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University of St. Michael's College, John M. Kelly Library, Special Collections Subseries
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Weekly calendars

Sub-series consists of Nouwen’s weekly appointment calendars from 1975 to 1996. Most contain ephemeral material (including personal notes, reminders, invitations and miscellaneous information) which has been removed and placed in separate envelopes.

Verlag Herder files

Sub-series consists of fourteen files which deal with Nouwen's personal and professional dealings with Verlag Herder, a publishing company located in Freiburg, Germany. Much of the correspondence is between Nouwen/his assistants and Franz Johna, Editor for Verlag Herder. Specific Nouwen publications mentioned in the files include A Cry for Mercy, Gracias, A Letter of Consolation, Aging, In Memoriam, Reaching Out, The Living Reminder, Clowning in Rome (also referred to as the Circus book), The Wounded Healer, The Way of the Heart, Behold the Beauty of the Lord (also referred to as the Icon book), Letters to Marc [about Jesus], The Road to Daybreak, In the Name of Jesus, The Return of the Prodigal Son (referred to as The Prodigal Son and Canvas of Love), Heart Speaks to Heart, Creative Ministry, Beyond the Mirror (referred to as A Glimpse Beyond the Mirror), Show Me the Way: Readings for Each Day of Lent (referred to as the Lenten book), The Life of the Beloved (also referred to as Becoming the Beloved), With Burning Hearts: A Mediation on the Eucharistic life (also referred to as the Eucharist book), Our Greatest Gift (also referred to as The Ultimate Gift and Dying Well/Caring Well), Here & Now and In the House of the Lord (referred to as In God's House - later published as Lifesigns), as well as Bob Durback's Seeds of Hope: A Henri Nouwen Reader and Returning: God's Love Call us Home (a Lenten booklet first published by Creative Communications).

University of Toronto teaching materials

Sub-series consists of three files containing correspondence, administrative records and class lists regarding Watson's career as a teaching fellow at the University of Toronto during her doctoral studies, and as a Research Associate during the academic term of 1968-1969, where she and her husband Wilfred Watson were at the Centre for Culture and Technology at St. Michael's College. During her fellowship at the Centre, Watson acted as a teaching and general assistant to McLuhan, and he and his secretary frequently forwarded correspondence to her to manage and respond to.

Files include:

  • 2006 01 711 Correspondence and administrative records from the University of Toronto, 1957 -1969
  • 2006 01 712 Forwarded correspondence, reading lists and notes by Marshall McLuhan, 1968 - 1969
  • 2006 01 713 Class lists for English 438 and English 1110, 1968-1969

University of British Columbia teaching material

Sub-series consists of one file containing two notices of appointment of Watson as a sessional lecturer at the University of British Columbia for the 1949/50 and 1950/51 terms and a memo regarding examination returns.

University of Alberta teaching material

Sub-series consists of files containing correspondence, administrative documentation, lecture materials and handouts, student papers and material from Ph.D. students relating to Watson's employment at the University of Alberta, as a professor of English.

Files include:

  • 2006 01 714 University of Alberta administrative records, 1961 - 1975
  • 2006 01 715 University of Alberta interdepartmental correspondence, 1967-1975
  • 2006 01 716 University of Alberta correspondence post-retirement, 1978, 1984
  • 2006 01 717 Lecture handouts, class lists and bibliographies, [between 1961 - 1975]
  • 2006 01 718 Exam questions regarding Ezra Pound's Cantos [between 1961 - 1975]
  • 2006 01 719 Lecture notes by student for English 676, February 9, 1966
  • 2006 01 720 Evaluation of student in English 676, 1972
  • 2006 01 721 Student essays, 1961- 1975
  • 2006 01 722 Posters for Open Seminar Series in Literature, 1971-1972
  • 2006 01 723 Manuscript regarding thesis supervision of John David Mighton [ca. 1966]
  • 2006 01 724 Manuscript and note regarding thesis supervision of Peter C. Montgomery [ca. 1966]
  • 2006 01 725 Notes regarding thesis supervision of Margaret Gail Ossachoff, 1978
  • 2006 01 726 Notes and documentation regarding thesis supervision of Paul Tiessen, 1973-1974

Theology degree records

Sub-series consists of materials related to Nouwen’s time pursuing his doctoral (doctoraal) degree in Theology at Nijmegen University. It appears as though Nouwen received the degree conferred upon completion of the doctoral exams although his thesis was not accepted. Note of December 18, 2013: file 319 unequivocally suggests that Nouwen pursued a degree in psychology (or to be precise in the Social Sciences) in early 1971. See also file 329, box 290 which contains a more elaborate outline of the thesis in question.

