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Thomas P. Morley fonds
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This series contains photographs collected by Morley mainly for his research on the history of Neurological Surgery in Canada and his biography on Kenneth G. McKenzie. Predictably many of the images document neurology staff at the Toronto General Hospital (TGH). Included are group portraits of the staff in the 1950s as well as individual images of Sir Geoffrey Jefferson, Kenneth G. McKenzie, E. Harry Botterell. Later photographs document events or celebrations at TGH including Botterell Day in 1978, Morley’s retirement party in 1985 and the 75 yrs of Neurosurgery in Canada Symposium held in 1998. There are also 33 slides relating Toronto General Hospital history used by Findlay in his articles on the history of neurosurgery at the TGH, including portraits of Dr. C. L. Starr, Kenneth G. McKenzie, Harry Botterell, Bill Keith, Franck Turnbull, Joe Cluff, Charles Drake, Jessie Young, Bill Lougheed, Eric Linell and Ross Fleming. Finally, filed at the end, are photographs originally belonging to the TGH showing equipment and procedures in neurology in the 1960s. Many of these have annotations by Morley’s in order to highlight their significance.

Hannah Institute for the History of Medicine

This series documents Thomas Morley’s activities at the Hannah Institute for the History of Medicine as editor of the Canadian Medical Lives between 1987 and 2000. Records include correspondence, contracts with publishers and authors, promotional activities for the series, collected biographical material, drafts of manuscripts and press clippings.

Thomas P. Morley fonds

  • UTA 1594
  • Fonds
  • 1924-2008

This fonds documents Thomas Morley’s activities as editor for the Hannah Institute for the History of Medicine’s Canadian medical lives project as well as his authorship of the biography Kenneth G. McKenzie 1892-1964: the Founding of Neurosurgery in Canada (2004). It also partially documents his activities at the Toronto General Hospital, and its affiliate, the University of Toronto, Department of Surgery including his research, teaching and publications. Finally this fonds also documents Dr. Morley’s interest and writings in the history of Canadian neurosurgery.

This fonds will be of interest to researchers of Canadian medical history especially as it pertains to neurosurgery, the Toronto General Hospital and the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Medicine.

Morley, Thomas Patterson

Talks and addresses

This series documents Thomas Morley’s talks and addresses relating to his research in neurosurgery between 1952 and 1965, and on the history of neurosurgery in 1992. It also documents his collaboration with J. Max Findlay on his work on the history of neurosurgery at the Toronto General Hospital between 1924 and 1990. Files contain draft manuscripts, working notes, lecture notes, meeting programs, correspondence and press clippings. The most recent accrual of records (B2010-0006) contains several early informal talks by Morley and notably a talk on Canadian historical medical figures given as the Invited Lecturer for the Lifetime Achievement Awards of the International College of Surgeons (1994).

Publications and writings

This series partially documents Thomas Morley’s writings and publications in the field of neurosurgery and history of neurosurgery. It also partially documents his activities as book reviewer for the Canadian Medical Association Journal and the Ontario Medical Review, between 1953 and 1960. Files can consist of notes, collected source material, draft manuscripts and correspondence. There are copies of obituaries Morley wrote on Sir Geoffrey Jefferson and Dr. May Isabel Tom as well as biographical material he collected for the obituaries of Eric Linell and Harry Botterell.

Research files

This series partially documents Thomas Morley’s research activities in the fields of neurosurgery, history of Canadian neurosurgery generally and in Toronto in particular. Included are notes and archival material for histories of neurosurgery at the Toronto General Hospital, neurosurgery in Canada, as well as training and education of neurosurgeons at the University of Toronto and the University of Ottawa. There are also colleted biographical materials on neurosurgery colleagues E.Harry Botterell, William McMurray Lougheed and Allan Waters.

McKenzie biography

This series contains documents created and collected by Morley in the research and writing of his book Kenneth George McKenzie 1892-1964: the Founding of Canadian Neurosurgery published in 2004 [1]. Included are extensive interview notes with various colleagues that either worked or trained with Dr. McKenzie at the Toronto General Hospital including John Scott, Harry Botterell, Charlie Drake, Norman Delarue and Ted Dewar. There are also interview notes with some of McKenzie’s daughters and granddaughters. Most files contain notes compiled by Morley from primary research which is supplemented by correspondence. While there is not a complete manuscript there are some drafts of chapters.

Also included in this series are original medical records belonging to McKenzie that Morley had preserved. Most relate to a specific patient whose case is discussed in the book and described in the section The First Hemispherectomy for Epilepsy (p. 113 – 118). Records include original correspondence, examination reports, surgical and conference reports, photographs, X-rays, and microscopic slide specimens. Also included are drafts of an unpublished paper by McKenzie discussing this case. Finally, there is documentation on two other clinical cases discussed in the book: Spasmatic Torticollis p.66-70 which includes an original manuscript of a paper written with Harvey Cushing (1924) and; Spinal Tumor (p.70-74) which is documented by original medical reports. There is a third medical case file but its direct relation to the cases discussed in the book is unclear. Finally, a compilation book of McKenzie’s publications has been preserved here. This was passed to Morley by McKenzie’s son, Fred McKenzie.

All Morley’s records for the book are found in B2006-0011/004 while McKenzie patient records are found in B2006-0011/005.

[1] A copy of this book has been catalogued in the University Archives print room.

University of Toronto. Department of Surgery

This series partially documents Morley’s professional activities as a neurosurgeon, clinical professor and administrator at the Toronto General Hospital, affiliated with the University of Toronto Department of Surgery. Correspondence with fellow colleagues, minutes of meetings, committee reports and press clippings document various Toronto General Hospital committee including the Staff Association that Morley addressed at its inaugural meeting in 1963. There is also documentation surgeons Kenneth Livingston, Gordon Murray and W.S. Keith as well as information on the McKenzie Fund at the Toronto General Hospital.

Professional activities

This series documents Thomas Morley’s activities and membership in various associations including the Canadian Association of Neurosurgeons for which he was secretary from 1959 to 1964 ; the Canadian Neurosurgical Society of which he was founding member and president in 1971-1972; as well as the Society of Neurological Surgeons, the Academy of Medicine, the Royal College of Physician and Surgeons Committee of Neurosurgeons. Files contain correspondence, minutes of meetings, reports, newsletters, membership and officers lists. Documented as well is a brief by the Canadian Neurological Society on neurology and neurosurgery in Canada, and submitted to the Royal Commission on Health Services in March of 1962. There are also some records on Morley’s organizational role in the 1998 symposium to recognize 75 yrs of Neurosurgery in Canada.

Personal activities

This series partially documents Thomas Morley’s professional curriculum, his friendship with Sir Geoffrey Jefferson and Dr. Robert Alexander Mustard. It includes personal correspondence and an obituary he wrote in memory of Mustard, correspondence regarding appointments and a transcript to an oral history done at McMaster University. It also partially documents his involvement in his community regarding the preservation of the Oak Ridges moraine.

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