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Martin Lawrence Friedland fonds
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13th Colloquium on the Legal Profession - Lawyers, Legends, Legacies and Lessons from Ontario Legal History - Day 1

Recordings of sessions on day one of the Colloquium that took place at Osgoode Hall. Disk 1 includes talks given on the following historical figures: Cecil (Caesar Wright), Norman Lickers, G. Arthur Martin, William Perkin Bull, Bora Laskin, Vera Parsons, E. Lionell Cross, Bertha Wilson, William Renwick Riddell and Clara Brett Martin, Joseph Valin, J. L. Cohen. Disk 2 has historicap papers on Women's Law Association of Ontario, Lord Reading Law Club and Lawyers and Military Service.

13th Colloquium on the Legal Profession - Lawyers, Legends, Legacies and Lessons from Ontario Legal History - Day 2

These are recordings of day two of the Colloquium that took place at University of Toronto. The first session on disc 1 includes a session on the Archaelogy of Legal Proceedings: In Search of Professionalism. Session is introduced by Martin Friedland and includes talks by Lawyer Patricia McMahon and Judge Robert Sharpe who disucss the "Persons Case". In also includes Jim Phillips of the University of Toronto Law School discussing the history of the Manitoba Fisheries Case. Session is commented by Bruce Elman, Dean of the University of Windsor, Faculty of Law. Disc 2 contains the Goodman Lecture by Chief Justice Roy McMurtry. An interview wiht McMurtry about the importance of the history of law is imbedded in the proceddings.

Martin Lawrence Friedland fonds

  • UTA 1294
  • Fonds
  • 1868-2020

Fonds consists of six accessions of records documenting the life of Martin L. Friedland, as a student, professor of law and administrator at the University of Toronto; as an expert on legal matters and a contributor to the formation of public policy at the provincial and federal levels; and as an author of several books and numerous articles, in particular the researching and writing of his book University of Toronto: A History (University of Toronto Press, 2002 & 2013).

See accession-level descriptions for further details.

Friedland, Martin Lawrence

Law school activities

The records in this series document Professor Friedland’s activities as a student, professor of law, and as an administrator in his capacity as dean of the Faculty of Law at the University of Toronto.

Personal and Family

This series documents some of Professor Friedland’s personal and family activities, some partially covered in accession B2002-0023 and some not. Some of the material (birth certificate, old wills and passports, entries for Who’s Who and like publications) provide an overview of Professor Friedland’s activities at various times in his life. The files on his Toronto residences and his cottage (originally owned by W.P.M. Kennedy) document one aspect of the upward mobility of a prominent academic and writer. There is memorabilia in the form of selected greeting cards and files on trips taken over fifty years provide some insights on cultural and intellectual influences. Material on Arts and Law reunions and anniversaries at the University of Toronto, Cambridge University, and elsewhere provide additional comparisons of “then” and “now”.

The correspondence with members of Professor Friedland’s extended family focus on family affairs generally and on personal lives, including professional achievements and social activities, births, weddings and deaths. The most substantial files related to his children, Tom, Jennifer and Nancy, and his mother, Mina, who died in 2000. The large number of photographs provides visual documentation of the family spanning a century.

The files contain correspondence, appointment books, addresses, certificates and programmes, greeting cards and other memorabilia, legal documents, a memoir, notes, flyers, passports.. The records are grouped by activity and arranged, in the case of most of the correspondence, by the name of the family member to which it refers.

Personal and family

This series consists of files documenting Professor Friedland’s personal and family activities. It begins with a number of files documenting Friedland’s activities as a student and professor of law at the University of Toronto, his post-retirement professional and other activities. There follow files relating to members of his family, arranged by name, which focus broadly on family affairs and more specifically on personal lives, including professional and social activities, achievements, births, weddings and deaths. These are followed by other files containing correspondence sent home from England, Europe and Israel, and relating to the Friedland residences on Hillsdale Avenue and Belsize Drive.

The files contain correspondence, certificates, curriculum vitae, greeting cards, honours, notes, notices, legal documents such as passports and wills, medical reports, programmes, postcards, photographs, and press clippings (including obituaries).

Correspondence: Milne-Northey

Correspondence with the following individuals

Milne, Arthur
Milner, Jim
Mironi, Mordehai
Missen, Ron
Mitchell, Chet
Mohr, Hans
Moldaver, Michael
Monroe-Blum, Heather
Montagnes, Ian
Moore, Basil
Moore, Chris
Morden, John
Morgan, Ed
Morissette, Yves-Marie
Morrison, Ian
Morton, Des (History)
Morton, J. Desmond
Morton, Ted
Moseley, Tim
Mosher, Janet
Muldoon, Frank
Munsche, Peter
Murphy, Harold
Murphy, James
Murray, Paul
Mustard, Fraser
Mykitiuk, Roxanne

        Nathan, Hartley

Nathanson, David
Nathanson, Rick
Newman, Peter
Newton, Lori
Nicholson, Warren
Nosanchuk, Saul
Northey, Jack

Correspondence: Tonry-Webb

Correspondence with the following individuals

Tonry, Michael
Toope, Stephen
Tory, Jim
Trebilcock, Michael
Trefler, Lynda
Triantis, George
Trossman, Jeff
Tuer, Barbara
Turner, John
Turner, R.E.

Unger, John
Ursulak, Caroline
Usprich, Syd
Uviller, Richard

Vanick, David
Van Ginkel, Blanche
Van Prass, Blanche
Veit, Joanne
Verdun-Jones, Simon
Voore, Mikhel

Waddams, Stephen
Waddell, Ian
Waitzer, Paul
Walker, Clive
Waller, Louis
Wang, Billy
Watson, Garry
Watkins, Gaylord
Watt, Frank
Webb, Maureen

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