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Recording of Henri Nouwen at the National Catholic Education Association 87th annual convention and exposition

Item consists of a sound recording of two addresses given by Nouwen to the 87th Annual Convention and Exposition of the National Catholic Educational Association (NCEA). SR89 v1 consists of Nouwen's opening address entitled "The Hidden Treasure". SR89 v2 consists of Nouwen speaking on "Zabelka: The Reluctant Prophet".

Van Gogh - resources file

File consists of copies of articles pertaining to van Gogh and a copy of a manuscript on van Gogh by Cliff Edwards at Virginia Commonwealth University. File also contains a copy of a letter of response by Connie Ellis, Nouwen’s administrative assistant.

Material regarding Vincent van Gogh

Subseries consists of photocopies of textual records created in the process of developing a film on Vincent Van Gogh, with which Nouwen was involved, including correspondence, grant applications, research notes, typescripts, film scripts, and film schedules relating to the development and execution of the project. Records are separated into the following 13 folders:

  • File 1: Van Gogh – Quotes I [1980-1981]
  • File 2: Van Gogh – Quotes II [1980]
  • File 3: Van Gogh – Quotes III [1980]
  • File 4: Van Gogh – Notes and correspondence I [1980-1984]
  • File 5: Van Gogh – Notes and correspondence II [1979-1980]
  • File 6: Van Gogh – Notes and correspondence III [1978-1979]
  • File 7: Van Gogh – Notes and correspondence IV [1978-1980]
  • File 8: Compassion – Henri Nouwen I Van Gogh, Hold [1980]
  • File 9: Compassion – Henri Nouwen II – Text for Recording [1980-1981]
  • File 10: Compassion – Henri Nouwen III – Text for Recording [1980-1981]
  • File 11: Compassion – Henri Nouwen IV – Text for Recording [1980]
  • File 12: Compassion – Henri Nouwen V – Text for recording July 21, 1980 [1980]
  • File 13: Compassion – Henri Nouwen VI [1978 or 1980]

Letters regarding 12 1/2 Year Ordination Anniversary

File consists of letters regarding the twelve and a half year anniversary of Nouwen's Ordination. The package has been kept together in its original order. The correspondents include:

  • a telegram from Han and Nelson
  • a telegram from Joe (last name unknown)
  • a telegram from Tante Yvonne and Tante Rie
  • a telegram from Mia Janssens
  • a telegram from the van Susante family.
  • a telegram from Tante Puck and Oom Philip van Campen
  • a telegram from W and W van der Grinten
  • a telegram from Wim and Milene (Wolters)
  • a telegram from Paddy and Loliet Kiely
  • a telegram from Seamus and Sophie (Fitzgerald)
  • a letter from Hans van Wissen
  • a letter from Dr. H. A. J. Wegman
  • a letter from Caspar and Anneke (last name unknown)
  • a letter from the Sint- adelbertabdij Abbey (correspondent unknown)
  • a letter from Virginea Scheerman
  • a letter from Kris ter Reide
  • a letter from Tante Mary
  • a letter from W.G. Ramselaar
  • a letter from Tante [Yvonne?]
  • a letter from Rie P[?]
  • a letter from Jan [?]
  • a letter from Tante Corry and Oom Eef (Offerman)
  • a letter from Tante Lien and Oom Jaap (Otto)
  • a postcard from Tante Truus (Derkx-Nouwen)
  • a letter from Tante Hetty (Berghs)
  • a letter from Tante Hetty (Berghs)
  • a letter from Tante Jeanne (Nouwen)
  • a letter from Tante Jeanne (Nouwen)
  • a card [accompanying flowers?] from Dr. H. J. B. Mulders
  • a letter from H. A. van Munster
  • a letter from [Vinent?]
  • a letter form [Vinent?]
  • a letter from Tante Nel Laumans-Ramselaar
  • a letter from [Tante Ella and Oom Jan?] (Leitjen)
  • a letter from Prof. Mr. M. V. M. van Leeuwe
  • a letter from Oom Quirin B. Laumans
  • a card [accompanying flowers?] from Dr. Th. C. de Kruijf
  • a letter from S. C. M. de Jong-Vreeburg
  • a letter from Marie-Thérèse [Honée?]
  • a letter from Dr. P. G. van Hooijdonk
  • a card [accompanying flowers?] from J. Helthuis
  • a card [accompanying flowers?] from G. J. J. Harmelink
  • a card [accompanying flowers?] from Dr. F. J. A. de Grijs
  • a card [accompanying flowers?] from G. A. H. Groothuis
  • a postcard from Didy [Feringa?]
  • a letter from Tante Truus Derkx-Nouwen
  • an envelope from Jan v. Dijk, Joe Wissink, [Marisinus vd Bek?], H[?] vd [Sandt?] and Dave Schlaver
  • an envelope from Tante Truus, Oom Harry, Hubert, Rosemarie, Magdaleen and Joep
  • a letter from Laurien van Campen
  • a card [accompanying flowers?] from C. G. M. Bak
  • a letter from Joop [Bronschot?]
  • a postcard from G. vd Berg (Gerard van den Berg)
  • a postcard from an unknown sender
  • a list of names and addresses from [Louis?] Engels
  • a letter from Maria
  • a letter from Maria
  • a letter from Kees Bak
  • a letter from Ph. M. P. van de Burgt
  • a letter from Joost and Els
  • a letter from Oom G[?] and Tante L[?]
  • a card [accompanying flowers?] from Bernardus Kardinaal Alfrink

