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Bissell 1st 1984 accession

Personal records of Claude Bissell, consisting of correspondence, lecture notes, addresses, manuscripts, pamphlets, press clippings, postcards and photographs documenting his career as a professor of English, president of the University of Toronto, and a writer. His private correspondents include J. B. Bickersteth, Earle Birney, E. K. Brown, Morley Callaghan, Robertson Davies, Marshall McLuhan and Elsie May Pomeroy. «

Bissell 1988 accession

31 volumes of diaries and journals of Claude Thomas Bissell, covering the period from his third year as an undergraduate at the University of Toronto to the end of his presidency of the same university. No diary was kept for the period June, 1943 to August, 1945, during his military service during World War II with the Army in England and Northwest Europe. There are also no diaries for the years 1963-1965 in this accession.

Bissell 1993 accession

Correspondence, course notes, lecture notes, scrapbook, notes, manuscripts, articles, programs, photoprints, posters, and press clippings documenting the career of Claude Bissell as a student, a professor of English literature, and as an administrator, especially in his capacity as president of Carleton College (Ottawa) and the University of Toronto.

Land 1993 accession

Consists of correspondence, diaries, addresses, notes, minutes, reports, manuscripts, photoprints, a watercolour, a sketch and an architectural drawing documenting Dr. Land's career as a professor of and administrator in library science at the University of Toronto and as provincial librarian of Ontario.

University of Toronto. Faculty of Arts and Science. Public Relations and Liaison

Wiegand Foundation Lecture Series, 1992: "Cosmic Evolution: Toward a New Scientific Philosphy" by Dr. Eric Chaisson of the Space Telescope Science Institute; "Astronomy and Religion: Contributors or Contestants" by Dr. Christopher Corbally. The theme of the lecture series for 1992 was the Intersection of Science and Spirit.

University of Toronto. Faculty of Dentistry

  1. Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario records including official minutes of special and annual meetings of the Board (1868-1945), by-laws and constitution, scrapbook; records of the School of Dentistry including faculty council minutes (1908-1925), student information booklets (1908-1915), Students' instrument lists (1908-1925), student and licentiate registers, (1868-1925), examination questions (1907-1925), student registers(1868-1925), examination records, (1868-1915); examination summary sheets (1915-1925). Microfilm copy of Boxes 1 to 13 only (Royal College records.)
  2. Faculty of Dentistry records: Faculty Council minutes (1925-1970), Executive Committee of Faculty Council minutes (1923-1975), other committee minutes including Applications and Memorials/Admissions, Curriculum Committee, Endowment procurement committee, Essays committee, Graduate Studies Committee etc, Hospital Services Committee, Library Committee, Loans committee, Research committee, Awards Committee, Building committee, and others. Bound volumes : Account books, Calendars, Examination papers (1907-1959), Instrument lists (1908-1955).

University of Toronto. Faculty of Food Sciences

Records of the Faculty of Food Sciences (earlier Faculty of Household Science), consisting of historical files, administrative files, correspondence, examination results, calendars, student addresses and cumulative lists of graduates, student record cards, and student files. Not listed in the case file are additional administrative records, including material relating to the closure of the Faculty; see boxes for details

University of Toronto. Cinema Studies Institute

This accession contains Cinema Studies Institute Committee agenda and minutes, Innis College Council Academic Affairs Board minutes, Cinema Studies Institute Executive/Plenary Committee minutes, Cinema Studies Undergraduate Committee minutes, and Cinema Studies Governing Council minutes. The accession also includes material related to the annual Cinema Studies Retreat.

Gotlieb 2002 accession

Records in this accession document various aspects of Prof. Gotlieb’s career as a leading computer scientist. Most notably early correspondence, association files, publication files and research files document not only Gotlieb’s early work and contributions but shed light on the early development of computer technology in Canada, the emergence of computer scientists as a profession and their subject expertise as a discipline of academic study. Researchers wishing to study these early developments will find these records a rich source.

Several series in this accession document Gotlieb’s work in professional associations and these include Series IV Professional Associations and Series V Conference, Talks and Seminars as well as Series II Correspondence. These records would be useful to anyone researching these associations as well as the relationships among professional computer scientists.

This accession also contains records relating to Gotlieb’s wider social advocacy. For example, Series 9 has records relating to Science for Peace and several Jewish groups. Certain talks and events documented in Series V also give evidence to his active participation in advocacy groups and often, as is the case for many academics, the lines between his role as a scientist is intertwined with his role as a responsible citizen. Thus, researchers will note many of his talks deal with ethics, social responsibility, and consequences of technology.

