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[Foster Alumni Association scrapbook]

Black scrapbook that includes articles on planning for and opening of Scarborough College, architecture construction, alumni, local residents, land, courses, campus events.

Extra material included within has been separated into another envelope (1969-1973) and contains: Alumni Association committee meeting minutes, financial statements, three minute books, alumni newsletters, and Presidential Advisory Committee on the Status and Future of Scarborough College minutes from 1970.

Watts Lecture - Annual Photos

File includes articles about UofT riding school, student housing, Scarborough Pub, library construction, student centre, educational television, F.B. Watts Lectures. File also includes a photograph of John George Diefenbaker and a photograph of students convocating. File name taken from original file title.

[Proposed Logo]

File includes a transparency and a printed image of the original Scarborough College logo/symbol. Note: Located in oversize box #1.


The subseries F.1 Photographs covers the dates 1965 through 1995 and 1999 through 2005. The photographs have been arranged by subject and then chronologically within subject, showing the campus and buildings, events, and individuals. Of note are the many construction and building photographs taken during the earliest phases of construction on the campus, as well as during the building period in the late 1970s and early 1980s. There are many images depicting the library, including a number of slides that show library teaching presentations. Also noteworthy are the depictions of campus events, which show a vast number of staff and students.

Physical Services

File includes: Memos sent to all staff/faculty from Physical Services about repair and maintenance services, power outages, events, etc. Includes one memo sent to all women faculty about an ad-hoc faculty group.

Bulletin 1966-1969

File includes three issues of the Scarborough College Bulletin, which provides information on faculty, courses offered and other program requirements dating 1966-1967, 1967-1968, 1968-1969.

S.C.L. Floor Plan (L-2) / Dunlop Farrow Aitken

File includes 1 architectural drawing (floor plan).
Scale: 1/8" = 1'0".
Date: n.d.
Description: Heavily annotated plan for the Scarborough College Library.
Medium/material: Blueprint, pencil, pencil crayon on paper.
Colour: Blue, grey, red.
Dimensions (height x width): 84.5cm x 119.5.
Signature: None.
Inscription: S.C.L. Floor Plan (L-2) / [identifications and other information].
Physical condition: Yellowing along edges and folds; mild staining and water damage.
Notes: None. File located in Map Drawer 3.

[Hand-drawn plan] [1/3] / unidentified

File includes 1 architectural drawing (floor plan).
Scale: [Not indicated].
Date: n.d.
Description: Hand-drawn plan on graph paper, with an overlay of tracing paper showing further hand-drawn details, showing the library, binding room, and supplies room.
Medium/material: Pencil and pencil crayon on paper and tracing paper.
Colour: Grey, purple, orange.
Dimensions (height x width): 43cm x 55cm (overlay: 35.5cm x 42.5cm).
Signature: None.
Inscription: [Identifications and measurements].
Physical condition: Pages strongly folded; tracing paper taped to graph paper, tape deteriorating; tracing paper torn on bottom corners.
Notes: Seems to show the library, but date and author unknown.

[Hand-drawn plan] [2/3] / unidentified

File includes 1 architectural drawing (floor plan).
Scale: [Not indicated].
Date: n.d.
Description: Hand-drawn plan on graph paper showing the library stacks, staff lounge, etc.
Medium/material: Pencil and pencil crayon on graph paper.
Colour: Grey, purple, orange.
Dimensions (height x width): 43cm x 55cm.
Signature: None.
Inscription: [Identifications and measurements].
Physical condition: Very folded; some pencil smudging; yellowing at edges.
Notes: None. File located in Map Drawer 3.

[Hand-drawn plan] [3/3] / unidentified

File includes 1 architectural drawing (floor plan).
Scale: [Not indicated].
Date: n.d.
Description: Hand-drawn plan of proposed library space.
Medium/material: Pencil on paper.
Colour: Grey.
Dimensions (height x width): 45.5cm x 68.5cm.
Signature: None.
Inscription: [Identifications].
Physical condition: Some folding; tear on right-hand edge.
Notes: None. File located in Map Drawer 3.

[ARC preliminary plans] / Brian MacKay Lyons Architecture, Rounthwaite, Dick & Hadley Architects

Fourteen preliminary architectural drawings for the Academic Resource Centre: Ground Floor Plan, Second Floor Plan, Exterior Elevations, Interior Elevations (2), Building Sections, Ground Floor Framing Plan, Second Floor Framing Plan, 3rd Floor Framing Plan, Symbol Schedule, Ground Floor HVAC Preliminary Layout, Second Floor HVAC Preliminary Layout, Roof Plan Preliminary Layout, Schematics.
Medium/material: Ink on paper.
Colour: Black.
Dimensions (height x width): 28cm x 43cm.
Signature: None.
Inscription: [Varies by drawing].
Physical condition: Good.
Notes: None. File located in Map Drawer 3.

Basement / unidentified

File includes 1 architectural drawing (floor plan).
Scale: Not indicated.
Date: April 1968
Description: Floor plan of basement of what seems to be an off- site storage space for the library.
Medium/material: Blue ink and black ink on paper
Colour: Blue, black.
Dimensions (height x width): 22cm x 28cm.
Signature: None.
Inscription: Basement, [specifications].
Physical condition: Some folds.
Notes: None.

Second Floor Plan View / unidentified

File includes 1 architectural drawing (floor plan).
Scale: Not indicated.
Date: faded and illegible but possibly 1968
Description: Plan for off-site storage space for the library on the second floor of "House 3290 Ellesmere", indicating the placement of shelving.
Medium/material: Black ink on paper (copy of hand-drawn original).
Colour: Black.
Dimensions (height x width): 21.5cm x 35.5cm.
Signature: None.
Inscription: Second Floor Plan View / [illegible]; [information about rooms and layout].
Physical condition: Heavy fading; darkening at edges. Notes: May be a photocopy of the original hand-drawn copy; some information cut off.

