Desmond Morton fonds Inventory list

Identifier Title Level of description Sort ascending Date Digital object
8 Political activities Series 1961-1994
10 Manuscripts and publications Series 1945-1996
12 Media productions Series 1966-1998
1 Personal and family files Series 1959-1994
4 University of Toronto: administration Series 1969-1994
6 Professional associations Series 1970-1993
9 Research files Series 1898-1992
11 Addresses Series 1971-1997
2 Correspondence: personal Series 1975-1994
3 Correspondence: other Series 1972-1994
5 Lecture notes and other teaching materials Series 1972-1992
7 Other professional and community activities Series 1979-1997
B1999-0023/007(02) Correspondence - University of Toronto (general) File 1979-1992
B1999-0023/007(04) Governing Council. Academic Affairs Committee File 1982-1983
B1999-0023/007(06) Presidential Advisory Committee on Institutional Strategies File 1982-1983
B1999-0023/007(13) Correspondence re reappointment as principal of Erindale College File
B1999-0023/008(06) Centre for Industrial Relations File 1985
B1999-0023/009(01)-(02) Correspondence with students File 1983-1993
B1999-0023/009(04) Graduate students. Correspondence and appraisals File 1974-1994
B1999-0023/009(07)-(08) Correspondence with graduate students (general) File 1979-1986
B1999-0023/009(09)-(10) Graduate students (theses supervised) File 1973-1991
B1999-0023/010(05) University of Western Ontario. History 457. Course outlines and reading lists File 1975-1976
B1999-0023/010(07) Notes on essay writing File [n.d.]
B1999-0023/011(05) HIS 262Y: 'History of Canada'. Bibliography File 1986-1987
B1999-0023/011(07)-(08) HIS 301/301E: ' Canadian parties and politics'. Course material, readings, lecture notes File [n.d.]
B1999-0023/012(06) HIS 364: 'Canada and War'. Term papers File 1969-1970, 1976-1977
B1999-0023/012(08)-(09) HIS 368H/368S: 'The Canadian West'. Course material, notes on bibliographic sources, lecture notes, Spring 1982 File 1981-1982
B1999-0023/012(12) HIS 368H/368F: 'Canada in the First World War'. Bibliography File 1988-1989
B1999-0023/013(13) W.P.A. Course on political campaign management (federal) File 1972
B1999-0023/020(01) Correspondence - Ontario NDP File 1961-1963
B1999-0023/022(02)-(04) Correspondence File 1991-1994
B1999-0023/022(08) Political activities of Desmond Morton - press coverage File 1977-1991
B1999-0023/022(10) Quebec - political material, 1980 referendum [oversized material removed to /027(03)] File 1977-1980
B1999-0023/023(12) Morton, Desmond. 'A century of experience proves File [1979?]
B1999-0023/023(14) Morton, Desmond. The New Democratic Party: your guide. Typescript of pamphlet, 14 October, 1990 File 1990
B1999-0023/023(21) Federal election, 1972. Lakeshore constituency (Terry Grier, NDP candidate). [photos removed to /001P(02); newsletters and flyers (ovesized) to /027(10)] File 1972
B1999-0023/023(23) Federal election, 1972. Other parties campaign literature [oversized leaflets and newsletters to /027(11)] File 1972
B1999-0023/023(26) Federal election, 1974. Other parties campaign literature [oversized newsletters to /027(12)] File 1974
B1999-0023/024(02) NDP leadership campaign, 1977 (Ed Broadbent) File 1977
B1999-0023/024(04) Federal election, 1978 (anticipated). Mississauga North constituency (Des Morton selected as NDP candidate) File 1978-1979
B1999-0023/024(11) Federal election, 1984. Radio scripts for 'Election Talk' by Des Morton on CFRB File 1984
B1999-0023/024(13) New Democratic Party of Ontario. Policy Review Committee. Position papers - NDP/ 66. File 1966
B1999-0023/025(04) Morton, Desmond. Socialism Canada seventies. Toronto: New Democratic Party of Ontario, 1969. Pamphlet, with press coverage File 1969-1970
B1999-0023/025(07) Morton, Desmond. The story of the New Democratic Party. Toronto: New Democratic Party of Ontario. Pamphlet File [1974?]
B1999-0023/025(09) Morton, Desmond. Labour and the NDP need each other. Don Mills, ON: Ontario Federation of Labour pamphlet File [1982?]
B1999-0023/025(15) Morton, Desmond. 'For a great and beautiful city' - NDP draft programme discussion guide for Metropolitan Toronto. April, 1966 File 1966
B1999-0023/025(17) Ontario provincial election, 1963. Mockup for leaflet File 1963
B1999-0023/025(19) Ontario provincial election, 1967. Campaign material [oversized material removed to /027(18)] File 1967
B1999-0023/025(26) Ontario provincial election, 1977. Mississauga North constituency (David Busby): leaflets [photos removed to /001P(08); oversized material removed to /027(20)] File 1977
B1999-0023/026(01) Ontario provincial election, 1981. NDP campaign literature [photo removed to /001P(09)] File 1981
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