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Graeme Gibson Papers

  • Manuscript Collection
  • 1959 - 2005

Drafts and final manuscripts for his novels; correspondence including editorial correspondence for Anansi Press and correspondence relating to PEN Canada.

Gibson, Graeme

Dorothy Foster Chubb Papers

  • CA OTUTF MS COLL 00243
  • Manuscript Collection
  • 1930

Forty-four plates (numbered 1-41) of original scientific drawings.

Chubb, Dorothy Foster

Johnny Wayne Papers

  • CA OTUTF MS COLL 00XXX (Downsview Offsite)
  • Manuscript Collection
  • 1946-1989

Miscellaneous scripts and screenplays.

Wayne, John

Jo Beverley Papers

  • Manuscript Collection
  • 1970-2017

The collection consists of manuscript drafts and proofs of her novels and novellas, as well manuscripts of unpublished work and some non-fiction. It also includes correspondence (editorial as well as fan mail), and marketing and publicity material.

Beverley, Jo

Peter Rehak Papers

  • Manuscript Collection
  • 1944 - 2004

Historical Context:
In 1989, Imre Finta gained notoriety in Canada as the country’s first person prosecuted under Canada’s new war crimes legislation. On the recommendation of the Deschênes Commission, the Criminal Code was amended in 1987 to authorize Canadian courts to try war criminals, including suspected Nazis, for crimes committed in other countries. After leaving Hungary, Finta was convicted in absentia by a Hungarian People’s Tribunal in 1948 and sentenced to five years forced labor. He was known to Canadian authorities since 1974 when Nazi-hunter Simon Wiesenthal alerted them of Finta’s whereabouts. The highly publicized criminal trial followed two libel lawsuits involving Finta which represented mounting pressure on Ottawa to prosecute war criminals living in Canada. In 1982 the Toronto Sun published an article and editorial which stated that allegations of war crimes made by Sabina Citron — a Holocaust survivor and co-founder of the Canadian Holocaust Remembrance Association — against Finta were false. Citron filed a libel suit against the newspaper and Finta. In 1983 CTV’s W5 program aired an episode accusing Finta of having committed war crimes. Finta claimed he was merely a dispatcher and filed a libel lawsuit against CTV. The network maintained that what they said on air was true, and traveled to Israel, Hungary and Vienna to obtain evidence, as well as using evidence from the Citron case. Witness testimonies gathered by CTV and Finta’s poor health resulted in Finta withdrawing his libel suit against CTV and his defense in the Citron action. He was ordered to pay $32,000 to Citron and $100,000 to CTV for legal costs. Finta was unable to pay CTV, resulting in the seizure of his house. Following Finta’s criminal trial, the Government of Canada announced a dramatic change to their strategy regarding war criminals. It would now revoke citizenship from alleged war criminals rather than prosecuting them. Legal scholars have called the Finta case one of the most important cases ever decided by the Supreme Court of Canada.

Scope and Content:
Collection consists of legal documents pertaining to the Citron v. Sun and Finta v. CTV cases, including videotapes of witness testimonies gathered in Hungary, Israel and Vienna. Includes a videotape and transcript of the W5 episode over which Finta sued CTV, documents in English and Hungarian pertaining to Finta’s trial in absentia in Hungary, fragments and a draft of Peter Rehak’s unfinished book about Finta, as well as newspaper clippings and interviews Rehak conducted on microcassette. Also includes a subpoena sent to Rehak from Commissioner Jules Deschênes and the Sheriff’s Sale of Lands in the seizure of Finta’s house.

Contains Series:

  1. Materials related to Imre Finta’s lawsuits and Hungarian trial
  2. Peter Rehak’s Research on Imre Finta
  3. Peter Rehak’s unfinished book about Imre Finta

Rehak, Peter

Jack Pocock Memorial Collection

  • CA OTUTF MS COLL 00331
  • Manuscript Collection
  • 1964-1977

Contains materials generated and collected in the course of business by the Toronto Anti-Draft Programme (TADP), 1964-1977. Includes individual case files, intake and housing records, sales records for the Manual for Draft-Age Immigrants to Canada, counseling materials, lobbying and public relations files, materials from other activist, religious and anti-war groups, TADP administrative records, and a collection of printed items.

