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Unknown workshop on power

Item consists of one set of workshop notes in Nouwen's hand on the issue of power. There are ten sheets of notes in the set.

Ministry and spirituality

Item consists of a book containing three of Nouwen's previously published books: Creative Ministry, The Wounded Healer, and Reaching Out. The book has been divided into the following: Introduction: Beyond Professionalism; 1 Beyond the Trans...

Practical counseling tools for pastoral workers

Item consists of a book in which, on p. 15, Nouwen is quoted from Reaching Out : The Three Movements of the Spiritual Life. "To live a spiritual life, writes Henri Nouwen, 'means first of all to come to the awareness of the inner polarit...

The narrator

Item consists of a copy of a page from a play, the title on the page is "The narrator". The page of the play is about love and is a speech given by the narrator. The play is called "The Ballad".


Item consists of a small orange hard-bound notebook featuring musical notes on its cover. The notebook is entitled, "Adagio: Musical Reflections", but is otherwise blank.

Geresrveered sign

Item consists of a 'reserved' sign with Henri Nouwen's name in black ink for an unknown event.

The English circus

Item consists of an illustrated book collected by Nouwen about the history and development of the circus in England.

The compassionate God

Item consists of a portion of a journal article about prayers, the compassion of God, the beautiful God, the giving God, and the coming God.


Item consists of a copy of an article called "Reflection" by James Madden, SSJE. The article is about summer spirituality and summer contemplation.

Church helps mental patients back into community

Item consists of a copy of a newspaper article called "Church helps mental patients back into community", by Ken Wright. The article is about a local church helping mentally handicapped persons back into the community.

"Vieren van elkaar": in gesprek met Henri Nouwen

Item consists of an interview titled "Vieren van elkaar" ["Celebrating together"]. Item also includes Nouwen's handwritten notes that he made during the interview. The notes include his drawings of the time-line and a wago...

Life and holiness

Item consists of a book in which Nouwen has written the introduction. Nouwen states in part: "'What book do I give to someone who wants to know what being-a-Christian looks like?' This is definitely the book. It is not a book abou...

Mijn laatste biecht

Item consists of a book written by Nouwen's father, which includes an excerpt from Henri's book: Met de dood voor ogen = Our Greatest Gift.

GOP meets to discuss Hatfield's fate

Item consists of a newspaper article called "GOP meets to discuss Hatfield's fate" by Jill Zuckman. The article is about Senator Mark Hatfield and his vote against the balanced budget amendment.


Item consists of a hard-bound, black, legal-sized notebook. Notes are regarding a prayer written in an unknown hand and sermons. Subjects of sermon notes include L'Arche; John 6:1-15; living in joy; John 21:17-19; Servant Leadership: The Di...


Item consists of a large hard-bound notebook featuring a cat and spider on its cover. Notebook contains Nouwen's biographical notes on Lorenzo Sforza-Cesarini.

The path of peace

Item consists of a book written by Nouwen about peace, specifically Adam's peace.

The path of waiting

Item consists of a book written by Nouwen about waiting, specifically the waiting for God and the waiting of God.

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