Ephemera and artifacts Inventory list

Identifier Title Sort ascending Level of description Date Digital object
E85 "An Evening of Reflections with Henri Nouwen" poster Item November 1993
E90 100 Voices of Thanksgiving brochure, Centre for World Thanksgiving Item November 1989
E43 Animal hide oval box with unidentified contents Item [before 1996]
E155 Army socks Item [1957 - 1963]
E120, E121 Army uniform Item [between 1957 and 1963]
14328 Assorted blank postcards File [before 1964]
388 Assorted prints, postcards, greeting cards File [between 1986 and 1996]
E114 Bearers of the Burden Item [between 1986 and 1996]
E65 Black Orthodox rosary Item [before 1996]
E50 Black cloth bag with drawstring Item [before 1996]
E133 Black rosary bead Item before 1996
E54 Black vinyl pen case Item [before 1996]
E67 Black wooden rosary Item [before 1996]
E80 Blue box Item [before 1996]
E37 Blue-glazed ceramic chalice Item [before 1996]
E57 Booklet of "papier d'armenie triple" incense paper Item [before 1996]
E41 Brass crucifix Item [before 1996]
E61 Brass plate of Saint Gennaro Item [before 1996]
E33 Brass plated ornament Item [before 1996]
E59 Brass rectangular pendant of a cross Item [before 1996]
E134 Brown rosary beads Item before 1996
E86 Bulletin of Yale University Divinity School Item April 1971
369 COMISS award File May 1994
387 Car keys and other keys File before 1996
377 Catholic Press Association 1990 Book Award File 1990
372 Catholic Press Association Journalism Award File April 1979
E36 Ceramic chalice Item [before 1996]
E76 Ceramic ornament of St. Francis of Assisi and wolf Item [before 1996]
E39 Ceramic tile mosaic of [Virgin Mary?] Item [before 1996]
E100 Charcoal drawing of Henri Nouwen Item [before 1996]
E94 Christian Counselling Services card Item February - March 1992
385 Christian Counselling Services lecture File February - March 1992
374 Christopher Award File February 1984
E44 Clay bird ornament Item [before 1996]
E55 Clay cross with two hands crossing in the centre Item [before 1996]
E42 Clay duck-shaped whistle Item [before 1996]
E30 Clay oval ornament with painted flower by "Brian" Item [before 1996]
E148 Clay sculpture Item before 1996
E156 Clerical collars Item [1957 - 1970]
E122 Coasters Item before 1996
E152 Commemorative coin Item before 1996
E151 Crucifix pendant Item before 1996
E108, E109 Daniel and Ezekiel prints Item [between 1986 and 1996]
E79 Dolby stereo Item [before 1996]
E126 Embroidered handkerchief Item before 1996
E123 Engraved wooden box Item before 1996
E64 Five Virgin Mary amulets Item [before 1996]
E83 Framed Notice of Appreciation from Harvard Divinity School Item May 1985
E63 Framed triptych photographs of two unidentified boys Item [before 1996]
383 Franciscan Missionary Union Perpetual membership File October 1996
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