Pocock, Jack

Derek McCormack Papers

  • CA OTUTF MS COLL 00769
  • Manuscript Collection
  • 1995-2008

This first accession of Derek McCormack’s papers contains manuscript drafts of novels Dark Rides (1996), Wish Book (1999), The Haunted Hillbilly (2003), Christmas Days (2005), Grab Bag (2004), The Show That Smells (2008); material related to chapbooks: Halloween Suite, Western Suit, Faux; notebooks; anthologies; and newspaper and magazine articles he’s contributed to.

Contains series:

  1. Manuscripts and other writing
  2. Personal journals
  3. Newspapers, magazines, literary journals and anthologies

McCormack, Derek

[William and Wilma Brown World War II letters and photographs]

  • Manuscript Collection
  • 1942-1946

Collection of letters exchanged between William Brown (1917-1948), Royal Canadian Engineers Lieutenant, and Wilma Brown (née Perry) (1921-2003), Royal Canadian medical Corps Lieutenant, during World War II, in addition to related photographs.

William Brown (1917-1948) and Wilma Brown (née Perry) (1921-2003) met aboard the S. S. Bayano, a 6800-ton banana boat converted to transport troops from Halifax, Nova Scotia, to Britain, in November 1943. Bill and Wilma were stationed in different parts of Europe, but stayed in contact by mail over the next two years. The couple married in 1945 and returned to Canada after the War, settling in Val d’Or, Quebec, where Bill worked as an engineer at the East Sullivan Gold Mine. They had one child together. Bill was killed in a mine accident on April 15, 1948. Wilma became a Professor of Anatomy at the University of Toronto, where she retired from in 1985. She passed away November 20, 2003.

Brown, Wilma Marion

Partridge Family Papers

  • CA OTUTF MS COLL 00462
  • Manuscript Collection
  • [17--]-2004

This collection is comprised of material from a number of different and important British and Canadian families. It has been collected and maintained over the years by Rosemary Partridge (nee Annesley). She is the daughter of John Smyth Annesley, whose original documents comprise a large share of the material in this collection, which is broad in its diversity. It includes an extensive collection of 19th century seafaring material, including ship logs, diaries, and British Naval documents, through to items from the First World War, including photos and correspondence. It also includes extensive correspondence among member of the various families represented in the collection, as well as original diaries and journals.

Partridge Family

Richardson Family Papers

  • Manuscript Collection
  • 1913-1918

Consists of letters sent by three brothers, Edward, Reginald and Harry Richardson, during WWI. Also included are newspaper clippings and a photographic portrait of Reginald Richardson.

Richardson Family

Frederick Banting Papers

  • CA OTUTF MS COLL 00076
  • Manuscript Collection
  • 1908-1976

The collection consists of research notes and papers, drafts of articles and speeches, travel journals, diaries, correspondence, drawings and sketches, photographs, scrapbooks, awards and memorabilia, and papers of Henrietta Banting.

Banting, Frederick Grant, Sir

Elizabeth Hughes Papers

  • CA OTUTF MS COLL 00334
  • Manuscript Collection
  • 1907-1951 (bulk 1921-1923).

The collection largely consists of letters written by Hughes to her mother describing her activities and giving information about her health and diabetic condition. The letters dating from August to November 1922 describe Hughes' experiences in Toronto where she was treated with insulin by F.G. Banting. The collection also contains photographs of Hughes and her family, dating from 1907 to 1951.

Hughes, Elizabeth

Agnes Chamberlin Papers

  • CA OTUTF MS COLL 00112
  • Manuscript Collection
  • 1863-1934

The collection includes original paintings of Canadian flora and mushrooms by Chamberlin, and subscription books for her book Canadian Wild Flowers (1868 and 1869 editions). Most of the paintings have not been reproduced. It also contains original paintings and photographs of Canadian flora and other subjects by Chamberlin's daughter, Geraldine Moodie, an album of pressed plants by Moodie, and an album of pressed ferns by Catherine Parr Trail.

Chamberlin, Agnes

William R. Feasby Papers

  • CA OTUTF MS COLL 00235
  • Manuscript Collection
  • 1899-1978

Collection consists of research materials and drafts for an unpublished biography of C.H. Best, containing much direct comment and dictation by Best. It also contains research materials and typescript of an unpublished history of the University of Toronto's Faculty of Medicine, drafts and notes for various articles and speeches, and some biographical and autobiographical materials.

