Bissell 1993 accession Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
B1993-0015/001 Scrapbook containing press clippings, notes, programmes File 1933-1963
B1993-0015/002(03) Magazine articles about C. T. Bissell File 1948-
B1993-0015/002(06) Programmes for tributes to colleagues and funeral services File 1952-1955
B1993-0015/002(17) University of Toronto. Debate: "Resolved - that the censorship of the [illegible] is desirable" File 1935
3 President, Carleton College and University of Toronto Series 1956-1971, n.d.
B1993-0015/002(22) Carleton College. Press clippings, magazine articles re Bissell and the College File 1956-
B1993-0015/002(25) Programmes for tributes to colleagues and funeral services File 1959-1966
B1993-0015/003(01) National Conference of Canadian Universities and Colleges. Conference -- "Canadian Universities in a new age" (1961 : Ottawa) File 1961
B1993-0015/003(04) Sabbatical, Harvard University. Notes,programs, press coverage File 1967-1968
B1993-0015/003(07) Davis, Natalie Zemon. "Preliminary Report: A study of 42 women who have children and who are in graduate programmes at the University of Toronto", May, 1966. With correspondence, notes File 1966, 1970
B1993-0015/003(19) Correspondence, Robert French File 1991
B1993-0015/003(21) Lang, Daniel Wallace. "Claude Bissell's University: `an act of faith, a perpetual experiment, a search for the ideal'" File n.d.
B1993-0015/004(02) Press coverage of events, University of Toronto File 1972-1979
B1993-0015/004(05) University of Toronto. Claude T. Bissell Visiting Professor of Canadian-American Relations. John W. Holmes (1981) File 1981-
B1993-0015/004(08) University of Toronto. Task Force on Canadian Studies and the University of Toronto. Draft report, 1977 File 1977
B1993-0015/004(11) Guest lectureships File 1971-1991
B1993-0015/004(14) McDougall, Robert. "A Place in the Sun"[autobiographical reminiscence], typescript File 198-
B1993-0015/004(25) 1935. "Drama and the critics", Undergraduate [University College] File 1935
B1993-0015/005(02) "Canadian fiction". Draft File [195-]
B1993-0015/005(04) 1953. "Opinion", University College, A Portrait, 1853-1953. U of T Press, 1953,84-111. Draft File 1953
B1993-0015/005(07) 1956. A Role for Carleton. Inaugural address on his installation as President, Carleton College, 1956-11-13. Draft, printed copy File 1956
B1993-0015/005(10) 1959. "Introduction", Notes and Questions, Two Solitudes, by Hugh MacLennan. Toronto: Macmillan, 1959, VII-IX. Draft File 1959
B1993-0015/005(13) 1961. "Social analysis in the novels of George Eliot", Victorian Literature Modern Essays in Criticism, ed. Austin Wright. OUP, 1961, 154-171. Draft File 1961
B1993-0015/005(16) 1969. "Haliburton, Leacock and the American humorous tradition", Canadian Literature, Drafts File 1969
B1993-0015/005(29) 1980. "British-Canadian literary relations: prose", Britain and Canada: A colloquium held at Leeds, October, 1979.Commonwealth Foundation Occasional Paper No. 49, 1980, 17-22. Drafts, published version File 1980
B1993-0015/005(32) 1981. "Herbert Marshall McLuhan, 1911-1980", Proceedings of the Royal Society, Series IV, XIX (1981), 135-139 File 1981
B1993-0015/005(35) 1982. Introduction to A Second View of Things by Albert Trueman. Note, typescript, review File 1982
B1993-0015/006(02) 1983. "Canadian literary criticism". Draft File 1983
B1993-0015/006(05) 1988. "Reginald Evan Haist", Transactions of the Royal Society of Canada, Series V, Vol. III (1988), 153-155 File 1988
7 Addresses and interviews Series 1934-1992
B1993-0015/006(10) 1947. Addresses File 1947
B1993-0015/006(23) Problems of high education File 1956
B1993-0015/006(26) 1956. "The freedom to give", Ottawa Community Chest, 1956-04-25 File 1956
B1993-0015/006(29) 1957. Addresses, June - December File 1957
B1993-0015/007(01) 1959. Addresses File 1959
B1993-0015/007(03) 1960. Addresses File 1960
B1993-0015/007(06) 1963. Addresses File 1963
B1993-0015/007(09) 1964. Addresses File 1964
B1993-0015/008(10) Citations for recipients of honorary degrees, University of Toronto: Ernest Sirluck (1974), Gregory Clark (1975), Robertson Davies (1981), Harry Rasky (1982) File 1974-1982
B1993-0015/008(13) 1975. "The university research library: one approach to a general problem", 1975-03-04 File 1975
B1993-0015/008(16) 1976. "The place of learning and the arts in Canadian life", Address at Duke University, 1976-10-16 or 17 File 1976
B1993-0015/009(02) 1978. Addresses File 1978
B1993-0015/009(05) 1981. Addresses File 1981
B1993-0015/009(07) 1982. Welcoming address, Hugh Maclennan Conference, 1982-02-25 (University College, ON), with correspondence File 1982
B1993-0015/009(10) 1983. Tribute to Donald Forster, 1983-09-29. Address, correspondence, press coverage File 1983
B1993-0015/009(23) 1992. Addresses File 1992
B1993-0015/002(09) Other honours File 1962-1971
B1993-0015/002(11) Runnymede Collegiate Institute. Notes on books read; term papers; grades File 1930-1932
B1993-0015/002(14) University of Toronto. School of Graduate Studies. MA program. Examination papers File 1937
B1993-0015/002(16) University of Toronto. Historical Club. Programmes File 1934-1936
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