Death notice for Truus Derkx-Nouwen

File consists of a death notice for Truus Derkx-Nouwen (November 28, 1911 - January 16, 2006). Further inquiry to Laurent Nouwen revealed that Truus was Nouwen's fraternal aunt.

Postcard scrapbook

File consists of eighteen loose scrapbook pages which contain sixty-two postcards depicting buildings, streets, and other landmarks in the Netherlands and Germany.

Conciliebrief no. 4 by Ramselaar

File consists of two copies of a document entitled “Conciliebrief no.4 – 4e zitting”, written by Msgr. Antonius Ramselaar, in Rome.

Poem to Oma

File consists of a poem for Oma, Nouwen’s grandmother (Maria Rutten?).

Baby Book

File consists of a baby book given to Nouwen’s mother at the time of his birth.

Baptismal records

File consists of a photocopy of Henri Nouwen's baptismal record and birth certificate.

Typescripts of Boisen book

File consists of manuscripts for a book on Anton T. Boisen.

Folder 1 consists of seven typed manuscripts by Nouwen on Boisen. They include:

  • Boisen and Forestry
  • Dr. William Lowe Bryan
  • Boisen and Coe (George Albert Coe (1862-1951) important contributor to religious education in the US)
  • The Symbolic Flower
  • Anton Boisen’s Relationship with Alice Batchelder
  • The Background of a Clinician
  • Boisen and Freud

Folder 2 consists of eight typed manuscripts by Nouwen on Boisen. They include:

  • The Symbolic Flower
  • Dr. William Lowe Bryan (2 copies)
  • Boisen and Freud
  • Boisen and Forestry
  • Boisen and Coe
  • The Background of a Clinician
  • Boisen (2 copies) [3-page document about Nouwen's visit with Boisen in the Elgin State hospital in August 1964]
  • Anton Boisen’s Relationship with Alice Batchelder
    Folder 2 also contains sections of The Symbolic Flower and Anton Boisen’s Relationship with Alice Batchelder, as well as handwritten notes by Nouwen entitled, Richard Cabot and Anton Boisen.

