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Dennis Lee Papers

This collection consists of material related to Dennis Lee’s professional life, including correspondence, editing files and notes, literary manuscripts, drafts, and related materials, including reviews, clippings, publicity, tapes, children’s fan mail and memorabilia.

2017.011 Accrual

The Blue Rodeo Accrual is separated under these series:
Series 1 – 7
Series 1: Video and Music Production
Series 2: Blue Rodeo-Live Contracts
Series 3: Tour Itineraries
Series 4: Audio Visuals
Series 5: Press clippings
Series 6: Merchandise and advertisement
Series 7: Awards

Series 1: Video and Music Production
The Blue Rodeo accrual’s first series is based on video and music production. This series deals with the business side of music production, music video requests and music sheets. It contains handwritten drafts of music sheets for their songs Sad Nights, It Could Happen to You, and Blew it away. It also includes correspondences to various production studios, video/film production ideas, and talks on video treatment for Blue Rodeo Music Videos. Lisa Mann and Christopher Mills created music treatments, and Anne Lindsay arranged the music score.
Series 2: Blue Rodeo-Live Contracts
The second series contains the collections of gig contracts for Blue Rodeo and Jim Cuddy’s solo acts. The venues include both public and private performances. The documents in the series are the engagement contract forms from the Toronto Musician’s Association for Blue Rodeo tours and contracts from the American Federation of Musicians of the United States and Canada. It also includes correspondence, catering, and memos from various venues. The contracts are from their tours in Canada and various international tours in Europe, the United States, and South America.
Series 3: Tour Itineraries
The third series retains Blue Rodeo tour itineraries both for Canadian and international tours. Itineraries include the scheduling for Lost Together, Tremolo, and the Diamond Mine tours in Canada and the United States from 1988 to 1997. The folders contain not only the tour itineraries but also contacts from various entertainment management companies, performance schedules, invoices for advertisement, press clippings about the tour, and correspondences. The series also includes Jim Cuddy and his solo band’s performance tours.
Series 4: Audio Visuals
The fourth series includes the videos and audio tapes from their concerts and songs. Videos include events such as the 40th Juno Awards red carpet, their shows at Horseshoe Tavern, Blue Rodeo in Banff, and Massey Hall. Audio from this collection includes songs Is it You, Moon and Tree, The Undiscovered Country, Walk like you Don’t Mind, Blue Rodeo in Stereovision, and other songs. It also includes vinyl records I don’t know why (You Love Me)/ Look what you've done, their songs from Hi-Fi.
Series 5: Press clippings
The fifth series contains a collection of press collections, magazines, and online articles that follow the journey of Blue Rodeo and Jim Cuddy’s solo performance written in in English, French, and German. Blue Rodeo press clippings publishers are from Canada, Australia, Europe, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Press clippings include their various tours, album reviews, interviews with Blue Rodeo and Jim Cuddy, NHL sports competitions, and lastly, the press featuring Blue Rodeo merchandise and marketing for concerts and albums.
Series 6: Merchandise and Advertisement
The sixth series includes the merchandise materials, objects, and proofs. Merchandise materials include business cards of various media companies proposing their works to Blue Rodeo by giving samples of their security access passes, patches, stickers, and langers. Media companies that submitted their work to Blue Rodeo also worked with musicians such as Snoop Dog, Eagles, Blink 182, George Thorogood and the Destroyers, KISS, and other music festival companies. Other merchandise materials include the Blue Rodeo’s tour apparel, which includes t-shirts, sweaters, and jackets. The advertisement consists of correspondence to Blue Rodeo and Jim Cuddy’s managers, music producers, and flyers to their earlier events. The last piece in the series is the personal apparel from Jim Cuddy, which includes his JUNO Cup hockey jerseys and business suits.
Series 7: Awards
The final series includes all the awards and recognition that Blue Rodeo and Jum Cuddy received during their careers. Awards include plaques, programs for award shows, and guides for the inductees. The numerous industry awards consist of the JUNOs, SOCANs, the Canadian Music Hall of Fame, the 2014 CBC Music Awards, and Canada’s highest honour in the performing arts – the Governor General’s Performing Arts Award (GGPAA) for Lifetime Artistic Achievement. Lastly, it includes correspondence for participation in charity work.

Blue Rodeo

Howarth 1986 accession

Consists of personal papers, including biographical materials, diaries, correspondence (1938-1975), as well as addresses, lectures (1961-1976), publications, articles (1954-1974), administrative files (1943-1976), as well as subject files on architectural institutes, councils, universities, associations, task forces and other organizations (1962-1986). Also includes architectural drawings and photoprints and audiotapes all relating to his career.

Photographs relating to the design and construction of Laurentian University including views of officials, buildings, and architectural renderings.

Howarth 1990 accession

Consists of files on travel, architectural associations, other organizations, contributions to periodicals, and the Commonwealth Association of Architects.

Howarth 1989 accession

Consists of correspondence, press clippings, reports, lecture notes, addresses, minutes, greeting cards, photoprints and architectural drawings relating to the career of Prof. Howarth as architect and professor of architecture in the United Kingdom and Canada.