[Library layout sketches and notes]

File includes 12 architectural drawings (floor plans) and notes.
Scale: [Not indicated].
Date: 1981.
Description: Three plans of the layout of the library, two of them hand-drawn, showing furniture and shelving arrangements. The hand-drawn plans have also been photocopied. Also included are two notes regarding the library layout.
Medium/material: Ink, pencil, and pencil crayon on paper and tracing paper.
Colour: Black, grey, green, red.
Dimensions (height x width): 35.5cm x 23cm.
Signature: None.
Inscription: [See material].
Physical condition: Good; some tape on tracing paper.
Notes: None.

[Library plans - photocopies]

File includes 6 architectural drawings (floor plan).
Scale: [Not indicated].
Date: c. 1981
Description: Photocopies of plans for the library, likely the 1982 extension.
Medium/material: Ink on paper.
Colour: Black.
Dimensions (height x width): 35.5cm x 21.5cm.
Signature: None.
Inscription: [Identifications and other information].
Physical condition: Slight yellowing at edges.
Notes: None.


File includes 13 black and white photographs of robed faculty attending the Scarborough College formal opening installation ceremony.

The Council of the Borough of Scarborough

File includes materials produced by Scarborough Council: Scarborough Municipal Handbook (1963); Scarborough Municipal Diary 1965; Invitation to the Opening of the Scarborough Centennial Civic Recreation Centre (1967); Scarborough: Helpful Information from your Local Council (1970); The Scarborough Civic Centre (1974).

Scarborough College Council

Subseries B.9 Scarborough College Council covers the years 1964 to 1993. Scarborough College Council (now called the Council of the University of Toronto Scarborough) creates and amends the by-laws that govern the business of Council and its committees. Council, as distinct from its committees, exercises its legislative and related powers by judging matters of broad policy at an early stage of development, establishing a system of committees that provide consultation on policy and related matters, and providing a means by which members of Council and its committees may monitor the implementation of policy. Following the opening of Scarborough College, the Council also oversaw the addition of new buildings (materials relating to the construction of the original buildings, designed by John Andrews, can be found in Series A. Governing Council). The subseries is divided into several categories for ease of organization:

• Chairman, which contains correspondence of the Council’s Chair;
• Governing Documents, which contains drafts and final copies of the constitution as well as by-laws;
• Elections, which contains minutes, nomination forms, memos and correspondence;
• Minutes, which contains agendas and minutes from Council meetings from 1964 to 1994 as well as indexes to these minutes;
• Committees, which contains an alphabetical filing of documentation generated by a wide variety of committees set up under the Council’s purview;
• Plans and Studies, which contains various campus master plans, capital plans, and planning reports;
• Scarborough College Residences, which contains a report on the addition of student housing;
• Physical Education and Recreation Building, which contains reports detailing the need for such a facility;
• Scarborough College Phase II, which contains correspondence, site plans, section plans, floor plans, electrical details, and materials specific to the Bladen library;
• Arts Centre, which contains reports and correspondence (N.B. this proposed Arts Centre became known as Scarborough Hall, see below);
• Student Centre, which contains a proposal from the Scarborough College Student Council for a student centre, as well as an opening invitation;

• Scarborough Hall, which contains correspondence, reports, minutes, fundraising information, studies, materials from architects Brian Arnott Associates, Carruthers, Shaw and Partners Limited, and Lett/Smith Architects, and information about the financial problems faced by the project;
• Housing Phase III, which contains a feasibility study;
• Dead Centre, which contains concept drawings and proposals from Montgomery and Sisam Architects;
• Academic Resource Centre, which contains reports, financial information, specifications, correspondence, committee documents, change notices, topographies, floor plans, electrical plans, utility plans, reflected ceiling plans, landscaping plans, site plans, and presentation books from Montgomery Sisam Architects Inc.
• Phase 4 Residences (Joan Foley Hall), which contains correspondence, a design development report from Baird Sampson Neuert Architects Inc. and Montgomery Sisam Associates Inc. Architects, and a presentation book from Dunlop Architects Inc.;
• Pavilion, which contains a report;
• Science Building, which contains committee minutes, correspondence, reports, and other documents;
• Management Building, which contains a project planning report and a presentation book from Kuwabara Payne McKenna Blumberg (KPMB) Architects;
• S&H Wing Balconies, which contains correspondence;
• Arts and Administration Building, which contains two presentation books from Montgomery Sisam Architects Inc.;
• Recreation Centre, which contains a presentation book from CannonDesign;
• Other Buildings/Unidentified, which contains plans and other documents for unidentified buildings, as well as materials relating to the front entrance drop-off, Miller Lash House, the Scarborough College Library; and
• Services, which contains materials for audio-visual services, student residence and conference services, the writing lab, and cafeteria and food services.

Registrar - Miscellaneous

File contains reports, memos, correspondence, charts, directories and other documents regarding the Registrar, including a small student pamphlet from the Registrar's Office which details 1978/79 registration information.

Student Handbook 1968-1977

File contains student handbooks:
1973-1974, Handbook and Diary
1975-1976 SCSU Handbook
1976-1977 SCSC Handbook

Research at Scarborough

File contains Vol 2 No 1 Summer 1989, No 3 Spring 1990,
No 4 Spring 1991, No 6 Fall 1993, September 1994, and November 1995 of the newsletter Research at Scarborough and provides information about the research taking place at the Scarborough Campus.

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