Recording of Henri Nouwen at Sojourners Peace Ministry conference: Washington, D.C. 1985

Item consists of a recording of Nouwen speaking in Washington, D.C. at the Peace Pentecost, a conference entitled, "The Rise of Christian Conscience: A national conference for Christian Nonviolence and Civil Disobedience". The conference was organized by the Sojourners Peace Ministry, Washington, D.C. SR61 v1 is entitled "Spiritual Basis." SR61 v2 is entitled "Prayer and Spirituality".

Collected commercial audio cassettes

File consists of 43 commercial audio cassette tapes collected by Nouwen. Audio cassettes include:

Stages of Contemplation: The presence of God - SR189
Stages of Contemplation: Praying in the spirit - SR190
Stages of Contemplation: Marriage: Call to contemplation - SR191
Stages of Contemplation: The process of contemplation - SR192
Stages of Contemplation: Growing in prayer - SR193
Stages of Contemplation: To be Eucharist - SR194
Sister Jose Hobday, OSF: Fidelity to remembering - SR195
Sister Jose Hobday, OSF: Coming home and passing over - SR196
Sister Jose Hobday, OSF: The enfleshed heart of life - SR197
Sister Jose Hobday, OSF: Desert fertility - SR198
Sister Jose Hobday, OSF: The hidden and the revealed - SR199
Sister Jose Hobday, OSF: Brokenness - SR200
Sister Jose Hobday, OSF: The call to harmony - SR201
Sister Jose Hobday, OSF: Retreat and reentry - SR202
"CNN Report": Palm Sunday by K. Himle / 4/4/1993 - SR203
Most significant civil rights case of the decade by David Brown - SR204
The common sense of God - SR205
King of the Nation - SR206
Taking care of business: Called or driven by Bob Buford - SR207

Prophets for today - Cardinal John O'Connor - SR208
Abortion and race genocide - SR209
The war against population by Dr. Kasun - SR210
Christ in the New Testament 3/29/92 - SR211
The Nurturing Network: Pro-life in a pro-choice world - SR212
The Nurturing Network: "Practical idealism: Compassion in action" - SR213
The Nurturing Network: How to build an effective social ministry - SR214
[#]2451 of Rumi and apocalypse with Andrew Harvey - SR215
Creating an inner path for real magic: Applying real magic awareness in everyday life I - SR216
Creating an inner path for real magic: Applying real magic awareness in everyday life II - SR217
Creating an inner path for real magic: Applying real magic awareness in everyday life III - SR218
Creating an inner path for real magic: Applying real magic awareness in everyday life IV - SR219
How can I help? - SR220 (sent to Nouwen from B. Crowley)
The liturgical year - SR221 (given to Sue and Kathy from Bob [last name unknown])
Joni Earekson Tada 11/8/92 - SR222
Michael Kelly Blanchard and selected topics - SR223
Fr. William: Hesychasm: Introduction #201 - SR224
Fr. William: Hesychasm: Desert fathers and doctrine #202 - SR225
Fr. William: Hesychasm: Gnosis #203 - SR226
Fr. William: Hesychasm: and poverty #204 - SR227
Fr. William: Hesychasm and celibacy & Hescichasm and encrateia - SR228

Fr. William: Hesychasm and fasting & hesychasm and moral life - SR229
Fr. William: Hesychasm - The Jesus prayer first conference - SR230
Fr. William: Hesychasm - The Jesus prayer second conference - SR231

Henri Nouwen fonds

  • CA ON00389 F4
  • Fonds
  • 1910 - 1997, 1964 - 1996 predominant

Fonds consists of 15 series:

  1. Manuscripts
  2. General files
  3. Calendar files
  4. Personal records
  5. Publisher files
  6. Financial files
  7. Teaching materials
  8. Nouwen’s education records and study notes
  9. Published works
  10. Video recordings of Nouwen
  11. Sound recordings
  12. Collected materials
  13. L'Arche Daybreak administrative files
  14. Ephemera and artifacts
  15. Photographs

Nouwen, Henri J.M.

