Alexander Brady sous-fonds Inventory list

Identifier Title Level of description Sort ascending Date Digital object
B1990-0016/001(03) Elisabeth Wallace files. "Reflections on Alexander Brady's Annual Review of Canadian Book", University of Toronto Quarterly, n.d. TSS File n.d.
B1990-0016/001(05) Elisabeth Wallace files. Fay, C.R. Reader's copy of partial MS by Alexander Brady [?] File n.d.
B1990-0016/001(17)-(20) Manuscripts and publications. Chapters 1-4 File
B1990-0016/002(03)-(07) Manuscripts and publications. Later versions of chapters 1-5 File
B1990-0016/002(12)-(33) Manuscripts and publications. Offprints of articles with manuscripts for some. Many have been annotated or prepared for revision File 1933-1981
B1990-0016/003(03) Subject files. American thinkers File 1928-1948
B1990-0016/003(06) Subject files. Catholicism and social movements File 1940-1948
B1990-0016/003(09) Subject files. Marxism File 1940-1947
B1990-0016/003(12) West Indies files. Financial and aid questions. Articles, notes File 1960-1962
B1990-0016/004(07) Clippings from "The Gleaner". Articles and clippings File 1976-1978
B1990-0016/004(10) Clippings from "The Gleaner". Jamaica: clippings from the Daily Gleaner File 1965
B1990-0016/001(01) Elisabeth Wallace files. "Alexander Brady, 1895-1985", Transactions of the Royal Society of Canada, Series V, Vol. 1 (1986), 269-270 File 1986
B1990-0016/001(04) Elisabeth Wallace files. Lists of publications by Alexander Brady File [198-]
B1990-0016/001(06) Correspondence File 1955
B1990-0016/001(09) Manuscripts and publications. Notes assembled for writing of his memoirs [?]: "Move from Winnipeg to Toronto"; "Staff in History when I was an undergraduate"; "Personalities in the Department [of Political Economy] as I recall them"; "Memories of the University" File [198-]
B1990-0016/001(12) Manuscripts and publications. Untitled MS [chapters for]: "External Relation" File [192-]
B1990-0016/001(15) Manuscripts and publications. "Patterns of Canadian Politics and Government". Plan and directives by A.B., with notes by E.W. File Early 1960s
B1990-0016/002(09)-(10) Manuscripts and publications. Notes (2 folders) File
B1990-0016/002(36) Manuscripts and publications. Miscellaneous notes File
B1990-0016/003(04) Subject files. Birds [oversize] File 1962-1968
B1990-0016/003(07) Subject files. Education and culture File 1935-1943
B1990-0016/003(10) West Indies files. Address, notes, press clippings File 1960-1962
B1990-0016/003(13) West Indies files. Plan and scope of memorandum. Articles and press coverage File 1963-1964
B1990-0016/003(15) West Indies files. West Indians in Canada; "Coloured" immigrants in Britain File 1967
B1990-0016/004(01) West Indies files. "Canada and the West Indies". Memorandum prepared by Alexander Brady for the Dept. of External Affairs, 1963; Correspondence and press clippings File 1961-1964
B1990-0016/004(04) West Indies files. West Indian affairs. Notes, press clippings, articles and pamphlets File 1960-1965
B1990-0016/001(07) Application for Guggenheim Fellowship File 1950
B1990-0016/001(10) Manuscripts and publications. Untitled MS (partial) File [192-]
B1990-0016/001(13) Manuscripts and publications. "The Democratic Monarchy" [unfinished MS for book on the United Kingdom]; Notes and clippings File 1953-1962
B1990-0016/001(16) Manuscripts and publications. Miscellaneous draft material and notes File
B1990-0016/002(01)-(02) Manuscripts and publications. Chapter 5 File
B1990-0016/002(34) Manuscripts and publications. Commonwealth Prime Ministers' meeting. Dept. of External Affairs memoranda, with notes for meetings File 1962
B1990-0016/002(37) Manuscripts and publications. "Inquirie"[notes on individuals and topics] File Summer 1957, 1959
B1990-0016/003(14) West Indies files. Canada and the West Indies. Notes, clippings File 1966
B1990-0016/003(16) West Indies files. University of Toronto visitation scheme at the University of the West Indies: Correspondence, notes, press releases and press coverage File 1965-1968
B1990-0016/004(02) West Indies files. Documents copied File 1962
B1990-0016/004(05) Clippings from "The Gleaner". Internal affairs File 1965
B1990-0016/004(08) Clippings from "The Gleaner". Daily Gleaner [oversize] File 1982 annual
B1990-0016/004(11) Clippings from "The Gleaner". Trinidad: special Times edition [oversize]; notes and press clippings File 1962
B1990-0016/001(02) Elisabeth Wallace files. Citation by Professor Wallace on the occasion of the conferral of an LLD on Alexander Brady by the University of Toronto File 1970
B1990-0016/001(08) Honours. University of Toronto Sesqui-centennial Distinguished Service Award File 1977
B1990-0016/001(11) Manuscripts and publications. Untitled MS [chapters for]: "Cultural Life" File [192-]
B1990-0016/001(14) Manuscripts and publications. Draft Chapters: "The Democratic Monarchy"; "The Cabinet" File [1957]
B1990-0016/002(08) Manuscripts and publications. Partial chapter (MS) File
B1990-0016/002(11) Manuscripts and publications. Notes on talks with individuals File 1962-1964
B1990-0016/002(35) Manuscripts and publications. Notes on the Politics of Aristotle by Newman File
B1990-0016/002(37) Manuscripts and publications. Referee's report on The Canadian Constitution: a century of Confederation File
B1990-0016/003(02) Manuscripts and publications. Diary. Visit to England File 1947, 1949
B1990-0016/003(05) Subject files. British government File 1953-1985
B1990-0016/003(08) Subject files. Liberalism File 1937-1947
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