Telephone bills

Sub-series consists of one file containing telephone bills for the Watson's home line in Nanaimo, B.C.

Talks and sermons

Sub-series consists of draft manuscripts and typescripts of many of Nouwen's published and unpublished talks (including informal talks and formal lectures), and sermons (including several marriage homilies). The sub-series represents Nouwen's process of preparing for public speaking, from miscellaneous notes to annotated typescripts of talks intended for publication. Some talks and sermons contain subject matter later published in Nouwen's articles and full-length books; links between them have been made where appropriate. This sub-series also includes transcripts of Nouwen's talks made by others. It has been divided into a sub-sub-series for notebooks regarding sermons and other speaking events given by Nouwen, files, and items.

Staff meetings

Sub-series consists of agendas and minutes for meetings of the staff of the Catholic New Times for the years 2002-2006. Staff were responsible for the day-to-day aspects of producing the newspaper.


Sub-series consists of 398 audio cassettes and 6 videocassettes featuring individual speakers. In some cases, the events are unknown, and the speaker was the most distinguishable characteristic for that cassette. The sub-series is arranged alphabetically by speaker. Some speakers include Gordon Cosby, Mary Cosby, Jean Vanier, Therese Vanier. There are many more speakers.

Seminary records

Sub-series consists of essays and notes written by Nouwen during his time in the seminary. Nouwen spent 1950-1951 at the minor seminary at Apeldoorn, then spent 1951-1953 at the Diocesan Seminary in Rijsenburg, Holland, studying Philosophy, and 1953-1957 studying Theology. Nouwen was ordained on July 21, 1957.

Scrapbook 1965 -1982

  • CA ON00389 F4-9-6
  • Subseries
  • 1965 - 1975, predominant 1970 - 1972
  • Part of Henri Nouwen fonds

Sub-series consists of originals and photocopies of published articles written by Nouwen, about Nouwen, about his books, or kept by Nouwen between 1965 and 1982. A pen and ink sketch of Nouwen by Prof. Bainton during a lecture in 1972 is found at p. 35. All articles are described to the item level except for an article by A.C. Ramselaar, Nouwen's uncle, and the book reviews which are described at the file level. The book reviews include those for Intimacy, Bidden om het leven, Creative ministry, Een levende heenwijzing, and Met open handen.

Scrapbook 1956-1965

  • CA ON00389 F4-9-5
  • Subseries
  • 1956 - 1965, predominant 1956 - 1958
  • Part of Henri Nouwen fonds

Sub-series consists of original published articles written and cowritten by Nouwen, about Nouwen or of interest to Nouwen between 1956 and 1965. A majority of the articles are dated between 1956 and 1958 with others being undated and one article by Nouwen's uncle, Antonius (Toon) Ramselaar, written ca. 1965 (at p. 12). A photograph featuring a "Wayside Shine" in Dublin, Ireland is found on p. 8. All articles are described to the item level except for the two by Ramselaar.

Scrapbook 1956, 1958

Sub-series consists of four original published articles written by Nouwen in 1956 and 1958. All articles are described to the item level. Two articles are copies of those found in the other scrapbooks. It appears that Nouwen prepared this scrapbook while studying at Nijmegen (1957-1964) and gave it to his mother in July 1975.

School certificates

Sub-series consists of eighteen documents certifying Nouwen's completion of courses, degrees and programmes.

Retreat and discernment notes

Sub-series consists of notes and notebooks written by Nouwen concerning his personal spiritual journey, including retreat and meeting notes, personal meditations and discernment notes.

Religious artifacts

Sub-series consists of religious artifacts owned by Henri Nouwen but not a part of the collected materials from his office, including psalms and prayers, rosary beads, stoles, vessels, large wooden crucifix, a tabernacle, and a gold chalice.