Photographs from marriage festivities for Laurien Nouwen and Marc van Campen

File consists of 8 slides featuring Maria Nouwen, Laurien Nouwen, Marc van Campen and other unidentified people likely taken during the festivities surrounding the marriage of Laurien Nouwen and Marc van Campen in June 1966. Six of the slides feature people, including Maria Nouwen (P5100, P5101); Laurien Nouwen and Marc van Campen (P5096); unidentified men in suits and an unidentified women in semi-formal attire (P5097 - P5098). The two slides which do not feature people show houses, which may be the buildings where the couple were married and received by families and friends.

Visit of Conrad T. Fischer - February 19 - March 13, 1991

File consists of correspondence regarding a visit from Conrad Fischer to L'Arche Daybreak. Includes the letter from Fischer requesting to visit, Nouwen's response, and a memo from Nouwen to Sue Mosteller and Joe Vorstermans regarding the visit.

Ordination material

File consists of material from Nouwen’s ordination ceremony on July 21, 1957 in Utrecht and on July 28, 1957 in Scheveningen, including reminder cards, dinner menu and two copies of a photograph of Nouwen as a child playing priest. File also includes copies of Nouwen's ordination certificates from 1955-1956.

Doctoral degree and Police clearance certificate

File consists of photocopies of Nouwen’s degrees and certificates, declarations from October 27, 1988, of Nouwen’s doctorate in Psychology (February 3, 1964) from the department of Social Sciences at the Katholieke Universiteit (University of Nijmegen, Nijmegen, NL) and in Theology (October 7, 1971), and a police clearance certificate from the York Regional Police from October 19, 1988. Material in the first folder was likely gathered while Nouwen was applying for Canadian citizenship. File also consists of a second folder of awards, certificates, memberships, and degrees awarded to Nouwen from 1979-1995. A third folder consists of additional copies of degrees, original grade reports, and a letter from Nouwen's brother on the need for these documents for Henri's work in the United States.

Hospitality frees guests

This item is a half-page article by Henri Nouwen entitled, ‘Hospitality Frees Guests’ published in the National Catholic Reporter, September 27, 1974, p. 11. Nouwen begins the article by stating, ‘If the first characteristic of the spiritual life is the continuing movement from loneliness to solitude, its second characteristic is the movement by which hostility can be converted in hospitality’. Nouwen suggests that if we meet others out of needy loneliness that will not create an open space of hospitality to help the other be who they should be. Nouwen states that he believes the biblical concept of hospitality ‘might offer a new dimension to our understanding of a healing relationship and the formation of a recreating community’. Hospitality creates ‘not a fearful emptiness , but a friendly emptiness where strangers can enter and discover themselves as created free…’.

Photograph of drawing of Nouwen

Item consists of two copes of the same photograph of a drawing of Nouwen in profile while speaking and gesturing with his hands. The back of one of the photographs has an annotation in blue ink stating "1984".

Photograph of Marina San Giorgi

Item consists of a photograph of an unidentified woman seated outdoors on a patio in Cap d'Estel, with a pool, a large body of water and a mountain in the background.

Photograph of Paul Nouwen

Item consists of a photograph of Nouwen's brother, Paul Nouwen, seated on a stone wall, his head turned to his left.

Letters from Christopher de Vinck

File consists of six letters from Christopher de Vinck; including excerpts from his book "Simple Wonders" with annotations by Nouwen, and a book proposal “The Journey with Henri Nouwen: Fellow Pilgrims Speak”.

Funeral materials

File consists of materials from various Nouwen funerals including preparation documentation; eulogies; speech transcripts; programs; articles; poems; in memoriam notices; newsletter notices; a funeral guest book; attendance lists; and sympathy notes.

Drafts of Selma 1965

File consists of five copies (three original copies, two original mimeographs) of a draft typescript of "Selma 1965: naar de 'deep, deep south'", about Nouwen's participation in the civil rights march from Selma, AL, to Montgomery, AL, in 1965. Nouwen wrote this paper while a theological fellow in the program of religion and psychiatry at The Menninger Clinic (Topeka, KS). File also includes a copy owned by L.J.M. Nouwen with annotations.