Feasby, William R.

Charles Best Papers

  • CA OTUTF MS COLL 00241
  • Manuscript Collection
  • 1928-1985

1982 Accession:
Correspondence, research notes and articles, offprints of his published research and of his colleagues including Banting and McLeod, his other writings and lectures, biographical material, photographs, films, slides, records, tapes, and cassettes.

2003 Accession:
Includes material related to the discovery of insulin at the University of Toronto; Margaret Mahon Best’s journals 1925-1984(75) describing their life and extensive travels following the discovery, plus several holograph notebooks about Sandy and Henry as
children, and from MMB’s childhood, 1914-1919; original course notes of Charles Best; original holograph insulin manuscript; research, drafts, correspondence and other material related to Margaret and Charley by Henry Best; letters of correspondence to
MMB and HB regarding the death of Alexander (Sandy) Best and Charles Best; letters scientific to Dr. Best; ‘Dear Jessie’ letters from Linda Mahon on her travels with Margaret and Charley to her cousin Jessie at home in Toronto; H.H. Dale letters; photographic images of awards, citations, etc. given to CB; other material related to the discovery of insulin and the writing of the book on their lives by their son, Henry Best.

Best, Charles Herbert

J.B. Collip Papers

  • CA OTUTF MS COLL 00269
  • Manuscript Collection
  • 1898-1976

A collection of scrapbooks containing correspondence, newspaper clippings and photographs; bound volumes of offprints; medals, awards and pins; and texts related to James Bertram Collip's research career in biochemistry and endocrinology.

Collip, J. B. (James Bertram)

Papyri Collection

  • CA OTUTF MS COLL 00175
  • Manuscript Collection
  • 3rd century B.C.-3rd century A.D.

The first accession (1901-1906) of this collection consists of papyri from the Fayûm, Hibeh, and Oxyrinchus, Egypt. It includes fragments from classical authors (some with textual interest); legal documents (including marriage contracts, land transfers, tax receipts, a will, various contracts); miscellaneous accounts and receipts; and personal letters. Many are very fragmentary and mutilated. The second accession of Graeco-Roman documents (2004) is largely undescribed. Those papyri housed in glass have been photographed and may be viewed at the 3rd link below.

Collection of 190 Pieces of Vellum Illustrating the History and Development of Handwriting

  • CA OTUTF MS COLL 00045
  • Manuscript Collection
  • ca. 380-1514

Collection of 190 pieces of vellum in Greek and Latin illustrating the history and development of handwriting from the 4th century until the end of the Middle Ages. Items 1-21 (which are Coptic in origin) illustrate the development of uncial writing from the beginning up to its decline in Egypt in the 9th century. All leaves, with the exception of items 106 and 170 are mounted; items 62-90 and 113-169 are bound volumes.

Worel, Charles F.

Westmacott Family Papers

  • CA OTUTF MS Coll 00291A OVS
  • Manuscript Collection
  • 1880-[1930s]


Contains series:
Series 1: Percy G.B. Westmacott
Series 2: Mabel Noble

Westmacott, Percy G.B.

Shelley Freeman Papers

  • Manuscript Collection
  • 1973 - 1979

Contains series:

  1. Handwritten correspondence from Nelson Adams to Shelley Freeman, c.1976-1979. Includes postcards, printed cards, letters and attachments including samples of cards and other materials hand-printed by Nelson Adams at the Commonplace Press.
  2. Letterpress materials hand-printed by Shelley Freeman during her time as a student and employee at CHP, as well as related project materials
  3. Photographs of the space and staff at CHP and York University between 1973-1975. All black and white, unless otherwise noted. Extent: 23 photographs.

