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Series contains loose artworks produced by (elementary-aged) public school pupils at Ontario schools.


The subseries includes menus from China, (Beijing, Hangzhou, and Shanghai), Hong Kong (Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China), Egypt, Guam (United States), India, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan (Republic of China), Tibet (Autonomous Region of the People's Republic of China), Thailand, Turkey and Vietnam. Menus feature Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Indonesia, Italian, European, Russian, American, vegetarian and seafood cuisine.

The subseries comprises countries from the following areas: Eastern Asia, South-East Asia and Western Asia and Middle East.

Hong Kong and Tibet have been treated as separate geographical areas for retrieval purposes.

Although part of Russia is found on the Asian continent, all menus from Russia are found in the Europe subseries.

Assistant/Associate Dean

The subseries B.4 Assistant/Associate Dean covers the years 1969 to 1970 and 1984. The assistant or associate dean (the title changed several times over the course of the university’s history) has similar responsibilities to the dean. The assistant/associate dean’s files included here comprise correspondence from Assistant Dean J. Riddick and one academic handbook, published by the dean’s office.

Association of Canadian Orchestras

Ezra Schabas was appointed Chair of the Orchestra Openings/Mobility Committee of this Association in 1990. This committee publicizes vacant positions in symphony orchestras. Files in this subseries contain documents relating to the operation of the Association including minutes, correspondence, reports of the Orchestra Openings Committee, the Executive Committee, records relating to programmes, government relations and Orchestra study for the Canada Council.

Association of Colleges and Conservatories of Music

Prof. Schabas was a founding member and the first president of the ACCM from 1980-1984. This series contains files relating to its conferences in Toronto (1980), Banff (1981), Quebec (1982), and one file of general correspondence, notes,and reports (1982-1989).

Athletic Field Upgrade

This sub-series consists of 4 printed drawings showing the changes made to Trinity's athletic field, north of the College buildings, and south of Varsity Stadium.

Atomic Energy Control Board

In 1985, the Mulroney government appointed Dr. Franklin to the Atomic Energy Control Board, a 5-member board that directed an agency of 285 employees “charged with protecting the Canadian public against the consequences of a nuclear mishap.” One day later, she was told the invitation had been withdrawn, and the public speculated that it was due to her anti-nuclear stance, of which the government was somehow previously unaware. Records in this subseries provide significant documentation of this controversy, includin the original letter of appointment and subsequent correspondence with Pat Carney (Minister of Energy, Minutes and Resources), letters from supporters, news clippings, a petition, copies of House of Commons Debates, and background information on nuclear issues.

Source for quote: “Politicians may be part of country’s nuclear problem – and solution” in the Ottawa Citizen, 6 July 1985. p. B5.

Ave Maria Press files

Sub-series consists of five files which deal with Nouwen's personal and professional dealings with Ave Maria Press, a publishing company located in Notre Dame, Indiana. Much of the correspondence is between Nouwen or his assistants and Eugene S. Geissler, Book Editor or Frank Cunningham, Editor for Ave Maria Press. Specific Nouwen publications mentioned in the files include In Memoriam, With Open Hands, Out of Solitude, Compassion, Love in a Fearful Land, and audio cassettes A Spirituality of Waiting, Aging and Ministry, Marriage and Ministry and Spirituality and the Family.


Subseries consists of records relating to various awards given to Dr. Franklin. Records include correspondence, ceremony invitations and programs, acceptance speech notes and texts, letters of congratulations, photographs, certificates, awards and plaques.

Awards and honourary degrees

Sub-series consists of awards and honourary degrees bestowed upon Henri Nouwen by various academic institutions, religious and community organizations, and literary associations, including correspondence and memorabilia relating to the awards and award ceremonies.

Band arrangements

Subseries consists of Leslie Bell's scores and parts for band, including original compositions and arrangements.

Banking records and personal loans

Sub-series consists of one file containing banking and legal information regarding a personal loan from Sheila Watson. Material such as bank books, chequebook receipts and statement updates from the Bank of Montreal was deaccessioned as it did not contain material of significant evidential or informational value.


Series consist of records and publications relating to Dr. Franklin’s trip to Berlin as an observer at the World Peace Congress. This was her first trip back to Berlin after her departure in the late 1940s. Series includes a typed article (address to friends), detailing her thoughts on the visit, a notebook, the Assembly program, and books, booklets and brochures collected while in Berlin. Subseries also includes 2 commercial slide collections (produced in 1965): one of Berlin and one of Potsdam.

