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University of St. Michael's College, John M. Kelly Library, Special Collections
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Letter from Wim Saelman, O.S.A.

File consists of one letter from Wim Saelman, O.S.A., writing from Utrecht, Netherlands. Saelman writes that he met Nouwen at the funeral of Nouwen's uncle, and says that he was astonished to find similarities between Nouwen's and his life stories after reading In Memoriam.


File consists of business correspondence concerning a request to reprint an adaptation of an excerpt from Lifesigns for the Community of Celebration's Advent newsletter, a copy of the text from Lifesigns is in the file, as well as mention that copies of the reprinted version of the text and a cassette had been sent to Nouwen to show gratitude for his contribution.

Letter from Saint Bernard's Institute

File consists of a letter from Rev. Robert J. Kennedy, Director at the Office of Continuing Education at Saint Bernard's Institute (Rochester, NY) and a typed letter from Nouwen.

Christian Home & School, Grand Rapids, MI

File consists of business correspondence concerning a request for Nouwen to submit an article for publication in Christian Home & School. In addition to a March 1988 copy of the magazine, the file contains replies from Connie Ellis explaining Nouwen's health problems and suggestions that perhaps material from Letters to Marc about Jesus could be used in their magazine.

Christian Week

File consists of business correspondence concerning Gunar Kravalis' article about Henri Nouwen's writing that is to be published in Christian Week.

Church Herald

File consists of business correspondence mentioning concerning two of Nouwen's articles which were to come from Nouwen's to-be-published book Peacework (Doubleday).

Draft of Ministry and spirituality

File consists of a faxed manuscript for the introduction to "Ministry and Spirituality", sent to Kathy Christie, Nouwen's administrative assistant, by Nouwen on January 18, 1996, while he was in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Letters from George Seeber SJ

File consists of a letter from George Seeber SJ, including responses from his students to "With Open Hands" between the years of 1967 and 1973.

Citta Nuova

File consists of business correspondence concerning the Italian publishing of Letters to Marc and In the Name of Jesus.

Collins Fount

File consists of business correspondence between Nouwen and Teresa de Bertodano, Senior Editor, Religious Books. De Bertodano previously worked with Nouwen through Darton Longman & Todd Publishers. The file includes business correspondence concerning The Wounded Healer, Letter of Consolation, In Memoriam, and A Glimpse Beyond the Mirror; business documents including a contract, draft of a manuscript, cover design, two reader's reports, and sample page layouts for A Glimpse Beyond the Mirror.

Collins Publishers

File consists of business correspondence concerning the potential takeover of Collins by News International (1981), and the books Beyond the Mirror and The Prodigal Son; business documents including a cover proof for Beyond the Mirror.

Letter from Shibboleth

File consists of a letter from the editorial staff of Shibboleth, the student magazine at Yale Divinity School.


File consists of a letter from Edward S. Skillin, Publisher, from October 14, 1970, addressed to Nouwen at the University of Notre Dame, enclosing a reprint of Nouwen's article in the Boston Pilot newspaper. This includes a copy of the Boston Pilot with Nouwen's article: "Generation Without Fathers: Christian Leadership of Tomorrow" (Boston Pilot, Saturday August 22, 1970). File also includes business correspondence from 1987 - 1988 concerning Nouwen's unsuccessful attempts to have Commonweal print his review of Maurice Monette's book, Kindred Spirits.


File consists of personal letters on Communio letterhead, one expressing appreciation for Nouwen's article found in the September 1986 New Oxford Review and the other expressing sympathy that Nouwen was unable to attend the International Catholic Review (Communio) meeting on spirituality.

Companion (Br. Phil Kelly)

File consists of business correspondence concerning an interview between Nouwen and Mr. Phil Kelly which became a feature piece in the January 1990 Companion of Saint Francis and Saint Anthony magazine; business documents including a draft of the interview called: "Living the 'Second Loneliness' Henri J. Nouwen at Daybreak" as well as four Companion magazines from 1988 and 1989.


File consists of business correspondence concerning an article adapted from a talk about Adam Arnett and Daybreak that Nouwen gave at Redeemer College, Hamilton, in January 1989. The article was published in the September 1989 issue of the magazine Compass, a Jesuit Journal; business documents including several drafts as well as the edited version of the article.

Creative Communications for the Parish

File consists of business correspondence concerning Returning: God's Love Calls Us Home and The Road to Daybreak; business documents including invoices and Nouwen's comments on Dawe's book: I Lift Up My Eyes to the Hills.

Credence Cassettes

File consists of business correspondence concerning publishing Nouwen's 1988 audio program on the future of Christian leadership titled With Outstretched Hands; business documents including royalty statements and a 1991 Credence Cassettes catalogue.

Letter from Anne Smith

File consists of a letter from Anne Smith including a copy of a letter sent to Smith from Jerry Lincecum regarding Nouwen's Cunningham lecture series.

Cross Currents

File consists of business correspondence concerning the possibility of Nouwen writing an article for Cross Currents magazine.

