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Letter from Boston College

File consists of a letter (and a facsimile of the same letter) from Thomas H. Groome, Professor of Theology and Religious Education, on behalf of Boston College, inviting Nouwen to be the keynote presenter during the 25th Anniversary celebration of the Institute of Religious Education and Pastoral Ministry at Boston College.

Letters from Art Boers

File consists of two letters and a postcard from Arthur Paul Boers. File includes a magazine clipping of an article on Nouwen by Boers (Christianity Today, October 3, 1994).

Letter from Ann Bonarius-Larsen

File consists of a letter from Ann Bonarius-Larsen, including a letter from Fr. Jozef Larsen, CICM, International Chaplain of "Faith and Light".

Letter from Shepherd Bliss

File consists of a letter from Shepherd Bliss, of Shepherd Bliss and Associates (Berkeley, CA), including a calendar and two fliers for men's events led by Bliss and others.

Letters from Ryan Blucker

File consists of three letters from Ryan Blucker, regarding travelling in Latin America and expressing an interest in meeting with Nouwen.

Birthday Cards

File consists of 20 cards, two letters (one a facsimile), two photo cards and a postcard from various correspondents, writing on the occasion of Nouwen's birthday. Several cards are handmade. File includes folder birthday cards were previously stored in.

The correspondents included:
Faith and Light [L'viv]
Mykola [Swarnyk] - with translation by Zenia Kushpeta
Stephanie and Joe [Vorstermans]
Sally Tucker
Kathy Bruner
Bob Hanson
Frank Hamilton
Kathy Christie
Lisa Englehardt and Paula Keleher
The New House, Daybreak
Lorenzo Sforza-Cesarini
Zenia Kushpeta
Elizabeth ?
Jutta Ayer
Brad Colby
The Green House, Daybreak
Diedrich Steen cf: Verlag Herder (Freeburg)
The Stephanson House, Daybreak
Carmen and Steve Ellis
[Siobhan Keogh]
The Company Media Produkties - cf: Jan van den Bosch
Fred Rogers

Letter to Rosaire Blais

File consists of an original typed and signed letter to Rosaire Blais, of L'Arche Association of Edmonton, regarding her invitation for Nouwen to speak on aging, dying, pain, suffering and sickness. File includes a fax transmittal sheet.

Letter from Ken Blanchard

File consists of a letter from Ken Blanchard, of Blanchard Training and Development, Inc. (Escondido, CA), with reference to Bob Buford. File includes a letter from Bob Buford, Chairman of the Board, Buford Television, Inc. (Dallas, TX), regarding Blanchard.

Letter from Frances Blatch

File consists of a letter from Frances Blatch, expressing appreciation for Nouwen's article, "Because of Adam" (Reader's Digest, January, 1990).

Letters from Jurjen Beumer

File consists of seven letters (one with note attached) and a facsimile of a letter from Jurjen Beumer. File includes a form letter regarding Beumer; a copy of a music sheet; a copy of a letter from Beumer to Lieven Sercu, of Lannoo (Tielt, Belgium), with personal note to Nouwen attached, and a copy of a form letter from Standaard Boekhandel regarding Beumer, with personal note attached. File also includes an original typed and signed letter from Nouwen, including a fax transmittal sheet.

Letter from Bible Reading Fellowship

File consists of a letter from Harry C. Griffith, President, on behalf of the Bible Reading Fellowship (Winter Park, FL), requesting permission to include quotations from Nouwen in their Sabbath Times. File includes a copy of their Bible study publication, "Journey through the Word".

Letters from Pat BenzMiller

File consists of two letters from Pat (Patricia McN) Benzmiller. File also includes a copy of a poem Pat wrote.

Letters from Josephine [Berchmans?

File consists of two letters from Josephine [Berchmans?] in Rome, expressing appreciation for Nouwen's writing and providing him with her new address in India.

Letters from Carol and Steve Berry

File consists of two cards (one sent from Switzerland) from Carol and Steve Berry-Merchand, including a copy of a newspaper article with personal note attached.

Sabbatical Report from Martin Bell

File consists of a sabbatical report from Martin Bell, detailing his experiences while on sabbatical. File also includes an appendix detailing Martin's experiences at a weekend workshop.

Letters from Carolyn Beehler

File consists of a letter from Carolyn Beehler, including a "Birth Certificate" for her carving "Kachina Crow", a photograph of Carolyn and her daughter Bonnie, a poem entitled "4 am Bits of Whimsy", a copy of an article from the New Haven register about Carolyn, and a photo card.

Letters from Tanya Becker

File consists of two handwritten letters from Tanya Becker from Moorestown NJ, concerning her desire to become an assistant at L'Arche. File includes a typed letter from Kathy Christie to Tanya and a copy of a typed letter from Beth Porter to Tanya.

Letter from Robert A. Beckerle

ile consists of a letter from Robert A. Beckerle attorney at law of Mobile AL. expressing thanks for Nouwen's presentation at Dauphin Way United Methodist Church on May 5, 1994.

Card from Caroline Baston

File consists of a card from Reverend Caroline J. Baston, writing from Southhampton U.K., expressing her thanks to Nouwen for the books and encouragement she received on her visit to Daybreak.

Letter from Paul Beals

File consists of a letter from Paul Beals, expressing sorrow over the state of their current relationship and the desire to meet with Nouwen in Vancouver in April.

Letters from David and Elaine Beard

File consists of a card and letter from Elaine Beard. The card expresses appreciation for Nouwen's writing. File also includes a letter expressing thanks for Nouwen's contribution to the Board Retreat and offering a financial contribution to the Chapel and Retreat Centre.

Letter from Bruno Barnhart

File consists of a facsimile copy of a letter from Bruno Barnhart from the New Camaldoli Hermitage (Big Sur, CA), regarding his relationship to Adam.

Letters from John Eudes Bamberger

File consists of a four letters and one Christmas card from Fr. John Eudes Bamberger, writing from the Abbey of the Genesee in Piffard, NY. One letter makes reference to Brazil and Korea.

Letter from Baptist Theological Seminary (Richmond, VA)

File consists of a letter from Thomas H. Graves, president of the Baptist Theological Seminary (Richmond, VA), and a former student at Yale Divinity School, inviting Nouwen to lecture at the school as well to make a presentation to a program for young church leaders in the city.

Letter from Margaret S. [Peggy] Baker

File consists of a letter from Margaret S. [Peggy] Baker, requesting information on Nouwen's writings. File also includes a copy of a typed letter from Nouwen, with the offer of a gift of books.

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