Gotlieb 1988 accession Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
B1988-0069/001(01) UTEC computer File 1947-1961
B1988-0069/001(07) Operating records for IBM 7094 File 1962-1963
B1988-0069/001(12) Operating record File 1954
B1988-0069/002(09) Report from the Institute for policy analysis File November 1966
B1988-0069/002(10) Planning Committee File 1966-1967
B1988-0069/002(11) Planning Dual 360 Model 67 File 1967-1968
B1988-0069/002(13) Computer Research Facility (CRF) File 1968-1970
B1988-0069/002(14) Computer Policy and Planning Committee meeting minutes File 1968-1970
B1988-0069/002(15) Management structure File 1969
B1988-0069/002(24) Computer usage File 1969-1970
B1988-0069/002(25) Computer use: personal File 1970
B1988-0069/003(01) Early theses appraisals (RESTRICTED) File [1950s]
B1988-0069/003(02) Enrolments and marks for early computer courses (RESTRICTED) File 1951-1972
B1988-0069/003(03) Committee on recommending a director to medical computing facilities File 1966-1967
B1988-0069/003(09) UTLAS Director File 1980-1981
B1988-0069/003(10) U of T Library, Pilot I Coyle and Stewart File 1966-1968
B1988-0069/003(11) Sigma 7 File 1968-1969
B1988-0069/003(12) “Libraries and Computers” File 1964
B1988-0069/003(13) MARC project File 1967
B1988-0069/003(14) Chemical titles on tape File 1967
B1988-0069/003(22) Early numerical analysis course File 1951-1961
B1988-0069/003(27) CSS 1585: Computers and Society File 1970-1971
B1988-0069/003(29) ICS report on Dispatcher System File September 1969
B1988-0069/003(30) Report on University Computer Centre File November 1968
4 Committees (member and chair) Series 1968-1980
B1988-0069/004(04) PAC on Instructional Media (part 2 of 2) File 1970-1978
B1988-0069/004(08) NSERC: taskforce on equipment File 1980
B1988-0069/005(04) CPUO (part 4) File 1969-1970
B1988-0069/005(07) CPUO Subcommittee on Computer Science minutes (part 1) File 1967-1968
B1988-0069/005(08) CPUO Subcommittee on Computer Science minutes (part 2) File 1967-1968
B1988-0069/005(09) CPUO Subcommittee on Computer Science minutes (part 3) File 1968-1969
B1988-0069/005(12) CPUO Research division proposal for a central data bank File 1969
B1988-0069/005(14) CPUO Council of Ontario Universities Joint Ad Hoc subcommittee on regional planning centres (co-chair) (part 2) File 1968-1969
B1988-0069/005(16) CPUO Council of Ontario Universities Joint Ad Hoc subcommittee on regional planning centres (co-chair) (part 4) File 1968-1969
B1988-0069/006(01) CPUO Council of Ontario Universities Joint Ad Hoc subcommittee on regional planning centres (co-chair) (part 7) File 1968-1969
B1988-0069/006(02) CPUO Council of Ontario Universities Joint Ad Hoc subcommittee on regional planning centres (co-chair) (part 8) File 1968-1969
B1988-0069/006(03) Council of Ontario Universities. Computer Services Co-ordination Board (part 1) File 1970-1975
B1988-0069/006(05) Council of Ontario Universities. Correspondence, minutes, reports: CSCB/CANUMET, METANET File 1972-1975
B1988-0069/008(08) CIDA project reports File 1977
B1988-0069/008(11) CIDA: contact and rules File 1973-1980
B1988-0069/008(14) CIDA Ottawa correspondence File 1974-1980
B1988-0069/009(01) UN report File 1972
B1988-0069/009(05) UN questionnaire replies File 1969
B1988-0069/009(07) UNESCO comments on draft report “The application of computer technology for development” File 1970
B1988-0069/010(01) UN travel accounts and expenses File 1969-1970
B1988-0069/010(03) UN follow-up report File 1971-1975
B1988-0069/011(04) CIPS rosters File 1967-1981
B1988-0069/011(06) CIPS accreditation committee File 1970-1979
B1988-0069/011(07) CIPS bulletin File 1967-1970
B1988-0069/011(10) Computer and Data Processing Society of Canada membership list File 1962-1963
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