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Barry French fonds
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Barry French fonds

  • UTA 1293
  • Fonds
  • 1955-1999

To varying degrees, records in this fonds document key components of Prof. French’s career both within UTIAS and as an outside consultant. His education in the newly developing field of aerospace science is documented in his course notes found in Series 10. These notes were kept specifically to document the early teaching of this subject since Prof. French took courses from Professors Ben Etkin and Irvine Glass whose papers are also held by the University Archives. General correspondence files in Series 1, talks and papers found in Series 2 and 3 as well as course lectures found in Series 7 document his broad role as a university professor including his publishing activities, his relationship with other professionals and his role as an academic advisor and teacher. His role as an administrator both at the University and on the boards of professional associations are only marginally documented in two small series of records: University of Toronto, Series 6 and Professional Associations Series 8.

While Series 5 Research is by far the largest series in this fonds, it is mainly confined to the latter part of his career relating to research supporting SCIEX. Except for a few files, early research files are absent from this accession and researchers interested in research in the 1960s leading to Prof. French’s participation in the Viking project will have to make due with records found in Series 2 and 3 and possibly some correspondence in Series 1. The strength of this fonds is how well it documents the research at SCIEX, one of Canada’s most successful companies to evolve from a university research facility. Most records in Series 5, as well administrative files in Series 6 SCIEX, give a good picture of SCIEX’s evolution including the research undertaken, the funding sources available at the time, the business strategies that let to its success and specifically the instrumental role Prof. French played in this commercial enterprise. These records will be of interest to anyone researching the commercialization and marketing of technology in the Canadian setting. SCIEX is also a successful example of cooperation between industry and a university with the support of government agencies.

French, Barry


Records in this series document Prof. French’s university education during his B.A.Sc. (1955) in Chemical Engineering at the University of Toronto, his M.Sc. 1957 at the Graduate School of Thermodynamics at the University of Birmingham England, and his Ph.D. (1962) at the Institute of Aerophysics, University of Toronto. Included are course notes and problem sets for various undergraduate and graduate courses including Advanced Applied Aerodynamics, Gas Dynamics, Thermodynamics, Viscous Flow, and Mathematics. Also included are original research notes and lab books documenting both his masters and doctoral research on plasma diagnostics. Publications and patents relating to this early research are also found in this series. Records are arranged by degree and subsequently by course or topic.


Photographs include a portrait of Prof French from 1990, several images of experimental equipment at UTIAS, a group shot of participants of a course on molecular beam methods at the New Hampton School (1965) and contact prints from the opening of the new wing at UTIAS in 1989.

Appointment books

Yearly appointment books document Prof. French’s activities generally. Note that only pages containing annotations have been retained.

Professional associations

This series relates to Prof. French’s involvement with various professional associations and funding bodies for a ten year period through the 1980s. Included are files on the National Research Council, the Royal Society, the Science Council of Canada, the Canadian Society for Chemistry as well as several others. Correspondence, memos, agenda, papers and notes usually document his role as an advisor, reviewer or participant at a conference or meeting. There is also a file on the Bell Canada Forum Award that Prof. French received in recognition for excellence in business-university research collaboration. Files are arranged chronologically.


This series is almost entirely made up of course lecture notes for undergraduate and graduate courses taught by Prof. French. Included here are lectures on Aeroelasticity, Rarefied Gas Dynamics, Gas Surface Interactions, Vacuum Technology, Applied Mass Spectrometry and Quadrapole Theory. There is also one file of Prof. French’s appraisal reports of Ph.D. thesis which are restricted.

University of Toronto

This small series documents Prof. French’s activities on committees mainly at UTIAS including the Admission Committee, the Curriculum Committee and the Industrial Committee. Files contain memos, minutes of meetings and notes. Also included in this series are files relating to any awards and recognitions he received from the University of Toronto and well as one file on the opening of the new wing of UTIAS in 1989. Files are arranged chronologically.


Records documenting Prof. French’s role in the administrative and operational activities of SCIEX, rather than research, can be found in this series. Included are planning and business development records such as strategic planning documents and business plans with related announcements and internal memoranda. Project reviews, progress reports, and presentations to the Scientific Advisory Board and the New Technologies Evaluations committee document overall research and development. Administrative records include minutes and agenda of the Senior Management meetings and the Operational and Financial Committee meetings. There are also files relating to licensing, awards established by SCIEX, publicity files and one file on SCIEX 25th anniversary.

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