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Dale (William) Family fonds
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Publications on William Dale

This series contains the works of James Reaney and Robert Wilhelm on the life of William Dale, mainly relating to his dismissal from the University of Toronto in 1895. In 1977 James Reaney wrote a two act play entitled “The Dismissal” which was performed at the University of Toronto as part of its sesquicentennial celebrations. The manuscript of this play will be found in this series. As well, Robert Wilhelm a former student of Frances Dale who went on to become a professor of classics at Miami University in Ohio produced a speech and paper on William Dale’s contribution to the study of Classics and education in general. He was allowed extensive access to Dale’s papers to prepare these works.


Photographs document Frances Dale’s activities specifically at the University of Toronto, at the Ontario College of Education, her numerous trips abroad during the 1930s and her participation in several physical education schools. This series also contains one formal portrait of Frances Dale taken in 1968 as well as photographs of her sister Margaret and family.

Group portraits of various baseball and basketball teams document Dale’s involvement in athletics while a student at University College from 1927-1930. Other portraits show her as a member of the Classical Society, 3T0 Executive and the Queen’s Hall House Committee. Snapshots taken by Dale give informal views of residents of Queen’s Hall in 1927. There are a few photographs of physical education training at OCE and one panoramic portrait of staff and students for her graduating class 1930-31, as well as a similar panoramic of a 1946 guidance course.

Dale took numerous photographs of her trips to Europe in 1934, 1936, 1938, 1939 and 1940. There is also a scrapbook of her trip to England in 1934. Snapshots document her time at the English Scandinavian Summer School in Sturry, England in 1934 and 1936, her time at Andersskolen, Denmark in 1936, to Europe on the S.S.Normandie in 1938, at the Liverpool Physical Training College in 1939-40 and her participation at the Lingiad in Stockholm in July 1939. Most of the snapshots are identified on the reverse side. Notes usually mention the date, event and identify individuals in the photograph. Some photographs have related negatives. There are also two group photographs documenting her participation in the Canadian Girls in Training Camps in 1946 and 1952.

Dale Family research

While conducting her research on her father and other Dale family members Frances Dale collected and compiled numerous clippings, documents, and notes. Among the clippings are birth, death and marriage notices for her parents and siblings, nieces and nephews.

University of Toronto and Gymnastics training

Frances Dale’s primary interest as a student and as a teacher was physical education and training. This series contains correspondence, memorabilia, press clippings, essays and other documents relating to her student days at U. of T. and her ongoing interest in physical education. In particular are two files containing correspondence, notes, essays and clippings documenting mainly her trips to Europe to attend English Scandinavian Summer School in 1934, and the Lingaid in Stockholm with the Liverpool Physical Training College in 1939.

Transcripts of William Dale essays

During the 1970’s and 1980’s Frances Dale spent considerable time organizing her father’s papers and conducting research on his life. Part of this work involved the preparation of typescripts of most of William Dale’s unpublished essays , speeches and lectures. This series contains a copy set of these transcripts prepared from the originals in Sous fonds 1, Series 3).


Frances Dale’s diaries begin in 1926 when she enrolled in her first year at University College at the University of Toronto. The diaries for her University of Toronto years record not only daily events during the academic year, but also names of friends, social events like dances, names and addresses. Later volumes of her diaries document her education at Ontario College of Education and her first teaching positions and summers spent teaching physical education at summer camps. Diaries of her trips to Europe in 1934 and 1936 are also contained in this series.

Dale/Ryckman family

This series contains an assortment of documents relating to the Dale and Ryckman families. It includes the diary of Margaret Dale of her trip to Europe in 1930 (see Series 1 above for correspondence), Fredericka Dale’s diary of her trip with her daughter, Frances , to Europe in 1934 (for Frances’ account see Sous Fonds 3, Series 1, marriage certificate for William Dale and Fredericka Ryckman, education diplomas and other memorabilia of Frederika Ryckman, testimonials for her sister Louise Ryckman, Victoria University Senate resolution on the death of her father, Rev. E. B. Ryckman in 1916 and correspondence between the Dale children for three years, 1923, 1924 and 1927. There are four portraits included in this series: one of Fredericka Ryckman Dale (1902), two of her father Rev. Dr. Edward B. Ryckman and one of her mother Emmaline Baird Ryckman (ca. 188-).