Freeman, Shelley

Raymond MacDougal Papers

  • Manuscript Collection
  • 1936 - 2003

This collection contains photographs and a typewritten manuscript recording Raymond MacDougal’s wartime experience while serving with the RCAF in Canada. This includes a written description of his war work including posted locations, individuals he worked with, and projects he was involved in. MacDougal’s annotated photographs are included in his typewritten manuscript, The War Years 1939-1945, as well as in a separate album. The album, which had the pages removed for conservation purposes, largely details photographs taken for both personal interest and as a part of his role in the photographic and motion picture section for the Clinical Investigation Unit in Halifax and Regina, and at the No. 1 Clinical Investigation Unit in Toronto, a top-secret medical facility, which MacDougal often describes as No. 1 I.T.S. These photographs notably include various experiments including centrifugal force, oxygen regulators and decompression chambers. MacDougal’s collection also contains photographs of Canadian WWII aircrafts on the runway and in flight, as well as extensive aerial photographs of Toronto, which were captured during the process of making educational films and testing photographic cameras in aircrafts. There are also several photographs from the Victory Aircraft factory in Malton, Ontario including celebrations in November 1944 for the 100th Canadian-built Lancaster aircraft. The collection also contains memorials of friends who died in action during the war. This collection also includes a typescript bound manuscript and photographs of MacDougal’s biking trip across Britain and Europe with his friend, William Dalton Smith, in 1936.

MacDougal, Raymond

Joseph de Brettes Collection

  • Manuscript Collection
  • 1886 - 1909

Contains archival materials pertaining to French explorer Joseph de Brettes’ (1861-1934) expeditions to South America including two to Gran Chaco. Collection includes a steel cranial measuring device; a steel archaeological specimen; two offprint accounts written and illustrated by De Brettes describing his expeditions and scientific work in South America; and an offprint bibliographical outline of De Brettes’ extensive explorations in South America and elsewhere as well as his naval and army service.
Also includes album of autographs collected while in South America; 3 photographic identification cards; his personal library bookplate; an offprint poem signed and dedicated by French poet Jehan Rictus; as well as correspondence connected with his efforts as Vice-President of a Portuguese railway company, in particular dealing with a meeting with the King, including 3 manuscript telegrams sent from Lisbon September 1905 and 2 manuscript letters dated 1905.

de Brettes, Joseph

William George Browne Papers

  • Manuscript Collection
  • 1803 - 1809

This collection contains research materials and notes related to Browne’s travels as well as correspondence.

Contains Series:
Series 1: Papers copied and translated
Series 2: Additional miscellaneous matter for 2nd voyage

Browne, William George

Joan Treble (Sutton) Straus Papers

  • CA OTUTF MS Coll 00190D
  • Manuscript Collection
  • 1939-2015

Contains the papers of Joan Treble (Sutton) Straus including a small amount of material regarding her early life including primary and high school education (1939-1950), as well as at her time at the University of Toronto (1950-1953). Includes material such as photographs and newspaper clippings related to her modeling career and her work as a fashion consultant (1952-1970). The collection covers Sutton Straus’ career as a journalist with the Toronto Telegram (1971), The Toronto Star (1972-1979, 1981-1992) and The Toronto Star (1979-1981, 1992). This includes correspondence from readers, co-workers and well-known politicians, entertainers and dignitaries, as well as photographs of Sutton Straus during the course of her work. The material also includes clippings of her columns, interviews and articles preserved by Sutton Straus, as well as three oversized scrapbooks containing clippings from her time at the Toronto Telegram and The Toronto Sun. The collection also comprises material related to Sutton Straus’ career as an author of six books, and her long-term volunteer work with non-profit and philanthropic organizations in both Canada and the United States. The collection also contains a small amount of personal material related to Sutton Straus including media appearances, speeches, newspaper and magazines articles, invitations and correspondence.

Sutton Straus, Joan Treble

Thomas Lahusen Collection of Vasilii Azhaev Materials

  • MS COLL 00275A 2B Annex
  • Manuscript Collection
  • 1935-1944

Thomas Lahusen collection of Vasilii Azhaev’s materials includes mostly photocopies of drafts of manuscripts, articles, readers’ conferences reports, notebooks, photographs, personal correspondence as well as official documentation pertaining to Azhaev’s imprisonment and further employment in the Corrective Labor Camp of the Baikal-Amur Main Line. The collection includes photocopies of periodicals produced and disseminated within Soviet labour camps. For the most part, the collection combines material from Azhaev’s personal archives with some documents from the State Archives of the Region of Khabarovsk. Thomas Lahusen collected and used these documents when writing his manuscript, How Life Writes the Book: Real Socialism and Socialist Realism in Stalin's Russia (Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 1997). Most of the material are copies from Azhaev’s personal archive that were given to Thomas Lahusen by Irina Liubimova-Azhaeva in 1992.

