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Family Passions/TV/ Commercials/ Miscellaneous Projects

Series contains sheet music, audio recordings, scripts, storyboards, working notes, and other material relating to Family Passions, TV, Commercials, and other miscellaneous projects which Doug Riley was a part of. Series includes the following files: Wonder Bread; Nellie-Lead Sheets; Elaine Overholt F.P.P. Xmas Show; Olympic Music; Leap of Faith/Anne Murray/Spirituals/String Parts (7); The Bay Scratch and Save One Day Sale; Nicoderm T.V. 30; Out of the Blues #1 Pilot; Canadian Tire Carollers TV 30's; Blacks 60 + 30; The Bay/Speedy/Nicorettes/M.T.S.; Purex TV 30; Haagen Dazs; Lime Away-TV 30 + 15; Windex-TV 30/For All The Reasons; Fancy Feast TV 30; Nestea; Tetley Tea-Refresher Course TV 30; Canada Savings Bonds TV 30; Freaky Stories 1) Gotcha 2) Bottle of Wine; Mr. Coffee 60 Radio; Ontario Hydro Anthem and Naysayers; Goodwrench-First Love TV 60 and 30; Chrysler-TV 30 1) Intrepid 2) Intrepid Dealer; Tasti Taters TV 30; National Post Cinema; Fried (Song) [For McCain Pizza Pockets]; Canadian Tire Tango TV 30; Trident-Paper Lady TV 30; Coors Light TV 30 Horses and Canoe; Kodak-TV 30 1) Great Olympic Win 2) Great Olympic Shots; Saturn-2 x 30 TV 1) Pitman 2) Popular; Macy's TV 15's; J.M. Schneider/Lifestyle-Taste Test/Hero 30 TV and Dog 30 TV; Macy's TV; Tetley Tea/Attic 30-15-10 TV; Face The Face/Stars On Ice; CBC Witness Theme; Tetley Tea/Aunt TV 30 15/Billboards 10; Olympic Hymn; McCain's-Zippin TV 30; The Elvis Song and Reprise Famous People Players; Brian Orser TV Special CBC; Nissan-Pathfinder Civilized- TV 30; Kellogs "K" TV 30 Diet Debbie; Trident-TV 30 Chew-Chew; Lipton-Granny TV 30 1) Launch 2) Truck; Labatt Blue 30/1) Cab 2) Who/Radio; Casey's-Full Score/You're Looking For Casey's; Huroko Motomiya To Doug Riley; Canadian Tire Carollers TV 30 x 10; Levon Ishkanian; For Doug Riley From Joey Goldstein; For Doug; Children's Motrin TV 30; Tetley-"Oliver" [Grandfather] TV 30; Nicorettes-TV 30 1) Flushed 2) Boarding Pass; Chrysler-Warranty TV 30; Tetley-Olympics 2 x TV 30; [Family Passions]; Schneider's-Jumbos TV 30; I Got Rhythm-The Bay; Dodger RAM-Squeeze TV 30; Becel TV 30; Cantel-1:30 (Theatre); Allegra 1) Ness 2) Fugitive TV 60 and 30; Nissan-Pathfinder TV 30; Nissan-L.O.V.E. Ma-na Ma-na; Avery-TV 30's/ Employee of the Minute/ Verticle Cubicles; Misc. Notes; Conductor; Walk On The Wild Side Score;

Canada Savings Bonds TV 30

File includes manuscript and photocopied manuscript lead sheets for Canada Savings Bongs TV commercial. Also includes cassette tape titled "The Beast"

Tetley-"Oliver" [Grandfather] TV 30

File includes manuscript and photocopied manuscript parts and score for Tetley TV advertisements. Titles include Grandfather. Also includes storyboards and scripts for commercial titled Dear Grandfather and an audio recording titled Tetley.

For Doug

File includes photocopied manuscript lead sheets and printed lyrics. Titles include Mobile by D. Riley, J. Rae, T. Ambrose; The Only Time I Feel At Home Is When I'm On The Road by Jackie Raei and Doug Riley; What Am I To Do With Me? by Jackie Rae and Peter Lee Stirling. Also includes two audio recordings (tapes). One tape includes Cecile Frenette's What Am I To Do. Other tape includes Doug Riley and Jackie Rae's The Only Time I Feel At Home and Mobile (Jantrish Songs LTD.).

