Arts and Science Students' Union fonds Inventory list

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B2018-0014/005(06) Printed Ephemera and Correspondence - African Studies Course Union File 1991-2011
B2018-0014/006(11) Printed Ephemera - Computer Science Student Union File 1984-2010
B2018-0014/007(05) Printed Ephemera - Environmental Students' Union File 1998-1999
B2018-0014/007(08) Printed Ephemera - Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Union File 2009-2011
B2018-0014/007(11) Printed Ephemera and Correspondence - Fine Arts Student Union File 1980-2014
B2018-0014/008(02) Printed Ephemera - Toronto Undergraduate Geography Society File 1976-2013
B2018-0014/008(05) Printed Ephemera - Health Studies Student Union File 2006-2013
B2018-0014/008(08) Printed Ephemera - History and Philosophy of Science Undergraduate Society File [198-?]-[20--?]
B2018-0014/009(01) Printed Ephemera and Newsletter - International Relations Society [Part 1 of 2] File 1980-2010
B2018-0014/010(02) Printed Ephemera and Newsletter - Nutritional Sciences Student Association File 1990-2012
B2018-0014/010(05) Printed Ephemera - Pharmacology and Toxology Students' Association File 2002-2010
B2018-0014/010(08) Printed Ephemera - Philosophy Course Union File 1986-2014
B2018-0014/011(01) Printed Ephemera - Political Economy Course Union [Association of Political Science Students] File 1977-2014
B2018-0014/011(03) Printed Ephemera and Newsletter - Psychology Students' Association [Part 1 of 2] File 1989-2013
B2018-0014/011(06) Printed Ephemera, Newsletter and Report - Psychology Students' Association [Part 2 of 2] File 1976-2005
B2018-0014/011(09) Printed Ephemera, Newsletter and Correspondence - Slavic Languages and Literature Students' Union File 1987-1998
B2018-0014/013(05) Correspondence - SMCSU Pullout from ASSU File 1981-1982
B2018-0014/013(08) Meeting Minutes, Constitution and Report - IRS Election Investigation File 1984-1985
B2018-0014/013(11) Correspondence, Manual and Committee Recommendations - [Course Union Restructuring] File 1994-1998
B2018-0014/013(14) Correspondence and Constitution - Ombudsperson [Commerce Students' Association Executives] File 2003
B2018-0014/013(20) Course Evaluations - Classics File 1975-1979
B2018-0014/014(01) Course Evaluations - English File 1980-1981
B2018-0014/014(04) Course Evaluations - Geography File 1968-1981
B2018-0014/014(07) Course Evaluations - Hispanic File 1979-1981
B2018-0014/014(10) Course Evaluations - Jewish Studies File 1971-1980
B2018-0014/014(14) Course Evaluations - Near Eastern [Studies] File 1976-1981
B2018-0014/015(03) Course Evaluations - PECU I [Political Economy] [Part 2 of 2] File 1972-1981
B2018-0014/015(06) Course Evaluations [and Information Booklet] - Philosophy File 1971-1984
B2018-0014/015(09) Course Evaluations - Psychology File 1976-1981
B2018-0014/016(02) Course Evaluations - Sanskrit and Indian Studies File 1976-1977
B2018-0014/016(08) Report and Manual - Course Evaluation Theory File 1972-1980
B2018-0014/016(11) Departmental Course Evaluation Tabulations - Sociology [and Religious Studies/Sanskrit Evaluation Forms] File 1980-1981
B2018-0014/016(14) Course Evaluation Questionnaire Masters [Part 1 of 2] File 1980-1981
B2018-0014/016(17) Course Evaluation Questionnaire Masters File 1982-1983
B2018-0014/017(03) Course Evaluations - Business Records File 1969-1982
B2018-0014/017(06) Course Evaluations - Business Records File 1984
B2018-0014/017(09) Correspondence - ASSU Course Evaluation Review Committee File 1977-1978
B2018-0014/017(13) [Draft Constitution of the Arts and Science Student Union] File [1972?]
B2018-0014/017(16) [ASSU Information Package] File 1978
B2018-0014/017(19) Meeting Minutes and Memoranda - Committee for ASSU Planning File 1979-1981
B2018-0014/018(02) Correspondence, Report and Printed Ephemera - Referendum Report to Administration [ASSU Fee Increase] File 1985-1986
B2018-0014/018(05) Position Statement - Bevey Report [Commission on the Future Development of Universities in Ontario] File [1985?]
B2018-0014/018(08) Newsletter - [ASSU Bulletin, The Consensus, The Mushroom] File 1987-2005
B2018-0014/018(11) Report - [Asbestos Exposures at Sidney Smith Hall] File 1990
B2018-0014/018(14) Technical Data - Asbestos File 1990
B2018-0014/019(02) Correspondence - Asbestos File 1990-1991
B2018-0014/019(05) Position Statement - Tuition Policy File 1991-1992
B2018-0014/019(08) Correspondence and Resume - Project Foley [Joan E. Foley Award -- Terry Buckland] File 1993 -1994
B2018-0014/019(14) Structure and Rules of Procedure Manual - General Committee and Faculty Council File 1971
B2018-0014/019(17) Correspondence - [Student Representation on FAS Departmental Committees] File 1986
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