Azhaev, Vasilii

Barclay McKone Papers

  • CA OTUTF MS COLL 00687
  • Manuscript Collection
  • 1946-1993

This collection contains manuscripts for McKone’s book-length works: Moose Factory Indian Hospital, Eastern Arctic Medical and X-Ray Survey 1955, Dr. Barclay McKone - Life as a Medical Doctor since Graduation from U of T. Also included are drafts and published versions of the articles: A post sanatorium institution for rehabilitation in Tuberculosis (1946) and Rehabilitation of the Tuberculosis veteran western counties veterans' lodge, London, Ontario (1948). Further material is also included pertaining to McKone’s activities after retirement, such as architectural model building and the preservation of park land in Peterborough, Ontario.

McKone, Barclay

Joseph Burr Tyrrell Papers

  • CA OTUTF MS COLL 00026
  • Manuscript Collection
  • 1870-1957

The collection consists of correspondence, reports, notebooks, drafts for articles and books, family papers, maps, large collection of photographs, clippings and memorabilia.

Tyrrell, Joseph Burr

Danuta Irena Bienkowska Papers

  • CA OTUTF MS COLL 00176 2B Annex
  • Manuscript Collection
  • 1939-1945

The collection begins with the diaries written during the war years and ends with correspondence relating to a conference she was to attend during the academic year after her death. All extant poetry and prose is here, in various forms. Some matters pertaining to the Slavic Dept. at the University of Toronto, as well as obituaries, memorial cards, etc. have been included.

Bienkowska, Danuta Irena

Lawrence Hill Papers

  • Manuscript Collection
  • 1915-2015

Includes extensive material related to published books by Lawrence Hill: Any Known Blood; Some Great Thing; The Book of Negroes/Someone Knows My Name [early titles ‘A Likely Wench’ and ‘Migration’]; Black Berry, Sweet Juice; Women of Vision: the Story of the Canadian Women’s Association; Trials and Triumphs: the Story of African Canadians; The Deserter’s Tale: the Story of an Ordinary Soldier Who Walked Away from the War in Iraq; In 2005, the 90-minute film document that Hill wrote, Seeking Salvation: A History of the Black Church in Canada, Travesty Productions, Toronto (2004), won the American Wilbur Award for best national television documentary; “Rainbow Coalition” for City Suites story and script for a CBC television series which was never produced; shorter pieces; journalism with The Globe and Mail, The Winnipeg Free Press, The Toronto Star and others; feature articles for The Walrus; unpublished work; juvenalia; extensive personal and professional correspondence; personal and professional photographs; extensive family history; works by various family members, including material related to Daniel Grafton Hill III and his work as Ombudsman of Ontario, as first director and later chair of the Ontario Human Rights Commission, founding with his wife Donna Hill the Ontario Black History Society; translations; research and personal notes; mentoring notes from his time at the Humber School for Writers; travel related material, appearances, events, awards and prizes; charitable and philanthropic activities; financial and other material related to the life and work of Lawrence Arthur Hill [inclusive dates of material, 1915-2008]
Selected correspondents include: Paul Quarrington, Jack Veugelers, Ayanna Black, Michael Enright, Robert Fulford, Leander Jones, Adrienne Shadd, Rosemary Sadlier, father Daniel Grafton Hill III, mother Donna Hill, sister Karen Hill, brother Dan Hill, current wife Miranda Hill, current mother-in-law Sandy Hawkins, ex-wife Joanne Savoie, grandmother May Hill; various other family members and friends, Louis Farrakhan, Iris Tupholme, Denise Bukowski Agency, Paul Lovejoy, Austin Clarke, Donald Smith, Alvin Duncan, Alan Borovoy and many others

Hill, Lawrence

Horatio C. Boultbee Papers

  • CA OTUTF MS COLL 00198
  • Manuscript Collection
  • 1930-1967

Includes Boultbee's writings and correspondence relating to the posthumous publication of his work.

Boultbee, Horatio C.

Ken Koyama Papers

  • CA OTUTF MS COLL 00670
  • Manuscript Collection
  • 1987-1992

Small collection of printed material regarding Japanese Canadian immigrants after WWII .

Koyama, Ken

Josef Škvorecký Papers

  • Manuscript Collection
  • 1945-2010

Collection includes holograph and typescript drafts of Josef Škvorecký’s works (novels, travelogues, literary essays, film scripts), as well as correspondence, juvenilia, and other material relating to his life and work.