Howarth 1996, 1997 and 2000 accessions

Records of Thomas Howarth, relating primarily to his activities as an architecture student at the University of Manchester, and as a professor and administrator there and at the Universities of Glasgow and Toronto, as a professional architect, and as an authority on Charles Rennie Macintosh. Included are correspondence, notes, minutes, course and lecture notes from the British universities; course material, student assignments, term projects, class reports, and theses for the Department/School/Faculty of Architecture in the University of Toronto; files on conferences, seminars, professional and other organizations of interest to Dr. Howarth; sketches for and other material relating to the building of Laurentian University and York University (including Glendon College); records of the University of Toronto Architecture Club (1919-1929, 1943-1948); drawings, plans, photographs, glass-plate negatives, slides, posters, audiotapes, film, and printing blocks.

Howarth 1999 accession

Personal correspondence; correspondence relating to the Faculty of Architecture (1961-1992) and the National Capital Commission (1968-1974); files relating to architecture in the Far East and Australia; greeting cards, architectural drawings; publications; other records received during 1999.

Howarth 1993 accession

Correspondence, notes, memoranda, minutes, addresses, articles, reports, publications, photoprints, and architectural plans documenting the career of Thomas Howarth as an architect, professor and administrator.

Howarth 1998 accession

Correspondence, notes, lecture notes, exhibition programmes, articles, addresses, architectural drawings and photographs relating to Thomas Howarth’s interest in Charles Rennie Mackintosh; plates from architectural journals; greeting cards; colour slides of scenes at the University of Toronto, in Toronto generally and of specific Toronto buildings, and of the work of Canadian and European architects.

Yoshida Family accession

The collection consists of 27 records (78 rpm), primarily made of shellac. Some of the records come with lyric sheets. Music is mostly popular Japanese songs from the 1950s. Artists include, but limited to:

Noriko Awaya (1907-1999)
Ikuma Dan (1924-2001)
Yoshi Eguchi (1903-1978)
Akiko Futaba (1915-2011)
Ichiro Fujiyama (1911-1993)
Rokuro Hara (1915-2001)
Ryoichi Hattori (1907-1993)
Tomiko Hattori (1917-1981)
Isao Hayahi (1912-1995)
Miyuki Ishimoto (1924-2009)
Tokiko Iwatani (1916-2013)
Masao Kato (1897-1977)
Matsutaro Kawaguchi (1899-1985)
Noburo Kirishima (1914-1984)
Hakushu Kitahara (1885-1942)
Masao Koga (1904-1978)
Yukie Kubo (1924-2010)
Hachiro Matsui (1919-1976)
Mataichi Matsumura (1898-1992)
Hibari Misora (1937-1989)
Shinpei Nakayama (1887-1952)
Michiko Namiki (1921-2001)
Toshio Nomura (1904-1966)
Atsuro Okamoto
Yoshiaki Omura
Naoyoshi Ozawa
Takao Saeki (1902-1981)
Aiko Saida
Yaso Saijo (1892-1970)
Shunichi Sasaki (1907-1957)
Hachiro Sato (1903-1973)
Sonosuke Sato (1890-1942)
Toroku Takagi (1904-2006)
Koji Truruta (1924-1987)
Gento Uehara (1914-1965)
Hamako Watanabe (1910-1999)
Yoshiko Yamaguchi (1920-2014)
Tadashi Yoshida (1921-1998)

Yoshida Family

Tashichi George Uyeno accession

The material is mix of textual materials encompassing many details of the Uyeno family’s life from mostly 1939 to 1947. Many early records where created from the daily business of Tashichi George Uyeno’s business, Richmond Trading Company. The records are intermixed with letters from Mary Uyeno, who aided the business from Japan. Her letters include business information but also more personal discussions about family matters. They offer a glimpse into the life of many Japanese Canadians who grew up in both countries, identifying as both Canadian and Japanese.

Records also include correspondence with the Office of the Custodian, as the Uyeno’s assets were seized and sold. There is also official notices from the Office of the Custodian notifying the family to move further east and eventually to Ontario. Letters from the later part of the 40s are in regards to the Bird Commission and the sale of larger assets, such as the family’s property in North Vancouver.

Uyeno, Tashichi George

Shimizu Family accession

Contains photo albums and ephemera related to the Shimizu family and the work of Kosaburo and Hide Shimizu.
Kosaburo Shimizu was born in Japan in 1893 and immigrated to British Columbia in 1907 where he was employed as a houseboy while attending the Royal City High School. Upon high school graduation in 1913 he taught English at the New Westminster Japanese Methodist Church. Though his father wanted him to join the workforce to help support the family, Kosaburo Shimizu was determined to attend university. Though he debated attending university in Japan, when he learned that he would be subject to conscription if he returned to the country he decided to stay in North America.

