Desmond Morton fonds Inventory list

Identifier Title Level of description Date Sort ascending Digital object
9 Research files Series 1898-1992
10 Manuscripts and publications Series 1945-1996
1 Personal and family files Series 1959-1994
B1999-0023/020(03) Assistant provincial secretary - policy papers and report written by Desmond Morton File [196-] -1966
B1999-0023/025(16) New Democratic Party of Ontario. 'Go, tell it on the Media: A manual for publicity secretaries'. File [196-]
B1999-0023/020(01) Correspondence - Ontario NDP File 1961-1963
8 Political activities Series 1961-1994
B1999-0023/025(17) Ontario provincial election, 1963. Mockup for leaflet File 1963
B1999-0023/024(12) New Democratic Party of Ontario. Assistant Provincial Secretary. Brief to the Royal Commission on Bilingualism and Biculturalism File 1964
B1999-0023/025(11) New Democratic Party of Ontario. 'Every member canvass' (fall, 1964). Handbook, newsletter File 1964
B1999-0023/025(12) New Democratic Party of Ontario. 'We are building' (contact canvass). Handbook, newsletter File 1964-1965
B1999-0023/020(02) Correspondence - Assistant provincial secretary File 1964-1966
B1999-0023/025(01) Morton, Desmond. Crisis in car insurance, 1965. Press coverage of pamphlet File 1965
B1999-0023/025(18) Ontario provincial by-election, 1965. Bracondale constituency (John Farina). Campaign material File 1965
B1999-0023/023(16) Federal election, 1965. Speeches and press releases by Tommy Douglas. Some of these are drafts and are annotated (DPM served as a speech writer) File 1965
B1999-0023/025(13) New Democratic Party of Ontario. Election flash (newsletter for the 1965 federal election) File 1965
B1999-0023/025(14) New Democratic Party of Ontario. A firm foundation [newsletter] File 1965-1966
B1999-0023/024(13) New Democratic Party of Ontario. Policy Review Committee. Position papers - NDP/ 66. File 1966
B1999-0023/025(15) Morton, Desmond. 'For a great and beautiful city' - NDP draft programme discussion guide for Metropolitan Toronto. April, 1966 File 1966
B1999-0023/020(04) Assistant provincial secretary - addresses by Desmond Morton File 1966
B1999-0023/025(02) Silcox, Peter and Desmond Morton. Agenda for our cities. Toronto: New Democratic Party of Ontario, 1966 Pamphlet File 1966
B1999-0023/025(02) Freeman, Ted and Desmond Morton. Indians - do we care?, 1966. Press coverage of pamphlet File 1966
B1999-0023/025(03) Morton, Desmond. "Ontario '66", The New Democrat (special convention issue), 21-22 File 1966
B1999-0023/020(05)-(09) Correspondence, 1966 - June, 1971 File 1966-1971
12 Media productions Series 1966-1998
B1999-0023/025(19) Ontario provincial election, 1967. Campaign material [oversized material removed to /027(18)] File 1967
B1999-0023/023(17) Federal by-election, Sudbury constituency, 1967. NDP campaign literature File 1967
B1999-0023/022(05)-(07) Political writings by Desmond Morton, 1967-1987, 1990 File 1967-1990
B1999-0023/023(18) Federal election, 1968. NDP campaign literature [see also oversized material in /027(07)] File 1968
B1999-0023/008(09) Lists of students in courses, examination results File 1968-1994
B1999-0023/023(01) New Democratic Party of Canada. Federal convention ("Socialism '70"), Winnipeg, 1969. Discussion papers, including #5 - 'Poverty and regional disparity: A survey of issues' by Desmond Morton File 1969
B1999-0023/023(19) Federal by-election, 1969 - Nanaimo-Cowichan-The Islands constituency (Tommy Douglas, NDP candidate). Campaign literature File 1969
B1999-0023/025(04) Morton, Desmond. Socialism Canada seventies. Toronto: New Democratic Party of Ontario, 1969. Pamphlet, with press coverage File 1969-1970
B1999-0023/012(06) HIS 364: 'Canada and War'. Term papers File 1969-1970, 1976-1977
B1999-0023/007(01) Correspondence and forms re Dr. Morton's appointments and promotions at the University of Toronto File 1969-1993
4 University of Toronto: administration Series 1969-1994
B1999-0023/024(14) New Democratic Party of Ontario. Policy Review Committee (D. Morton, chair). Minutes, reports and circular letters File 1970
B1999-0023/024(15)-(16) New Democratic Party of Ontario. Policy Review Committee (D. Morton, chair). Policy explorations File 1970
B1999-0023/022(09) Quebec - political material, primarily NDP [oversized material removed to /027(03)] File 1970-1977
B1999-0023/023(05) Morton, Desmond. Campaign guide: The New Democratic Party. Ottawa: 4th edition (?) Pamphlet 1971 File [197-]
6 Professional associations Series 1970-1993
B1999-0023/025(20) Ontario provincial election, 1971. Campaign material [oversized material removed to /027(18)] File 1971
B1999-0023/023(04) Morton, Desmond. NDP now: the case for a majority party of the democratic left (pamphlet). Published by DPM File 1971
B1999-0023/008(10)-(11) Correspondence with students File 1971-1982
B1999-0023/021(01)-(07) Correspondence, July, 1971 - 1990 File 1971-1990
11 Addresses Series 1971-1997
B1999-0023/013(13) W.P.A. Course on political campaign management (federal) File 1972
B1999-0023/023(21) Federal election, 1972. Lakeshore constituency (Terry Grier, NDP candidate). [photos removed to /001P(02); newsletters and flyers (ovesized) to /027(10)] File 1972
B1999-0023/023(23) Federal election, 1972. Other parties campaign literature [oversized leaflets and newsletters to /027(11)] File 1972
B1999-0023/023(06) Toronto and Ottawa: New Democratic Publications [Morton, Desmond ?]. The NDP and Canadian independence Pamphlet File 1972
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