Bible course

Sub-series consists of records relating to Johnston's teaching of the Bible course at Victoria College, 1961-2008, including course outlines, assignment descriptions, lecture notes, and some student work and information.

Blank postcards

Sub-series consists of one file of blank postcards collected by Watson. Most of the postcards depict Parisian landmarks, holdings from the Louvre, renaissance portraiture, religious art, modern art and several duplicated versions of postcards from The Coach House Press.

Book reviews

  • CA ON00389 F4-9-4
  • Subseries
  • 1972 - 1996, predominant 1981 - 1996
  • Part of Henri Nouwen fonds

Sub-series consists of published articles as well as bookstore advertising, and transcripts of radio reviews regarding Nouwen's books, audio cassettes, and booklets. Also included are book reviews mentioning Nouwen's forewords and a book of which Nouwen was a contributing author. The articles are in various formats including entire publications, clippings, and photocopies as originally saved by Nouwen. This sub-series contains only those articles which Nouwen or his office collected.
In an attempt to re-establish a system similar to that originated by Nouwen, the Archives created one file to represent each reviewed book, etc., combining the various translations for a single book in the single file. On occasion, articles were photocopied by the Archives staff should more than one of Nouwen's books be mentioned; the copies were distributed to the appropriate book review files.

Book, art and periodical purchases, loans, subscriptions and donations

Sub-series consists of 72 files of receipts and invoices from book dealers, publishers, art dealers and periodicals regarding purchases by Watson of books, pamphlets, archival material, subscriptions and works of art. Also includes correspondence with art galleries regarding the loan of works owned by Watson and her husband for various exhibits, as well as tax receipts regarding financial support Watson gave to various small literary journals.

Files include:

Box 59

  • 2006 01 872 Correspondence and receipts from Alan and Joan Tucker booksellers (Glouchestershire, England) 1964
  • 2006 01 873 Correspondence and invoices from Alan Hancox Fine Books (Cheltenham, England) 1963, 1964, 1966
  • 2006 01 874 Correspondence, receipts and invoices from Bay Press (Seattle, WA) 1985, 1988, 1990
  • 2006 01 875 Invoice from Bernard Quaritch Ltd. antiquarian booksellers (London, England) 1970
  • 2006 01 876 Correspondence and catalogue from Bernard Stone bookseller (London, England) 1967, 1969
  • 2006 01 877 Correspondence, invoices and receipts from Bertram Rota Ltd., booksellers (London, England) 1959 - 1969
  • 2006 01 878 Correspondence, invoices and receipts from Blackwell's booksellers (Oxford, England) 1966 - 1972
  • 2006 01 879 Correspondence, invoices and receipts from the Bob Miller Book Room (Toronto, ON) 1986 - 1991
  • 2006 01 880 Correspondence, invoices and receipts from the Bookstore on Bastion (Nanaimo, B.C.) 1991 - 1997
  • 2006 01 881 Invoice from Calder and Boyars Ltd. publishers (London, England) 1967
  • 2006 01 882 Correspondence from Cambridge University Press 1993
  • 2006 01 883 Invoices and receipts from Coach House Press 1980, 1985, 1987, 1992
  • 2006 01 884 Invoices from Copp Clark Publishing Company (Toronto, ON) 1967 -1968
  • 2006 01 885 Invoices from CUP Services (Ithaca, NY) 1988
  • 2006 01 886 Correspondence from dall'Oglio, editore (Milan, Italy) 1962
  • 2006 01 887 Invoices from Donaldson and Company Books (Nanaimo, B.C.) 1986, 1990
  • 2006 01 888 Invoices from Fitzhenry and Whiteside Ltd. (Scarborough, ON) 1967
  • 2006 01 889 Invoices from Harvard University Press, 1994
  • 2006 01 890 Correspondence from Watson to Human Development Corporation (New York, NY) 1969
  • 2006 01 891 Receipts regarding purchases from J. Howard Woolmer Books 1967
  • 2006 01 892 Correspondence, invoices and receipts from James Thin booksellers (Edinburgh, Scotland) 1964, 1968
  • 2006 01 893 Correspondence and receipts from Lapis Press (Venice, CA) 1989 -1991
  • 2006 01 894 Invoices from Laurie Hill Limited Rare Books and Manuscripts (Montreal, Quebec) 1964 - 1965
  • 2006 01 895 Invoices and receipts from Longspoon Press (Edmonton, Alta.) 1983
  • 2006 01 896 Correspondence from Loyola University Press (Chicago, IL) 1987
  • 2006 01 897 Invoices and receipts from McClelland and Stewart 1992 - 1994
  • 2006 01 898 Invoice from M.G. Hurtig Booksellers Ltd. (Edmonton, Alta.) [between 1961 - 1980]
  • 2006 01 899 Correspondence and invoices from Michael Lewis bookseller (Croscombe Wells, Somerset, England) 1967

