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Hide Shimizu Papers

  • CA EAL F007-2023.08
  • Accession
  • 1898 - 1999
  • [இதன்] பகுதியானHide Shimizu fonds

Contains official documents, newspaper clippings, scrapbooks, photographs and other biographical material related to the life of Japanese Canadian Hide Shimizu and her family members. Includes material related to Shimizu's awards from the Order of Canada, the Order of the Precious Crown (Government of Japan) and the National Association of Japanese Canadians (NAJC).

University of Toronto. Office of Academic Statistics and Records

Student statistics (anonymized) relating to enrolment, withdrawals, age, citizenship and geographic distribution, first year/grade 13 and mother tongue. Trends statistics, historical statistics, faculties etc. Reports prepared based on information in student record database.

Art Museum at the University of Toronto

This accession consists of administrative records of the Art Museum at the University of Toronto and the galleries comprised within: the Justina M. Barnicke gallery and the University of Toronto Art Centre (UTAC). Records consist of exhibition materials including curatorial research, correspondence, grant applications, proposals, budgets, loan agreements, install guides, lists of works, didactic labels, press materials, invitations, exhibition texts and catalogues, and condition and conservation reports. Records also include facilities reports and renovation plans, collection management files, event and lecture records, and board meeting minutes.

Justina M. Barnicke Art Gallery

Art Museum at the University of Toronto

This accession consists of administrative records of the Art Museum at the University of Toronto and the galleries comprised within: the Justina M. Barnicke gallery and the University of Toronto Art Centre (UTAC). Records consist of exhibition materials including curatorial research, correspondence, grant applications, proposals, budgets, loan agreements, installation guides, lists of works, didactic labels, press materials, invitations, exhibition texts and catalogues, and condition and conservation reports. Records also include facilities reports, building plans, a selection of historical records from University College, ephemera, administrative records of work-study and volunteer programs, collection management files, event and lecture records, and board meeting minutes.

University of Toronto Art Centre (UTAC)

University of Toronto Art Centre (UTAC)

This accession contains Art Committee meeting minutes, reports and memorandas. The accesion also contains correspondence from the office of the Director Ken Bartlett and Art Curators Dr. Elizabeth and Liz Wylie, Directors Joan Randall and Sheila Campbell, and from the office of Peter Richardson, Principal of University College. Also contains architectural drawings of the Art Gallery, the Art Centre, and the Malcove Gallery.

Stephen Ellis Fonds

  • CA ON00349 2023.015
  • Accession
  • 1963 - 2005
  • [இதன்] பகுதியானStephen Ellis Fonds

Fonds consists primarily of textual records related to films and television programs produced by Ralph C. Ellis and Stephen Ellis. Records include correspondence, development material, production material, post-production material, and distribution material.

Fonds includes the following Series:
Series 01: Profiles Of Nature
Series 02: Wild Guess
Series 03: Buck Staghorn’s Animal Bites
Series 04: Production & Accounting Files
Series 05: Audubon Wildlife Theatre
Series 06: Computerized Records
Series 07: Matt & Jenny
Series 08: The Baby Human
Series 09: To The Wild Country

Stephen Ellis

Stephen Ellis Fonds

  • CA ON00349 2023.007
  • Accession
  • 1968 - 2003
  • [இதன்] பகுதியானStephen Ellis Fonds

Fonds consists of prints and elements for films and television programs produced by Ralph C. Ellis and Stephen Ellis.

Fonds includes the following Series:
Series 01: Audubon Wildlife Theatre
Series 02: Adventures In Rainbow Country
Series 03: Buck Staghorn’s Animal Bites
Series 04: Profiles Of Nature
Series 05: Wildlife Cinema
Series 06: The Man Who Loved Birds
Series 07: Wild Guess
Series 08: The Baby Human
Series 09: Wild Canada
Series 10: Mother Nature
Series 11: Images Of Galapagos
Series 12: Wings In The Wilderness
Series 13: Matt & Jenny
Series 14: Fishing In Northern Ontario
Series 15: Other Materials
Series 16: Cry Of The Wild

Stephen Ellis

Shin Imai accession

  • CA EAL F001-2022.01
  • Accession
  • 1970 - 2018
  • [இதன்] பகுதியானShin Imai fonds

Fonds is comprised primarily of articles and material advocating for Japanese Canadian Redress. Textual material from the formation and activities of the Sodan-Kai are also included.