Škvorecký, Josef

Tripe Family Papers

  • Manuscript Collection
  • [18--]-2018

This collection is comprised of correspondence, documents, photographs and art works, and genealogical materials from England, India, the U.S.A, Cuba, the Philippines, and Canada, dating from 1838-1999, and related to Alfred Tripe (1818-1854), his sister Emily (Tripe) James (1817-1850), their first cousin Mary Broad (Tripe) De Rusett (1820-1898), and their relatives and descendants.

Tripe Family

Lilian Wetstein Mendelssohn Papers

  • CA OTUTF MS Coll 00192B
  • Manuscript Collection
  • 1910-1968

Collection includes letters and postcards addressed to Lilian Wetstein Mendelssohn from Anne, Gertrude and Horace Traubel. Horace Traubel (1858-1919) was Walt Whitman’s literary executor, as well as a poet, essayist and magazine publisher. Horace and his wife Anne (1864-1954) cultivated groups of artistic and cultural individuals, as well as those that supported the beliefs of Walt Whitman, of which Lilian Mendelssohn, who resided in Montreal was one. Lilian Wetstein corresponded with Horace Traubel and participated in meetings before her marriage to Sam Mendelssohn. She later kept in contact with Horace Traubel’s widow, Anne, as well as his daughter, Gertrude. The collection also contains a small amount of material, primarily Christmas cards, with other members of Traubel’s circle.

Mendelssohn, Lilian Wetstein

Kathleen Innes Stewart Papers

  • CA OTUTF MS Coll 00192A
  • Manuscript Collection
  • 1928-193[0?]

Collection consists of detailed letters written by Kathleen ‘Doy’ Stewart, primarily to her parents, with some letters written to her brothers and friends, while traveling in Europe from October 1928 to August 1929, with her friend Kathleen Sutton. During the trip, Stewart stayed in Paris from October 1928 to March 1929, before visiting the South of France and Italy, and then staying in Heidelberg from May to July 1929. After Heidelberg, Stewart traveled through Germany, Netherlands and Belgium before returning to Paris at the end of August 1929 to journey back to Canada. Collection contains a small amount of letters written by Kathleen Sutton and letters that were written jointly by Kathleen Stewart and Kathleen Sutton. Papers also includes two letters from a subsequent trip, where she visited Romania and Yugoslavia, in 1932.

Stewart, Kathleen Innes

William Smellie Papers

  • CA OTUTF MS Coll 00193B
  • Manuscript Collection
  • 1879-1916

One-line-a-day farm diaries kept by William Smellie (1836-1919) of Glenelg Township, Ontario. Smellie’s handwritten diaries date from 1883 to 1916, with his earlier diaries dating from 1879-1882, here reproduced in photocopy. Through his daily entries, Smellie offers a glimpse into farm life in Ontario at the turn of the century. He not only documents livestock, crops, and weather on the farm, but also records important events in his family and community. The diaries also include numerous newspaper clippings and loose notes kept by Smellie.

Smellie, William

Marian Shtyka Collection

  • CA OTUTF MS Coll 501A OVS
  • Manuscript Collection
  • 1939-1951

Contains 13 photographs, of various Ukrainian-Canadian groups, events, and organizations from Ontario and Quebec.

Shtyka, Marian

Miriam Saville Papers

  • CA OTUTF MS Coll 00093A
  • Manuscript Collection
  • [192-]-[193-]

Two volumes (holograph journals) containing an unpublished manuscript by Miriam Saville titled: ‘I Wanted to Be a Nurse.’ Includes holograph revisions. Story details Saville’s life, including her diabetes diagnosis and treatment.
Box also contains typed version of manuscript (69 pages). Typed manuscript was prepared by Janet Cartwright and Catherine Caufield (Saville’s nieces) and features a photograph of Miriam Saville.
Miriam Saville was a diabetic patient treated by Dr. Charles Best in the late 1920s/early 1930s when she was about thirteen years old, see mention of Dr. Best (“Dr. Charles”) on page 5 of both the holograph journal and typed version. First chapter of typed manuscript is titled: ‘Diagnosis and Dr. Best.’

Saville, Miriam

Pip Family Papers

  • CA OTUTF MS Coll 00192E
  • Manuscript Collection
  • 1943-1948

The gift includes personal documents, photographs, a few DP camp periodicals, scripts for plays, and poems.

