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University of Toronto Scarborough Library, Archives & Special Collections Harley J. Spiller collection
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The subseries includes menus from countries part of the African continent including Kenya, Morocco and South Africa. Delivery and take away options are a feature of many restaurants. Menus are from various cities include Pretoria, Marrakech and Nairobi. Menus feature Thai, French, Moroccan, Italian, Japanese, and Chinese cuisine.

Menus from Kenya

File includes menus from Nairobi, Kenya. Material consists of lunch menus, bound menus, take away menus, and laminated menus. Menus feature Chinese cuisine. The Dragon Pearl Chinese Restaurant Limited features handwritten prices for dishes and a note from Harley about the restaurant. The file also features an unsigned letter from a friend of Harley's. Many menus are photocopies. The photographs in the file depict the facades and some interior of several Chinese restaurants. The restaurants in the photographs include the Kowloon Garden Chinese Restaurant with the inscription, "The cutest couple made us drink tea while they coupled papers + hand wrote name in Chinese," the Dragon Pearl Restaurant, the Five Star Chinese Restaurant, (the back of the photograph reads "Took me 5 minutes to 'spain [sic] what I wanted they did not have full menu and would not give me original. Oh Well but they let me use the bathroom"), the Hong Kong Restaurant with the inscription "Gorgeous restaurant. Owner thought I was sort of insane but amusing," and the Panda Chinese Restaurant. The corresponding menus to the photographs can be found in the file. Menus are found in booklet style and as single or multiple pages. File also contains a menu from a hotel in Nairobi.

Menus from Morocco

File includes menus from the Marrakech in Morocco. Menus feature Chinese, Italian, French, Thai and Moroccan cuisine. The Moroccan Restaurant Marrakech includes a note to Harley from Helga M. Smith.

Menus from South Africa

File includes menus from South Africa. Menus feature Japanese and Chinese cuisine. The Silver Lantern menu is a photocopy of the original. Also included in the file are two notes to Harley from friends. Some menus have had their prices altered by hand in blue ink.

Menus from Hong Kong (1)

File contains trifold, single sheet and booklet style menus. Menus feature Chinese, Italian, American, Japanese, Russian and seafood cuisine. File also contains a banquet menus for Mr. L. Everett and Captain A Seeder and officers of the S.S. Siberia.

Menus from India

File contains booklet and small sheet menus featuring European and Chinese cuisine. Menus are from Mumbai (formally Bombay).

Menus from Egypt

File contains a trifold menu from Cairo featuring Chinese cuisine. File also contains a menu from the Pink Panda restaurant at the Isis Hotel Luxor.

Menus from Japan (1)

File contains booklet, small menus, single sheet menus and trifold menus from Osaka, Kyoto and Toyko. Menus feature Japanese, American, Chinese and Thai cuisine. File also contains menus from the Holiday Inn Hotel.

Menus from Japan (2)

File contains booklet, small menus, single sheet menus and trifold menus from Osaka, Kyoto and Toyko. Menus feature Japanese, American, Chinese and Thai cuisine. File also contains menus from the Imabari Kokusai Hotel.

Menus from Taiwan

File contains single sheet, booklet and trifold menus. Menus feature Chinese cuisine. File also contains menus from the Grand Hotel and The Ambassador Hotel in Taipei.

Menus from Tibet

File contains two booklet style menus for the restaurant Lhasa Snowland Restaurant. File also includes a menu for the Himalaya Hotel.

Menus from Turkey

File contains a menu and correspondence from Istanbul, Turkey. The menu is from the restaurant Little China, which offers take out and delivery. The menu was sent to Harley from a friend. The correspondence is written on CERI (Centre d'Etudes et de Recherches Internationales) letterhead.

Menus from Austria

File contains a lunch menu from Austria. The menu consists of one sheet comprising six menu items. Prices have been changed by hand in blue ink. Also included is a menu from the restaurant Szechuan Etterem.


The subseries includes menus and some correspondence from countries that are a part of the European continent including Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, England, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Malta, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Scotland, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and Wales.

The subseries comprises areas part of Central, Eastern, Western, Southern and Northern Europe.
Menus feature Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Thai, Finnish, Vietnamese, Mongolian, Indian and Indo-Chinese, Russian and seafood cuisine.

Menus types found in this subseries includes take away menus, static menus, bound menus, trifold formatted menus, and photocopies. Business cards for a small portion of the restaurants are attached to the menus.

Menus from Denmark

File contains menus from Denmark. Menus feature Chinese and Italian cuisine. Menus are from Copenhagen. The file also contains 4 photographs from 1998 of Chinese restaurants and facades.

Menus from England

File contains trifold and sheet menus from England. Menus are from London, Merseyside (Liverpool) and Devon. Menus feature Chinese (Jiangan, Peking and Cantonese), Thai and Japanese cuisine. File also contains a menu from the Angel Hotel and the Royal Trafalgar Thistle Hotel in London. Menus in this file are stained.

Menus from Czech Republic

File contains menus from the Czech Republic. Menus feature Chinese cuisine. All menus are from Prague. The menus have experienced minimal tearing around the edges.

Menus from Germany

File contains trifold, card and sheet style menus from restaurants in Germany. Material in this file consist of a menus from restaurants in Worms, Cochem, Munich, Frankfurt, Baden-Baden, Traben-Trarbach, Augsburg, Münster, Boppard, Berlin, and Andernach. The menus feature a variety of cuisine including Chinese, Vietnamese and Thai.

Menus from France

File contains trifold, booklet and card sized menus from France. Menus are from Annecy and Paris. Menus feature Chinese (Cantonese), Russian and Indo-Chinese cuisine. Restaurant types include teahouses.

Menus from Belgium

File contains menus from Belgium. Menus are from Gent, Antwerp and Brugge. Menus feature Chinese and Japanese cuisine.

Menus from Ireland

File contains trifold menus from Ireland. Menus are from Dublin and Cork. Menu from the restaurant Silks is stained with coffee. Sheets from the Grande China menu have been removed from the menus plastic enclosures.

Menus from Russia

File consists of three menus from Russia. Menus feature Chinese dishes. A larger menu contains a photocopy of hand written dishes and wines. Another menu contains paper sheets bound in a hardcover. The sheets have suffered water damage. Inside the menu is a note regarding Russian Rubles to US dollar conversion and a subway map of Moscow from 1993. Prices in the menu have been changed by hand using blue ink.

Menus from Spain

File contains menus from across Spain. Menus are from Navarra, Los Cristianos, Tenerife, Valle Gran Rey, Puerto, Mallorca, Menorca, Barcelona and Madrid. Menus feature Chinese and Japanese cuisine. File also contains hotel menus from the Meridien in Barcelona.

Menus from Malta

File contains one menu for the Chinese Restaurant Mr. Lee from St Julians, Malta. The menu is in a trifold format. Also included is a compact size take away menu for the restaurant and a business card. The menu is stained with grease.

Menus from Italy (2)

File consists of trifold and sheet menus from Italy. Menus originate from Poggibonsi, Palermo, Florence, Naples and Trento. All feature Chinese dishes.

Menus from Poland

File contains menus from Poland. Menus are from Swinoujscie, Otervreno and Szczecin. File also contains photographs of Chinese restaurant signs and facades.

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