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Jack Itsuo Hemmy fonds
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Jack Itsuo Hemmy accession

The records are comprised primarily of photographs taken and collected by Jack Hemmy and his family. Textual records are also included.

Personal family records from both the Henmi’s and the Okazaki’s follow the first members to settle in Canada, their forced uprooting during WWII, and eventually settling in Toronto. Textual records tell how Jack Hemmy was uprooted as a young man and sent East, away from the rest of his family. Many family photo albums have been kept, spanning from the turn of the century and continuing up until the 70s and 80s, spanning four generations.

Records are also collected from the many community events held by the Japanese Canadian community in Toronto. Jack attended many diverse events related to the community and was often the photographer for them. These photographs span from the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre, the Japanese Consulate, heritage events held at Ontario Place, and sports events. These records span primarily from the 1950s onwards, as the majority of them are from Jack’s time in Toronto.

Henmi + Hemmy

Album of various photographs from both the Henmi family and the Okazaki's, ranging from family members in Japan, to wedding photographs of Jack and Mary, and baby photographs of their children.


Jack Henmi holding a trophy. Taken in Glencoe, Ontario.

[Victoria High School]

Letter from the Principal of Victoria High School confirming Jack Henmi's enrollement and his good character.


Official unveiling of a Ontario Heritage Foundation plaque, recalling the Japanese Canadian Road Camps.

[News papers]

Collection of newspapers and news articles on the events and lives of Japanese Canadians.

1950 to 1957 [Scrapbook]

Collection of news clippings about Japanese Canadians. Presumably taken from the The Montreal Daily Star and The Herald Montreal.

Lemon Creek Reunion

Performances done at the Lemon Creek Reunion. Many of the photographs are from a set where the women dressed up as flappers.

Negs of Glencoe

People Jack met in Glencoe and some of the other Japanese Canadians he met there.


Scrapbooks and news clippings collected by Jack Hemmy. Many of the articles feature his work as a photographer for community events. Copies of The New Canadian from the war years, and a few other community newspapers from much later.

Scrap Book

Collection of articles and images printed in various newspapers. Many of the images were taken by Jack Hemmy. Loose articles have been stuffed into the back of the book as well.

Victoria Reunion 1995 [textual]

Newsletters to accompany the Victoria Reunion. Large group photos, presumably made to send out to friends in attendance of the event.

News article

Article titled "Didn't know "Jap" is Racist Says Marge Schott to JACL", from The Canada Times.

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