Michael Bliss 2017 accession

  • UTA 1070-B2017-0007
  • Accession
  • 1856-2017
  • [இதன்] பகுதியானMichael Bliss fonds

Further personal records of Michael Bliss, Professor Emeritus of History, consisting of personal and family correspondence, and photographs; other correspondence; scrapbooks; interviews; files relating to the University of Toronto, including memorabilia from his years as a senior fellow on the Massey College; addresses; drafts of articles, a play, books (including biographies of Sir William Osler and Harvey Cushing, and Bliss’ memoirs), short stories and book reviews; files on consulting and editing projects; files on professional organizations, especially the American Osler Society.

Terez Hyodo accession

  • CA EAL F015-2023.16
  • Accession
  • 1989-2013
  • [இதன்] பகுதியானTerez Hyodo fonds

Records are primarily journals and newsletters collected by Hyodo, relating to Japanese Canadians. Some correspondence is included.

Mika Fukuma accession

Material comes from multiple editors of The New Canadian, and operations of the newspaper. This includes material sent to the newspaper from The Japanese Canadian Committee for Democracy and other similar groups. Material from Thomas Shoyama date from WWII when he joined the Canadian Army. This material is from the Department of National Defence and are education material for learning Japanese, Japan’s military structures, and political history. Other material, collected and created by Kenzo Mori, relate to the Japanese Evacuee Committee, which he helped organize during Japanese Canadian internment. Kenzo Mori collected many publications, which have been collected here. Lastly, news and press clippings have been collected regarding the treatment of Japanese Canadians and Japanese Americans, along with Japanese soldiers during WWII. They date primarily from 1942 and cover both the USA and Canada.

Bruce Whiteman Papers

  • CA OTUTF MS COLL 00790 (Downsview Offsite)
  • Accession
  • 2015 - 2018
  • [இதன்] பகுதியானBruce Whiteman Papers

This collection consists of two accession of Bruce Whiteman’s papers (2018, 2019). The accessions are separated into two separate
sections, each with their own series. This includes material related to Whiteman’s personal and family history, specifically
photographs, albums and scrapbooks pertaining to his mother, June Whiteman, as well as a significant amount of material related to
his uncle, Sydney Charles Whiteman. As well as Whiteman’s personal diaries and notebooks. Also included is material related to
Whiteman’s professional life as a writer and poet, most specifically with drafts, proofs and published versions of his poetry, articles
and reviews. Also featured within this accession is material pertaining to Whiteman’s work as a teacher, specifically at the
Scattergood Friends School in Iowa, as well as the School of Continuing Education at the University of Toronto.

2018 Accession Contains Series:
• Series 1: Personal and Family History
• Series 2: Writing
• Series 3: Teaching

2019 Accession Contains Series:
• Series 1: Personal and Family History
• Series 2: Writing
• Series 3: Teaching

University of Toronto. Faculty of Music

Includes records from the Office of the Dean, mainly John Beckwith, the Assistant Dean (Administration) and the Faculty Secretary. Records are mainly subject correspondence files, administrative and financial files. Also includes Faculty Council and Committee Files; Opera department records; and Publicity and Concerts' files, and Dean John Beckwith's Daily Journals (1971-1976)

Jack Itsuo Hemmy accession

The records are comprised primarily of photographs taken and collected by Jack Hemmy and his family. Textual records are also included.

Personal family records from both the Henmi’s and the Okazaki’s follow the first members to settle in Canada, their forced uprooting during WWII, and eventually settling in Toronto. Textual records tell how Jack Hemmy was uprooted as a young man and sent East, away from the rest of his family. Many family photo albums have been kept, spanning from the turn of the century and continuing up until the 70s and 80s, spanning four generations.

Records are also collected from the many community events held by the Japanese Canadian community in Toronto. Jack attended many diverse events related to the community and was often the photographer for them. These photographs span from the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre, the Japanese Consulate, heritage events held at Ontario Place, and sports events. These records span primarily from the 1950s onwards, as the majority of them are from Jack’s time in Toronto.