Reading, research and reference notes

Sub- series consists of 9 files containing typed and handwritten notes related to Watson's personal and professional reading and academic research, including extensive bibliographic references found on loose paper, cigarette packages and scraps of paper. The sub-series has been arranged chronologically where possible, however, due to the ephemeral nature of much of the material and the tendency of Watson not to date her notes, the bulk of the material can only be given broad date ranges.

Files include:

Box 48

  • 2006 01 769 Research and reference notes [after 1956] (1 of 4 folders)

Box 49

  • 2006 01 769 Research and reference notes [after 1956] (2 of 4 folders)
  • 2006 01 769 Research and reference notes [after 1956] (3 of 4 folders)
  • 2006 01 769 Research and reference notes [after 1956] (4 of 4 folders)
  • 2006 01 770 Reading notes and bibliographic references [after 1956] (1 of 3 folders)

Box 50

  • 2006 01 770 Reading notes and bibliographic references [after 1956] (2 of 3 folders)
  • 2006 01 770 Reading notes and bibliographic references [after 1956] (3 of 3 folders)
  • 2006 01 771 Interview with John Reid and Douglas Duncan regarding Wyndham Lewis notes [after 1956?]
  • 2006 01 772 Research and reference material related to research trip to London [1961]
  • 2006 01 773 M.M. on Lewis notes. June 1, 1961
  • 2006 01 774 Research and reference notes regarding Wyndham Lewis, T.S. Eliot and Lancelot Andrewes [between 1965 -1967]
  • 2006 01 775 McLuhan on Lewis Feb. 1969 research notes
  • 2006 01 776 Reading and reference notes regarding T.S. Eliot and the bible [between 1977 - 1988]
  • 2006 01 777 Research notes regarding Wyndham Lewis [after 1981]

Reading notebooks

Sub- series consists of 40 files containing reading and research notes in notebooks, some of which can be dated. These notebooks relate to Watson's reading notes created in the course of her personal and professional activities as a writer, Ph.D. student and professor of English. These notebooks tend to contain brief page references and quotations from books, journal articles and magazine columns. There appears to be a gap in the record, with little or no material from the 1970s. Some notebooks contain news clippings and ephemera.

Files include:

Box 46

  • 2006 01 729 Notebook regarding Ezra Pound and Confucius [after 1929?]
  • 2006 01 730 Cubism notebook [after 1929?]
  • 2006 01 731 Notebook regarding religion, philosophy and theology [after 1929?]
  • 2006 01 732 Notebook regarding Søren Kierkegaard, Friedrich Nietzsche and artists [after 1929?]
  • 2006 01 733 Notebook regarding language and art history [after 1929?]
  • 2006 01 734 Rejected notes for the third part of the Trial of Man notebook [after 1956]
  • 2006 01 735 Notebook regarding Wyndham Lewis [after 1956]
  • 2006 01 736 Notebook regarding W.B. Yeats, Ezra Pound and Wyndham Lewis [between 1968 and 1974]
  • 2006 01 737 Notebook regarding Wyndham Lewis [between 1958 - 1960]
  • 2006 01 738 Reading notebook regarding Wyndham Lewis correspondence and painting [between 1960 and 1961]
  • 2006 01 739 Reading notebook regarding Wyndham Lewis, Ezra Pound and modernist journals [1958]
  • 2006 01 740 Reading notebook regarding English literature [1957]
  • 2006 01 741 Reading notebook regarding Ezra Pound, T.S. Eliot and twentieth century art [after 1959?]

Box 47

  • 2006 01 742 Reading notebook [1968-1969]
  • 2006 01 743 Kepes Structure in Art and Science reading notebook [after 1968]
  • 2006 01 744 Notebook regarding Ezra Pound [late 1960's or early 1970's]
  • 2006 01 745 Notebook regarding Wyndham Lewis [after 1960?]
  • 2006 01 746 Notebook regarding Plato, James Joyce, Henry Moore and art [1958]
  • 2006 01 747 Notebook regarding Wyndham Lewis [ca. 1961]
  • 2006 01 748 Notebook regarding Malcolm Lowry and Ezra Pound [after 1961?]
  • 2006 01 749 Notebooks regarding The Decline of the West [ca. 1962?]
  • 2006 01 750 Notebook regarding socialism [after 1962?]
  • 2006 01 751 Notebook regarding English and French literature [after 1963?]
  • 2006 01 752 The Diary of Anias Nin notebook [ca. 1966?]
  • 2006 01 753 Notebook [after 1966]
  • 2006 01 754 Notebook regarding organic chemistry [ca. 1967?]
  • 2006 01 755 Notebook regarding Wyndham Lewis, Ezra Pound, W.B. Yeats and T.S. Eliot [ca. 1968?]
  • 2006 01 756 Notebook regarding Wyndham Lewis, Ezra Pound, James Joyce, W.B. Yeats and Irish literature [ca. 1968]

