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Victoria University Archives Series
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General correspondence

Series consists of incoming and outgoing correspondence with former students, family, colleagues and friends; subjects include academic matters, and personal interests, including social concerns

Papers relating to education and early employment

Series consists of thesis notes and drafts (The Scriptural Latin Drama of the Renaissance and Milton’s Cambridge Manuscript), term papers, course notes, Naval material, including the Royal Canadian Naval Reserve, and Bishop’s College School material, including student residents evaluations, 1933–1984


Series consists of academic, professional, personal, and family correspondence, 1947-1986. Correspondence with Robson's student, Margaret Atwood, and his graduate supervisor, A.S.P. Woodhouse is included in various files.

Records and memorabilia relating to early education and personal life

Series consists of report cards and other records from middle and secondary school, 1934-1947; memorabilia, student publications, lecture notes and essays from Robson's undergraduate years at University College, 1949-1953;   programmes and list of passengers on the RMS ‘Ascania' Cunard steamship, 1954-1956; matchbooks and pipe cleaners; playbills and other programmes, including one for the funeral of Nicholas Ignatieff, 1952-1984; copies of awards and recognitions received by Robson, likely used in compiling his obituary and other tributes, 1971-1988; and condolences and obituaries, including those received by Ann Robson, 1995.

Articles and other writing

Series consists of book chapters, articles, talks, reviews, and news articles published and/or delivered by Robson. Includes works by ‘H.O. Hmnnn,' a pseudonym used by Robson for satirical or comical commentary on the state of higher education and other issues. Files contain primarily published works, but in some cases, include drafts and correspondence.

Records relating to research and projects

Series consists, predominantly, of records relating to Robson's work as editor of the collected works of John Stuart Mill, 1943-1989. Includes lists and transcriptions of the correspondence of J.S. Mill, correspondence with academics, librarians and archivists, and a file of correspondence  and notes, 1943-1949, given to Robson by Professor F.A. Hayek, who first  attempted to bring together the early letters of John Stuart Mill. Series also includes Robson's work on J.S. Mill and Harriet Taylor Mill, and other various academic projects.

Records relating to academic life and community service

Series consists of correspondence, news clippings, reports, and other records relating to Robson's contributions to various professional, academic, and extra-curricular groups, 1959-1989. These include participation in various studies of English curriculum and education with the Ontario Department of Education and the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE), 1964-1968, and in the International Forum Foundation and International Teach-In, 1966-1968. Series also includes administrative records relating to his teaching career and principalship at Victoria College, 1967-1982 and involvement with the Royal Society of Canada, 1984-1989.

Correspondence and subject files

Series consists of letters and subject files related to a variety of topics including Ray's interest in First Nations and settlers and refugees, as well as personal correspondence.


Series consists of records relating to Johnston's early academic life, 1946-1961, including her attendance at Brantford Public School, Brantford Collegiate Institute and Vocational School, and Victoria College, and her employment seeking activities upon graduation. Records include report cards, diplomas, commencement programs, residence room assignment, tuition receipt, correspondence from Kingsley Joblin, invitations, award information and programs, a programme for a Victoria College Dramatic Society performance of Thieves' Carnival by Jean Anouilh including a mask, awards programmes and commencement programmes.

Professional life

Series consists of records relating to the administrative aspects of Johnston's professional life, 1959-2009, including awards and recognition, diplomas and degrees, her CV as of 2009, and records relating to her installation as Principal of Victoria College.

Records relating to the church, theatre and other activities

Consists of records relating to Johnston's delivery of speeches and addresses, her involvement in theatrical productions, and other participation in non-academic gatherings, 1965-2003, including Johnston's baccalaureate address, involvement in the Bob Review, and various sermons and addresses given in church services.

Teaching records

Series consists of 4 subseries relating to various courses taught by Johnston, including the Bible course, 1961-2008; Chaucer course, 1959-2004; Undergraduate courses in Shakespeare and early English and medieval drama, 1962-2002; and graduate courses, 1976-2005.

