Ephemera and artifacts Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
E85 "An Evening of Reflections with Henri Nouwen" poster Item November 1993
E86 Bulletin of Yale University Divinity School Item April 1971
E94 Christian Counselling Services card Item February - March 1992
E99 Unknown workshop on power Item [199-]
E103 Print of Rembrandt van Rijn's "Self Portrait" Item [before 1986]
E104 Print of an unidentified church Item [between 1986 and 1996]
E105 Print of "sunflowers" Item [between 1986 and 1996]
E106 Sundance Item November 1987
E107 Pencil drawing of Jesus Item October 1979
E114 Bearers of the Burden Item [between 1986 and 1996]
E115 Mary Magdalene announces the Resurrection to the Apostles Item [1997?]
E116 Sculpture of Virgin Mary with Jesus Item [before 1996]
386 Two briefcases File before 1996
E123 Engraved wooden box Item before 1996
391 Rosary beads File before 1996
393 Vessels File before 1996
394 Two icons File before 1996
395 Glass chalices and paten File before 1996
E140 Wooden crucifix Item before 1996
E143 Pink drawstring bag Item before 1996
369 COMISS award File May 1994
370 Ronald McDonald House Charities Award of Excellence File September - October 1996
371 Honourary Doctorate of Religious Education degree, Seminary of Our Lady of Providence File May 1974
E25 Wooden sculpture of two men Item [before 1996]
E26 Two wooden forks Item [before 1996]
E27 Ukrainian wooden candlestick Item [1993]
E34 Painted rock of "The Gull's Nest" by Jason H. [Igumi] Item 1983
E35 Stuffed brown bear laying on a burlap bag Item [before 1996]
E43 Animal hide oval box with unidentified contents Item [before 1996]
E44 Clay bird ornament Item [before 1996]
E45 Noah's Ark painted wall ornament Item [before 1996]
E53 Metal angels ornament Item [before 1996]
E54 Black vinyl pen case Item [before 1996]
E55 Clay cross with two hands crossing in the centre Item [before 1996]
E61 Brass plate of Saint Gennaro Item [before 1996]
E62 Medal of Spirituality, Diocese of Bridgeport Item June 1, 1980
E71 Plastic penguin clip Item [before 1996]
E72 Holy Cross College brass crest Item [before 1996]
E81 Silver amulet of Jesus Item [before 1996]
E87 Poster for Sounding of the Spirit, Yale Divinity School Item October 1973
E88 Living Reminder Retreat brochure Item [after 1980]
E89 Poster for the Fourteenth Annual Religious Education Forum Item May 1985
E150 Notes from Covenant Retreat 1994 Item May 1994
E117 Sculpture of traveller Item [before 1996]
387 Car keys and other keys File before 1996
E120, E121 Army uniform Item [between 1957 and 1963]
E124 Place mat Item before 1996
E125 Napkin ring Item before 1996
E126 Embroidered handkerchief Item before 1996
E148 Clay sculpture Item before 1996
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