Cody Family fonds Inventory list

Identifier Sort descending Title Level of description Date Digital object
B1998-0007 Cody Family 1998 accession Accession 1950-1967
B1988-0053 Cody Family 1988 accession Accession [ca. 1851]-1957
B1986-0016 Cody Family 1986 accession Accession 1875-1957
B1980-0029/001(07) Medal of Liberation of the Free French Army File 1945
B1980-0029/001(06) Coronation Medal File 1937
B1980-0029/001(05) Canadian Service Chaplaincy Badge File 1918
B1980-0029/001(04) Ontario Medal for Good Citizenship. Certificate investing Mrs. Cody with the Award File 1977
B1980-0029/001(03) Ontario Medal for Good Citizenship. Letter from Premier Davis accompanying the Medal, 30.6.1977 File 1977
B1980-0029/001(02) Ontario Medal for Good Citizenship. Notes for Premier Davis at the awarding of the Medal to Mrs. Cody and others, 30.6.1977 File 1977
B1980-0029/001(01) Coronation Medal. Certificate accompanying Coronation Medal awarded to Mrs. Cody 12.5.1937, with press clipping describing the Medal File 1937
B1980-0029 Cody Family 1980 accession Accession 1918-1977
B1979-0013 Cody Family 2nd 1979 accession Accession 1904-1972
B1979-0010/001(16) Wilkinson. Bertie. Feschrift. Table of Contents. File 1969
B1979-0010/001(15) Wilkinson. Bertie. Feschrift. Correspondence and Invitations. File 1968-1969
B1979-0010/001(14) Tilley, Sir Leonard. Correspondence. Letter from Arthur Meighen to Mrs. H.J. Cody regarding Tilley's descendeants. File 10 Oct. 1957
B1979-0010/001(13) Ontario. Royal Commission on Violence in the Communications Industry. Pamplet. File 1975
B1979-0010/001(12) Macmillan Co. of Canada. Pamphlet "Pioneer Books." File 1959
B1979-0010/001(11) Joint Committee of Technical Organizations. (Ontario Branch) Report. Annual Meeting. File 25 Mar. 1918
B1979-0010/001(10) Ignatieff, George. Programme. Installation as Ninth Provost and Vice-Chancellor of Trinity College. File 18 Oct. 1972
B1979-0010/001(09) Cody, Henry John. Sermon. "Lengthen thy cords and stengthen thy stakes." 4 pages File 6 Mar. 1934
B1979-0010/001(08) Cody, Henry John. Program. Burial Service. File 30 Apr. 1951
B1979-0010/001(07) Clothworkers' Company. Invitations and Programme, Dinner at Quinquennial Congress of Universities of the Empire. File 2 Jul. 1931
B1979-0010/001(06) Champlain Society. Brochure. Volumes in "Ontario Series." File 1964
B1979-0010/001(05) Canadian National Railway. Booklet. Compare. File 1953
B1979-0010/001(04) Canada. Governor General. Christmas Cards. File 1969, 1970
B1979-0010/001(03) Boulton, D'Arcy. Advertising. Publication of his book by Baxter Publishing Company in its "Our Canadian Heritage" Series. File 1961
B1979-0010/001(02) Anglican Church of Canada. Diocese of the Arctic. Correspondence and Christmas card. File 1959, 1974
B1979-0010/001(01) Acheson, Dean. Correspondence. Letter from David J. Walker, Jr. to Mrs. Cody regarding Acheson. File 13 Dec. 1974
B1979-0010 Cody Family 1st 1979 accession Accession 1918-1975
B1977-0018 Cody Family 1977 accession Accession 1923-1949
B1974-0060 Cody Family 1974 accession Accession 1920, 1944
B1973-0011 Cody Family 1973 accession Accession 1886-1949, predominant 1943-1949
B1972-0015 Cody Family 1972 accession Accession 1917-1921
B1965-0027/003(02) 1918-1919, p. 175-232, plus index File 1918-1919
B1965-0027/003(01) October 1916-1918, p. 121-174 File Oct. 1916-1918
B1965-0027/002(05) June-October, 1916, p. 69-120 File Jun. 1916-Oct. 1916
B1965-0027/002(04) Volume III: "Portraits and Scenes from the Great War", April, 1915-June, 1916, P. 1-68 File Apr. 1915-Jun. 1916
B1965-0027/002(03) September-December, 1918, p.248-end File 1918
B1965-0027/002(02) January-September, 1918, p. 171-247 File 1918
B1965-0027/002(01) Volume II: "Scrapbook of the Great War, 1917-1919", 1917, p. 105-170 File 1917
B1965-0027/001(06) 1915-1916, p. 37-104 File 1915-1916
B1965-0027/001(05) 1915, p. 1-36 File 1915
B1965-0027/001(04) 1915-1916 File 1915-1916
B1965-0027/001(03) April 1915-January 1916, p. 82-112 File Apr. 1915-Jan. 1916
B1965-0027/001(02) "Scrapbook of the Great War, 1914-1916", 1915, p. 10-81 File 1915
B1965-0027/001(01) Volume I: Personal activities File 1909-1931
B1965-0027 Cody Family 2nd 1965 accession Accession 1909-1931
B1965-0023 Cody Family 1st 1965 accession Accession 1901-1908