Kosaburo Shimizu attended UBC in 1915 and continued his studies with an M.A. in English Literature from Harvard University in 1924. He was later ordained as a United Church minister and became the pastor of the Vancouver Japanese United Church in 1926. Throughout the 20’s and 30’s he worked to increase the Japanese Christian fellowship and bridge rifts between generations and cultures. During the Second World War Shimizu was relocated by the federal government to an internment camp in Kaslo B.C. After the war he moved to Toronto where he met and married his wife Hide Shimizu (née Hyodo) and founded the Japanese United Church’s work in the Church of all Nations.

Hide Shimizu was born in Vancouver on May 11, 1908 to parents Hideichi Hyodo and Toshi Hyodo. Hide completed her grade school education and teacher’s training in Vancouver, B.C. By the age of 18, she was the first and only Japanese Canadian to hold a teaching certificate. From 1926-1944 she taught classes of Japanese Canadian students at Lord Byng school in Steveston, B.C. She was instrumental in organizing the education of Japanese Canadian students in B.C. throughout the Canadian Government’s WWII Japanese internment programme. Following the war, Hide moved to Ontario where she married Rev. Kosaburo Shimizu in 1948. In Ontario, Hide became an active member of several Japanese Canadian interest groups, including the Nisei Church Board, the Nisei Women’s Club, the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre (JCCC) and the Japanese Canadian Citizen’s Association (JCCA), the Momiji Health Care Society and the Nipponia Home for Japanese Canadian seniors.

Hide would later be recognized by the Canadian Government’s Women’s History Month as the first Japanese Canadian teacher. She was admitted to the Order of Canada in 1982 for her outstanding contributions to early Japanese Canadian education, and awarded the Order of the Precious Crown by the Japanese Government in 1983. Hide was also formally recognized by the NAJC and other Japanese Canadian groups for her lifelong contributions to Japanese Canadian society. She died in 1999 at the age of 91.

Shimizu, Hide

Susan Hidaka accession

Material is comprised mostly of textual records from the founding of the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre, and some celebrating the success of the Momiji Seniors Centre. Some personal records from Susan Hidaka’s life are also included.

Hidaka, Susan

E.R. Hunter Papers

Includes personal diaries of E.R. Hunter's mother, Ethelwyn Walker, 1890-1903; extensive personal correspondence between husband and wife, Sir Byron Edmund Walker and Lady Mary Alexander Walker, 1873-1921; and correspondence between Lady Mary Alexander Walker and her sister Eliza I. Alexander, sister 1902-1921

Margaret Atwood Papers

Drafts and final typescripts of her literary works (poems, stories, dramatic works, novels, non fiction works); original art work; correspondence; a little juvenilia.

Barbarian Press Papers

This gift contains Proofs and Design Drawings for C. Toselli’s Immobile correndo (Motionless in Motion) from proofs to deluxe edition, Crispin Elsted’s A Natural History of Surprise, Abigail Rorer’s Endgrain Editions Two, Arnold Shives’ Mountain Journal, and miscellaneous. There are also Proofs and Design Drawings for Founts and Circumstance and A Sloth of Bears,

Clark/Moogk Family 1983 accession

Files assembled by Ernest George Moogk relating to the University of Toronto Contingent, Canadian Officers Training Corps, in particular its 50th anniversary (1964), its history project (1976-1978), and the activities of its Past Officers' Mess (1962-1978); files created by Ernest Moogk's wife, Virginia Clark Moogk, consisting of course notes for the Teacher's Course in the Faculty of Arts and Division of University Extension (summer, 1954, 1957-1958), and related class and prize lists (1957, 1958).

Photoprints include images of Harold Clark, Aubrey Hoffman Perry, Margaret Head Thomson, Applied Science and Engineering Rowing Crew I (1927-1928), graduating class in Applied Science and Engineering (1928), and the Central Steam Plant (1930).

Clark/Moogk Family 2009 accession

Personal records of Ernest George Moogk; his wife, Virginia Marguerite Clark Moogk; and his daughter, Marguerite Emma Moogk Hunt.

Ernie Moogk : paper, “The Germans in Canada” (ca 1930), photographs he took a University of Toronto Settlement camp that he organized (15 April 1956), list of 'professional engineering affiliates of The Company' (nd.), and list of support staff (?) at U of T (195-?).

Virginia Moogk : a list (post-1961) of names of 1929 graduates in Household Science and Household Economics, and a draft of the seating plan for a dinner (unidentified) with a list of speakers, including George Sidney Brett, W. J. Dunlop, and Virginia Moogk.

Marguerite Hunt : preliminary notes by A. S. P. Woodhouse for 'English 4K: Nineteenth century thought' (1955) and a letter (1925-12-18) from him to Maurice [unknown].

Clark (Harold) Family 1982 accession

Handwritten memoir by Harold Clark, "Dr. A. S. Vogt and his Mendelssohn Choir of Toronto", n.d., 13 p.; photoprints of Dr. Augustus Stephen Vogt, of members of the post-graduate course, Royal College of Dental Surgeons (1918), and of Ralph Mallory Clark (BASc 1926, instructor in Engineering Drawing, 1930-1942).

Clark (Harold) Family 1983 accession

Records relating to members of the Clark family, including: Harold Clark and his children, Ralph Mallory and Virginia Marguerite, and his son-in-law, Ernest George Moogk.

