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Godfrey Uyeno

Godfrey Uyeno, George Tashichi’s son, went on to join the Royal Canadian Air Force in in the 1950s. This series contains material relating to his time in the military. He flew in a CF-100, was an all-weather interceptor in a two man crew consisting of a pilot and navigator. Godfrey, the navigator, directed the pilot to intercept enemies using radar. He served as navigator during his tour from 1958 to 1963 and spent the rest of his time with the Royal Canadian Air Force on ground jobs.

Uyeno, Godfrey

Artist Reference Files

Series consists of collected texts pertaining to artists within the Donovan Art Collection. Texts include articles, CVs, interviews, and exhibition catalogues. Currently, the series only consists of artist Meryl McMaster's reference file.

Stewardship Reports

Series consists of stewardship reports sent to Father Donovan from St. Michael's College. These reports outline Father Donovan's financial and artwork contributions to the St. Michael's College community, extending as far back as 1981.

Catalogue Planning Material

Series consists of documents and correspondences related to the publication of the 2010 Donovan Art Collection catalogue. Documents include rough copies of catalogue essays, correspondences between Father Donovan and catalogue editors, and shipping addresses of artists. Additionally, the series also includes several invoices and receipts for costs of the book launch, copyright, and printing.

The 2010 catalogue is the most recent printed overview of the Donovan Art Collection. Father Donovan's essays describe the collection's beginnings, as well as the artworks' engagement with the St. Michael's College community.

Art Loans

Series consists of documents relating to art loans of the Donovan Art Collection, including loan agreements, receipts, shipment notices, invoices, and more. Many loan agreements also include related correspondence from artwork borrowers.

Financial Accounts

This series consists of invoices and receipts regarding financial donations, art purchases, and other expenses of the Donovan Art Collection, as well as correspondences between Father Donovan and the art collection accounting team. Other documents within the series include opening and closing balances for both the Donovan Art Collection account and Endowment Fund account.


  • B2002-0009/001P(01)-(05): Sikh Studies Conference: photographs taken at a dinner in the home of Prof. Israel.
  • B2002-0009/001P(06)-(07): Photographs of the office in the Centre for South Asian Studies, room 2054 Sidney Smith, 1985
  • B2011-0004/001(18): Photographs of M. Israel at the Indo-Canadian Institute, 1980, with Canadian students, and Resident Director


Over his 38-year career, Prof. Israel has written extensively on the history of South Asian people. This series contains records relating primarily to three publication projects: the Safe Haven project for the Multicultural History Society of Ontario (MHSO) and Royal Ontario Museum, Encyclopedia of Canada’s Peoples (1999; also sponsored by the MHSO) and In the future soil: a social history of the Indo-Canadians in Ontario (1994). (see Series 3 for general correspondence related to the MHSO). There is also one file of correspondence and partial manuscript relating to publication of selected articles from History Today, and published as Pax Britannica (1968). Prof. Israel was editor and wrote the introductory essay.

The records relating to “Safe Haven. The refugee experience of five families” consist entirely of the manuscript for the book submitted to Prof. Israel in 1994 for his comments. Prof. Israel also prepared the Preface (not included) and undertook research on the Tamil community. At this time Prof. Israel was Chairman, Board of Directors of the Multicultural History Society. An exhibition was also produced by the MHSO for the new Heritage Gallery of Canada’s peoples at the Royal Ontario Museum.

The records relating to the Encyclopedia of Canada’s Peoples include manuscripts of articles on South Asian people edited by Prof. Israel and files on three of the four articles he prepared for this publication: the Ismailis, South Asians and Pakistanis. The manuscript relating to the article on Ahmadis is not included.

The records relating to In the further soil: a social history of the Indo-Canadians in Ontario consist of correspondence, manuscript, Microsoft Word and Pagemaker files, and research notes.

The remaining records deal specifically with his publications on India and Indian migration, especially to Canada. These include notes and correspondence regarding his contribution of chapters in the books, The Congress and Indian Nationalism: Historical Perspectives and Reformers, Writers and Editors: Social Transformation in Maharashtra 1830-1940. They also include notes and research regarding an incomplete work entitled Violence and Empire: James Neill in the Indian Mutiny.

South Asian settlement and migration

This series documents Prof. Israel’s research, teaching and external activities relating to the South Asian community in Ontario. The majority of files are course materials for the University of Toronto History 394 course on South Asian migration and settlement including bibliographies and collections of articles as reading material. Some of this material was also used in the preparation of his book In the further soil: a social history of Indo-Canadians in Ontario (see Series 5). Also included are documents relating to the application of South Asian Television for a CRTC license (1996).