Contains series:
1) Documents and publications
2) Photographs

Jaremenko, Nadija

William Robert (W.R) Patterson Papers

  • CA OTUTF MS Coll 00191B
  • Manuscript Collection
  • 1880-1930

This collection contains letters received by William Robert (W.R.) Patterson from his first wife, Fannie Harris, and brothers, Thomas Patterson and Nathaniel Oscar Patterson, primarily pertaining to personal matters and their careers as singers and vocalists in both Canada and the United States. The largest collection of letters, numbering 22, are from N.O. Patterson to W.R. Patterson which includes a description of his travels throughout the United States and Canada with both the Famous Canadian Jubilee Singers and his own group, the Patterson’s Jubilee Quartet and Concert Company. Ephemera from the Old Southland Sextette and the Patterson’s Jubilee Singers exist in the collection in the form of two programmes dated from 1907 and [191-]. The collection also contains a small amount of letters to W.R. Patterson from friends, as well as letters to him and his second wife, Mary, from their sons, Robert and Philip, while they are working as porters at the Hotel London in the late 1920s.

Patterson, William Robert (W.R)

Meinhardt Papers

  • CA OTUTF MS Coll 00115A
  • Manuscript Collection
  • 1939-1952, 2016-2019

This collection contains two photograph albums belonging to a German couple, Hermann and Emmi Meinhardt, which separately record their wartime experiences. Hermann Meinhardt’s album provides a personalized look at his experiences serving with a flak regiment in the Luftwaffe, which served in France, Austria, Ukraine, Romania and Russia, with photographs focusing on the war-torn landscapes, moments of camaraderie, and battle. Emmi Meinhardt’s album shows the experience of a young mother and her daughter, who were evacuated from Cologne to the Bavarian countryside. Together, both albums demonstrate a unique look at how the war was experienced on the front and at home. This collection also contains a selection of loose photographs belonging to Hermann Meinhardt, which were not included in the album, and date from 1941 to December 1942. Additionally, Hermann Meinhardt’s posthumous medals, including his Iron Cross and his Eastern front medal, were donated along with the photographs. This collection also contains extensive contemporary research on Hermann Meinhardt, his battalion and his military experiences, which was conducted by Inga Kahn, Herman and Emmi Meinhardt’s daughter, her friend, Barbara Tangney, and librarian, Danielle Van Wagner. A book, Vom Train zum Roland: Eine Geschichte der deutschen Flugabwehrtruppe (1988), contains a published account of Meinhardt’s battalion, I./Flak Regt. 4, which provides extensive context to Hermann Meinhardt’s album and photographs.

Contains series:
• Series 1: Hermann Meinhardt Photographs and Medals
• Series 2: Emmi Meinhardt Photograph Album
• Series 3: Contemporary Research

Meinhardt, Emmi

Peter Potichnyj Collection on Insurgency and Counter-Insurgency in Ukraine

  • CA OTUTF MS COLL 00332 (Downsview Offsite Storage)
  • Manuscript Collection
  • 1941-1954

The collection consists of German, Polish, Ukrainian, KGB and other documents related to the Ukrainian underground movement. It also includes extensive correspondence, clippings and other documents pertaining to the Ukrainian underground.

Potichnyj, Peter

Chava Rosenfarb Papers

  • Manuscript Collection
  • 1940-2014

Includes drafts and proofs of The Tree of Life [Der Boym Fun Lebn]; Bociany [a novel about life in a Polish shtetl] and Of Lodz and Love; Survivors [translated from the Yiddish by Goldie Morgentaler]; address and daybooks; most of the printed manuscript of Briv tsu Abrashn; Bird of the Ghetto; correspondence with family, friends, authors, editors and publishers, including Isaac Bashevis Singer, printer and publisher Israel London, Elaine Kalman Naves, and other material related to the life and work of author Chava Rosenfarb.

Rosenfarb, Chava

R.T Frankford Papers

  • CA OTUTF MS COLL 00785 (Downsview Offsite)
  • Manuscript Collection
  • 1964 - 2016

Collection consists of material collected during the course of Dr. Frankford’s career as a doctor, health care activist and Member of Provincial Parliament. This includes reports, correspondence and clippings on primary health care, health service organizations, community health centres and material related to access to health care for marginalized groups. There are also copies of Dr. Frankford’s writing for newspapers and scientific and medical journals, as well as clippings on his work as an activist and other clippings of interest. Papers also relate to Dr. Frankford’s work regarding sickle cell anemia, and his participation in the Ontario Medical Association. His political papers includes speeches, presentations, reports and material generated during the course of his campaigns. The papers contain a small amount of personal material, especially regarding tributes made after his death.