Miscellaneous Jazz Arrangements

Series contains sheet music, audio discs, set lists, correspondence, and other material relating to Miscellaneous Original Jazz Arrangements by Doug Riley. Includes the following files: Miscellaneous Jazz Arrangements: Salome Bey 1; Hymn to Freedom Score; Miscellaneous Jazz Arrangements: Salome Bey 2; Miscellaneous Jazz Arrangements 1; Miscellaneous Jazz Arrangements 2; Jack Semple; P. J. Perry; J. Head; Miscellaneous Arrangements; DCT C.D. Project [David Clayton-Thomas]; Dr. Music. Sun Goes By One More Mountain; Professor Piano [aka Scott Cushnie]; Michael Pickett; Willie Best/Passion Flower/Lotus Blossum; Miscellaneous Arrangements in St. Francis Xavier University Envelope; Miscellaneous Arrangements from Kevin Dean via Rob McConnell; The Lincolns [Toronto R&B Band?]; Ted Warren Commission [Collaboration with Ted's Warren Commission]; Jazz Hymns; Dione Taylor Pre-Production; Dione Taylor CD Charts; Brett Ryan CD; Domenic Troiano; Donay Troiano Tribute (2007); Piano Parts [Also includes other instrumental parts]; Bass Parts [Also includes other instrumental parts]; Drum Parts [Also includes other instrumental parts]; Guitar Parts [Also includes Piano and Drum Parts]; Jack de Keyzer Calgary Blues Fest; Lyddie [Miscellaneous Scores]; Miscellaneous Sheet Music 1; Breaking Up The House [Various Parts]; Juba Material; Salome Bey; Doc [Organ Lead Sheets]; Chris Vickery Project Horn Parts (Originals) Jan. 2001; Jackie Richardson Sheet Music 1; Jackie Richardson Sheet Music 2; Guitar [Misc Music, Including Christmas Songs]; Piano: Doug Riley/Jackie Richardson; Bass [Also includes Piano Parts]; Drum Parts [Also includes Piano Parts]; Chris Mitchell (Charts) [Also includes lead sheets and parts]; Jake Langley (Charts) [Also includes lead sheets and parts]; Doug Riley / D.C.T. [David Clayton-Thomas] Aurora Charts; Miscellaneous Sheet Music 2; David Clayton Thomas Bloodlines; Moe Koffman C.D. Charts (1999); Miscellaneous Sheet Music 3; Measha Brueggergosman Collaboration; Doc (hits) DCT [David Clayton-Thomas Collaboration]

Dr. Music. Sun Goes By One More Mountain

  • File includes printed scores. Titles include One More Mountain To Climb by Doug Riley; Sun Goes By. File also includes two CDs in an envelope titled "Dr. Music
  • Sun Goes By
  • One More Mountain
  • To Climb"

Juba Material

File includes material relating to the play Juba. Includes scene structures, lyrics; the story of Juba; correspondence dated 1995 To Doug From Dolina and the Dancer Re Juba; correspondence dated 1996 To Doug From Dolina; a tape titled Juba. Also include manuscript lead sheets of the piece Juba

Doug Riley fonds

  • CA OTUFM 40
  • Fonds
  • c. 1966-2007

Fonds consists of records created, accumulated, and used by Doug Riley between the years 1966-2007. The majority of the records in this fonds is sheet music resulting from collaborations with other musicians, arrangements by Doug Riley, or original compositions. Although the fonds consists largely of jazz music, there is a wide variety of genres including classical music represented. Audio recordings could prove useful in the understanding of Doug Riley's performances or musical techniques.
Throughout his career Doug Riley collaborated in a variety of projects including composing music for theatre, television, awards shows, and social events. The fonds includes evidence of these projects including scripts, itineraries, storyboards, etc.
Also included in the fonds is correspondence between Doug Riley and other prominent figures in the music industry. Many set lists included in the fonds could provide insights into the performances of Doug Riley.
The following series constitute the fonds: Classical Scores, 1966-1997; Collaborations, Award Show Music, and Scripts, 1993-2007; B3 Quartet Projects, 1980-1997; Harnoy/ Woo Lee/Burgess Projects, 1995-2000; Miscellaneous Jazz Arrangements, 1989-2007; Original Jazz Tune Compositions, 1981-1992; Finkleman Projects, 1998-2004; Family Passions/TV/Commercials/Miscellaneous Projects, 1987-2000; Brecker Bros/David Clayton-Thomas/Anne Murray and Other Collaboration Projects 1976-1980; Famous People Player Projects, 1985-2007.

Riley, Doug

Songs of J.F. Johnstone

File consists of a recording of 9 songs by John Francis Johnstone as performed by Andrea Grant (piano); Caitlin Wood (soprano); Stephanie Tritchew (mezzo soprano); Charles Sy (tenor); and Joshua Whelan (baritone). The recording was made on April 10, 2013 at the University of Toronto with liner noes by Mary F. Williamson. The songs recorded on the CD are: Song of the Drummer; My Heart is Scotland's Yet; Dear Canada, To Thee; Temperance Soldiers; The Young Musician; The Humber Fairy; The Sweetest Word on Earth is Home; Canadian Song of Freedom; and, Queen Victoria's Jubilee.