This accession is only one of three held by the University Archives and therefore has large gaps in documentation. For most records relating to the early Computation Centre, acquisitions of computer hardware for the University of Toronto, and Gotlieb’s overall role in University administration researchers will need to consult B1988-0069. Teaching files in this newest accession document mainly courses in the 1970s and 1980s while the same series of records in B1988-0069 document the early courses developed and taught by Gotlieb. While this accession gives good documentation on Gotlieb’s role in the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), much of his international work in organizations such as International Federation of Information Processing Societies (IFIP) and UNESCO is documented in B1988-0069. For records specifically on his involvement in the McLuhan Program in Culture and Technology and with the Ontario Centre for Large Scale Computing, researchers need to consult accession B1994-0022.

Finally, this accession has several photographs of early computer installations at the University depicting technology that was unique to the world at that time. Included are images of the experimental computer UTEC that was being developed by Gotlieb, Dr. Josef Kates and Dr. Harvey Gellman in the late 1940s, as well at the FERUT (Ferranti Electronic computer) - the first electronic computer to be purchased anywhere. This was in 1952.

University of Toronto. Department of History of Art/Graduate Department of Art

This accession from the Department of History of Art/Graduate Department of Art contains annual budget and contract information, funds and donation reports, graduate program correspondence, OCGS appraisals, Chair's correspondence (Peter Brieger), lecture series material, and retired faculty HR/personnel files.

University of Toronto. Department of Sociology

Recorded lectures given as part of the "Ethnic and Race Relations" lecture series sponsored by the Department of Sociology and the Immigration Studies Programme. Lecturers from the University of Toronto include Warren Kabach, Dennis Magill, Robert Harney, Douglas Campbell and Raymond Breton. Guest lecturers include Anthony Richmond and Jean Burnet of York University, Cornelius Jaenen of the University of Ottawa, Pierre van der Berghe of the University of Washington, Nathan Glazer of Harvard University, Don Taylor of McGill University, Helena Znaniecki Lopata of Loyola University of Chicago and Arnold Dashefsky of University of Connecticut.

University of Toronto. Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering

Files of the Deans and Faculty, including some personal records of William Hodgson Ellis, Charles Hamilton Mitchell, Clarence Richard Young, Roland Rusk McLaughlin, William Stewart Wilson and Herbert Edward Yarrick (1873-1961); brief history, annual reports, functional plan and other documents including photographs (1945-1949); minutes of committees (1906-1925); examination results (1878-1884); programmes and records relating to special events, including dinners and the Wallberg Lecture; watercolour of Murray Bay Golf Course by Daniel Wilson, n.d.

University of Toronto. Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering. Office of the Dean

Consists of subject files, including: files on grants from Ford and McAllister Foundations (1963-1971); other research grant files (1946-1960); files on Engineering Society; School of Engineering Research, Committee of Management (1938-1946); files on finances and constitution of Faculty of Applied Science Athletic Association (1939-1961); as well as financial estimates.

University of Toronto. Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering

Minutes of the Board and Council of the School of Practical Science (1878- 1906); minutes of Faculty Council (1906-1971); reports of committees (1919-1971); letterbooks (1879-1907); minutes and reports of the School of Engineering Research Committee of Management (1917-1962) and report (1938-1962); examination book (1879-1901); student register (1880-1910); diploma record (1881-1911).

University of Toronto. Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering

Consists of student registration cards for those registered in the Bachelor of Applied Science program (1892-1915), and the Diploma program (1884-1912). The accession also consists of registration cards for students enrolled in special programs (1884-1903), and for those who never completed their studies (1885-1911). Each registration card includes a student name, their years of attendance, and their program focus/major. Some cards indicate classes taken and reasons for not completing the program.

University of Toronto. Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering. Office of the Dean

Box 1. Faculty Council correspondence (1981-1988) , agenda and minutes (1983-1990); Executive Committee correspondence (1979-1989), Box 2 Executive Committee agenda and minutes (1983-1989), Committee on Teaching Methods and Resources correspondence (1972-1986), Box 3. Committee on Teaching Methods and Resources agenda and minutes (1973-1989), teaching evaluation (1978-1988), Procedures for Standing Committees (1973-1989) and engineering case studies (1973-1975)

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