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Kindergarten Teacher Training collection
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Kindergarten Teacher Training collection

  • CA OTUED 1
  • Collection
  • 1894-1992

The collection contains materials related to Froebelian kindergarten education, practiced in Ontario in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Materials include sample workbooks demonstrating Froebel's Occupations, teachers' lesson books, certificates, and photographs. The collection also includes donation paperwork to provide more context about the creation of the collection.

The collection has been arranged into series based on creator.

OISE Kindergarten Teacher Training Collection


File contains one book with notes and sewing samples created by Flora J. Green as a student teacher. While undated, it is likely from the early 1900s.


Series contains five books with no ownership marks. These books contain samples of Froebelian work and would have been created during the creator's time as a student Kindergartener. Although undated, these books would most likely have been created during the early 1900s.

Alice and Lilian Dent

Series contains records and sample work produced by Lilian and Alice Dent, who worked as Kindergartners in Toronto for many years. Lilian Dent took her kindergarten training in New York (1898-1899), while Alice Dent was trained later in Toronto. Series includes certificates, photographs, pamphlets, notebooks, and samples for Froebelian work.


File contains an accordion book with increasingly complex designs cut from glossy paper pasted onto the pages. The book also contains a note from Isabel Harris to George Tait dated December 14, 1956, discussing kindergarten training and the method of cutting used to make the designs.


File contains an accordion book with increasingly complex designs and patterns sewn into the pages, created by Isabel Harris as a student Kindergartener.

Isabel Harris

Series contains three books produced by Isabel Harris as a student Kindergartener in London, Ontario during the 1901-1902 academic year. Series also contains a copy of the 1906 edition of Froebel's "Mother Play and Nursery Songs."


File contains one hardcover book with increasingly complex designs drawn on graph paper, created by Isabel Harris while she was a student Kindergartener.


File contains one accordion book with increasingly complex patterns of intricate folded paper pasted in, coloured pencil drawings, and perforated pages with thread sewn through in patterns.