Desmond Morton fonds Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
B1999-0023/013(14) Courses on political campaign management (municipal). Sheridan College, Municipal Election School File 1972-1973
B1999-0023/020(02) Correspondence - Assistant provincial secretary File 1964-1966
B1999-0023/022(05)-(07) Political writings by Desmond Morton, 1967-1987, 1990 File 1967-1990
B1999-0023/022(09) Quebec - political material, primarily NDP [oversized material removed to /027(03)] File 1970-1977
B1999-0023/023(11) Morton, Desmond. 'Yes, unions need New Democrats'. Leaflet, 4 pp. [oversized - removed to /027(05)] File [1978 ?]
B1999-0023/023(13) Morton, Desmond. The New Democratic Party: your guide. Toronto Pamphlet File 1980
B1999-0023/023(15) The NDP and the economic crisis of Canada'. A series of papers, policy statements and pamphlets, most written by DPM (includes drafts) [see also oversized /027(06)] File 1982-1983
B1999-0023/023(22) Federal election, 1972. Peel South constituency (David Busby, NDP candidate). Campaign literature [oversized leaflets and newsletters to /027(10)] File 1972
B1999-0023/023(24) Federal election, 1974. NDP campaign literature [oversized material to /027(12)] File
B1999-0023/024(01) Federal by-election, 1976. Ottawa-Carleton constituency (Stephen Langdon) File 1976
B1999-0023/024(03) Federal by-election, 1978. Broadview-Greenwood constituency (Bob Rae) [oversized flyers to /027(13)] File 1978
B1999-0023/024(09) Federal election, 1984. Mississauga North constituency (Bill Patrick). [photos removed to /001(06)] File 1984
B1999-0023/024(12) New Democratic Party of Ontario. Assistant Provincial Secretary. Brief to the Royal Commission on Bilingualism and Biculturalism File 1964
B1999-0023/024(14) New Democratic Party of Ontario. Policy Review Committee (D. Morton, chair). Minutes, reports and circular letters File 1970
B1999-0023/025(06) Morton, Desmond. Meetings and rules of order. Toronto: New Democratic Party of Ontario. Document Two (pamphlet). Revised by Gordon Vichert File 1973
B1999-0023/025(08) Morton, Desmond. NDP: A guide to the New Democratic Party. Regina: Saskatchewan NDP (originally published by NDP of Ontario): 1976 (revised ed.) File 1976
B1999-0023/025(16) New Democratic Party of Ontario. 'Go, tell it on the Media: A manual for publicity secretaries'. File [196-]
B1999-0023/025(18) Ontario provincial by-election, 1965. Bracondale constituency (John Farina). Campaign material File 1965
B1999-0023/025(25) Ontario provincial election, 1977. Mississauga North constituency (David Busby): advertising File 1977
B1999-0023/025(27) Ontario provincial election, 1977. Mississauga North constituency (David Busby): press releases File 1977
B1999-0023/026(02) Ontario provincial election, 1981. Mississauga North constituency (Sylvia Weylie). Campaign material [oversized material removed to /027(21); photos removed to /001P(10)] File 1981
B1999-0023/026(09) Municipal elections, Mississauga, 1980. Committee to Re-elect Hazel McCallion. Minutes of meetings; designs for campaign material. File 1980
B1999-0023/026(11) Municipal elections, Mississauga, 1985. Committee to Re-elect Hazel McCallion. Minutes of meetings; designs for campaign material; leaflets [photos removed to 001P(13)] File 1985
9 Research files Series 1898-1992
11 Addresses Series 1971-1997
2 Correspondence: personal Series 1975-1994
3 Correspondence: other Series 1972-1994
B1999-0023/007(01) Correspondence and forms re Dr. Morton's appointments and promotions at the University of Toronto File 1969-1993
B1999-0023/007(08) The Third Option' [in education]. Press coverage File 1978-1979
B1999-0023/007(10) Erindale College - general correspondence File 1976-1986
B1999-0023/008(03) Erindale College. Curriculum - press coverage File 1977-1979
B1999-0023/008(08) Graduate studies in history, University of Toronto' handbook File [1973]
B1999-0023/008(10)-(11) Correspondence with students File 1971-1982
5 Lecture notes and other teaching materials Series 1972-1992
B1999-0023/010(09) HIS 205E: 'History of Canada'. Lecture notes [see also course 301/301E/323] File [n.d.]
B1999-0023/011(02) HIS 262Y: 'History of Canada'. Course outlines, tests, exams, tutorials File 1982-1983
B1999-0023/011(12) HIS 323: 'Canadian parties and politics since Confederation' [see also 301/301E]. Lecture notes File 1977-1978
B1999-0023/012(02) HIS 323: 'Canadian political parties'. 'Program for 1981'; bibliography File 1981-1982
B1999-0023/012(05) HIS 364: 'Canada and War'. Lecture notes File 1976-1978
B1999-0023/013(02)-(03) HIS 368H/368F: 'Canada and the First World War'. Lecture notes, course outlines, bibliography, tests File 1990-1991
B1999-0023/013(08) HIS 402E: 'Canadian historiography'. Lecture notes, course material File 1972-1977
7 Other professional and community activities Series 1979-1997
B1999-0023/020(03) Assistant provincial secretary - policy papers and report written by Desmond Morton File [196-] -1966
B1999-0023/020(05)-(09) Correspondence, 1966 - June, 1971 File 1966-1971
B1999-0023/022(01) Correspondence with Norman Allen about political events in Quebec File 1988-1990
B1999-0023/023(02) New Democratic Party of Canada. Policy Review Committee. Discussion papers, March, 1983 File 1983
B1999-0023/023(04) Morton, Desmond. NDP now: the case for a majority party of the democratic left (pamphlet). Published by DPM File 1971
B1999-0023/023(07) Morton, Desmond. Publicity guide: The New Democratic Party. Ottawa and Toronto: New Democratic Publications. Pamphlet File 1972
B1999-0023/023(09) Morton, Desmond. 'Rent control - a long term liability for NDP in Ontario', Viewsletter, 1, 7 (Aug-Sept., 1976), 7-11 File 1976
B1999-0023/023(16) Federal election, 1965. Speeches and press releases by Tommy Douglas. Some of these are drafts and are annotated (DPM served as a speech writer) File 1965
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