Arts and Science Students' Union fonds Inventory list

Identifier Sort descending Title Level of description Date Digital object
B2018-0014/021(24) Correspondence - Off-Campus File 1991-1995
B2018-0014/021(23) Correspondence - [Off-Campus] File 1989-2001
B2018-0014/021(22) Correspondence - To Student Societies File 1991-1995
B2018-0014/021(21) Correspondence - [To Student Groups] File 1981-2004
B2018-0014/021(20) Open Letters and Speech - [Dr. Kin-Yip Chun Systemic Racism] File 1997, 2002
B2018-0014/021(19) Meeting Minutes, Memorandum, Statement of Purpose - Campus Coalition File 1997-1998
B2018-0014/021(18) Reports and Correspondence - [SAC] File 1995-2001
B2018-0014/021(17) Memoranda, Press Release and Correspondence - [OUSA] File 1993
B2018-0014/021(16) Correspondence, Press Release, Printed and Handwritten Ephemera - No-to-OUSA Campaign File 1993-1994
B2018-0014/021(15) Correspondence - Anti-Calendar [Requests] File 1993
B2018-0014/021(14) Meeting Minutes, Correspondence, Contact Lists - Council of Presidents, 1993-1994 File 1993-1994
B2018-0014/021(13) Correspondence and Reports - Smith Commission [ASSU, APUS, SAC] File 1991-1992
B2018-0014/021(12) Position Statements - Student Funding [Various Student and Faculty Associations] File 1990-1992
B2018-0014/021(11) Reports - Tuition Fee [Policy] File 1990
B2018-0014/021(10) Meeting Minutes and Memoranda - Class Size Committee File 1989-1990
B2018-0014/021(09) Correspondence and Meeting Minutes - Limitations on Student Housing File 1989
B2018-0014/021(08) Correspondence and Report - [ASUS Queen's University Conference] File 1988
B2018-0014/021(07) Correspondence, Meeting Minutes, Report - Ad Hoc Committee on the Status of Women File 1986-1990
B2018-0014/021(06) Reports, Statistics and Questionnaire - SAC Underfunding Committee File 1984
B2018-0014/021(05) Correspondence and Meeting Notes - Silcox Committee File 1983-1984
B2018-0014/021(04) Course Evaluation Questionnaires - APUS and Other Universities File [198-?]
B2018-0014/021(03) Reports, Correspondence and Fact Sheets - Tuition Increase [SAC, OFS, ASSU, TAG] File 1975-1980
B2018-0014/021(02) Pamphlets and Student Publications - Cutbacks [OFS/FEO, CAWG, McMaster, Lakehead] File 1975-1976
B2018-0014/021(01) Position Statement - SAC on Banfield Incident File 1974
B2018-0014/020(17) Correspondence - [Campus Services] File 1990-1998
B2018-0014/020(16) Correspondence - [Faculty of Arts and Science] File 1987-2003
B2018-0014/020(15) Correspondence - Faculty of Arts and Science [Part 2 of 2] File 1976-1997
B2018-0014/020(14) Correspondence - Faculty of Arts and Science [Part I of 2] File 1976-1997
B2018-0014/020(13) Memoranda, Correspondence, Petition/Proposal - FAS Governance, 2006 [Task Force] File 2006
B2018-0014/020(12) Reports - Student Experience Working Group File 2004
B2018-0014/020(11) Correspondence and Meeting Minutes - Working Group of Service Charge File 2001
B2018-0014/020(10) Meeting Minutes and Reports - Review of Registrarial Services File 2001
B2018-0014/020(09) Reports and Correspondence - Past Financial Year [ASSU Involvement on Working Groups] File 2000-2001
B2018-0014/020(08) Memoranda and Meeting Documents - Educational Advisory Committee (EAC) File 2000
B2018-0014/020(07) Correspondence - [Tuition Refund Schedule] File 1998-1999
B2018-0014/020(06) Correspondence and Meeting Minutes - U of T Administration File 1993
B2018-0014/020(05) Correspondence [Draft] and Proposal - Mediation Working Group File 1992-1993
B2018-0014/020(04) Correspondence - Faculty of Arts and Science [Student Appointments to FAS Councils and Committees] File 1992-1993
B2018-0014/020(03) Correspondence and Pamphlets - Undergraduate Student Experience Committee [and Orientations] File 1992
B2018-0014/020(02) [Special Committee on Student Societies and Human Rights] File 1991
B2018-0014/020(01) Correspondence and Report - Committee on Racism [Presidential Advisory Committee on Race Relations] File 1990-1991
B2018-0014/019(21) Correspondence - Undergraduate Education [Advisory Committee] File 1988-1990
B2018-0014/019(20) Correspondence - New Registration System [ACCESS] File 1988
B2018-0014/019(19) Correspondence - [Dean Search Committee] File 1986-1990
B2018-0014/019(18) Memoranda and Correspondence - University Governance File 1986-1987
B2018-0014/019(17) Correspondence - [Student Representation on FAS Departmental Committees] File 1986
B2018-0014/019(16) Memoranda and Correspondence - Meeting with Kruger [Posting Notices Sidney Smith Hall] File 1981
B2018-0014/019(15) Reports - [Dean's Working Group on Entrance Testing] File [198-?]
B2018-0014/019(14) Structure and Rules of Procedure Manual - General Committee and Faculty Council File 1971
B2018-0014/019(13) Meeting Minutes and Reports - Sidney Smith Patio Enclosure File 2000-2001
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