Academic Planning Process File 31 Mar. 2017
A2017-0013_BD035 Faculty Council Minutes File 29 Oct. 2014
A2017-0013_BD038 OISE Council Minutes File 22 Apr. 2015
A2017-0013_BD041 OISE Council Minutes File 17 Feb. 2016
A2017-0013_BD044 OISE Council Minutes File 7 Dec. 2016
A2017-0013_BD047 Constitution of the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education File 2013
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