Included are correspondence and tributes on the death of Ralph Mallory Clark (1942); correspondence, notes, examinations, and military orders relating to Ernest Moogk's involvement with the Royal Canadian Engineers, the University of Toronto Contingent Canadian Officers Training Corps, and the Department of Military Studies (1937-1941); Virginia Moogk's course notes and exams for the Teachers Course in the Faculty of Arts, partly given through the Division of University Extension (1926-1927, 1930-1931, 1957-1959), and an address by her on public school education (193-).

Accompanying these textual records are a photo album of the Clark's on tour in Europe with the Toronto Mendelssohn Choir, and several images of Dr. Augustus Stephen Vogt.

Abe Kabayama Papers

Contains printed material related to the National Association of Japanese Canadians (NAJC) task force of First Nations Canadians, including meeting announcements and agendas; a small amount of material related to the Earth Spirit Festival held in Toronto in 1991; plus related correspondence. Also includes biographical and genealogical booklets on the Kabayama family, with photographs.

Kabayama, Michiomi Abraham

Greater Toronto Chapter of the National Association of Japanese Canadians accession

Contains membership lists, meeting minutes and agendas from many of the committees the Toronto NAJC had, and participated in. Much of the material covers the period when the community organized and sought redress for the internment of Japanese Canadians during WWII. Records relating to and created by the Redress Advisory and Assistance Committee are also included.

Greater Toronto Chapter of the National Association of Japanese Canadians

University of Toronto Associates

Consists of correspondence with various departments at the University of Toronto, including the Department of Private Funding (1980-1987), the Office of Student Awards, the University of Toronto Debating Union (1981-1985), and various other groups (1984-1999). Meeting minutes, notes, and office memorandums are also included.

University of Toronto Associates

Consists of Board of Directors' meetings minutes and agenda (1957-1997), annual statements (1948-1965), by-laws, and policies. Also includes financial reports, correspondence, and project files. The Associates of the University of Toronto, Inc. is an American charitable organization established in 1947 to facilitate donations from individuals, corporations, estates, trusts, and foundations resident in the United States for the benefit of the University of Toronto.

Andrews 1989 accession

Consists of correpondence; course and lecture notes; research files, especially with regard to the Vidal Durkheim project; manuscripts and publications; theses and graduate studies papers; course material and term papers on urban geography, especially civic elections and the Spadina Expressway; and administrative files documenting the career of Howard Frederick Andrews with the Department of Geography at Erindale College/UTM and the Centre for Urban and Community Studies at the University of Toronto.

Anderson 2004 accession

Personal records of James E. Anderson, professor of anatomy and anthropology at the University of Toronto, McMaster University, and the State University of New York at Buffalo. Includes: manuscript (original and bound carbon copy) of "The Osteology of the Orchid Site, Fort Erie,Ontario", file on Tuberculosis, correspondence, medical case files of young males (SC4 -SC60); and series of hand drawn diagrams of human anatomy.

Lawrence Hill Papers

This collection consists of extensive material - manuscripts, research materials, correspondence - related to published books by Lawrence Hill, including Any Known Blood; Some Great Thing; The Book of Negroes/Someone Knows My Name; Black Berry, Sweet Juice; Women of Vision: the Story of the Canadian Womens Association; Trials and Triumphs: the Story of African Canadians; The Deserter's Tale: the Story of an Ordinary Soldier Who Walked Away from the War in Iraq, among other titles and projects. It also includes correspondence, photographs, family histories and other material related to the life and work of Hill.

Hill, Lawrence

Leonard Cohen Papers

Includes extensive materials related to Leonard Cohen’s early writing and publications, both poetry and prose, as well as some plays and television play scripts. There are multiple drafts of many poems from Cohen’s undergraduate years through his mid-late 20s, both typescript (many with holograph revisions) and holograph. There are similar drafts of prose: short stories, and
prose fragments, from the same period. Many of these writings became the basis for Cohen’s publications. Also included are materials directly related to the publication of Let Us Compare Mythologies, The Spice Box of Earth, The Favorite Game, Flowers for Hitler, and The Death of a Lady’s Man, including typescripts, page proofs, and correspondence with publishers and literary agents. There is also correspondence with friends, mentors, and colleagues, as well as some fan mail from 1967-68.

Cohen, Leonard

Bruce Whiteman Papers

This collection consists of two accession of Bruce Whiteman’s papers (2018, 2019). The accessions are separated into two separate
sections, each with their own series. This includes material related to Whiteman’s personal and family history, specifically
photographs, albums and scrapbooks pertaining to his mother, June Whiteman, as well as a significant amount of material related to
his uncle, Sydney Charles Whiteman. As well as Whiteman’s personal diaries and notebooks. Also included is material related to
Whiteman’s professional life as a writer and poet, most specifically with drafts, proofs and published versions of his poetry, articles
and reviews. Also featured within this accession is material pertaining to Whiteman’s work as a teacher, specifically at the
Scattergood Friends School in Iowa, as well as the School of Continuing Education at the University of Toronto.