Art Collection Lists

Series consists of typed and handwritten lists outlining various visitors to the Donovan Art Collection throughout the years, as well as an inventory of the Donovan Art Collection and the location of artworks on the St. Michael's College campus.


Series consists of various publications about Father Donovan, the Donovan Art Collection, and artists included in the collection. Publications include articles, reviews, exhibition catalogues, promotional materials, and full-length issues of magazines and newspapers. Although the series contains mostly original copies of different publications, the series also demonstrates Father Donovan's personal practice of cutting, arranging, and gluing various article texts onto blank paper for safe-keeping.

Acquisitions and Tax Receipts

Series consists of various documents relating to purchased acquisitions for the Donovan Art Collection. Documents include invoices and receipts for artwork purchases, and costs pertaining to the artworks' appraisal, framing, transportation, and installation. Additionally, the series also contains several certificates of authenticity and tax receipts.


Series consists of various correspondences received by Father Donovan between 1990 and 2020, largely pertaining to the Donovan Art Collection. Correspondences include cards, printed emails, and notes sent from students, St. Michael's College faculty, collection visitors, artists, curators, and more. Some files include photographs and other printed material sent to Father Donovan as enclosures, as well as texts created by Father Donovan for different art events and lectures. In some instances, a copy of Father Donovan's typed response is also included in the file.

Supervising Graduate Students and Research

This series contains records related to the work of students Professor Roots was supervising. The material includes correspondence, notes, drafts, grant applications and reports on student work.


This series reflects Professor Roots’ involvement with academic administration and academic committees within the Zoology Department as well as the larger University of Toronto. This series includes notes, correspondence, reports and documents related Roots’ role as chair of the zoology department, promotions Roots was involved in, the organization of symposiums and retreats, departmental reviews, budgeting, staffing and re-organizing the zoology department, and handling cases of academic misconduct.


The series contains records related to the processes of Dr. Roots’ research experiments starting with funding applications and ending with publications. The material reflects Dr. Root’s research interests, her experimental findings, the interpretation of these findings, and the development of drafting these interpretations into academic articles and addresses.

Sound Recordings

As part of his research on the Liberal Party as well as a participant, Clarkson kept recordings of Liberal Party conventions and meeting. These include: the Liberal Party of Canada 1970 Policy convention (001S-002S); the Liberal Party of Ontario 1973 Annual Meeting at which Prime Minster Trudeau addressed delegates (003S); the Liberal Party of Ontario Convention - Urban and Regional Government Forum (004S); and the 1977 Liberal Party policy convention (005).

B2016-0003 also includes two interviews relating to the publication of Trudeau and our Times: one with Clarkson with Denise Bombardier of Radio Canada (1992)(006S); and another on Morningside with both Clarkson and McCall at the release of volume 2 (1990) (007S).

The B2019-0003 accrual includes two interviews on Morningside with Peter Gzowski – one with Clarkson discussing his book ‘Canada and The Reagan Challenge’ (1982) (001S) and the other, with both Clarkson and McCall at the release of Trudeau and Our Times vol 1 (1990) (002S).

Personal and biographical

Series consists of textual records and graphic material documenting Ian Hacking’s personal life and career, with eight files related to the histories of both the Hacking and MacDougall families. Records include a passport, birth and marriage certificates, family snapshots, drawings by his children, as well as correspondence detailing financial contributions made to various charities and initiatives. Hacking’s professional and academic activity is reflected in written and photographic documentation of awards and honours received, including the Killam Prize for the Humanities, the Companion to the Order of Canada, and the Holberg International Memorial Prize. Also included in the series is an autobiographical document written by Hacking detailing the orientation of his research.

Digital files consist of files documenting his personal life and family [“BUSYNESS”], a folder of biographical information and curriculum vitae, further documentation about the Holberg Prize, and drafts of writings by Judith Baker titled “Trust and Commitment” and “Some Aspects of Reasons and Rationality”.


Series consists of photographs of Alexandra Johnston, including various portraits; a photo of Johnston presenting an achievement gift to Iris French, wife of President Goldwin French, 1986; a portrait of the class of 1961's 25th anniversary spring reunion, 1986; convocations, 1985, 1991; and documentation of her induction into the Royal Society, 1997.

Early compositions and arrangements

Series consists of compositions and arrangements by Phil Nimmons, written early in his career before he formed his own group in 1953. Series includes charts for the Ray Norris Quintette, of which Nimmons was a member.

Music for other ensembles

Series consists of music written or arranged by Phil Nimmons for ensembles, including the 1957 overtures for the "Music for a Summer Day" festival at Stratford Festival and music for the duo Pendulum, the Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony, the Ted Kemar Band, the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, Music at Sharon, and Esprit Orchestra.