Frankford, R.T. (Robert Timothy)

P.V.K. Tripe Papers

  • Manuscript Collection
  • 1909 - ?

Collection contains material relating to the lives and experiences of PVK Tripe and his wife, Elizabeth Rannie Tripe, during the Second World War. This includes logbooks, diaries, telegrams, letters and photographs from this period encompassing the experiences of both active service and the homefront. The collection notably contains PVK Tripe’s flying logs, which outline every hour he spent in the air between 1939 and 1945 and also includes squadron transfers, locations, missions and type of aircraft, as well as Elizabeth Tripe’s diaries from 1943 and 1944, with earlier selections from June 1941 and May 1942. Of particular note are telegrams received by Tripe after he was awarded the DFC, as well as letters written back to Canada by Elizabeth Tripe. Albums put together by Elizabeth Tripe, both prior to and during the war, outline her courtship with Tripe, their wedding and her life in Chester, as well as family members and friends. Loose photographs from throughout the war showcase Tripe in casual and professional shots, posing with squadron-mates, friends and airplanes at bases in England, Wales and Belgium. The collection also holds significant artefacts relating to PVK Tripe’s military career, of especial significance, includes pieces from his destroyed aircraft which were recovered by Karel Baetan and gifted to his daughter, Anne Tripe Crossman in 2013, his miniature dress medals, pins, cap badge and scarf, as well as pilots license and passports.

Tripe, P.V.K. (Philip Valentine King)

Margaret Bloy Graham Drawings

  • Manuscript Collection
  • 1943

Collection consists of three cycles of original pen on paper drawings by Margaret Bloy Graham compiled into portfolio-style binders by the artist. The drawings in Look Out Browning: the British Poets Revisited and More Victoriana are illustrations for famous British poems selected from Palgrave’s Golden Treasury, a popular anthology of Victorian poetry originally published in 1861. The drawings are numbered and correspond to an accompanying list with excerpts from the poems illustrated, totaling thirty-six poems by twelve poets including Robert Browning, Percy B. Shelley and Alfred Tennyson, among others. The cycle Pictures with Morals features darkly comedic punishments for children who make mistakes like being too curious, sledding on Sunday, not reading the Bible daily, and trespassing.

Graham, Margaret Bloy

Alan Stein Papers

  • Manuscript Collection
  • 1970 - 2018

Material associated with Alan Stein’s fine press imprint Church Street Press.

Stein, Alan

Margaret Atwood Papers

  • Manuscript Collection

The collection consists of drafts and final typescripts of literary works, original art work, correspondence, juvenilia, printed appearances, printed material, critical and audio-visual material, and works about Atwood.

Atwood, Margaret

Indigenous Publications, Reports and Periodicals Collected by the Indian-Eskimo Association Library

  • CA OTUTF T-10 00014
  • Manuscript Collection
  • 1955 - 1978

This collection contains material received by the I.E.A library, most notably including original publications, reports, press releases, speeches and periodicals produced by Indigenous Nations and organizations, such as the National Indian Brotherhood and provincial Indigenous groups, including the Union of Nova Scotia Indians and the Federation of Saskatchewan Indians, as well as the Canadian Metis Society, various friendship centres and the Alberta Native Women’s Society. Also included are original periodicals published by Indigenous Nations and organizations such as The Sun Dance Echo, Kainai News, Indian News and The Native Perspective. This collection also contains Indigenous articles, reports, and speeches, which were reproduced or reprinted by the I.E.A. and made available for research for a small fee, such as pamphlets, offprints and governmental papers produced by Indigenous and non-Indigenous authors on Indigenous issues and events, particularly responses to the 1969 governmental white paper, which proposed to dismantle Indian Affairs. Material related to the internal activities of the I.E.A are also present, most notably reports, minutes, their monthly bulletin, speeches given at conferences and independent projects, which are written and produced by both Indigenous and non-Indigenous members of the organization.

Indian-Eskimo Association of Canada

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