2018 Accession Contains Series:
• Series 1: Personal and Family History
• Series 2: Writing
• Series 3: Teaching

2019 Accession Contains Series:
• Series 1: Personal and Family History
• Series 2: Writing
• Series 3: Teaching

Karen Mulhallen Papers

Includes material related to ‘Blake in our Time’ conference at University of Toronto 2010; extensive William Blake research, correspondence, events; PhD thesis ‘Blake’s Night Thoughts’: research, drafts, correspondence; personal correspondence; Descant legal and financial; author and artist correspondence; drafts, notes and research for personal writing, including Code Orange, Captive Love, Seasons in an Unknown Key; appearances; reading journals; photographs; Ryerson donations; personal textile collection; medical and other material.

George Elliot Clarke Papers

This accession of George Elliott Clarke’s papers contains extensive email correspondence from 2015 to 2018, as well as personal
correspondence, notes, invitations and letters. There is material related to published and upcoming books, most notably including
holograph notebooks for Canticles I, II, III and Portia White. As well as an early draft of The Motorcyclist and a film script co-written
with William D. MacGillvray based on George and Rue. Contains a draft, agreement and correspondence for GEC’s memoir, which
will be published by Alfred A. Knopf. Accession contains a large number of word processed academic articles and lectures, as well as
material related to Clarke’s role as a Professor at the University of Toronto. This accession includes poetry, articles and interviews
from Clarke’s time as the Parliamentary Poet Laureate (2016-2017), as well as poetry written during the period of 2015 to 2018,
including those sent by email. Records also contain research material, primarily as photocopied journals, articles and books, on the
topic of Black history, specifically in Nova Scotia. There is also poetry and other writing by other authors, which is primarily sent to
Clarke for revision or comments. In particular, there is a significant amount of information related to Rienzi Crusz.

2022.016 acquisition

Fonds consists of research materials collected by Bowman, including publications, video recordings, and audio recordings.

Fonds includes the following Series:
Series 01: Paperbacks
Series 02: Videotapes (numbered)
Series 03: Live, Rare, and Unreleased Recordings – Compact Disc
Series 04: Covermount Compact Discs
Series 05: Compact Disc Miscellaneous Albums
Series 06: Polaris Music Prize Shortlist Booklets
Series 07: Live, Rare, and Unreleased Recordings – Vinyl
Series 08: Live, Rare, and Unreleased Recordings – Cassette
Series 09: Live, Rare, and Unreleased Bob Dylan Recordings – Cassette
Series 10: Cassette Miscellaneous Albums
Series 11: Live, Rare, and Unreleased Video – DVD
Series 12: Live, Rare, and Unreleased Recordings – DAT and DDS

Rob Bowman

2018.013 acquisition

Fonds consists of research materials collected by Bowman, including music periodicals, publications, video recordings, and audio recordings, as well as correspondence.

Fonds includes the following Series:
Series 01: Magazines
Series 02: Newsletters
Series 03: Journals
Series 04: Zines And Independent Magazines
Series 05: Alternative And Music Newspapers
Series 06: Trade Papers
Series 07: Catalogues And Classifieds
Series 08: Commemorative Publications
Series 09: Paperbacks
Series 10: Supplemental Publications
Series 11: Programs, Guides and Event Listings
Series 12: Tabloid Newspapers
Series 13: Comic Books And Promotional Cards
Series 14: Songbooks
Series 15: Calendars
Series 16: Directories
Series 17: Photocopied Publications
Series 18: Clippings
Series 19: Videotapes (numbered)
Series 20: Videotapes (not numbered)
Series 21: “The Industry” Raw Footage
Series 22: “The Industry” Rough Cuts
Series 23: “The Industry” Fine Cuts And Final Programs
Series 24: Correspondence
Series 25: Live, Rare, And Unreleased Recordings - Compact Disc
Series 26: Covermount Compact Discs
Series 27: Compact Disc Miscellaneous Albums
Series 28: Polaris Music Prize Shortlist Booklets
Series 29: Live, Rare, And Unreleased Recordings, Vinyl
Series 30: Interactive Albums, CD-ROM
Series 31: Reference, CD-ROM
Series 32: Digital Files

Rob Bowman

2023.001 acquisition

Fonds consists of material related to the television series Danger Bay and to the documentary Prom Night In Mississippi.

Fonds includes the following Series:
Series 01: Danger Bay
Series 02: Prom Night In Mississippi, 2007-2009

Saltzman, Paul

Ham 2023 accession

This accrual contains correspondence from family and friends to Jim Ham while he was a student at MIT (1947-1949). There is also a small number of letters from Jim to family members, including three as a child to his mother (1926-1928). One file of memorabilia, photographs and letters relates to his time in the Naval Service at the end of World War II (1944-1945). Finally, there is a certificate from July 1979 that made Ham a lifetime member of the Royal Ontario Museum, shortly before the ROM and the University separated. Ham was President at the time that the two institutions parted ways.

