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University of Toronto. Office of the Registrar

College and Faculty lists, war record cards and photographs for those who served in World War I (1914-1922), for the Roll of Service; completed war service questionnaires of those who served in World War II (1947-1949); correspondence relating to enlistment and course data relating to the Overseas Training Company (1916- 1918); printed material including clippings on James Williams Tyrrell and Joseph Burr Tyrrell.

University of Toronto. Office of the Registrar

Correspondence, terms of reference, recommendations and information on training courses and examinations of the armed forces, submitted by the Royal Commission on Veterans' Qualifications to the University of Toronto in 1945; also includes University of Toronto Matriculation Scholarship Examination lists of awards and candidates' standings (1913 -1924); examination questions (1944-1945).

University of Toronto. Department of Political Economy

Correspondence, memoranda and reports relating to the administration of the Department, including appointments (1919-1960); correspondence relating to the King Township Scholarship Fund (1948-1951); correspondence on the origin and purpose of the Harold Adams Innis Memorial Fund and data relating to subscribers and work of the fund (1953-1957); list of committee members, correspondence, minutes, accounting records relating to the administration of Rockefeller Foundation grants (1941-1960). Contains a letter written to C.B. Macpherson by British political theorist Harold Laski

University of Toronto. Office of the Registrar

Correspondence and lists of servicemen relating to the compilation of a Roll of Service and Roll of Honour for World War II (1941-1950); reports of the Committee on Revenue and Requirements appointed by the Senate and Board of Governors to investigate the financial status in relation to the needs of the university and University College (1891); the National Research Council Who's Who containing short biographical sketches of the recipients of its fellowships and bursaries (1927-1928).

University of Toronto. Office of the Registrar

General files include those relating to entrance requirements, conferences, convocations, celebrations, curricula, military education, and service (ca. 1875-1964); files relating to the work of the Senate and its boards and committees particularly concerning curricula and student records (ca. 1895- 1960); and files relating to the work of the faculties and faculty councils concerning curricula and student records (ca. 1892-1950).

University of Toronto. Office of Research Administration

Applications, correspondence and reports relating to the Advisory Committee on Research in the Humanities and Social Sciences (ca. 1945-1966); the Advisory Committee on Scientific Research (ca. 1945-1965); health research grants such as Mental Health, Ontario Heart Foundation and Ontario Cancer Treatment (ca. 1959-1963); the National Research Council grants (ca. 1954-1964); and other American and Canadian funding bodies (ca. 1959-1968).

University of Toronto. Department of Civil Engineering

Correspondence (1905-1919) of Peter Gillespie, Professor in and head (1924-1929) of the Department of Civil Engineering, and specialist in concrete and reinforced concrete; includes files relating to sewage sludge treatment (1914). Correspondence (1911-16) of Clarence Richard Young, who succeeded Gillespie as head; correspondence, notes, forms, and reports (1911-1927) relating to the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering's Committee on Aptitude Tests (established in 1920) which he chaired

University of Toronto. Students' Administrative Council

Negatives taken for The Varsity (only a few were published) showing the following: Students' Administrative Council meetings, chess tournament at Hart House, Scarborough College tour, Remembrance Day service, Lady Godiva Band marching past Varsity Stadium, students seated on the grass in Queen's Park. Taken by Sam Feuer; Art McIlwain; Kirk MacGregor; Jack Newman; Volkmar Richter; Joe Weinstock.

Unversity of Toronto. Office of the Vice-President for Scarborough and Erindale Colleges

Teaching and departmental records of David Carlton Williams while he was Professor of Psychology; files relating to educational television and miscellaneous records about his involvement in aviation (1936-1963); correspondence, lectures, articles and conference material while Director of the Division of University Extension (1957-1964); correspondence and administrative records created while Vice-President for Scarborough and Erindale Colleges (1963-1967).

University of Toronto Libraries. Office of the Chief Librarian

General correspondence, incoming and outgoing for Chief Librarians from the time of H.H. Langton to Robert Blackburn, relating to library administration including book acquisitions and related invoices, personnel matters, loans and professional activities. Invoices. Bills Paid. Orders placed. Notes, correspondence, questionnaires relating to the Downs survey for the Canadian Association of College and University Libraries (1966-1967).

Canada. Canadian Army. Canadian Officers Training Corps. University of Toronto Contingent

Service records and lists (1914-1950); financial records (1915-1965); histories and reports (1914-1964); war diaries (1939-1945); minutes of committees and officers' meetings (1921-1957); order books and manuals (1915- 1948); publications (1901-1937); photographs and one painting.

