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University of St. Michael's College, John M. Kelly Library, Special Collections Sheila Watson fonds
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Personal photographs

Series consists of Watson's personal photograph collection, including: photographs from the late nineteenth century belonging to her parents, Mr. C.E. Doherty and Mrs. Elweena Doherty; photographs, (some of which have been scanned), of Watson...

Sheila Watson fonds

  • CA ON00389 2
  • Fonds
  • 1880-1998, predominant 1933-1998

F onds consists of journals, literary manuscripts, correspondence, teaching and studentmaterials, reference materials, business and financial records; and personal photographs and objects of the author and professor of English, Sheila Watson. Also...

Watson, Sheila

Personal records, artwork and artifacts

Series consists of 21 files of address books, diplomas, medals, awards and honorary degrees; artwork and drawings by herself and others; rosaries and other items and objects belonging to Sheila Watson.File list includes:Box 612006 01 952 Baptisma...


Series consists of ephemeral material accumulated by Watson in the course of her activities, including six photographs of unidentified persons and subjects, divided into four sub-series:1. Ephemera and memorabilia collected in Paris2. Blank postca...

Ephemera from Watson Library books

Sub-series consists of one file of loose notes, letters, dustjackets, promotional material and other assorted ephemera found in volumes of the Watson library collection. Each piece of ephemera is linked to the individual library volume.

Research and reference materials

Series consists of materials created and accumulated by Watson in the course of her research for various creative and academic activities, as well as material preserved by Watson for her own personal reference. This includes 3 sub-series:1. Readi...

Manuscript of Hania short story

File consists of two typed pages of a short story beginning with a quotation from the Gospel of Thomas and featuring a female character Hania. This short story is presumed to be written by Watson as it does not contain any annotations or signature...

Manuscripts of poetry

Sub-series consists of four typescripts of a total of fourteen poems presumed to be Watson's. There is no surviving documentation of Watson's only published poem "The Barren Lands", (her name misspelled as "Theila Martin D...

Manuscript of nine poems

File consists of nine typed poems, including "The osprey", "Bird's words", "Sometimes between light and light", "The sacrifice", "O superbia initium sumpsit omnis perditio", "I have seen ...

Manuscripts and drafts

Series consists of Watson's written material, including early drafts, manuscripts, typescripts, page proofs, metatext and relevant correspondence with editors, including the following sub-series:1. Novels2. Short stories3. Poetry4. Non-fiction

Manuscript of three poems

File consists of a typescript of three poems, "Heuros has a nightmare", "Heuros makes a decision" and "If I were Resoun & not nature". These poems are presumed to be by Watson as they contain no annotations, nor a...

Non-fiction manuscripts

Sub-series consists of typed and handwritten research notes and draft manuscripts and typescripts related to 22 works of nonfiction, including articles she published about her academic research on Wyndham Lewis, and personal interest in art, as we...

Financial and legal records

Series consists of legal and financial records accumulated by Watson in the course of her life, including royalties from her publishing, property deeds, last wills and testaments from family members, employment records, tax records, purchase invoi...

Land deeds

Sub-series consists of one file containing a receipt, property assessment and land deed to 81.5 acres of land in Cariboo Country, B.C.

Manuscripts of short stories

Sub-series consists of handwritten and typed drafts and manuscripts of four of Watson's six published short stories, namely "Brother Oedipus", "Antigone", "The Rumble Seat" and "And the four animals..."...

Manuscript of one poem

File consists of one typed poem "Dark in my heart of darkness" presumed to be by Watson, containing a ink drawing on the reverse by Wilfred Watson titled "Annual Meet of the Vancouver Branch of the David Society."

Notes regarding The Double Hook

File consists of 9 pages containing handwritten notes of biblical quotations, Greek references and mythological descriptions and small fragments of writing that would become "The Double Hook".

Manuscript fragments of unpublished short stories

File consists of the contents of an original file folder containing 26 pages of handwritten and annotated typescripts of what appear to be three short story drafts and research notes, including: one torn sheet of typed material; three four-leaf ga...

Manuscript draft of The Double Hook from Toronto

File consists of a 50 page notebook from Moulton College with 7 loose inserts totaling 60 pages of handwritten manuscript for "The Double Hook", including biblical quotes and reading notes.

Manuscript of Deep Hollow Creek

File consists of a 143 page typescript of "Deep Hollow Creek", the earliest surviving draft of the novel, which Watson submitted to McClelland & Stewart Publishing while she was living in Toronto.

