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OISE Library Canadian Farm Radio Forum collection
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Canadian Farm Radio Forum collection

  • CA OTUED 3
  • Collection
  • 1938-1969, 1986

The collection contains materials related to the Canadian Farm Radio Forum, which ran from 1941-1964. Records in this collection relate to the operation of the Canadian Farm Radio Forum, as well as to international initiatives and research. The materials in this collection include meeting minutes, correspondence, memoranda, surveys and questionnaires, reports, broadcast programming and transcripts, pamphlets and promotional materials, research notes, articles, newspaper clippings, and scrapbooks.

The collection has been arranged into 6 series.

Canadian Farm Radio Forum Collection

Farm Radio Forum Book 2

File contains records and notes related to the operation of the Farm Radio Forum between 1946 and 1949. These records include correspondence, notices, reports, meeting minutes, summaries of questionnaire results, and a copy of the Farm Radio Forum constitution.

Farm Radio Forum Book 3

File contains records and notes related to the operation of the Farm Radio Forum during the 1950s. Records include conference notes, reports, statistics, budgets, meeting notes, memoranda, questionnaire summaries, recommendations, a copy of the 1955 Farm Radio Forum constitution, and resolutions made at the 1956 conference.

Canada's Farm Radio Forum

File contains one scrapbook containing materials dating from 1950 to 1958 and includes regional materials from across the country. Many of the materials in this scrapbook offer insight into the operation of the Farm Radio Forum, such as materials depicting the procedure of selecting broadcast topics. The items in this scrapbook include correspondence, memoranda, newspaper clippings, photographs, reports, workshop materials, copies of pamphlets and Farm Forum Handbooks, lists of Farm Forum topics, transcripts of broadcasts, questionnaires and survey findings, press releases, newsletters, conference programmes, meeting minutes, job announcements, and election procedures.

Minutes of National Committee

File consist of two bound volumes containing meeting minutes from meetings held by the national committee for the Farm Radio Forum. The first volume contains minutes from 1942-1950 and the second from 1950-1953.

Action Projects

File contains forms for registering action projects, project reports and supplemental materials, and lists of projects taken on by individual farm forums. File also contains various other documents related to the early operation of the farm radio forums, including newsletters, program guides, correspondence, questionnaires, and meeting reports.


File contains a variety of pamphlets, promotional materials, and newspaper clippings, as well as Farm Forum Guides from a number of years.

Project Committee [Farm Forum Development Project]

File contains records exploring the future of the Farm Radio Forum, addressing topics such as rural education and television in rural homes. These records include summaries of survey results, committee reports, questionnaires, meeting agendas, correspondence, a telegram, and memoranda.

Farm Radio Forums - Ghana

File contains correspondence, reports, and articles on Farm Radio Forum projects in Ghana as well as in other African countries. File also contains records related to setting up the Ghana project, including personnel requests.

Farm Radio Forum Books

Subseries consists of Farm Radio Forum records that had been compiled for research purposes, as well as additional handwritten research notes. These records and notes had been stored in binders and arranged by the creator into five "books" according to year.

Farm Radio Forum Book 4

File contains records and notes related to the operation of the Farm Radio Forum between 1960 and 1964. These records include proposals, conference notes and proceedings, reports, transcripts of speeches, meeting minutes, memoranda, resolutions, correspondence, and planning documents.

1961-1962 Season

File contains a scrapbook with newspaper and magazine articles related to the Canadian Farm Radio Forum dating from 1961 and 1962.

File also contains several folders of loose articles that had been tucked into the scrapbook. These articles date primarily from 1960-1965, although there are a few articles from 1944-1945 as well.

Program Administration

Series contains documents related to the operation of the National Farm Radio Forum. These documents include meeting minutes, correspondence, reports, surveys, broadcast programming, and copies of Farm Forum Guides.

Early Programming and Planning

File contains assorted documents related to the early operation of the Farm Radio Forum, including correspondence, meeting agendas and minutes, budget reports, lists of available grants, registration forms, survey findings, promotional materials, newsletters, and broadcast programs and suggestions for the recreation period.


File contains blank questionnaire forms, reports from individual farm forums, summaries of questionnaire responses, and a document with information about action projects.

Program Development

Series contains records related to program development from the 1960s. This program development included the Agriculture Rehabilitation and Development Administration as well as a committee exploring the future of the Farm Radio Forum.

Farm Radio Forum Book 1

File contains research records relating to the operation of the Farm Radio Forum until 1945. These records include notes on folk schools and other pre-farm radio adult education experiments, correspondence, lists of published articles on the Farm Radio Forum, transcripts from broadcasts, memoranda, farm forum registration forms, meeting minutes, lists of farm forum topics, reports, lists of farm forum secretaries, budgets, newsletters, and farm forum study materials.

File also contains correspondence produced in the late 1960s.

Graduate Research - Farm Radio Forum and Adult Education

File contains records produced by Rodger Schwass pursuing graduate study. Records include correspondence, reports, research project outlines and timelines, research paper drafts, course outlines and course notes, memoranda, and several copies of the "Citizens Listening Post" publication produced by the University College of the West Indies.

Rural Sociology

Series contains records on the subject of rural sociology. These records include reports, conference transcripts, articles, studies, correspondence, surveys, pamphlets, newsletters, and a bibliography.

Ten Years of Farm Radio Forum

File contains one scrapbook containing materials collected over the first ten years of the Farm Radio Forum's operation. Materials include questionnaires and summaries of replies, conference programmes, copies of the annual "Report on Activities," photographs of action projects, newspaper articles, correspondence, publicity materials and pamphlets, and Farm Forum Handbooks.

Farm Radio Forum Book 5

File includes correspondence, reports, memoranda, pamphlets, copies of the Farm Forum Guide, discussion questions, summaries of survey responses, questionnaires, and copies of news articles. File also contains a copy of the job posting for a National Secretary for the Farm Radio Forum as well as OISE thesis instructions from 1966-1967.