Music for Nimmons 'N' Nine Plus Six

Series consists of music written and arranged for Nimmons 'N' Nine Plus Six. This expanded version of Nimmons 'N' Nine was formed in 1965, reorganized in 1974, and disbanded in the early 1980s. Most of the music was written by Phil Nimmons with a few contributions from other members of the ensemble.

Music for Nimmons 'N' Nine

Series consists of music composed or arranged for "The Group," later named "Nimmons 'N' Nine." Most of the charts are written by Phil Nimmons, with a few contributions from other members of the ensemble. Nimmons formed this group in 1953 and they performed regularly on CBC radio. They made their concert debut in 1956 at the Summer Festival in Stratford. In 1965, the ensemble expanded to "Nimmons 'N' Nine Plus Six."

Music for radio and television

Series consists of incidental music for orchestra and music for jazz ensemble that Phil Nimmons composed, arranged, and orchestrated for various radio and television programs, predominantly for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC).

Student records

Series consists of several subseries which include records from Cobourg: One subseries contains Registers, Directories, Marks, 1837-1946. The remaining subseries consist of student record cards. These cards often contain a photo of the student.


This series consists of one folder with two photographs. The first is a portrait of Nathan Keyfitz taken in 1960 while the second is of Northwest Company Buildings in Terrebonne, Quebec.


This series is composed of two graduate theses: William Randall Spence’s Design and Implementation of a Development Project in Tanzania (1972) and Easterbrook’s Agricultural Credit in Canada, 1867-1917 (1936).


This series is composed of a small number of publications ranging from 1936 to 1983. Note that not all publications are included in their entirety: B1985-0011/006(04), for example, contains only one chapter of a larger work.


This series primarily consists of professional and administrative, rather than personal, correspondence, B1985-0011/001 being an exception. The correspondence with Harold Innis (1952) is likely to be of interest to researchers as is a draft of a speech by Innis (n.d.). The box B1979-0039/007 is arranged alphabetically according to correspondents’ names.


This series is primarily composed of papers from the Economic History Workshop and range from 1978 to 1983. Most (all?) of the papers contained in this series are authored by authors other than Easterbrook.


This series consists of assorted notes, which relate to teaching as well as research. Of particular significance is file 3 of box 6 of B1979-0039 (“Seminar – Enterprise & Bureaucracy”), which provides context for Easterbrook’s bureaucracy/enterprise articles. Regarding file 2 of box 15 of B1979-0039 (“Notes on Indian peoples”), the term Indian has been used in the title to be consistent with Easterbrook’s own diction.


This series is composed of drafts of various writings, both by Easterbrook and by others. The drafts cover a range of materials from lecture papers to addresses. They also include offprints for articles and reviews written by Easterbrook. The majority of drafts are undated but several documents (including the aforementioned drafts) are dated by year if not by month and day.


This series consists almost exclusively of administrative records from Easterbrook’s time as Chairman of the Department of Political Economy (1961-1970). A small number of records can be found that pre- and postdate this period but these also concern administrative matters.

Musicians' promotional recordings

Series consists of compact disc recordings from performers at Gallery 345 that were shared with and collected by Edward Epstein as part of the promotional material for the venue. Some recordings are autographed by the performers. Recordings including self-released albums, commercial releases, and unpublished recordings.

Programs, posters, and other ephemera

Series consists of programs and posters from concerts held at Gallery 345, as well as thank you cards and notes from performers, and building plans for the gallery space and building (345 Souraren Ave., Toronto, Ontario). Series also includes a USB thumb drive (173 MB) with archived files from the Gallery 345 website, including performance announcements, program information, and performer biographies.

Recordings of performances

  • OTUFM 67-B
  • Series
  • October 2006 - December 2019, predominant 2011-2019
  • Part of Gallery 345 fonds

Series consists of recordings of concerts that took place at Gallery 345. Concerts included "The Art of Piano" series and "Jazz at the Gallery" series as well as CD release concerts, New Music Concerts (NMC) fundraisers, Arraymusic concerts, and other standalone performances.

Records of the Campus Life Committee and preceding committees

Series consists of minutes of the Committee on Residence and Services (later the Campus Life Committee), correspondence, records related to budget matters, and reports of the Secretary.
Series also contains sub-series consists of the Records of the Burwash Hall and Men's Residence Committee, which preceded the Committee of Residence and Services, and the Wymilwood Management Committee (Student Union).

Victoria University (Toronto, Ont.). Board of Regents Campus Life Committee

Records of committees concerned with events and celebrations

Series consists of records of committees concerned with events and special occasions including opening of the Emmanuel College building, the retirement of the Chancellor and installation of the new Chancellor, as well as anniversary events for the Centenary and the Sesquicentennial. The series is broken down into sub-series.

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