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Grace Workman Scott fonds
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Grace Workman Scott fonds

  • UTA 1755
  • Fonds
  • [193-] -1980

Records in this accession document Scott's research and publishing activities on hibernation mainly in the 1970s and after Dr. Fisher's death in 1970. Although these records were created by Scott, they represent a continuation of records found in the Fisher Personal Records (Accessions B84-0032, B86-0012 and B86-0035) in so much as they document the results of research undertaken while Dr. Fisher was still alive.

There is also some documentation on Scott's early research mainly relating to her Ph.D. work on frogs' and tadpoles' behaviour with respect to temperature.

Finally there are a few files on the Hibernation Information Exchange, a research group set up largely by Dr. Fisher.

Scott, Grace Workman

Student papers

This series includes course notes in Physics and Biology taken as an undergraduate student in biology at the University of Toronto as well as graduate course notes, drawings, early draft and final submission of her Masters thesis.

Research notes and laboratory notebooks

These notes document Dr. Scott's research from the time she was a graduate student in the 1930s to the 1970s when she continued the research on hibernation started under Dr. Fisher's direction in the 1960s. Files contain mostly qualitative analysis of data, discussion of research methodology, some references and ideas for future research. There are also bibliographic references both in note book and card index form. Some rough data in files and in notebooks has been selectively retained in this series to show observation methods.

General files have been placed at the beginning of this series and are followed by specific files on research topics including mainly the research on ground squirrels (Spermophilus richardsonii) and eastern chipmunks (Tamias striatus). These general files are followed by laboratory notebooks and bibliographic references including two boxes of card indexes.

Symposia and lectures

Files relating to lectures given and symposia attended including Symposium on Mammalian Hibernation (1960 and 1964) and Symposium on Hibernation-Hypothermia (1970, 1971, 1974, 1977 and 1980). Files contain notes on sessions, draft of papers presented by Scott and Fisher. This series also includes a few lectures given by Scott at the Department of Zoology.

Manuscript files

Manuscript files document the research and publishing activities of both Dr. Scott and Dr. Fisher. Apart from drafts of articles many files also contain notes, points of discussion, some original data and data analysis, correspondence regarding publication and referee comments, and results of research not published.

They are identified by the research topic (which usually corresponded to one or two articles) and, since the material is largely undated, files have been dated ca. the date of the published article. It should be noted that much of the contents of the file however will have been created before this date.


Correspondence is mainly with colleagues regarding on-going research and results. Included is some correspondence with Dr. Ken Fisher, Dr. Scott's associate.