Scholarship and publications

Series consists of records relating to Johnston's academic scholarship and publications, 1971-2009, including notebooks (notes and transcriptions from archival research), correspondence, lectures, article drafts and unpublished papers. Also includes records relating to Bring Furth the Pagants': Essays Presented to Alexandra F. Johnston and other publications about Johnston.


Series consists of photographs of Alexandra Johnston, including various portraits; a photo of Johnston presenting an achievement gift to Iris French, wife of President Goldwin French, 1986; a portrait of the class of 1961's 25th anniversary spring reunion, 1986; convocations, 1985, 1991; and documentation of her induction into the Royal Society, 1997.

Records relating to teaching

Series consists of lectures and addresses, 1946-1952, and lectures (including drafts and plans), and research and teaching notes, 1924-1951.

Records relating to writing and editing

Series consists of articles, fragments, notes, and correspondence regarding the editing of A Pocketful of Canada, published in 1946. Also includes drafts, typescripts, and other records regarding various fiction and non-fiction works, 1944-1951.

Student records

Series consists of class notebooks, 1909-1913; and notes for Ph.d. thesis, [ca. 1926].

Jean Waters Gandier Personal Papers

Series consists of the personal papers and correspondence of Jean Gandier (nee Waters), the wife of Alfred Gandier. Includes a memorial booklet and letters of condolence on the death of her husband and biographical notes on him.

Gandier, Jean N. Waters

Records of Students

Series consists of register of students and courses taken (marks for 1871-1873); register of student marks, 1872-1918, 1912- 1921; register of students and tuition fees, 1893-1902; registers of students, 1893-1915, 1915-1921; record of extra mural students, 1914-1921; and student registration cards, 1920 (summer), 1920-1921, 1923-1927, and 1927-1928 (including Union Theological College students, occasional and missionaries, and Arts)

Self Study

The first Self-study was prepared in view of a visit of representatives of the Commission on Accrediting of the American Association of Theological Schools.

In 1989, the second self-study was launched in order to determine if Emmanuel College was meeting the General Institutional Standards of the Association of Theological School and to provide evaluative evidence to judge the quality of the individual degree programs and their conformity to ATS degree standards.

Series consists of both self-studies.

General subject files

Series consists of correspondence, reports, notes, minutes and other records, 1897-1970, relating to subjects that include the following: the University of Toronto, the United Church of Canada, installations, convocations, honorary degrees, centennial/sesquicentennial celebrations, faculty, financial matters, the Fudger Group, funds, enrollment, scholarships and bursaries, endowments, bequests, fund raising, student activities, residences, University government and legislation, Deans of Men and Women and the Library.

The bulk of the material dates from the 1920s and 1930s and consists of correspondence, minutes, reports, accounts, orders of service, invocations, subscription lists, addresses, and notes. The records deal with a wide variety of subjects: social functions at Victoria, alumni activities, baccalaureate services, memorial services for staff such as Margaret Addison, C.E. Auger, A. J. Bell, A. Gandier, A. L. Langford, A. H. Reynar, F. H. Wallace and noted churchmen like S.D. Chown, regulations and rules governing various aspects of university life, the operation of residences, Victoria's relationship with outside academic bodies such as the Universities of the British Empire and the Association of American Colleges, fund-raising, bursaries, scholarships, bequests, endowments, Victoria's relationship with the United Church of Canada, the founding of Emmanuel College, Victoria's involvement with Union Theological College and Columbian College.

