Ephemera and artifacts Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
383 Franciscan Missionary Union Perpetual membership File October 1996
384 Honourary Degree from Yale University File October 1977
14329 Theology diploma from Corpus Studiosorum Nobiomagensium Carolus Magnus File November 5, 1957
E30 Clay oval ornament with painted flower by "Brian" Item [before 1996]
E31 Triangular cast-iron candle holder Item [before 1996]
E32 Oval rock Item [before 1996]
E38 Narrow glass mug Item [before 1996]
E39 Ceramic tile mosaic of [Virgin Mary?] Item [before 1996]
E40 Silver napkin ring Item [before 1996]
E48 Wooden cross with silver engraving of Mary, Joseph and Jesus Item [before 1996]
E49 Timex watch Item [before 1996]
E50 Black cloth bag with drawstring Item [before 1996]
E66 Multi-coloured friendship bracelet Item [before 1996]
E67 Black wooden rosary Item [before 1996]
E76 Ceramic ornament of St. Francis of Assisi and wolf Item [before 1996]
E77 Rubber stamps Item before 1996
E82 Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers poster Item [ca. 1985]
E83 Framed Notice of Appreciation from Harvard Divinity School Item May 1985
E84 Posters for the service of ordination for Charles Phelps Busch Item November 1986
E96 Wainwright House Fall 1994 program Item October - December
E97 Program for "One Heart at a Time: In Celebration of the First Twenty-Five Years of L'Arche" Item February 1995
E98 Geresrveered sign Item [before 1996]
E100 Charcoal drawing of Henri Nouwen Item [before 1996]
E101 Ink drawing of Henri Nouwen Item [before 1996]
E102 Jerusalem, old city wall, Damascus Gate Item [1978]
E112 Photograph of the Madonna Item December 1990
E113 Watercolor painting of a tree in autumn Item 1981
E153 South American tapestry Item [before 1996]
E147 Virgin Mary statuette Item before 1996
E156 Clerical collars Item [1957 - 1970]
E157 Sailor doll Item 1962
E158 String doll Item [1961 - 1962]
392 Stoles File before 1996
E23 Wooden candlestick Item [before 1996]
E24 Hinged pieces of wood Item [before 1996]
E33 Brass plated ornament Item [before 1996]
E41 Brass crucifix Item [before 1996]
E42 Clay duck-shaped whistle Item [before 1996]
E51 Wooden magnet inscribed "A Rose is God's Autograph" Item [before 1996]
E52 Russian medallion Item [1993 - 1996]
E58 Red and white plastic rosary Item [before 1996]
E59 Brass rectangular pendant of a cross Item [before 1996]
E60 Modified mother-of-pearl rosary Item [before 1996]
E68 Plastic beaded necklace Item [before 1996]
E69 Painted wooden zebra ornament Item [before 1996]
E70 Two wooden cross pendants from Jerusalem Item [before 1996]
E78 Wooden card holder Item before 1996
E79 Dolby stereo Item [before 1996]
E80 Blue box Item [before 1996]
385 Christian Counselling Services lecture File February - March 1992
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