Ethel Ray Godfrey fonds Inventory list

Identifier Title Level of description Sort ascending Date Digital object
B1981-0043/003(01) Faculty of Social Work general policy manual File 1975
B1981-0043/003(03)-(07) Admissions Correspondence and Policy Committee File
B1981-0043/004(02) Faculty Council File 1972
B1981-0043/004(05) Faculty Policy and Structure File
B1981-0043/005(01) Degree Committee File
B1981-0043/005(02) Canadian Association of Schools of Social Work, Accreditation File 1976
B1981-0043/005(04) Faculty of Social Work. Students' Union course evaluations, Winter 1976-Spring 1987 File 1976-1987
B1981-0043/005(06) Helping Networks Program File 1977-1979
B1981-0043/006(01) Faculty Research Project File 1976-1977
B1981-0043/006(03) Course evaluation File 1974-1978
B1981-0043/006(04)-(05) Curriculum Development Committee File 1975-1977
B1981-0043/001(01)-(03) Simard - Trottier, Marie File
B1981-0043/001(06) Non-academic salary statements File 1976-1977
B1981-0043/002(03) Committee of the Teaching Faculty File 1980-1981
B1981-0043/002(05) Sophie Boyd lecture File
B1981-0043/003(08)-(09) Visa Students File
B1981-0043/004(06) Degree Committee File
B1981-0043/005(07) Social Services Alumni of the University of Toronto. Treasurer's Book File 1924 - 1936
B1981-0043/001(04) Gazley, Brian File
B1981-0043/002(01) Promotion Committee File
B1981-0043/002(06)-(07) United Nations File 1959-1962
B1981-0043/002(08) Social Work Alumni Association File 1960-1973
B1981-0043/003(02) Ontario Association of Professional Social Workers File 1974-1980
B1981-0043/003(10) Student Records Policy File
B1981-0043/004(03) Alumni File
B1981-0043/004(07) Social Science Alumni. Record of fees File 1915-1937
B1981-0043/005(03) Faculty of Social Work. Manual of Grading Policies and Procedures File 1980-1981
B1981-0043/005(05) Curriculum Review and Planning Project File 1974-1977
B1981-0043/006(02) Admissions Committee of the Faculty Council File 1976-1978
B1981-0043/006(06) Committee of the Teaching Faculty File
B1981-0043/001(05) Budget File 1976-1977
B1981-0043/002(02) Degree Committee File 1980-1981
B1981-0043/002(04) Practicum Directory File 1980-1981
B1981-0043/004(01) Curriculum Planning and Development Committee File 1968-1970
B1981-0043/004(04) Admissions manual File
B1981-0043/006(07) Executive Committee File 1975-1977