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Letters from Robert Durback

File consists of letters and news clippings from Robert (Bob) Durback, including the book "Clowns and Children of the World" by Sr. Marie-Celeste, OCD.

Letters from Jim Forest

File consists of letters from Jim Forest, including a long travel journal of Forest's ten-day stay in Moscow.

Letters from Foster Parents Plan

File consists of letters from Foster Parents Plan, regarding Nouwen's sponsorship of a young boy, Hugo Corini, from Bolivia, including short notes from Hugo (translated by the agency).

Letter from Cyril C. Franks

File consists of a letter from Cyril C. Franks, writing from England, regarding a 'reading party' of "Way of the Heart".

Letters from Frank Fromherz

File consists of letters of Frank Fromherz, of Mount Angel Seminary (St. Benedict, OR), including letters of recommendations for him.

Letters from Irenicon

File consists of letters from Elizabeth Buckley of the L'Arche community of Irenicon in Ipswich, MA.

Letters from Art Laffin

File consists of letters from Art Laffin, including copies of his articles published in Commentary, the Hartford Courant, and The Catholic Transcript.

Occasional Correspondence

File consists of letters from 34 correspondents. All have been annotated as "file: occassional correspondence". They include:

  1. Waldo Magelis
  2. Joji Hanta
  3. Josephine Berchmans, FMM (writing from Madras, India)
  4. Keith Werner
  5. Don Enton
    6.James Hodson
  6. Krista B. Wiherg
  7. Christ Olszyk
  8. Dick (last name uknown)
    10.Florian Ruskamp
    11.Vernie Juras
  9. Di (lastname unknown) (letter includes a death notice for Michael Alan McCarthy)
  10. John Heagle
  11. Bernadette [Lecluyse] (writing from Rome)
  12. Babbie Schick
  13. Elizabeth McMullen
  14. Sr. Maureen Kelly, OSF
  15. Frans van der Poel (Dutch)
  16. Hans Moerman (Dutch, writing from Indonesia)
  17. [Sr. Mary of the Assumption?]
  18. Human Rights Internet (this letter has also been annotated "file: Central America")
  19. Human Rights Internet pamphlet
  20. Nadine Durand (French)
  21. Fr. John Maxwell, SDB
  22. Lucy and Chris [Solugub?]
  23. Karl-Heinz Schell
  24. Eugenie [de Rosier Petschell?]
  25. Rev. Howard A. Keeley
  26. Byron C. Gwinn
  27. Peggy C.
  28. Helen C. Schneider, OSM
  29. Sr. Mary Frances [Soto?] OSM
  30. Karla Peterson
  31. Sr. M. Gunthilde, OP. (writing from South Africa)

Letter from James L. Paul

File consists of a letter from James L. Paul, a professor from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

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