Box 48

  • 2006 01 757 Notebook regarding Marshall McLuhan and Bertrand Russell [ca. 1969?]
  • 2006 01 758 Notebook regarding the city in literature anthology project [between 1968 - 1970?]
  • 2006 01 759 Notebook regarding Wyndham Lewis and film [ca. 1969]
  • 2006 01 760 Notebook regarding Wyndam Lewis, Marshall McLuhan, psychology and art [ca. 1981?]
  • 2006 01 761 Notebook regarding Marshall McLuhan and Maurice Blanchard [after 1981?]
  • 2006 01 762 Notebook regarding Marshall McLuhan [ca. 1982]
  • 2006 01 763 Notebook regarding Marshall McLuhan [ca. 1982]
  • 2006 01 764 Notebook regarding Gertrude Stein, literature and art [after 1982]
  • 2006 01 765 Notebook regarding Marshall McLuhan, Roland Barthes, John Cage [between 1983 and 1985]
  • 2006 01 766 Notebook regarding language, film and philosophy [ca. 1984]
  • 2006 01 767 Notebook regarding Marshall McLuhan and Wyndham Lewis [ca. 1985]
  • 2006 01 768 Notebook regarding Marshall McLuhan, T.S. Eliot, Ezra Pound and the concept of space [ca. 1986]

Publishing Group meetings

Sub-series consists of agendas, minutes, reports (including budgets and other financial statements), proposals, and other material prepared for meetings of the Publishing Group from 1990 to 2006. Records for the year 2000 do not exist. After the corporation's structural reorganization in 1990, the members of the corporation elected approximately 10 people from within the membership to form the Publishing Group, which met with the editor of the Catholic New Times about ten times per year to oversee all aspects of the production of the newspaper.

Public readings, interviews and conference material

Sub-series consists of 24 files of correspondence, posters and manuscripts by Watson related to public readings of her work, transcripts of interviews she granted, and conferences she attended. Files are arranged alphabetically by organizing committee title.

Files include:

Box 43

  • 2006 01 681 Correspondence regarding a space reading series (Toronto, ON), 1974
  • 2006 01 682 Correspondence regarding keynote address at Mass Media Communication Course for the Board of Education, Borough of North York (Willowdale, ON), 1968
  • 2006 01 683 Correspondence regarding reading at Camrose Lutheran College (Camrose, Alta.), 1976
  • 2006 01 684 Correspondence regarding interviews and readings for CBC Radio, 1959, 1981, 1993
  • 2006 01 685 Correspondence regarding readings at Capilano College (North Vancouver, B.C.), 1975, 1979, 1981, 1993
  • 2006 01 686 Correspondence regarding readings and conferences at Concordia University (Montreal, Quebec), 1976, 1982
  • 2006 01 687 Correspondence regarding reading at Douglas College (New Westminster, B.C.), 1980
  • 2006 01 688 Correspondence regarding reading at Edmonton Women's Coalition, 1978
  • 2006 01 689 Correspondence regarding reading at Forest City Gallery (London, ON), 1975
  • 2006 01 690 Correspondence regarding reading at Grant MacEwan Community College (Edmonton, Alta.), 1974
  • 2006 01 691 Manuscript of interview with Watson by Mr. Halleck, regarding Wyndham Lewis and Marshall McLuhan [ca. 1969?]
  • 2006 01 692 Correspondence regarding reading at Kontakte Reading Series (Toronto, ON), 1979
  • 2006 01 693 Correspondence regarding reading at Malaspina College (Nanaimo, B.C.), 1981
  • 2006 01 694 Manuscripts of interview of Watson by Bruce Meyer and Brian O'Riordan, 1984
  • 2006 01 695 Correspondence regarding reading at Mount Royal College (Calgary, Alta.), 1982
  • 2006 01 696 Correspondence regarding conference at Simon Fraser University (Burnaby, B.C.), 1981
  • 2006 01 697 Correspondence regarding reading at Strathcona Writing Workshop, Festival and Retreat (Black Creek, B.C.), 1986
  • 2006 01 698 Correspondence regarding writer-in-residency at the University of Calgary, 1977
  • 2006 01 699 Correspondence and manuscript regarding conference at the University of Regina, 1979