General Subject Files, 1901-1956 (153 cm)

This is one of the largest and most comprehensive series in the collection. Most of the material dates from the 1930s and 1940s, and the records include correspondence, minutes, reports, memoranda, addresses, sermons, orders of service, forms, notes, subscription lists, schedules, statistics, and briefs. From this series one gains a fairly comprehensive picture of the range of activities at Victoria during the first half of the twentieth century and the involvement of the President in university and church affairs. The files provide insight into the changing administrative structure of Victoria and the developments in its relationship with both the University of Toronto and the United Church of Canada during this period. The files of the Board of Christian Education (later the Board of Colleges and Secondary Schools) are especially valuable in defining the shape of university-church relations. There is material relating to various public lecture series, convocations, installations, and the granting of honorary degrees. The planning, publicity, and execution of the academic and social aspects of Victoria's centennial celebrations are outlined. There are personnel files on professors and the departmental files in this series contain correspondence relating primarily to new faculty appointments (e.g. letters of recommendation). There is a significant amount of statistical material on university finances, examination results, and enrolment. The spiritual life of the faculty and students emerges in connection with the chapel services, retreats and the May Mission. Victoria's involvement in spiritual outreach to the community is displayed in the records of the Fudger group, a group of faculty, ministers and business and professional men who met monthly between 1924 and 1955 to discuss "the practical application of Christian principles in the world." Financial concerns are a dominant theme in many of the records: scholarships, bursaries, endowments, bequests, aid to church students, and, of course, fund-raising through regular appeals to the alumni, field days in local congregations and national campaigns. The finances, administration, and physical plant of the library and residences are discussed in some detail. There are some files which contain records detailing aspects of Victoria's history, and others, such as that dealing with the question of Japanese and German students at the university during the Second World War, that provide some interesting insight into the determination of Victoria's President and faculty to retain a unique identity and mission within the University of Toronto.

General Subject Files, 1905-1967 (36 cm)

The bulk of the material was generated in the 1930s and 1940s, and the records consist of correspondence, reports, minutes, addresses, and lists. Again, financial matters emerge as a major concern of the President's office: bequests, scholarships, bursaries, awards, salaries, and endowments are frequently discussed. There are a significant number of personnel files for Victoria faculty and staff. Student activities are particularly well-covered in this series in files relating to the Bob, Acta Victoriana, the Athletic Association, and numerous clubs and societies.

General Subject Files, 1897-1970 (11 cm)
The records consist of correspondence, reports, minutes, addresses, and notes and are drawn largely from the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s. The subjects covered include the Rockefeller Brothers Theological Fellowship Program, missions, temperance, bequests, and the controversies created by the political activities of Victoria University staff.

Records related to teaching and lectures

Series consists mainly of rough notes for course lectures that Bigwood taught through the U of T Classics Department (including lectures for the High School Classics Day program). Also consists of course materials, including reading lists, copies of exams and assignments, bibliographies, as well as course descriptions and summary course evaluations.

Series also consists of administrative records related to the Department and Victoria College, including Joan Bigwood's work as a Don of Women's Residence.

Research notes and article drafts

Series consists of research notes, bibliographical notes, notes and rough drafts, typescripts, etc. of articles that Joan Bigwood later published. Also includes several offprints from journals of her articles. Series also consists of a selection of index cards with bibliographical notes.

Notes for Reviews

Series consists of notes and drafts of reviews of other people's work that were published in academic journals.

Records related to inter-institutional agreements and cooperation.

Consists of records relating to the establishment and management of partnerships, inter-institutional collaborations and cooperative activities as well as institutional agreements. Records relate to the United Church of Canada, Deans' and Principal's of UCC schools, the United Church Training School and Church Conferences (including records for candidacy of graduates), the Toronto School of Theology, the University of Toronto, Knox College, Trinity College, as well as other national and local ecumenical organizations

Records related to committees and task forces

Series consists of records related to the Principal's participation and response to Committees and Task Forces established for a variety of purposes including property, long-range and strategic planning, library expansion, student services and worship life. Records are from internal Emmanuel College committees as well as those established by Victoria University Senate and Board of Regents.

Records related to faculty and teaching staff

Series consists of files relating to human resources. Includes records of individual faculty/teaching staff and Appointment/Search Committees for teaching positions. Record types include CVs, correspondence re promotions and appointments, letters of recommendation, search committee minutes, and staff interviews. Faculty files contain CVs and often course outlines, correspondence, writing and articles, memorials, resolutions, obituaries and photographs, published articles, lecture papers and course evaluations. Also includes files related to visiting fellows and lecturers.

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