Correspondence in this series contains letters written by Frances and received from friends, and family mainly in the 1930s, and correspondence generated as a result of her research on her father, William Dale. Of interest is a file of correspondence of her letters to her mother during her trips to Europe in 1934 and 1936 which supplement her diaries for that same period. There is only one letter for the 1940’s and none for the 1960’s. Correspondence in the 1950’s and between 1973 and 1986 consists mainly of responses from individuals and institutions relating to her research on her father, William Dale. Among the correspondents are archivists, academics and administrators from University of Toronto, Queen’s University, and McMaster University, researchers such as Robert Wilhelm and James Reaney who produced works related to her father’s life, and Prof. P.G.Cornell, Dept. of History, University of Waterloo, relating to the possible publication of her father’s lectures, essays and diaries.

Teaching and lecture notes

This series contains lecture notes for various courses taught by Prof. Dale, presumably at the University of Toronto, in his position as Lecturer and Associate Professor of Latin and Roman History in the Department of Classics at University College. Files relate to Roman History lectures for third and fourth year students, notes on Livy, Cicero Academica, Caesar, Lucretius, Aristotle's Ethics (with exam questions), and Ancient Greek and Roman History (with exam questions).


Images consist mainly of portraits of William Dale including one from 1873 when he received his M.A. and several copies of an engraving done in 1920, one year before his death. There is also one group portrait of the General Committee of the University College, Literary and Scientific Society, 1868-1869.


This series contains correspondence received by Fredericka (or Frieda) before, during and after her marriage to William Dale and correspondence from her children following the death of her husband in 1921. The letters prior to her marriage predominantly document the period after graduation from Queen’s University when she attempted to find employment as a teacher or companion and her courtship by William Dale. The correspondence from William Dale does not begin until January 1900 when she is in Saranac Lake, New York, and after breaking off her engagement to Jack Munro. In addition to describing his growing love for Frieda, William also describes his teaching duties at McMaster University and his family and life in St. Marys.

The correspondence after their marriage indicates that they were frequently separated, with William teaching in Toronto or at the farm in Blanschard Twp while Frieda stayed with her parents in Cornwall or Kingston. From 1905 to his death in 1921, correspondence from her husband and some Ryckman family members concerns the birth of their children, his participation in the local government in St.Marys, farming matters and trips to Toronto. There is a file of condolence letters on the death of William Dale and includes letters from Maurice Hutton, W. S. Milner (University of Toronto), and F. H. Wallace (Victoria College).

From 1923 to 1930, Margaret (“Marnay”) and then Frances (“Fran”) wrote regularly to their mother while attending the University of Toronto. These letters describe the day to day university life from a woman’s perspective – the lectures, residence life, social activities and include impressions of friends and teachers. The letters from Frances should be read in conjunction with her diaries (See Sous fonds 2, Series 1). It should be noted that there are no letters for 1929, and the 1930 letters are mainly from Frances while she worked at Jasper Park Lodge during the months of June to August and from Margaret describing her trip to Europe that same summer.

Essays and presentations

This series contains manuscripts of unpublished essays, speeches and lectures prepared by Dale. His only publication was “Rome’s Greatness – Caesar’s Character – Lucretius” which appeared in Queen’s Quarterly 4 (1896) (pp 227-231). The manuscript has not been traced, although other essays on Roman history in this series may have been the basis for this article. Typed transcripts of many of these essays prepared by Frances Dale will be found in B2002-0017/008 (06-(08).

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