2017.030 acquisition

The Paul Saltzman Fonds spans his whole career, with many records from his most notable work. His time with the Beatles in 1968 is well represented. Multiple transparencies, artist proofs, and exhibition prints are present, including those selected by the Liverpool Airport for their art installation. There are also photos Saltzman took on his return trip to India in 2004 in preparation of his book.

There are multiple video Masters for the Danger Bay series, including Spanish, French, and Czech language masters.
A vast array of production elements are present ( ¼” audio reels, audiocassettes, Betacam SP, Digital Betacam, D2 cassettes, ¾” cassettes, VHS, HDCAM, DVDs, CDs, 16mm release prints, 16mm workprints, 16mm internegative, 16mm interpositive, 16mm optical soundtrack, 16mm magnetic soundtrack, 35mm release prints), and include productions Danger Bay, Wings, and Cold L-Z Pow. Multiple hard drives hold electronic files from Aides, Prom Night, and Last White Night.

Photographic and graphic records represent the productions Spread Your Wings, Danger Bay, and My Secret Identity. Some of these photographs are cast/crew photos, framed animation cells, and framed magazine covers.

Many of Saltzman’s awards are included in the Fonds. There are 100 framed certificate awards, 5 statuettes, 1 Emmy award for My Secret Identity, 3 medals, 9 medals in custom boxes and 2 medals encased in acrylic.

Saltzman, Paul

Stephen Ellis Fonds

Fonds consists of prints and elements for films produced by Ralph C. Ellis and Stephen Ellis, as well as prints and related material for films they distributed.

Fonds includes the following Series:
Series 01: Ralph Ellis Estate
Series 02: Stellis Media Inc.
Series 03: Stephen Ellis

Stephen Ellis

Dave and Dale Cox (Third Accrual)

This accrual consists of four series, based on a listing provided by the creator. The series are as follows:

  1. Animation Books and Periodicals
  2. Animation Memorabilia
  3. Animation Cels and Drawings
  4. Animation Storyboards and Designs
    The first series, Animation Books and Periodicals, consists of the Coxes’ personal collection of books and magazines about the art of animation. This series also contains books and graphic novels based on Nelvana animated television programs - in particular, “Rock and Rule,” the “Franklin” series, and “Inspector Gadget.”
    The second series, Animation Memorabilia, consists of memorabilia collected by the Coxes related to animation, including commemorative programs and publications, brochures, a tote bag, “Babar” merchandise, an animation kit, original animation drawings from “The Pink Panther,” and several hand-cut, 3-D cartoon caricatures. This series also includes film reels and a DVD featuring some of Dave Coxes’ earliest animation work, from his time as a student at Sheridan College to animation shorts for “Sesame Street.”
    The third series, Animation Cels and Drawings, consists of original production animation cels and original production drawings from several Nelvana series and programs worked on by the Coxes, including “Cosmic Christmas,” “Intergalactic Thanksgiving,” “My Pet Monster,” “Ewoks,” “Rupert,” “Beetlejuice,” “Rome-0 and Julie-8,” “The Pink Panther,” and “Strawberry Shortcake.” This series also includes an animation cel from an animated Christmas card by Dave and Dale Cox.
    The fourth series, Animation Storyboards and Designs, consists of original storyboards and character designs created by Dave Cox, as well as copies of storyboards. Highlights include storyboards for “The New Quiz Kids,” for VideoArt Productions, as well as storyboards for several animated commercial and public service announcements. Finally, the series also includes storyboards, story ideas, and concept sketches for animated shorts and series by Dave Cox.

Dave and Dale Cox

Dave and Dale Cox (First Accrual)

This accrual contains a large selection of animation cels, toys and memorabilia relating to the cartoons the pair worked on, and conference programs they attended. As the two were also collectors of animation, it is somewhat unclear which cels were drawn by Dale or Dave, and which were purchased later on. There are notes and tips on animation, created by Dave when he worked at Nelvana, and are very detailed in describing the animation methods they used, and how to best reuse cels in future scenes. The production best represented in this accrual is the pair’s 1982 animated Christmas Card, which includes animation sketches, flip books, timing notes, and correspondence regarding the reception of the cartoon, and contracts to air the short on television. Another well represented program is Inspector Gadget, as there are notes from Dave’s time in Japan working on the program, and lots of memorabilia. There are also many cels and animation drawings from the program Ewoks.
Dates: [1966]-2018
Series have been arranged to reflect the different stages in Dale and Dave Cox’s lives. Larger series with clear division of work have been further divided into sub-series.
Series 1: Independent and Early Work (1968-2015)
The first series represent the work Dale and Dave did while at Sheridan and content they created for personal use and enjoyment. Freelance work or material that was not clearly tied to another series has also been placed here.
Series 2: VideoArt Productions (1972-2018)
The second series contains programs that were created by VideoArt Productions. As the company was young and small when Dave began there, it can be assumed he worked on all the material included in this series. This was the first animation company Dave worked for, and thus the work included is all from the early stages in his career.
Series 3: Nelvana (1978-2017)
The third series has been further arranged into subseries due to the large amount of material relating to it. Nelvana is a Canadian animation studio that both Dave and Dale worked for, and have played a large part in growing their careers. Nelvana has animated many popular and award winning programs, many of which are represented in this accrual. Due to the volume of material, and the breadth of programs, the series is divided into sub-series, organized by program, the advertisement branch of Nelvana, Spotted Bear, and company files. Much of the ephemera is within this series, as are the animation cels. Production notes are also included in some subseries. Not all of the material included in this series was directly worked on by the Coxs, but may have been acquired later for their personal collection.
Series 4: Animation Magazines and Conference Material (1975-2004)
The fourth series contains more secondary material. The pair attended many international as well Canadian professional animation conferences. Often their attendance was not only for yearly professional learning, but they had also been recognized for their contribution to the art and were being awarded in some manner. Because many of the shorts they worked on were the reasons they attended, those conference material that feature these programs, Christmas Card for example, have been organized into another series. Instead, this series “Animation Magazines and Conference Material” contains conference programs and magazines that do not feature either Dave or Dale. This series is quite useful in capturing how the animation industry both in Canada and abroad has changed, as the program books and magazines were meant for professionals in the field and cover a large breadth of time.
Series 5: Collectables and Other Material Related to Animation ([1966]-2004)
The last series contains material that are clearly items Dave and Dale collected over the years that relate to animation. This includes educational VHS tapes that cover the history of animation across the world, cels from programs that are outside of the scope of any of the other series listed, and other general animation memorabilia.

