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McLuhan, Marshall
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Barrington Nevitt fonds

  • CA ON00349 1998.003
  • Fonds
  • 1931-1993

This fonds is divided into 11 series reflecting the filing system used by Nevitt during his career, and based on subject divisions. The series are: ‘Subject Files’, ‘Early Manuscripts’, ‘Northern Electric Company’, ‘Discoveries International Symposium’, ‘Management by PreVision’, ‘Published Articles and Papers’, ‘Captain Gulliver’s Interplanetary Travels’, ‘ABC’, ‘Correspondence’, ‘Who Was Marshall McLuhan’, and ‘Printed Materials’.

The first series ‘Subject Files’, consists of 57 files containing a variety of textual records including correspondence, notes, printed materials, clippings, manuscripts, typescripts, photographs, ephemera, and overhead transparencies, and a small amount of audio recordings in various formats. The records are grouped together in individual files based on subject matter divisions reflecting specific creative and academic projects that Nevitt worked on alone and in conjunction with McLuhan, and topics of interest to Nevitt. The series also contains a file of collected photographs and a file titled ‘Ephemera and Mixed Media’, which contains a small collection of audio records.

The second series ‘Early Manuscripts’ consists of typescripts, and drafts of various academic manuscripts and papers written by Nevitt. The records in this series were created between 1945 – 1965.

The third series ‘Northern Electric Company’ includes notes, seminar material, and clippings compiled by Nevitt during his time with the Northern Electric Company between 1961 and 1962. The series includes material from various seminars organized by the American Management Association and attended by Nevitt.

The fourth series ‘Discoveries International Symposium’ includes correspondence, notes, ephemera, and symposium and conference materials related to Nevitt’s participation in Discoveries International Symposiums held in 1977 and 1978.

The fifth series, ‘Management by PreVision’ includes notes, clippings, drafts, correspondence, and other textual records related to Nevitt’s book project ‘Management by PreVision’.

The sixth series ‘Published Articles and Papers’, includes a collection of chronologically arranged articles and manuscripts written and published by Nevitt and others between 1951-1994, and related correspondence.

The seventh series ‘Captain Gulliver’s Interplanetary Travels’, includes correspondence, clippings, notes, contracts, manuscripts, and other textual records related to Nevitt’s science fiction book project of the same name.

The eighth series ‘ABC of Prophecy’ includes clippings, notes, manuscripts, and other textual records related to Nevitt’s book project of the same name.

The ninth series ‘Correspondence’ includes a collection of chronologically arranged correspondence related to Nevitt and generated between 1966 – 1993.

The tenth series ‘Who Was Marshall McLuhan’ includes correspondence, notes, clippings, and other textual records related to the book of the same name that was co-authored by Nevitt and Maurice McLuhan.

The eleventh series ‘Printed Materials’, includes monographs, periodicals, and published journal articles generated between 1953 – 1994 by Nevitt, Marshall McLuhan and other writers working on topics of interest to Nevitt.

This fonds includes textual material relating to the following books and publications:

Telecommunication Equipment for Power Systems Developments and Application in Sweden (book, 1953)
Causality in the Electronic World (book, 1972)
Take Today: The Executive as Dropout (book, 1972)
Encyclopedia of the Future Under the Direction of the Hudson Institute (article, 1973)
Managing Change by Anticipating its Effects on People (article, 1973)
New Media (book, 1973)
Development and Underdevelopment in the Electric Age (article, 1974)
The Responsive Chord (book, 1974)
ABC of Prophecy (book, 1980)
Archivist as Comprehensivist (article, 1981)
The Communication Ecology (book, 1982)
The Future of Media (book, 1982)
Keeping Ahead of Economic Panic (book, 1985)
Captain Gulliver’s Interplanetary Travels (book, 1986)
Who Was Marshal McLuhan (book, 1993)
From MBO to MBP (article)
Management by PreVision (article)

Nevitt, Barrington

Kipling and Forster

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Inside Blake and Hollywood

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Pound’s critical prose

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Technology and political change

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Baseball is culture!

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The psychopathology of “time & “life.”

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Myth and mass media

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Tennyson and picturesque poetry

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The humanities in the electronic age

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Printing and the mind

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Murder by television

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Notes on Burroughs

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The Invisible Environment I

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Preface. Time: Fourth dimension of the mind

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[Book Review] Our Unofficial Education

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[Book Review] Philosophy in a pop key

Rosenberg, Harold. "Philosophy in a Pop Key." Review of Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man by Marshall McLuhan, The New Yorker, vol. 41, no. 2, pp. 129-136.

The cool McLuhan world

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Marshall McLuhan

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McLuhan, hurrah

"McLuhan, Hurrah." The Toronto Daily Star, 30 Dec 1970, p. 6.

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