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Roxana Ng fonds
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Roxana Ng fonds

  • UTA 1607
  • Fonds
  • 1970-2013

Fonds consists of correspondence, subject files, course material, research records, and conference and publication files documenting the life and career of Prof. Roxana Ng, professor at OISE and community activist. Fonds also includes administrative material from OISE, in particular from AECP (Adult Education and Counselling Psychology) Department, the AECD (Adult Education and Community Development Program), CIARS (Centre for Integrative Anti-Racism Studies), and the CWSE (Centre for Women’s Studies in Education).

Fonds also includes records relating to Prof. Ng’s involvement in various community groups, NGOs and grassroots organizations, including the Apparel Textile Action Committee (ATAC), CERIS (The Ontario Metropolis Centre), the Canadian Research Institute for the Advancement of Women (CRIAW), The International Ladies' Garment Workers' Union (ILGWU), INTERCEDE (International center to End Domestic Exploitation), Inter Pares, The Jade Garden Adjustment Committee, the National Organization of Immigrant and Visible Minority Women of Canada (NOICMWC), UNITE (the Union of Needletrades, Industrial and Textile Employees), Women Working with Immigrant Women (WWIW), and the Homeworkers Association (HWA)

Ng, Roxana

Classroom Meditations Music

Audio disk.

Disk is labelled with tracks:

  1. Heart
    2 & 3. Earth
  2. Water.

An adjoining note attributes tracks as follows:

  1. Hindi prayer
  2. Forest
  3. Forest (2) Bells
  4. Water


From the disk label:
"London July 12+13, 2007 -- Roxana's Visit -- 14th July 2007: 1. Roses at Sadeley Castle, June 2007 -- 2.Roxana's Visit to London -- 1. Old-fashioned English roses, Sudeley Castle, Gloucestershire, a castle of Henry VIII (William Fong) -- 2. Joy Kuighau ChineseRest. Soho 12/07/07 -- 3. Royal Academy of Art 12/07/2007 -- 4. Pinner New Cemetery 13/07/2007 -- 5. Royal China Club, Chinese Rest, Baker Street, 13/07/2007 -- 6. Pinner High Street, 13/07/2007 -- 7. Friends Rest, Pinner High Street, 13/07/2007 -- The roses were bought at Sadeley Castle and given to Rita and William Fong, Bristol. The pictures were taken at their home in Bristol June 24, 2007."

Documents / files from earlier projects

Documents are organized into the following folders, "Call Centre," "CWCL Project Files," "DWL Project," "IE Conference Transcription," "Info About Workshop, Community Activity," "Labelling Requests," Mails," "My Documents," "Shan," "Srabani," "SSHRC," and "World Trade Interactive."

C drive contents -- March 30, 2006

Contents are organized into "CWCL N6data," "CWCL Project Files from laptop," "Endnotes Library," "Lan," "My Documents," "My Files," and "Shan."

REFERENCE (ewell) 25-06-2004

Reference materials organized into the folders, "Downloaded Files," "Our Libraries," Reference List," and "Seminars."

NHRDP (95-96) -- (part I)

Manuscripts and correspondence related to the "Multicultural Health Project" which includes an ethical review protocol and other documents in the context of The National Human Resource Development Plan (NHRDP).

Women's Organizing (1995)

The file contains bibliographies on the Canadian women's movement, immigrant women's organizations in Canada, interviews with Angela Miles (Women for a Just and Healthy Planet), Anna Isla (Women for a Just and Healthy Planet), and Dorothy Goldin Rosenberg (Voices of Women), as well as highlights from the interviews.

Scanned paper -- SSHRC

Manuscripts perhaps in support of a SSHRC supported project: including a revised CV (1998), contributions to research, budget


Manuscripts related to CIDA (Canadian International Development Agency) Proposal to Support the Implementation of Women's Law in China.

Toronto - Beijing Initiatives 1995 -- full

Manuscripts related to Toronto-Beijing Women's Initiatives, CIDA (Canadian International Development Agency) Chinese Women's NGO Delegation, meeting minutes, proposed questions for interview, preparation for the United Nation Fourth World Conference on Women.

CWCL -- updated: Tch -- June 2006

Documents and photographs relating to the "Changing Work Changing Life" project are organized into the folders, "Administration," "Contact," "Dissemination," "Industry Data," "Planning," "Reference," "Related Community Activities," "Research," "Roundtable," and "RX's Previous Projects."

(part 2) -- NHRDP (back-up) -- Interview transcript (Raymond Chan, Martha O'Campo) -- Site report -- Data Base: Individual organizational

Manuscripts related to the "Multicultural Health Project" which includes documents in the context of The National Human Resource Development Plan (NHRDP). Manuscripts include proposed questions for conducting interviews with community leaders in Mental Health Reform, key/active individuals in mental health services, organizations, and conducted interviews.

SSHRC - committee

One manuscript: [SSHRC] "Fellowships Selection Committees Role and Membership."

NALL - Summary of bills -- Rest of files OFL papers

Submissions, summaries, reviews and oppositions to major pieces of employment related legislation by the OFL (Ontario Federation of Labour), including, but not limited to the following bills and acts:
-Bill 7, the Labour Relations and Employment Statute Law Amendment Act, 1995
-Bill 99, the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act, 1996
-Bill 136, the Public Sector Transition Stability Act, 1997
-Bill 15, An Act to Amend the Workers' Compensation Act and the Occupational Health and Safety Act, 1995
-Bill 22, the Prevention of Unionization Act, 1998
-Bill 26, the Savings and Restructuring Act, 1995
-Bill 49, the Employment Standards Improvement Act, 1996
-Ontario Pay Equity Act

NALL (HWA project) 1999

Interview guidelines and questions for "ILG/UNITE!" study accompanied by HWA (Homeworkers' Association) members' interview results. The file also contains a comprehensive chronology of ILG/UNITE! (1990-1998).

China Project [I]

A Workshop Proposal For consideration within the 3x3 structure."


Partial interview notes about working in the Chinese restaurant, "Jade Garden."

China Project [II]

One manuscript. "A Project to Support the Implementation of Women's Law in China. Faculty of Law, University of Toronto."

Multi-cultural Health -- (back-up) -- NHRDP (95/96) -- (part I)

Back up with slight variation of manuscripts and correspondence related to the "Multicultural Health Project" which includes an ethical review protocol and other documents in the context of The National Human Resource Development Plan (NHRDP).

NALL - FILOK -- Social Movement Lit Review

One manuscript. "Organizing Dissent: Contemporary Social Movements in Theory and Practice: Studies in the Politics of Counter-Hegemony." Edited by William K. Carroll, 1997.


Activities (#1-17) proposed by the Centre for Women’s Studies in Education, OISE/UT & Faculty of Law, UofT. For example, Activity #1: Comparative Law Symposium, Activity #2: Collaborative Research on Private Remedies for Violence Against Women, Activity #3: Working Group on Understanding Violence in Intimate Relationships.

File also includes the "Preliminary Work Breakdown Structure" for the "China Project."


CVs (curriculum vitaes) dated 1994.

Born-digital records

The series includes files extracted from computer disks and CDs. It includes records relating to Dr. Ng’s work and life, including digital photographs, research files, drafts and manuscripts, as well as material related to the Homeworkers Association (HWA), including meeting minutes, program files, newsletters, workshop materials, digital photographs, video, and other records.

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