Cylla von Tiedemann Fonds

  • Accession
  • 1981-2009, 2019

The Cylla von Tiedemann Fonds is separated under series based on her works with various institutions:
Series 1 – 14
Series 1: Press Media Material
Series 2: National Ballet commissions
Series 3: Stratford Commissions
Series 4: Tale of a Mask
Series 5: India; 1998-2000
Series 6: Cambodia Margie Gillis
Series 7: Dance Company
Series 8: Rhombus Media
Series 9: Tarragon Theatre
Series 10: Toronto Dance Theatre
Series 11: Personal Earlier Negatives
Series 12: National Ballet Yearbook
Series 13: Early Photography

Series 1: Press Materials

The first series contains the collection of press materials that Von Tiedemann accumulated throughout her career, that her work was featured in. Her works have been featured in magazines such as the National Ballet of Canada magazines seasons and in programs and pamphlets (in English and French) such as the Ballet of British Columbia, Stratford Festivals, Danse-Cité and Les Grands Ballets Canadiens. The Press Materials also includes her very own exhibition cards and invites. Lastly are the press clippings from Globe and Mail, and other newspaper publications.

Series 2: National Ballet commissions

Cylla von Tiedemann had many partnerships and collaborations with the Canada’s National Ballet, and this series features much of her work. The National Ballet of Canada was founded in 1951 with the goal of presenting the best of classical and contemporary ballet. Today the company is among the world’s finest, and Von Tiedemann has been involved in many of the earlier production photography portraits and stills. Within the collections contains commissions labeled and separated by job titles or Von Tiedemann’s original category labels. Various National Ballet negatives taken by Von Tiedemann includes productions from Married Widow, Les Sulphides-the four temperaments-elite synocopatrows, Arabian Nights, and Nutcracker. The series contains mostly negatives and black and white contact sheets of dancer performances and portraits. The second series is separated into three subseries from National Ballet commission and the second is the National Ballet Portraits (1990-1995), and lastly is the National Ballet Yearbook (1992-1995) various negatives of dancers performing on stage and some portraits of dancers.

Series 3: Stratford Commissions

Cylla von Tiedemann is renown for her performance photography, and she has done much at the Stratford Festival. In brief, the Stratford festival began when the railway industry pulled out of Stratford in the early 1950s, and journalist Tom Patterson had an idea for breathing new life into his native city’s economy: a festival of Shakespearean theatre. They did not have a venue, only a tent. From there it grew and is now the company has many venues and has a state-of-the-art technical systems and equipment, the theatre is a space in which the Festival and artists from across Canada can imagine and create. Within the collection the jobs are separated by titles and Von Tiedemann’s original category labels. Similar to the National Ballet series, most of the works are negatives with black and white contact sheet and prints. Plays and performances includes Equus the setup photos, Oedipis rex, and Filumere-on the run negatives, Richard III, Death of a Salesman, Romeo & Juliet, and more. There are also negatives from special events that includes a visit from the Queen. Cylla von Tidemann’s work has been used on Stratford’s website and in their seasonal programs.

Series 4: Tale of a Mask

In this series, it contains the screenplays and drafts of Terry Watada’s work. The titled play is on fiction retelling of immigration and crimes in Canada, focusing on a first-generation Japanese immigration family. Terry Watada is a Toronto writer with many productions and publications to his credit. His publications include Light at a Window (manga, HpF Press and the Greater Toronto National Association of Japanese Canadians 2015), and other works in poetry. Just like the focus of Tale of a Mask, his works primarily focuses on the Japanese Canadian history and their experience in Canada.

