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University of St. Michael's College, John M. Kelly Library, Special Collections File
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Photographs of Nouwen's trip to Lviv, Ukraine

File consists of twenty photographs of Nouwen's first trip to Lviv, Ukraine in August 1993, where he conducted a retreat. Nouwen was accompanied by Borys Gudziak (beard) and Nathan Ball.

Photographs of Nouwen, Michael Harank and others

File consists of four photographs of Nouwen, wearing a blue sweater and black collared shirt, visiting with Michael Harank, two unidentified men and a woman in California, possibly at Bethany House of Hospitality (Oakland, CA).

Photographs of Nouwen and community members

File consists of five photographs of Nouwen, wearing a gray suit, and other L'Arche Daybreak community members, gathered at a fundraising dinner for the new Dayspring; among the guests are core member Gord Henry; assistant Carl MacMillan; and...

Photographs of Nouwen's trip to Cancun, Mexico

File consists of nine photographs of Nouwen, wearing a blue short-sleeved collared shirt, in Cancun, Mexico for The Gathering Conference (November 2-4, 1995), with Nathan Ball and Joe Vorstermans, and Linda and Bob Buford.

Sabbatical scrapbook

File consists of a scrapbook created by members of L'Arche Daybreak as a gift for Nouwen for his sabbatical in 1995. It consists of photographs of the Woodery, Green House, Genesis Place, card from Centre Street, card from Thelus [George], Pe...

Unidad Escolar file

File consists of correspondence between Nouwen and Unidad Escolar between August 1986 and September 1987. File includes copies of typed letters from Nouwen to Unidad Escolar. File also contains six photographs depicting the construction of a buil...

Assorted blank postcards

File consists of various blank postcards. Subjects include churches and cloisters, landscapes, and some church figures. Included are postcards from Austria, Germany, New York City, Jerusalem, Israel, photograph postcards of the S.S. Maasdam ship o...

Portraits of Nouwen, Peter Weiskel, and unidentified man

File consists of thirty-five photographs, taken by professional photographer Dave Schaeffer, of Nouwen, Peter Weiskel, and an unidentified young man, likely a student of Nouwen. All photographs depict the men either seated or standing at a large r...

Photographs of Marcel and Darla Wegman wedding

File consists of three photographs, taken by an unknown professional photographer, of Nouwen at the wedding of Marcel and Darla Wegman at St. Mary Immaculate Church (Richmond Hill, ON) on January 25, 1992.

Portraits of Nouwen in California

File consists of five photographs, taken by professional photographer Kevin Dwyer, of Nouwen, wearing a white sweater and black scarf, in California.

Photographs of Nouwen's trip to Helsinki and Leningrad

File consists of twenty-seven photographs of of Nouwen, Bob Massie and Dana L. Robert (formerly Massie) during Nouwen's trip to Helsinki, Finland, and Leningrad (now known as Saint Petersburg), Russia, and one photograph of Nouwen.

Photographs of L'Arche Daybreak Community Weekend

File consists of five photograph shots of L'Arche Daybreak community members gathered on a lawn surrounding a poster stating "Daybreak Memories" and depicting a large sun during the L'Arche Daybreak Community Weekend. One phot...

Photographs of Nouwen's 60th birthday celebrations

File consists of sixty photographs of Nouwen, wearing a white sweater and dark pants, and other L'Arche Daybreak community members celebrating Nouwen's 60th birthday on January 24, 1992, at the original "Dayspring". The photogr...

Icon framing file

File consists of materials relating to icons such as a newspaper article, a letter from Sharon Gill Jones and two photographs of an icon Jones painted. File also includes a map and guide to Cologne and the cathedral.

Icon reproductions file

File consists of graphic material such as photographs, colour slides, negatives and proof sheets related to icons. File also contains an article on one of the icons and several postcards depicting icons. Some of the icons photographed in this se...

Letter to Janet Munro

File consists of a letter to Janet Munro from Henri Nouwen regarding his performance as a clown on his 60th birthday. It is titled "Response by Henri Nouwen (to replace "Life as a Daybreak Pastor"). Nouwen writes "The call to b...

Doubleday correspondence file

File consists of business correspondence concerning The Wounded Healer, The Return of the Prodigal Son (one letter in French), Aging, Interrupted Love (published as The Inner Voice of Love) and Compassion (Japanese edition); business documents in...

Lannoo correspondence file

File consists of business correspondence concerning The Prodigal Son (also referred to as Canvas of Love), Aging, and Lifesigns; business documents including three Dutch drafts of The Prodigal Son and a colour photographic image for the book cover...

Black and white photographs

File consists of five black and white photographs, likely taken in Europe. Contents of photographs are as follows:P3591 - Two ships in a harbourP3592 - A streetlight, with several rooftops in the background, and the steeple of a churchP3593 - A wi...

Photographs of altar and old chapel at L'Arche Daybreak

File consists of 68 photographs and negatives of photographs taken in the chapel at L'Arche Daybreak of the altar. These photographs are mainly different views and configurations of the altar at L'Arche Daybreak. They were likely taken o...

Framed photographs

File consists of 6 framed photographs. These photographs mostly feature individuals. They were most likely displayed or stored in Nouwen's office at L'Arche Daybreak.

Framed photographs from Nouwen's home

File consists of 22 photographs, most of which are framed. These photographs were kept by Nouwen in his home. Most depict Nouwen family members. Included in the file is a framed woven piece of fabric, which was stored with the photographs.

Photographs of L'Arche Daybreak

File consists of 14 photographs of members of L'Arche Daybreak, taken at events. The photographs were taken while Nouwen was at Daybreak, but it is unknown why these photographs were scanned and placed together. There is one photograph of Nou...

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