Prayer and health care

This item is an 11 page article by Henri Nouwen entitled, ‘Prayer and Health Care’, published in Review by the Catholic Health Association of Canada, Vol. 17, No. 4, Winter 1989, pp.5 – 16. This article is adapted from a lecture given by Nouwen for the CHAC’s 50th anniversary Day of Celebration, October 25, 1989 in Ottawa, ON. Nouwen begins by reminding his audience of the talk he gave 12 years previously on compassion and indicates that he would now like to speak on the source of compassion: prayer. Nouwen begins by writing about Jesus’ prayer which is the source of Jesus’ life-giving ministry. ‘Every aspect of Jesus’ ministry, every word, every action and every detail of his own journey bespeaks life…’ Nouwen states that from his prayer of listening Jesus understands he is the beloved and that he wants us to know that we are also. ‘Jesus wants each of us to be just as much a child of God as he is himself’. Nouwen then goes on to describe the stresses and pressures that prevent us from being able to hear the God who desires us and our need, over time, to turn to God, to live our lives for God. Nouwen then goes on to speak about freedom which will come from prayer as we learn to listen, to move away from obsessions and compulsions, to say ‘no’ to death forces. The last half of the article speaks about the discipline of prayer in three ways: discipline of the mind, discipline of the heart, and discipline of the body. Nouwen concludes by stating, ‘ …I call all of you to be men and women of prayer, men and women truly belonging to God, men and women who at every moment of your existence and every part of yourselves will give life, not in your own name, but in the name Him who said, “I come to bring life…” Folder also contains a loose leaf photocopy of the article with annotations.

Video recording of Henri Nouwen at Earlham College

File consists of video recordings of a series of events held at Earlham College centered around Nouwen's receipt of an honourary degree. He gave four talks while at the college, all of which were recorded. Includes a video recording of an address given by Nouwen, Kim Barnes (an assistant from Daybreak) and Thelus George (a core member from Daybreak) at Earlham School of Religion, January 30, 1991. The address is primarily given by Barnes on the subject of L'Arche Daybreak. Video recordings also feature an address Nouwen gave to accept an honourary degree from Earlham School of Religion on January 30, 1991.

V13 v1 Common Meal / Earlham School of Religion consists of a video recording of Nouwen giving an address at the Common Meal at Earlham School of Religion on January 29, 1991.

V13 v2 Living the Spiritual Life / Earlham School of Religion consists of a video recording of Nouwen giving a lecture entitled "Living a Spiritual Life" at Earlham School of Religion on January 29, 1991.

V13 v3 Communion as the source of Christian leadership : Honorary Degree Convocation / Earlham School of Religion consists of a video recording of an address Nouwen gave to accept an honourary degree from Earlham School of Religion on January 30, 1991.

Summary of address:

Introduced by a former student Henry Freeman

Explanation of Communion with God as a series of concentric circles.
Reference to the passage in Luke about Jesus spending the night in solitary communion with God, then returning to his disciples (including Judas) and later going amongst a crowd to minister and heal. Central Circle: Communion with God. Second Circle: Communion with Community (disciples). Third Circle: Ministry through words and healing. Communion is the source of Love. Communion as Connectedness. Communion as Spirit, as a breathing between Father and Son. This relationship between Jesus Christ is both totally unique and totally mutual, and it is called Spirit.

Henri says he is convinced more than ever that all human beings are called to Communion with God. The degree to which a person tastes this relationship will determine their degree of integration into society, how much they can contribute to society. By not acknowledging Communion, an individual will become manipulative and violent in their relations with others. Lacking Communion, people will turn to popularity, success and power in attempts to grasp at Belonging. It is important that Communion takes place at ‘Night’ in this passage of Luke because night is when we (and Jesus) are tempted to seek Communion outside our relationship with God.