Contemporary Music Concert by Students in the Ensemble Class: Student Concert

O King (1968) / Luciano Berio -- A Memorial for Two Men of Peace, Murdered (1969) / Joji Yuasa -- Sonata (1968) / Patrick Harrex -- Elegy for Solo Viola / Igor Stravinsky -- Five Studies on Texts by Prudentius for Four Flutes and Soprano (1963) / R. Murrary Schafer -- Tableau (1970) / Bernard Rands -- Three Songs (1971) / Gerhard Wuensch -- Nachtwandler (1901) / Arnold Schoenberg

Compositions by Student Composers: Thursday Afternoon Series

Sonata for Clarinet and Piano. First Movement / Graham Coles -- Forms, Interludes : For Flute and Clarinet / John Thrower -- Three Movements for Harp, Clarinet and Bassoon / Heather Prouse -- Canon / Douglas Watson -- Some Notes for Clarinet With Strings Attached / Douglas Virgin -- Sections for Brass Quintet and Two Percussion Players / Hugh Parsons

University of Toronto Concert Band : University of Toronto Concert Band

O Canada -- Academic Festival Overture / Johannes Brahms, Arr. Mark H. Hindsley -- Toccata Marziale / Ralph Vaughan Williams -- Rahoon (After James Joyce) / Alfred Reed (Richard Thomson, Clarinet) -- Concerto for Band / Gordon Jacob -- The High Castle / Bedrich Smetana, Arr. Earl Slocum -- Anatolia : Turkish Rhapsody / Paul Creston -- Lincolnshire Posy / Percy Grainger

Richard Bunger, piano

Three Protests / Charles Ives -- Aeolian Harp ; The Banshee / Henry Cowell -- Prelude No. 4 for Piano and Electronic Sounds / Morton Subotnick -- TV Köln / John Cage -- The Perilous Night : Suite for Prepared Piano / John Cage -- Music for Prince Albert : Theatre Piece for Piano and Tapes / Elliott Schwartz

A Premiere of Canadian Works: Array III

El Remanso / Mickey Cohen -- Mythopoeic Magus and the Number 3 / David J. Nichols -- Stratiforms / Edward Dawson -- Remembrances / Michael Parker -- Verging on Dark / Alex Pauk -- Trio IV / J. La Borl -- Namplay / Albert Mayr

Array: Array IV

l'Orage Noir / Myra Grimley -- Anaphora II / John Rea -- Generation / Don Druick -- Wind-Song / Alexander Tilley -- Trio for Violin -- Viola and Cello / Clifford Ford -- Pythian I / Gary J. Hayes

U of T Symphony Orchestra

Dummiya / Weinzweig -- Variations on a Rococo Theme op. 33 / Tchaikovsky -- Daphis et Chloe suite no. 2 / Ravel -- Symphony no. 4 in E minor op. 98 / Brahms

Flute Recital

Image : For Flute Solo / Eugene Bozza -- Sonata for Flute and Piano / Verne Reynolds -- Discussion : For Flute, Cello, Piano and Percussion / David Amram -- Improvisation.

Kathryn Root, Elyakim Taussig, pianos : Sunday Afternoon Series

Hantarish : discussion with Boulez and Xenakis : op. posth. / Avil Merodach -- La volta / William Byrd -- Variations and fugue on a theme of Mozart : op. 132a / Max Reger -- Two Jazz Toccatas on themes by Bach and Haydn / Henry Brant -- Waltzes : op. 39 / Brahms -- Variations on a theme of Paganini / Lutoslawski

U of T Symphony Orchestra

Vorspiel und Liebestod, from Tristan und Isolde / Wagner -- Catena / Richard Henniger -- Concerto no. 2 in A major / Liszt -- Variations on an original theme (enigma) / Elgar

The John Hodgins Singers

My Heart Ever Faithful / Bach -- Evening Hymn / Purcell -- Tell Me What Master Hand / Palestrina -- Come Again Sweet Love / Dowland -- Let Every Heart Be Merry / Vecchi -- Serenade : Op .135 / Schubert -- Linden Lea ; Sweet Day ; O Mistress Mine / Vaughan Williams -- Three Songs in Praise of Spring (Premiere) / Keith Bissell -- Sainte Marguerite / French Canadian Folk Song -- Two French Bergerettes. O Ma Tendre Musette ; Berg

Chamber Players of Toronto

Christmas concerto / Torelli -- Serenade for strings op. 20 / Elgar -- Concerto for 4 violins in D major / Vivaldi -- Divertimento for strings / Morawetz -- Rumanian folk dances / Bartok

S.A.S : Sunday Afternoon Series

The creation of the world / Darius Milhaud -- Angels and devils / Henry Brant -- Sonata (1943) / Paul Hindemith -- Six exchanges for soprano saxophone (premiere) / Lothar Klein -- Four madrigals (arr. Paul Harvey). Adieu sweet Amarillis / John Wilbye ; April is in my mistress face / Thomas Morley ; Sometime she would, and sometime not / Giles Farnaby ; Amyntas with his Phyllis fair / Francis Pilkington -- Quartet : op. 109 / Alexander Glazunov

Katharina Wolpe, piano

Sonata in E-flat : Hob. XVI/49 / Haydn -- Palinodes : 7 studies after lines of Rimbaud (premiere) / Iain Hamilton -- Thirty-three variations on a valse by Diabelli : op. 120 / Beethoven.

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