Series 5: India

This series features Von Tiedemann’s personal and work-related work on her trip in India. Also included in the series is the Peter Chan’s visit to India and Indonesia, and mostly slides of Lata Pada, founder, and artistic director of Sampradaya Dance Creations.

Series 6: Cambodia Margie Gillis

Includes mainly DVD-R data disks and videos of MiniDVD. The collection shows various clips and cuts from her travels and work in Cambodia, Norway, St John, and Vancouver. People included in the tapes are Margie Gillis, Martha, Holly Hocks, and Peter Chin. Lastly, it includes settings in Martha’s Vineyard and Cloud Piece and Wood dance Margie Robin in Wasser.

Series 7: Dance Company

The series includes commissions and works from various dance companies in Canada. Companies and works includes Denise Fujiwara’s Fujiwara Dance Inventions. Fujiawa is one of the founders of T.I.D.E. (Toronto Independent Dance Enterprise) and negatives of her dances are in this series. In 1991 she formed her own company, Fujiwara Dance Inventions, to house the development of her solo projects. The next company is Claude Moore. Claude’s Moonhorse Dance Company was founded in 1996 which specifically celebrates the work of senior dance artists, continues to develop meaningful relationships and programming that serve to connect senior dance artists and the public. This series includes her work in Children’s Dance and Subway-shot, portraits, mode test and wedding shots.
The third is the Canadian Stage company, founded by Dora Mavor Moore in 1938 first called the Village Players. Today Canadian Stage is one of Canada’s leading contemporary performing arts organizations. In the collection Von Tiedemann photograph their production on Midsummer nights dream, Les Belles Soeurs, and the Beauty Queen of Leename.
Lastly, are the job-related photography shots for Canadian Broadcast Corporation also known as the CBC. Production shots from the House of Martin Guerre, Hard Hearts, and dancers Jan Oddie and Maggie Gill.

Series 8: Rhombus Media

Rhombus Media is a Toronto-based production company and has produced a number of theatrical feature films, TV drama, documentaries and performing arts programmes the over the past 44 years. The collection includes works that Cylla von Tidemann took under Rhombus Media. Most of the formats are negatives of Sheena MacDonald Portrait, director shot, and headshots of Barbara Sweet.

Series 9: Tarragon Theatre

The ninth series is based on Cylla’s work with the Tarragon Theatre. The Tarragon Theatre is one of Canada’s main centers for contemporary playwriting in the country. The theatre was founded by Bill and Jane Glassco in 1970. The series contains mostly negatives and prints of various performers. Including production shots of King Fisher Days headshots, and Little Mercy’s fist murder. This also includes various headshots, and an email correspondence from Kirk Thomson to von Tiedemann on the prints.

Series 10: Toronto Dance Theatre

The Tenth series includes the negatives and prints of various dancers from the Toronto Dance Theatre. The Toronto Dance Theatre was founded in 1968 by dancer and choreographers Peter Randazzo, Patricia Beatty, and David Earle. The company quickly became popular with their charismatic dancers and a repertoire of original work created in collaboration with Canadian composers and designers. The series also contains work from NY Times and from Christopher House.

Series 11: Personal Earlier Negatives

The eleventh series contains the personal and earlier works of Von Tiedemann. Most of the formats in the collections are negatives and a few black and white prints of various dancers, actors and landscapes from her work and personal travels. People in these sections includes Yseult & Robert, Nicholas & Graeme, Graham McKelvie, Maxine Heppner, Margie Gillis, Marie Josée Chartier, and Eryn Trudell. As noted in the finding aid, many of the performers in the series shows nudity. Travels includes Indonesia, Italy, South France, and Vancouver. Production companies also included in the series are Mirvish Production, ARMS, Deaf Planet show, Destination foundation, and Nightwood Theatre.

Series 12: Early Photography
This series spans the years of the late 1980s to early 1990s. It contains the early photography of Von Tiedemann, which includes dancers, performers, personal peers, and trips. Mainly includes works on portraits and photo shots for Danny Grossman. Danny Grossman is a Canadian dancer, choreographer, and activist. His performance in the series are Devine Air, Age of Darkness, Memento Mori, Ces Plaisirs and more. He created the Danny Grossman Dance Company which produced his political dances James Harcourt, San Miguel de Alleude, Roshar-show, David Arthur, and others.

Series 13: Miscellaneous

The Miscellaneous section includes a variety of CDs that contain her collection of digital files. The disks contains the digital version of her photographs, which includes her commissions for dancers and performers. They also contain the commissions from Koresh Dance Company, Dance Boom festival, and Dance Advance; productions such as Touching Wild Horses, Child star, and the Producers.

Cylla von Tiedemann

Sir Edmund Walker Papers

Collection consists of correspondence, drafts of speeches and writings, journals, scrapbooks, photographs, clippings and family papers.

Gotlieb 1979 accession

Transcripts of two interviews, June 29 and July 29, 1971 with Professor C.C. Gotlieb, conducted by Henry S. Tropp. This was part of an early history project relating to computers undertaken on behalf of the Smithsonian Institute. These transcripts are of the edited version.

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