Box 44

  • 2006 01 700 Correspondence regarding reading at the University of Saskatchewan (Saskatoon, Sask.), 1973
  • 2006 01 701 Correspondence regarding writer-in-residency at the University of Toronto, Scarborough College and reading at Harbourfront Commonweath Author's Festival, 1982-1983
  • 2006 01 702 Correspondence regarding reading at the University of Toronto, St. Michael's College, 1979
  • 2006 01 703 Correspondence regarding reading hosted at the University of Victoria, 1986
  • 2006 01 704 Correspondence regarding reading readings at York University, 1974

Psychology degree records

Sub-series consists of material relating to Nouwen’s time at Nijmegen University pursuing his Bachelor (candidaat) degree in Psychology. Much of the material is in Dutch and is undated. Sub-series also contains a file with administrative information pertaining to both of Nouwen’s degrees obtained at Nijmegen University.

Promotional material for lectures, workshops and special events

Sub-series consists of posters, pamphlets and programs of various lectures and workshops conducted by or involving Henri Nouwen and events attended by Nouwen, including a card of thanks, miscellaneous worksheets and a reserved sign marked with Nouwen's name.

Pre-Theology degree 1966 records

Sub-series consists of materials created by Nouwen, possibly in preparation for his doctoral degree in Theology. Sub-series contains two copies of Nouwen's diary from January 5 to February 21, 1966, during which time he visited several universities in the United States. This trip could possibly have been for research into schools for a potential doctoral program in Theology.

Postcards, cards and prints

Sub-series consists of various blank postcards, greeting cards and reprints of artwork, including prints of icons, a collection of prints by Rembrandt van Rijn, and other reprints of mostly religious artwork. It is possible that Nouwen had intended to send these materials with correspondence, as there are several copies of some prints and postcards.

Postcards and icons

Sub-series consists of approximately 500 postcards and icons collected by Nouwen. The postcards are blank except for three which contain letters on the verso. Nouwen maintained the collection of postcards and icons in three plastic index card boxes. The first section contains postcards largely of a religious nature, including architecture churches, monasteries, etc. from around the world) and artwork by Van Gogh, Chagall, Rodin, Degas, Renoir, Barlach, and others, as well as postcards of New York. Also contains a photograph of a sculpture of Jesus on the cross and the three postcards with letters.
The second section contains postcards of a religious nature, including architecture (churches, monasteries, etc. from around the world) and artwork by Renoir, Van Gogh, Rodin, and others. Also contains postcards of people, flowers and nature scenes, and scenes of places from predominantly around the US.
The third section contains envelopes of icons and postcards. The envelopes are labelled "Icons", "Marthe Robin", "Archives", "Abbey of the Genesee", "Marthe Robin", "Genesee", "Rembrandt", "Check For Archives" and "Freiburg Cards". Also contains some loose cards in the back, as well as a photograph of a picture of Edith Stein in 1925 and a photograph of a church, inscribed in Dutch on the back. This box also contains icon ordination cards from the 25th anniversary of Nouwen's ordination.

Post-retirement teaching material

Sub-series consists of two files containing correspondence and thesis material relating to the post-retirement supervision of thesis students by Watson.

Files include:

  • 2006 01 727 Correspondence regarding the thesis examination of Shirley Swartz, 1976
  • 2006 01 728 Manuscript of draft thesis by Hildegard Tiessen, 1980

Photograph albums

Sub-series consists of 5 photograph albums containing approximately 781 photographs and ephemera taken by or collected by Nouwen. Included are early personal photographs of Nouwen's trips abroad, his time at seminary school and his tenure at Yale Divinity School.

