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Joan Winearls fonds
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Research files – Other projects

The principal research project in this series is described by Ms Winearls as “The mapping of western North America in the 19th century with particular reference to the De Fonte fantasy and the earlier ‘Sea of the West’ fantasy”. (The maps showed purported water routes between the west coast
and the Northwest Passage or the central North American plains.) This project was begun in the early 1990s but not completed as planned and led to an article on one particular map, “Thomas Jefferys Map of Canada and the mapping of the western part of North America, 1750-1768’, that appeared in 1996. The second research project is on carto-bibliographic analysis and methodology re 18th century printed maps of North America [1].

The series begins with map bibliography & notes, consisting of preliminary bibliographic entries for Mer de l’Ouest/Riviere Longue de l’Ouest, and an early draft of a bibliography of maps relating to the De Fonte fantasy, followed by files of maps arranged by area: World, Arctic, Western hemisphere, North America, and Canada. There are also source files with notes, correspondence, and copies of documents, maps and other source material, covering De Fonte, early Canadian maps, and archival sources in British Columbia, the United States and Europe. Much of the photocopied material that has been retained is annotated. These files are followed by research notes and correspondence on Northwest-De Fonte and biographical sources, and on related maps, along with requests for microform and maps. Included are reproductive copies of maps and other copies.

The files for the research project on carto-bibliographic analysis and methodology re 18th century printed maps of North America include sample entries, copies of maps and published bibliographies and sources (largely annotated), along with bibliographical analyses and North American maps sources for analysis. Some oversized maps are included.

The series ends with Ms Winearls’ research on book illustration in Canada for the History of the Book in Canada project. Three volumes were planned under the general editorship of Patricia Lockhart Fleming and Yvan Lamonde, and they appeared between 2004 and 2007. Ms Winearls’ contribution was to the first volume. The files contain correspondence, contracts, notes, and source material. Drafts of the manuscript are in Series 8.

B2016-0009 contains research Ms Winearls did on Canadian bird artist J. Fenwick Lansdowne from 2000-2013. Included are original photographs of the artist, interviews, notes, compiled bibliography and exhibition list. There is also collected photocopies of ephemera relating to the artist, reviews of his works and exhibition catalogues. Finally, Winearls collected copies of correspondence and contracts between Lansdowne and his agent Bud Feheley (restricted to 2026).


[1] The descriptive portion of this series is drawn largely from notes provided by Ms Winearls in a container list she provided to the compiler of this inventory.

Joan Winearls fonds

  • UTA 1964
  • Fonds
  • 1956-2010

Records of Joan Winearls, map librarian at the University of Toronto, consisting of correspondence, course and lecture notes, addresses, diaries, articles, research files for and drafts of the manuscript of "Mapping Upper Canada, 1780-1867", and photographs. There are also conference files, relating in particular to the Canadian Cartographic Association, the International Cartographic Association, and the Conference on Editorial Problems 1993 conference in Toronto, ‘Editing Early and Historical Atlases’. There are also exhibition files associated with this conference and with ‘Mapping Toronto’s first century’, a 1984 exhibition mounted as part of the 200th anniversary celebrations of the City of Toronto.

Winearls, Joan


Manuscripts and publications: Mapping Upper Canada, 1780-1867

By the time Mapping Upper Canada appeared in 1991, Ms Winearls had spent thousands of hours compiling information, checking and rechecking it, and supervising the evolution of the manuscript. This was a groundbreaking project, for it involved developing a standardized system of describing the maps that was not based on the exact titles, which had been the normal practice previously. It was also a project that saw the evolution of the manuscript from the traditional handwritten format to a computer generated one. A complicating factor was that the index, with its ‘names’, ‘subject’ and ‘titles’ divisions, had to be compiled separately.

This series begins with a publication proposal, a ‘work in progress’ file, and two files of correspondence, notes and minutes relating to editing policies and to indexing problems. There is also a folder of correspondence and notes relating to land registry records. These files are in B1996-0021/003(01) - (07). Further files on funding, correspondence with potential publishers, including the University of Toronto Press, an appeal to public libraries for support, publicity, awards, reviews and royalties, are in B1998-0013/002(25) - (28) and /003(01) - (13).

The remainder of the series consists of drafts of the manuscript. Not all the drafts – there were many – have been retained. This series contains the earliest extant version for each section, and subsequent versions where there is evidence of significant advancement in the evolution of the text. Particular attention has been paid to keeping those versions that were annotated by Ms Winearls. The standard arrangement is as follows. The first file(s) contain the earliest draft, usually described as the “original draft”, in typescript, followed by the “first draft” which was computer-generated. In the final stages the manuscript was typeset.

B1996-0021, box 003 and the beginning of box 016 contain the earliest extant draft (typescript) of Part I: General’ (undated but 1986) and subsequent drafts – largely computer-generated – with notations and additions to May, 1989. The remainder of box 016 contains the earliest drafts ofPart II: Regions’ (1985-1989).

The earliest drafts of ‘Part III: Towns’ (1988-1989) are continued in B1996-0021, boxes 016 and 017; the latter contains the first complete draft (September-October, 1989) of the whole text.
The appendices are located as follows:
-Appendix A, ‘Township surveys’. Drafts and notes: B1998-0013/007(11) and 011(07);
-Appendix B, ‘Registered sub-divisions and plans’. Handwritten notes: B1996-0021/017(08) and (09);
-Appendix C, ‘Nautical charts’. Notes and drafts: B1996-0021/017(11) - (12) and /018(01);
-Appendix D, ‘Boundary surveys’. Notes and drafts: B1996-0021/018(02) – (03);
-Appendix E is in B1996-0021/018, along with drafts of the ‘Introduction’, ‘Location symbols’, ‘Abbreviations’, ‘Bibliography’, and the ‘final edit’ (July-August, 1990) of the text before the typeset copy was produced. Drafts of ‘illustrations and captions’ are in B1998-0013/011(08).

The corrected typescript copy of the manuscript that was produced in various stages throughout 1990 is in B1996-0021, box 019, along with a portion of the indexing text. The latter is continued in box 004, file 03 and in box 020, and concludes with drafts of the names’,subject’, and `title’ indices.

Photographic copies of maps loaned by Ms Winearls to the University of Toronto Press for inclusion in Mapping in Upper Canada have been removed from box B1998-0013/003(08) to 001P(04).

Manuscripts and publications

Ms Winearls has published widely on maps and map librarianship, beginning in 1967. This series consists of book reviews, articles, directories, exhibition catalogues, and chapters in books. A file in this series may contain draft of a manuscript, along with notes, covering correspondence, and reviews. The arrangement is chronological by date of publication.

Very few of Ms Winearls publications are missing from this series. The files relating to the writing of her major bibliographic work, Mapping Upper Canada, 1780-1867, are in Series 9. Files relating to Editing Early and Historical Atlases are found with the Conference on Editorial Problems files in Series 4.

A poster advertising the book, Ontario’s History in Maps (1984), which contains a cartobibliographic essay by Ms Winearls, “Sources for early maps in Ontario,” has been removed from B1998-0013/002(21) to /002(29).

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