Out of Communion will grow Community.
References St. Francis, St. Thérèse, Dorothy Day, St. Bernard, St. Ignatius who formed communities as a fruit of this Communion with God. Mentions the importance of the Quaker tradition and his experiences at Pendle Hill in the development of his ideas about Communion.

Following Communion, you will find yourself calling to people or find people gathering around you. BUT: Community is a place where you will always be reminded that it (community) cannot give you that which you truly desire, Communion with God. Which will push you back to solitary Communion.

There is always a discordant note in communities (the person you least want to live with will be there in the community in which reside) (example of Judas). One needs community – it will constantly challenge you not to expect from people that which only God can give (Love). Community is a place of detachment. Community is the place where you live out Communion and then are called to Solitude. Solitude and Community can never be separated.

Community will lead you to ministry. Ministry must be taught communally in groups. Henri mentions that of late he has found that Ministry has become highly individualized. By ministering in groups, one is prevented from manipulating the Good News, one is not tempted to believe that they are the sole source of Truth etc. In Ministry, we are called to proclaim that Communion with God is being offered to all people. The Spirit of God blows where it wants. Healing and Liberation comes from knowledge that God is offering us Communion. The Love you crave is available, and you can forgive each other for not being God.

Ministry right now, the lives of everyone present, our reality has changed in the last few weeks because we are now at war (The Gulf War). This fact colours our souls. It is a very dark and dangerous atmosphere. How are we going to live and minister in a world that is in full agony? Your First responsibility is not to change the world but to prevent the world from changing you. Television, News, Media will broadcast dark news that pounds on your heart – don’t let the Darkness take away your connection and Communion with God. Don’t let the Dark rip out the most precious gift of Communion.

Henri mentions Biblical quote of people ‘dying of fear’. Keep your head erect in the face of the Son of Man. Proclaim that this war is unjust. Receive Communion at the mountaintop. We do not receive Communion by changing the world, change is not a condition of prophecy. Source: Video Recordings of Nouwen Series – Video Cassettes of Nouwen at Earlham College Subseries, Box 309, item V13. Summary notes by Anna St.Onge, Archives Assistant, June 2, 2005.

V13 v4 Life at Daybreak : Henri Nouwen, Kim Barnes and Thelus George / Earlham School of Religion consists of of a video recording of an address given by Nouwen, Kim Barnes (an assistant from Daybreak), and Thelus George (a core member from Daybreak) at Earlham School of Religion, January 30, 1991. The address is primarily given by Barnes on the subject of L'Arche Daybreak.

Materials from Pendle Hill Summer Institute

  • CA ON00389 F4-7-1-2145
  • File
  • 1976 - August 1982, predominant 1982
  • Part of Henri Nouwen fonds

File consists of materials related to Pendle Hill, predominantly to the Summer Institute, a 5-week retreat run between June 28 and early August 1982 where Nouwen taught. There are also materials from the 1970s but they were most likely gathered by Nouwen for use during this event.
There are 36 handwritten pages by Nouwen which appear to be preparation notes for various lectures he gave at the institute. There is also a 6-page typed document by John Mogabgab titled "Pendle Hill Conversations Meeting 4 (October 27, 1977) Summary Notes".
Material that relates directly to the 1982 retreat includes correspondence from Pendle Hill dated May 17, 1982 to the 43 participants in the retreat regarding housing arrangements, health insurance, typewriting and cooperative housekeeping chores. There is also a typed list of all the participants and their addresses. As well, there is a eight page group of typed notes titled "Some Notes for a Five Weeks [sic] Reflection on the Gospel of Luke" as well as sheet music and a Curriculum Vitae of a lay reader from Sydney, Australia. There is also a photocopy of a long-distance phone bill containing a letter from one of Nouwen's suite mates regarding an overpayment. Nouwen's long-distance calls are noted.
File also includes three pamphlets from Pendle Hill, namely Parker Palmer's "Meeting for Learning" and "A Place called Community" and Douglas V. Steere's "On Speaking out of the Silence", as well as some ephemera.
Also contained in this file is a program schedule for a commemoration conference on Thomas Merton, hosted by Columbia University between November 27 and December 10, 1978. It appears that Nouwen cancelled some of his plans for this conference to visit Pendle Hill. See Weekly Calendars 1978.
File also contains an introduction package for the institute consisting of a welcome letter by Parker Palmer and brief staff biographies.