Sub-sub-series: Photograph Album 3 Photograph Album 5 Photograph Album 10 Photograph Album 11 Photograph Album 14

Photocopies of archival material from Wilfred Watson fonds

Sub-series consists of photocopied archival material from the Wilfred Watson fonds at the University of Alberta. It was accumulated by Flahiff in the course of writing of "Always Someone to Kill the Doves: A Life of Sheila Watson", published by NeWest Press, in 2005. The material consists predominantly of correspondence between Marshall McLuhan and Wilfred Watson and Marshall McLuhan and Sheila Watson. The material copied ranges in date from 1959-1979, predominately 1962-1979.

Personal papers

Sub-series consists of personal papers collected by Nouwen over his lifetime for sentimental reasons including mementos, ephemera, and materials relating to his childhood, career and his friends. Sub-series has been organized in chronological order.

Personal effects

Sub-series consists of non-religious objects belonging to Henri Nouwen, which were not a part of the collected materials from his office. Includes: personal effects including his car keys, army uniform, and suitcases; and ornaments and crafts.

Personal accountant files

  • CA ON00389 F4-6-3
  • Subseries
  • June 1981 - April 1995, predominant January 1989 - December 1994
  • Part of Henri Nouwen fonds

Sub-series consists of material sent by Nouwen's personal accountant (Joe Sarno) to Nouwen's office at Daybreak in January 1996. Includes the 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, and 1994 income tax returns and supporting documentation. Also includes permanent reference material from Nouwen's retirement accounts, health insurance, 1995 Visa statements, and the US Internal Revenue Service.
Joe Sarno was Nouwen's personal accountant from the mid-1970s until April 1995. He was based in Connecticut and became Nouwen's accountant when Nouwen was at Yale Divinity School. Sarno was responsible for Nouwen's income tax returns, American bank accounts, credit cards, and retirement funds. It is assumed that he was responsible for the bulk of Nouwen's financial activities before Nouwen's move to L'Arche Daybreak in 1987. However, since legislation only requires records be kept for seven years, the majority of the records he sent to Daybreak only go back to 1989. Completing Nouwen's 1994 tax return was Sarno's last responsibility as Nouwen's accountant.
According to correspondence found in box 248 file 1438, Sarno sent two boxes of material to Nouwen's office containing income tax records and permanent reference material. The material was found in large manilla envelopes with Sarno's handwriting on the outside describing the envelopes' contents. The envelopes were bound with elastics and did not appear to have been opened since being sent to Nouwen's office in January 1996.

Pension and insurance records

Sub-series consists of four files containing correspondence, payments and receipts relating to Watson's teachers pensions and life and property insurance policies.

Files include:

  • 2006 01 866 Canada Pension Plan invoices 1983 - 1997
  • 2006 01 867 Alberta Public Service Pension invoices and correspondence, 1966 - 1995
  • 2006 01 868 Teacher's Pensions Fund (Province of British Columbia) correspondence, 1949, 1955
  • 2006 01 869 Life and house insurance policies, 1961 - 1971

Outgoing Correspondence

Sub-series consists of handwritten letter drafts and typed copies of Watson's outgoing letters, including letters of recommendation, correspondence with thesis students, letters to friends and family and letters to her husband Wilfred Watson. The sub-series has been arranged alphabetically by primary correspondent, and then chronologically.

Files include:

2006 01 88 Anderson, Paula Grace
2006 01 89 Angus, Anne
2006 01 90 Blott, Anne
2006 01 91 [Bowering], Angela
2006 01 92 Bruce, Elizabeth
2006 01 93 Gershater, [Jeanne]
2006 01 94 Marken, Ronald
2006 01 95 Masten, Cathy
2006 01 96 McLuhan, Elizabeth
2006 01 97 McLuhan, Marshall
2006 01 98 Meeker, Dr. Joseph and Robert J. Thaler
2006 01 99 Mitchell, Norah
2006 01 100 New York Herald-Tribune, The
2006 01 101 Sharpe, David
2006 01 102 Shemeluck, Myrna
2006 01 103 Singleton, Marvin
2006 01 104 Tiessen, Hildegard
2006 01 105 Watson, Wilfred
2006 01 106 [Watt], Sandra
2006 01 107 Unknown recipients

Other events

Sub-series consists of 168 audio cassettes and 9 videocassettes from other assorted events, talks, and retreats given by l'Arche International. These cassettes do not explicitly fit into the other series in the l'Arche International collection. They have been arranged according to the type of event whenever possible. Sub-series also includes a binder which functioned as a catalogue of the majority of the cassettes that were housed at l'Arche Daybreak. This binder reflects many of the same series, and is located in box 56.