Manuscripts of novels

Sub-series consists of handwritten and typed drafts and manuscripts, metatext and relevant correspondence with editors related to Watson's two published novels, namely "Deep Hollow Creek" and "The Double Hook" and her unfi...

Manuscripts of Landscape of the Moon

File consists of 13 pages (two blank) of typed drafts of Watson's unfinished novel "Landscape of the Moon". Includes three distinct sections, all beginnings to the novel.

Publishing records and business correspondence

Series consists of correspondence, legal agreements, royalty statements, permission requests and other materials related to Watson's insolvent in publishing her own works of literature, solicitations from publishers to submit work, requests t...

University of British Columbia teaching material

Sub-series consists of one file containing two notices of appointment of Watson as a sessional lecturer at the University of British Columbia for the 1949/50 and 1950/51 terms and a memo regarding examination returns.

Correspondence from McClelland and Stewart Limited

  • CA ON00389 2-4-2006 01 586
  • File
  • January 26, 1949 - October 21, 1997
  • Part of Sheila Watson fonds

File consists of correspondence from various staff members of McClelland and Stewart Limited, which published "The Double Hook" in 1959 and "Deep Hollow Creek" in 1992, including royalty statements, contracts, solications for n...

Miscellaneous financial receipts and invoices

Sub-series consists of three files of receipts and invoices from miscellaneous services and activities, including shipping invoices, purchase orders from mail order catalogues, photocopying and bindery bills, office supply rentals, grocery and ve...

Manuscript of Landscape of the Moon

File consists of 132 pages containing 60 pages of heavily annotated typescript of Watson's unfinished novel "Landscape of the Moon". The typescript has been arranged into 17 two and four-leaf gatherings and numbered in the upper rig...

Manuscript of Brother Oedipus

File consists of a 14 page typescript of "Brother Oedipus" with a title page signed by Watson. This appears to be a final draft that she may have submitted for publication.

General Correspondence

Series consists of Watson's correspondence with others. It has been divided into two sub-series; namely:1. Outgoing Correspondence2. Incoming CorrespondenceCorrespondence that relates directly to Watson's writing, publishing, academic re...

Student material

Series consists of four files containing materials created by Watson during her career as a student at the University of British Columbia and as a Ph.D. student at the University of Toronto. This includes administrative documents, official corresp...

Manuscript of Deep Hollow Creek

File consists of a 143 page typescript of "Deep Hollow Creek", which, based on the cover sheet, Watson appears to have revised while teaching in Powell River, British Columbia.

Manuscripts of The Double Hook

File consists of two copies of a 185 page typescript of "The Double Hook", with sparse handwritten corrections by Watson and perhaps one other. One copy contains a title page which includes the return address "c/o Louise Riley 32 A...

Teaching material

Series consists of four-sub series containing materials created and generated by Watson during her career as a school teacher and as a university professor, including correspondence, course prospectus', student papers and exams, and lecture n...

Manuscript of The Double Hook

File consists of a 162 page typescript of "The Double Hook", presumed to be a later revision of the 185 page typescript. Page 34 of the typescript is missing.

Manuscripts of On the right bank of the river

  • CA ON00389 2-2-2-2006 01 55
  • File
  • [between November 1953 and 1958]
  • Part of Sheila Watson fonds

File consists of three draft versions of the short story "On the right bank of the river", which would later be published as "Antigone", including: four typed pages of beginning paragraphs of the story, heavily annotated by Wat...

Correspondence from The Fiddlehead

  • CA ON00389 2-4-2006 01 571
  • File
  • December 28, 1953 - March 28, 1954
  • Part of Sheila Watson fonds

File consists of correspondence from Fred Cogswell, editor of The Fiddlehead, regarding Watson's subscription to the journal, and the submission of her husband Wilfred's poetry to the publication.

Correspondence from The Queen's Quarterly (Kingston, ON)

  • CA ON00389 2-4-2006 01 605
  • File
  • December 22, 1953 - March 27, 1956
  • Part of Sheila Watson fonds

File consists of correspondence from Malcolm Ross, editor of Queen's Quarterly (Kingston, ON), regarding Watson's submissions of her short stories "Brother Oedipus" and "The Black Farm", and his efforts to have the st...

Diary from Edmonton, Calgary and Paris

  • CA ON00389 2-1-2006 01 1
  • File
  • December 25, 1954 - September 2, 1955
  • Part of Sheila Watson fonds

File consists of a notebook containing 64 pages of handwritten diary entries by Watson while in Canada and France, reflecting on her situation and her relationships, and reading notes in ink and pencil, three pages of drawings and several pieces o...

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