Photograph of Carrie, Janet, and Geoff Whitney-Brown

Item consists of a photograph of Geoff Whitney-Brown standing outdoors next to his wife, Carrie, who is holding their infant daughter, Janet - all three are wearing colourfully decorated hats. A house, trees and a pond are visible in the background.

Seeing Christ: a meditation on Andrew Rublev's Saviour of Zvenigorod

This item is two copies of a 4 page article by Henri Nouwen entitled,’ Seeing Christ: A meditation on Andrew Rublev’s Savior of Zvenigorod’, published in America, Vol. 154, No. 1, January 4 – 11, 1986, pp. 4 – 7. Nouwen begins this meditation on the icon by stating, ‘To see Christ is to see God and all of humanity. This mystery has evoked in me a burning desire to see the face of Jesus’. Nouwen then relates this to his love of the face of Christ as portrayed by Rublev in this icon. Nouwen begins by describing the damage to this 15thC image and then describes what he sees as a ‘tender human face’ and the colors ‘of inexpressible beauty’ which are used. The next focus for Nouwen are the eyes of Christ: ‘Their gaze is so mysterious and deep that any word that tries to describe them is inadequate’. Nouwen concludes the meditation by stating, ‘Seeing the Christ by Rublev is a profound event…seeing Christ leads us to the heart of God as well as to the heart of all that is human’. In an Afterword, Nouwen discusses the icon painting tradition and notes that beginning in the 6th C. there is a tendency to portray the face of Christ in a similar way in all icons and in a way which may be related to the face on the Shroud of Turin which may have been the actual face of Christ.

Marriage as ministry

Item consists of photocopies of a typescript of "Marriage as Ministry". Nouwen argues that marriage as ministry has two functions: binding the wounds of the other, and healing the suffering guest. One copy is in the bound volume and one is a loose copy.

Draft of Ukrainian Diary

File consists of a bound draft manuscript of Ukrainian Diary : July 24 - August 14, 1993. The draft includes a copy of a letter from Nouwen dated November 30, 1993 (on L'Arche Daybreak letterhead) to friends saying he was finally able to finish his Ukrainian Diary and it tells about how Nathan [Ball], Zenia [Kushpeta], Borys [Gudziak], and Nouwen lived while in Ukraine. Nouwen says "If you do not have time to read the whole journal you might just focus on the entries from August 1 through August 11 because those were the dates that we were actually in Ukraine. The entries from July 24 to August 1 are preparatory notes, and the entries from August 12 through the 14th are some reflections after we returned from our trip." He concludes by saying he hopes to finish the text during his time away in January (1994).