Gordon Hirabayashi accession

Videos consist of recordings of television programs about Japanese American and Japanese Canadian internment. Many of these cassettes feature Hirabayashi as a subject. Audio cassettes are primarily recordings of interviews conducted by Hirabayashi on Japanese American and Japanese Canadian internment. Other recordings are from the Religious Society of Friends annual meetings. Some recordings are of Hirabayashi speaking on radio channels about his experience during WWII.

Michael Murakami accession

Accrual consists of photographs and negatives collected and taken by the donor’s parents, Aiko and David Murakami. Photographs are primarily from Aiko (nee. Kondo) Murakami and her family in Victoria, B.C. The photographic negatives are primarily taken by David Murakami. They include scenes of the Steveston fishing industry, and those who worked in it. The negatives also include images from the Japanese Canadian internment camps in Kaslo and New Denver, where the family was living. There are also some family photographs and accompanying negatives of the Murakami’s and their friends in Toronto, O.N.

Mike Murakami Papers

Contains printed matter from the National Association of Japanese Canadians (NAJC); various newspaper clippings, books and pamphlets on Japanese Canadians and the redress movement (including several complete issues of Nikkei Voice); 6 video cassettes with redress-related content, plus manuscript notebooks from Murakami’s grandmother (in Japanese).

Masaji George Tokiwa accession

The majority of the records are handwritten letters (written in kuzushiji) received by Tokiwa from Japan and friends across Canada. They are assumed to be from pre-WWII to after the war and his time in Toronto. Some photographs of the people of Ocean Falls, B.C. are also included. Due to the language skills needed to read these letters, no further or detailed descriptions have been created.

Tashichi George Uyeno accession

The material is mix of textual materials encompassing many details of the Uyeno family’s life from mostly 1939 to 1947. Many early records where created from the daily business of Tashichi George Uyeno’s business, Richmond Trading Company. The records are intermixed with letters from Mary Uyeno, who aided the business from Japan. Her letters include business information but also more personal discussions about family matters. They offer a glimpse into the life of many Japanese Canadians who grew up in both countries, identifying as both Canadian and Japanese.

Records also include correspondence with the Office of the Custodian, as the Uyeno’s assets were seized and sold. There is also official notices from the Office of the Custodian notifying the family to move further east and eventually to Ontario. Letters from the later part of the 40s are in regards to the Bird Commission and the sale of larger assets, such as the family’s property in North Vancouver.

Yoshida Family accession

The collection consists of 27 records (78 rpm), primarily made of shellac. Some of the records come with lyric sheets. Music is mostly popular Japanese songs from the 1950s. Artists include, but limited to:

Noriko Awaya (1907-1999)
Ikuma Dan (1924-2001)
Yoshi Eguchi (1903-1978)
Akiko Futaba (1915-2011)
Ichiro Fujiyama (1911-1993)
Rokuro Hara (1915-2001)
Ryoichi Hattori (1907-1993)
Tomiko Hattori (1917-1981)
Isao Hayahi (1912-1995)
Miyuki Ishimoto (1924-2009)
Tokiko Iwatani (1916-2013)
Masao Kato (1897-1977)
Matsutaro Kawaguchi (1899-1985)
Noburo Kirishima (1914-1984)
Hakushu Kitahara (1885-1942)
Masao Koga (1904-1978)
Yukie Kubo (1924-2010)
Hachiro Matsui (1919-1976)
Mataichi Matsumura (1898-1992)
Hibari Misora (1937-1989)
Shinpei Nakayama (1887-1952)
Michiko Namiki (1921-2001)
Toshio Nomura (1904-1966)
Atsuro Okamoto
Yoshiaki Omura
Naoyoshi Ozawa
Takao Saeki (1902-1981)
Aiko Saida
Yaso Saijo (1892-1970)
Shunichi Sasaki (1907-1957)
Hachiro Sato (1903-1973)
Sonosuke Sato (1890-1942)
Toroku Takagi (1904-2006)
Koji Truruta (1924-1987)
Gento Uehara (1914-1965)
Hamako Watanabe (1910-1999)
Yoshiko Yamaguchi (1920-2014)
Tadashi Yoshida (1921-1998)

Greater Toronto Chapter of the National Association of Japanese Canadians accession

Contains membership lists, meeting minutes and agendas from many of the committees the Toronto NAJC had, and participated in. Much of the material covers the period when the community organized and sought redress for the internment of Japanese Canadians during WWII. Records relating to and created by the Redress Advisory and Assistance Committee are also included.