University of Toronto. Office of the President

Correspondence and subject files relating to the presidency of Sidney Earle Smith (1945-1957); subject files of the Assistant to the President, Claude Thomas Bissell (1946-1952); subject files of Bissell (1952-1953); estimates and sessional appointments (1933-1941); minutes of the Carnegie Foundation (ca. 1908-1931). Architectural drawing (1 sheet) of University of Toronto Connaught Laboratories Polio Vaccine Laboratory, 1955

University of Toronto. Office of the Chief Accountant

General account books, land survey reports, land transaction records and letter books of King's College and University of Toronto (ca. 1828-1921); account books, land records, letter books and records relating to restoration and scholarship funds of Upper Canada College (ca. 1828-1909); records relating to commissions (ca. 1848-1905); correspondence with the Office of the Bursar relating to land transactions (ca. 1851-1890) and financial records of extra-curricular societies and clubs (1898-1912).

University of Toronto. Senate

Senate minutes (1850-1971); minutes of many Senate committees including Executive Committee (1947-1963), Board of Studies (1950-1963),Court of Discipline, Honorary Degrees and Nominating Sub-committee (1941-1963), Caput (1907-1963) and convocation rolls (1890-1963). Original records for Senate minutes (vols. 1-23, 25, 1850-1961) available in A70-0005. Original records for Senate minutes (vols. 26-34, 1961-1971) available in A79-0037.

University of Toronto. Department of Political Economy

Correspondence of Edward Johns Urwick, Dept. Head (1927-1937); correspondence and book reviews of Norman Archibald MacRae Mackenzie (1929-1930); general departmental correspondence (1922-1930); undergraduate and graduate student files (1929-1930); non-departmental printed reports and announcements (1926-1928) and photoprints.

University of Toronto. Department of Admissions

Registration applications of the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering (1909-1958), School of Architecture (1948-1958), Faculty of Arts (1905-1958), Institute of Child Study (1943-1958), Faculty of Dentistry (1925-1958), Faculty of Forestry (1908-1958), Faculty of Household Science (1909-1958), Faculty of Law (1941-1958), School of Library Science (1945-1957), Faculty of Medicine (1910-1958), Faculty of Music (1947-1953), Faculty of Pharmacy (1954-1958), School of Physical and Health Education (1940-1958), Division of Rehabilitation Medicine (1952-1958), School of Social Work (1937-1958), Teachers' Course (ca. 1912-1946) and Division of University Extension (1955-1959).

University of Toronto. Commission on University Government

Sound recordings of the sessions; minutes of the meetings; articles, papers and reports distributed; briefs submitted from within the university and form the general public; position papers by members of the Commission; results of research projects on the Faculty of Arts and Science, the professional faculties, schools and institutes, on senior administrators and on provicial affairs; drafts and proofs of final report; financial records.

University College

Consists of minutes, reports, correspondence and cash books of the University College Literary and Scientific [later Athletic] Society (1860-1962), correspondence and reports of the Women's Undergraduate Association of University College (1928-1952), minutes, cash books, lists and reports of the University College Alumnae Association (1893-1967), as well as miscellaneuous records of the Women's Literary Society, Women's Union, Glee Club, Women's Club, Three Arts Club, the Council and student residences (1879-1953).

University of Toronto. Faculty of Arts and Science

Examination ledgers (1890-1940); examination ledgers -- supplementals (1889-1936); matriculation scholarship list (1898-1915); examination ledgers -- results for specialists (1927-1956) and student record cards (1967-1968). NOTE: Parts to be de-accessioned as part of student records scheduling project; see U. Archivist for details (RS: 93-07-07). Faculty of Arts and Science records (vols. 1-20, 1890-1956) also available on 16 microfilm reels : negative and positive ; 35 mm. Faculty of Arts and Science student record cards (1967-1968) available on 4 microfilm reels (reels 17-20) : negative ; 16 mm. only.

University College

Minutes of the Joint Faculties of Arts (1892-1897), minutes of the University College Council (1890-1958), matriculation scholarship lists (1898-1915), and two examination ledgers (1895-1905). The minutes of the College Council and of the Joint Faculties of Arts also exist on two positive and two negative 35mm. microfilm reels.

University of Toronto Libraries. Office of the Chief Librarian

Correspondence to and from the Chief Librarian, Robert Harold Blackburn, relating to library activities (1962-1969); correspondence with teaching and other divisions and administrative offices within the university (1944-1970); and correspondence, reports and memoranda to persons or institutions outside the university (1954-1969).

University of Toronto. School of Social Work

Correspondence, memoranda and reports of the Director, Charles Eric Hendry, relating to the School and to outside organizations, including files on the Round Tables and minutes of the Council and various committees (ca. 1945-1969). Also includes records of the School of Social Work Alumni Association (including its constitution, correspondence and membership lists), and of the School of Social Work Students' Association (including minutes, correspondence and reports).

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