L'Arche in North America: home, healing and hope

This item is a 5-page article by Henri Nouwen entitled ‘L’Arche in North America: Home, Healing and Hope’, published in ‘Letters of L’Arche’, No. 76, 1992, pp. 2 – 6. Nouwen is writing this at the time of the funeral of Pere Thomas Philippe, one of the founders of L’Arche. Nouwen senses that Pere Thomas’ legacy of the vision of L’Arche will continue to live, ‘he can bring a rich harvest’. Nouwen goes on to ask ‘how to be l’Arche in North America’? Nouwen sees three core words that will bear much fruit: Home, Healing and Hope. I. Home: Nouwen sees L’Arche as being home especially for the core members many of whom have experienced living in institutional places that were not ‘home’. Nouwen goes on to describe the sense of homelessness that many in North America experience: actual homelessness, but also places where people live without a welcome, places where people live in loneliness, places where people live alone together. Nouwen notes that the Assistants who come to L’Arche have and do experience this homelessness as well. Nouwen sees that home at L’Arche provides a place to be home but also to be a place of mission and a recognition that we are still journeying home. II. Healing: ‘The great paradox of L’Arche is that, while no one is cured, everyone is healed’. Nouwen speaks of the great suffering that has been experienced by the core members but also by the Assistants. All seek healing. ‘It is clear that we are all handicapped that we all need to offer each other healing by the way we live together’. III. Hope: ‘L’Arche invites people, barely respected or acknowledged by our society, to become witnesses of hope’. ‘Joy, peace, acceptance, truthfulness, the ability to welcome, to forgive and to celebrate; these are only some of the gifts handicapped people have to offer…This knowledge of the ‘gift of the poor’ has been a great inspiration in L’Arche over the years, and has made L’Arche into a true sign of hope’.

Drafts of Power, powerlessness and power

File consists of a draft manuscript and typescript of "Power, Powerlessness and Power", including related correspondence. Folder (1) contains a fax copy of a manuscript and typescript. Folder (2) contains faxed correspondence between Nouwen's administrative assistants, Kathy Christie and Lydia Banducci, and Marion Hollis, of L'Arche Limited (Suffolk, England) and Zizi (last name unknown). Includes a fax copy of an illustration by Zizi (last name unknown), that Nouwen intended to use with this article.

Photograph album 3

Album 3 consists of photographs of Henri Nouwen alone and with friends, including Don McNeill, Bob Antonelli and Claude Pomerleau, between 1970 and 1974. Put together by Henri Nouwen the album predominantly contains photos of him socializing with friends at Yale Divinity School in New Haven, Connecticut; posing for portraits along canals in Utrecht, Netherlands for photographer Ron van den Bosch; and working and socializing with friends at the Abbey of the Genesee in Piffard, New York. Also included are photos of retreats, as well as trips to Aspen, Colorado; Elora, Ontario; and Cochabamba, Bolivia.

Photograph album 11

Album 11 consists of photographs taken between 1956 and 1961. Henri Nouwen is seen on a trip to Greece and Israel with a group of fellow students from the University of Nijmegen; on board the SS Maasdam where he worked as Chaplain in 1961; and visiting New York, NY while the ship was at port in the city. Also included are photos of Henri Nouwen and classmates at major seminary in Rijsenburg and at the University of Nijmegen in the Netherlands.

Photograph album 5

Album 5 consists of photographs taken between 1947 and 1954. Compiled by Henri Nouwen, the album is predominantly focused on Nouwen's stay at a boys summer camp, his time at seminary school in Apeldoorn and trips he took to countries such as Italy, Belgium, France and the United Kingdom. The camping group was called de Vossen [the foxes] and was run by Aloysius College. Also included are photos of Laurent J.M., Maria, Paul, Laurent and Laurien Nouwen at their home, in Scheveningen, and celebrating Laurent's First Communion in 1951. Of interest is a photo [P6644] of Henri Nouwen's grandmother Sara M. Ramselaar holding him as a baby in 1932.

Photograph album 10

Album 10 consists of photographs taken in 1981 during Henri Nouwen's final year teaching at the Yale Divinity School. Nouwen is seen at various events, including what may be a farewell party, a graduation ceremony, a baptism, a visit to the country and a lobster bake, with friends and colleagues, many of whom are unidentified. Nouwen is also seen wearing clerical robes while leading Easter Sunday service, outdoors, and celebrating Mass in the Yale Divinity School Prayer Chapel. Also included are shots of Nouwen and an unidentified man while on a trip to San Francisco. Joseph Nunez, Carol Plantinga, Yushi Nomura, Bob Massie, John Mogabgab, Marjorie Thompson, Don and Elaine Postema and Mich and Mary Zeman appear in photos throughout the album.

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