Abe Kabayama Papers

Contains printed material related to the National Association of Japanese Canadians (NAJC) task force of First Nations Canadians, including meeting announcements and agendas; a small amount of material related to the Earth Spirit Festival held in Toronto in 1991; plus related correspondence. Also includes biographical and genealogical booklets on the Kabayama family, with photographs.

Shirley Yamada Papers

Photographs, slides and negatives taken during Japanese Canadian redress campaign rallies in B.C., Ottawa and Washington, plus audio recordings of redress-related radio programs.

Susan Hidaka accession

  • CA EAL F012-2023.12
  • Accession
  • [1936]-2023
  • [இதன்] பகுதியானSusan Hidaka fonds

Material is comprised mostly of textual records from the founding of the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre, and some celebrating the success of the Momiji Seniors Centre. Some personal records from Susan Hidaka’s life are also included.

Dennis Lee Papers

  • CA OTUTF MS COLL 00271
  • Accession
  • 1949-1988
  • [இதன்] பகுதியானDennis Lee Papers

This collection consists of material related to Dennis Lee’s professional life, including correspondence, editing files and notes, literary manuscripts, drafts, and related materials, including reviews, clippings, publicity, tapes, children’s fan mail and memorabilia.

2017.011 Accrual

  • CA ON00349 2017.011
  • Accession
  • 1978-2018
  • [இதன்] பகுதியானBlue Rodeo Fonds

The Blue Rodeo Accrual is separated under these series:
Series 1 – 7
Series 1: Video and Music Production
Series 2: Blue Rodeo-Live Contracts
Series 3: Tour Itineraries
Series 4: Audio Visuals
Series 5: Press clippings
Series 6: Merchandise and advertisement
Series 7: Awards

Series 1: Video and Music Production
The Blue Rodeo accrual’s first series is based on video and music production. This series deals with the business side of music production, music video requests and music sheets. It contains handwritten drafts of music sheets for their songs Sad Nights, It Could Happen to You, and Blew it away. It also includes correspondences to various production studios, video/film production ideas, and talks on video treatment for Blue Rodeo Music Videos. Lisa Mann and Christopher Mills created music treatments, and Anne Lindsay arranged the music score.
Series 2: Blue Rodeo-Live Contracts
The second series contains the collections of gig contracts for Blue Rodeo and Jim Cuddy’s solo acts. The venues include both public and private performances. The documents in the series are the engagement contract forms from the Toronto Musician’s Association for Blue Rodeo tours and contracts from the American Federation of Musicians of the United States and Canada. It also includes correspondence, catering, and memos from various venues. The contracts are from their tours in Canada and various international tours in Europe, the United States, and South America.
Series 3: Tour Itineraries
The third series retains Blue Rodeo tour itineraries both for Canadian and international tours. Itineraries include the scheduling for Lost Together, Tremolo, and the Diamond Mine tours in Canada and the United States from 1988 to 1997. The folders contain not only the tour itineraries but also contacts from various entertainment management companies, performance schedules, invoices for advertisement, press clippings about the tour, and correspondences. The series also includes Jim Cuddy and his solo band’s performance tours.
Series 4: Audio Visuals
The fourth series includes the videos and audio tapes from their concerts and songs. Videos include events such as the 40th Juno Awards red carpet, their shows at Horseshoe Tavern, Blue Rodeo in Banff, and Massey Hall. Audio from this collection includes songs Is it You, Moon and Tree, The Undiscovered Country, Walk like you Don’t Mind, Blue Rodeo in Stereovision, and other songs. It also includes vinyl records I don’t know why (You Love Me)/ Look what you've done, their songs from Hi-Fi.
Series 5: Press clippings
The fifth series contains a collection of press collections, magazines, and online articles that follow the journey of Blue Rodeo and Jim Cuddy’s solo performance written in in English, French, and German. Blue Rodeo press clippings publishers are from Canada, Australia, Europe, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Press clippings include their various tours, album reviews, interviews with Blue Rodeo and Jim Cuddy, NHL sports competitions, and lastly, the press featuring Blue Rodeo merchandise and marketing for concerts and albums.
Series 6: Merchandise and Advertisement
The sixth series includes the merchandise materials, objects, and proofs. Merchandise materials include business cards of various media companies proposing their works to Blue Rodeo by giving samples of their security access passes, patches, stickers, and langers. Media companies that submitted their work to Blue Rodeo also worked with musicians such as Snoop Dog, Eagles, Blink 182, George Thorogood and the Destroyers, KISS, and other music festival companies. Other merchandise materials include the Blue Rodeo’s tour apparel, which includes t-shirts, sweaters, and jackets. The advertisement consists of correspondence to Blue Rodeo and Jim Cuddy’s managers, music producers, and flyers to their earlier events. The last piece in the series is the personal apparel from Jim Cuddy, which includes his JUNO Cup hockey jerseys and business suits.
Series 7: Awards
The final series includes all the awards and recognition that Blue Rodeo and Jum Cuddy received during their careers. Awards include plaques, programs for award shows, and guides for the inductees. The numerous industry awards consist of the JUNOs, SOCANs, the Canadian Music Hall of Fame, the 2014 CBC Music Awards, and Canada’s highest honour in the performing arts – the Governor General’s Performing Arts Award (GGPAA) for Lifetime Artistic Achievement. Lastly, it includes correspondence for participation in charity work.