Orbis Books files

Sub-series consists of seven files which deal with Nouwen's personal and professional dealings with Orbis Books, a publishing company located in Maryknoll, New York. Much of the correspondence is between Nouwen or his assistants and Robert Ellsberg, Editor-in-Chief for Orbis Books. Specific Nouwen publications mentioned in the files include Walk with Jesus: Stations of the Cross (also referred to as I Walk with Jesus), Gracias, A Cry for Mercy: Prayers from the Genesee, With Burning Hearts: A Meditation on the Eucharistic Life, Love in a Fearful Land, and Ukrainian Journal.

Official documents

Sub-series consists of official papers kept for legal, insurance and professional reasons, including immigration papers, and personal identification cards.

Non-fiction manuscripts

Sub-series consists of typed and handwritten research notes and draft manuscripts and typescripts related to 22 works of nonfiction, including articles she published about her academic research on Wyndham Lewis, and personal interest in art, as well as articles related to her role as an educator and professor of English, and reflections on her life as a writer. They have been arranged chronologically, frequently relying on the publication dates of individual pieces, and the publication dates of works cited by Watson. Many of the typescripts are tentatively attributed to Watson, as they do not contain any attributive annotations or comments by her and do not appear to have been published. Works that have been accurately dated to a particular conference or public reading have been filed under the Public readings and conference material sub-series of the Professional activities series. Works such as introductions, prefaces, endorsements and blurbs written by Watson for other authors and publications have been filed under the Editorial and collaborative materials sub-series of the Professional activities series. There does not appear to be any surviving documentation for four of Watson's published articles: "Swift and Ovid: The Development of Metasatire

Miscellaneous financial receipts and invoices

Sub-series consists of three files of receipts and invoices from miscellaneous services and activities, including shipping invoices, purchase orders from mail order catalogues, photocopying and bindery bills, office supply rentals, grocery and vetrenary bills and bills for plumbers, furnace repairs and garden maintenance.

Files include:

  • 2006 01 945 Freight and postal shipping invoices and receipts, 1949, 1967, 1991-1997
  • 2006 01 946 Correspondence and invoices for purchases from Past Times 1995-1997
  • 2006 01 947 Miscellaneous receipts and invoices 1967 - 1997

Menninger Clinic records

Sub-series consists of materials pertaining to Nouwen's fellowship at the Menninger Clinic (Topeka, KS), between 1964 and 1966, working in clinical pastoral education, writing and research. Sub-series includes his case study for the fellowship as well as Nouwen’s day book or diary following his immediate time after the clinic.

Membership and Board of Directors' meetings

Sub-series consists of notification of meetings, agendas, minutes, reports from committees (including budgets and other financial statements), proposals, forms updating the officers and directors, and other materials prepared for meetings of the New Catholic Times membership, including the annual meeting of the Board of Directors.

From 1976 to 1989, members referred to themselves as "the collective" and meetings, held approximately bi-weekly, were called Collective meetings. The annual meeting of the Board of Directors usually occurred in January or February. Records for Collective meetings for the years 1978 and 1979 are absent, as indicated on post-it notes in the records for 1980 and 1977. From 1990 on, members referred themselves as "the membership" and Membership meetings were held twice a year, with the business conducted at the fall meeting. Records for membership meetings after 1999 do not exist, though see sub-series 2 for records pertaining to meetings of the Publishing Group.

Medical bills

Sub-series consists of one file containing medical bills from dentists and doctors from Toronto, ON and Nanaimo, B.C.

Materials regarding the circus

Sub-series consists of materials collected by Nouwen about the circus with particular focus on the trapeze artists The Flying Rodleighs. Include books, articles, circus programmes and magazines. Sub-series also includes audio cassettes and typed transcripts of The Flying Rodleigh interviews carried out by Nouwen in November of 1991. Includes 12 audio cassettes, 1 videocassette and 15 volumes.

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