Files: 255-260

These files consist of various correspondence sent to Émile Zola throughout January of 1892 to December of
1893, including photocopies of handwritten letters, postcards, cartes de visites as well as handwritten and
typed transcriptions of letters. Most of the letters discuss business deals (publications and translations) of La
Débâcle, Le Docteur Pascal and Lourdes. Recurring correspondents throughout these files include Ernest Vizetelly,
Antoine Guillemet, Gabriel Thyébaut, the family Charpentier (Georges, Paul and Georgette) and Eugène
Fasquelle. There are a number of letters from Ernest Vizetelly within these files that discuss various business
matters including arranging a dinner in 1893 between Zola and other English authors, translations of books
into English and a biography being written about Zola by R.H. Sherard

Files: 401-405

These files consist of photocopies of handwritten and typed letter, postcards, cartes de visites, telegrams and
some photocopies of newspaper clippings sent to Émile Zola between February 8 and March 31, 1898. This
period spans the trial of Zola as well as the interim period after his conviction, but before his exile. These files
were obtained from a distinct accession of Dreyfus Affair material from July and August of 1991.

Verlag Herder files

Sub-series consists of fourteen files which deal with Nouwen's personal and professional dealings with Verlag Herder, a publishing company located in Freiburg, Germany. Much of the correspondence is between Nouwen/his assistants and Franz Johna, Editor for Verlag Herder. Specific Nouwen publications mentioned in the files include A Cry for Mercy, Gracias, A Letter of Consolation, Aging, In Memoriam, Reaching Out, The Living Reminder, Clowning in Rome (also referred to as the Circus book), The Wounded Healer, The Way of the Heart, Behold the Beauty of the Lord (also referred to as the Icon book), Letters to Marc [about Jesus], The Road to Daybreak, In the Name of Jesus, The Return of the Prodigal Son (referred to as The Prodigal Son and Canvas of Love), Heart Speaks to Heart, Creative Ministry, Beyond the Mirror (referred to as A Glimpse Beyond the Mirror), Show Me the Way: Readings for Each Day of Lent (referred to as the Lenten book), The Life of the Beloved (also referred to as Becoming the Beloved), With Burning Hearts: A Mediation on the Eucharistic life (also referred to as the Eucharist book), Our Greatest Gift (also referred to as The Ultimate Gift and Dying Well/Caring Well), Here & Now and In the House of the Lord (referred to as In God's House - later published as Lifesigns), as well as Bob Durback's Seeds of Hope: A Henri Nouwen Reader and Returning: God's Love Call us Home (a Lenten booklet first published by Creative Communications).

Page 8 of Album 11

File consists of page 8 of Album 11. There is one textual record on the page [P7811]. The item is a card stock photo of Bishop Bernard Alfrink. On the back, is a message written by the Bishop thanking those who assisted with church building efforts.

Nouwen's education records and study notes

Series consists of research notes, papers and essays, and reading notes created by Nouwen throughout his own education. Series includes records related to Nouwen's advanced degrees in Psychology and Theology, including research for dissertations.

Nouwen graduated from St. Aloysius College Gymnasium on June 12, 1950. He studied at the minor seminary at Apeldoorn from 1950-1951 before entering the Diocesan Seminary at Rijsenburg, Holland in 1951. He studied Philosophy and Theology while in the seminary from 1951-1957, and was ordained on July 21, 1957. Nouwen studied Psychology at the University of Nijmegen from 1957-1964. He spent two years at the Menninger Clinic as a Fellow in Religion and Psychiatry from 1964-1966. From 1970-1971, Nouwen returned to the University of Nijmegen to pursue a doctoral degree in Theology.

Series has been arranged into the following seven sub-series:
1.8.1. Gymnasium records
1.8.2. Seminary records
1.8.3. Psychology degree records
1.8.4. Menninger Clinic records
1.8.5. Pre-Theology degree 1966 records
1.8.6. Theology degree records
1.8.7. School certificates

Files: 98-110

These files consist of photocopies of handwritten correspondence (letters, postcards, cartes de visites and
telegrams) as well as typed/handwritten transcriptions of letters sent by Émile Zola between July of 1888 and
December of 1890. Recurring correspondents include Henry Céard, Léon Hennique, Jacques van Santen
Kolff, Numa Coste, Edmond de Goncourt, Gabriel Thyébaut and Alfred Bruneau. The letters pertain to both
personal and professional matters. Works discussed in these files include Le Rêve and La Bête humaine. This
period also spans the birth of Zola’s daughter, Denise, as can be seen in Zola’s letters to Henry Céard and Dr.
Delineau, requesting both their discretion during Denise’s birth as well as their signatures on her birth
certificate afterwards (letters dated September 22, 1889, in File #103). File #107 consists of an original letter
by Émile Zola, dated June 22, 1890; it has been encased in glass and is accompanied by a photocopy of the
letter (in Italian) that prompted the response. This letter was originally filed in the Documents by Zola subseries
(previously in Box 56), however it was moved as it was seen to be better suited in this series.

Files: 1082-1139

These files consist of photocopies of articles, off-prints and chapters from books that discuss Émile Zola
and/or Naturalism written by authors with surnames Pia to Rienzo. The dates of publication for material in
these files range from 1868 to 1991. Recurring scholars include V.S. Pritchett, Madeleine Reberioux and
Theodore Reff. These files also contain three original documents: an article written by Gaston Picard,
published in 1927 (in File #1085); one La Presse newspaper clipping, published in 1897 (in File #1102); and
one Revue de l’art Pour Tous newspaper clipping, published in 1904 (in File #1144).

Tactics - Broadcasting

File is comprised of newspaper clippings, photocopies and brief reports, some of which have been pasted on paper. Contents have been annotated and organized according to subject based classification scheme and include articles and notes primarily about television broadcasting on China and the Soviet Union.

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