Blue Rodeo

Howarth 1986 accession

  • UTA 1395-B1986-0070
  • Accession
  • 1892-1986
  • [இதன்] பகுதியானThomas Howarth fonds

Consists of personal papers, including biographical materials, diaries, correspondence (1938-1975), as well as addresses, lectures (1961-1976), publications, articles (1954-1974), administrative files (1943-1976), as well as subject files on architectural institutes, councils, universities, associations, task forces and other organizations (1962-1986). Also includes architectural drawings and photoprints and audiotapes all relating to his career.

Photographs relating to the design and construction of Laurentian University including views of officials, buildings, and architectural renderings.

Howarth 1990 accession

  • UTA 1395-B1990-0031
  • Accession
  • 1969-1989
  • [இதன்] பகுதியானThomas Howarth fonds

Consists of files on travel, architectural associations, other organizations, contributions to periodicals, and the Commonwealth Association of Architects.

Howarth 1989 accession

  • UTA 1395-B1989-0014
  • Accession
  • 1887-1987
  • [இதன்] பகுதியானThomas Howarth fonds

Consists of correspondence, press clippings, reports, lecture notes, addresses, minutes, greeting cards, photoprints and architectural drawings relating to the career of Prof. Howarth as architect and professor of architecture in the United Kingdom and Canada.

Howarth 1996, 1997 and 2000 accessions

  • UTA 1395-B1996-0028, B1997-0021, B2000-0002
  • Accession
  • 1869-1999
  • [இதன்] பகுதியானThomas Howarth fonds

Records of Thomas Howarth, relating primarily to his activities as an architecture student at the University of Manchester, and as a professor and administrator there and at the Universities of Glasgow and Toronto, as a professional architect, and as an authority on Charles Rennie Macintosh. Included are correspondence, notes, minutes, course and lecture notes from the British universities; course material, student assignments, term projects, class reports, and theses for the Department/School/Faculty of Architecture in the University of Toronto; files on conferences, seminars, professional and other organizations of interest to Dr. Howarth; sketches for and other material relating to the building of Laurentian University and York University (including Glendon College); records of the University of Toronto Architecture Club (1919-1929, 1943-1948); drawings, plans, photographs, glass-plate negatives, slides, posters, audiotapes, film, and printing blocks.

Howarth 1999 accession

  • UTA 1395-B1999-0007
  • Accession
  • 1890-1999
  • [இதன்] பகுதியானThomas Howarth fonds

Personal correspondence; correspondence relating to the Faculty of Architecture (1961-1992) and the National Capital Commission (1968-1974); files relating to architecture in the Far East and Australia; greeting cards, architectural drawings; publications; other records received during 1999.

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