Box 60

  • 2006 01 900 Correspondence from Michael Katanka (Books) Ltd. (Edgware, Middlesex, England) 1970
  • 2006 01 901 Invoices from The MIT Press (Cambridge, MA) 1987 - 1988, 1990
  • 2006 01 902 Correspondence, invoices and receipts from Peter Russell bookseller (Fairwap, Sussex, England) 1957 - 1961, 1974, 1983
  • 2006 01 903 Correspondence regarding purchases from rdc press (Red Deer, Alta.) 1985
  • 2006 01 904 Invoices from Richard West, bookseller (Philadelphia, PA) 1964
  • 2006 01 905 Invoice from The Scholar's Bookshelf (Princeton Junction, NJ) 1984
  • 2006 01 906 Invoices from St. George's Gallery Books Limited (London, England) 1964-1965, 1968, 1970
  • 2006 01 907 Invoice from Talon Books (Vancouver, B.C.) 1993
  • 2006 01 908 Invoice from the University of Chicago Press 1988
  • 2006 01 909 Invoices from the University of Toronto Press 1990
  • 2006 01 910 Invoice regarding purchase from University Press Books 1988
  • 2006 01 911 Invoice and receipt from Vanderbilt University Press (Nashville, TN) 1967
  • 2006 01 912 Invoices and receipts from unidentified book sellers 1964, 1967, 1973, 1990
  • 2006 01 913 Correspondence from Graphica art gallery (Edmonton, Alta) 1980
  • 2006 01 914 Correspondence, loan agreement and conservation treatment report regarding loan of Molly Lamb Bobak painting to Mackenzie Art Gallery, University of Regina 1991- 1996
  • 2006 01 915 Correspondence from Calgary Allied Arts Council and the Carnegie Institute Department of Fine Arts (Pittsburgh, PA) regarding loan of Jack Shadbolt painting 1955
  • 2006 01 916 Correspondence from d'Offay Couper Gallery (London, England) regarding purchase of Wyndham Lewis drawing, 1973
  • 2006 01 917 Correspondence from Glenbow Museum (Calgary, Alta.) regarding loan of Jack Shadbolt paintings, 1990 - 1991
  • 2006 01 918 Correspondence from Jerrold Morris Gallery (Toronto, ON) regarding purchase of Jack Shadbolt drawing, 1968
  • 2006 01 919 Correspondence from the National Gallery of Canada regarding loan of Jack Shadbolt drawing and purchase of study by Michael Ayrton, [before 1971]
  • 2006 01 920 Receipt from Vancouver Art Gallery regarding purchase of Molly Bobak painting and Jack Shadbolt exhibition, 1951, 1969
  • 2006 01 921 Correspondence, invoice and receipt regarding subscription to © [Copyright] 1989
  • 2006 01 922 Correspondence, invoices and promotional material regarding subscription to Agenda 1974, 1987, 1989
  • 2006 01 923 Correspondence regarding subscription to The Antigonish Review 1983, 1996-1997
  • 2006 01 924 Receipts and invoices regarding subscription to Assemblage 1992, 1994-1997
  • 2006 01 925 Correspondence regarding subscription to Canadian Forum 1994-1995
  • 2006 01 926 Correspondence regarding journals from Grand Street (New York, NY) 1989
  • 2006 01 927 Correspondence regarding subscription to Descant 1987-1988, 1992-1995
  • 2006 01 928 Correspondence and invoices regarding subscription to October 1988-1989, 1992, 1994-1997
  • 2006 01 929 Correspondence regarding subscription to Paideuma 1978 - 1979, 1988, 1992
  • 2006 01 930 Correspondence regarding subscription to Palaver 1992
  • 2006 01 931 Correspondence and receipt regarding subscription to Parachute 1985, 1991-1992, 1995
  • 2006 01 932 Correspondence regarding subscription to Parole 1991
  • 2006 01 933 Correspondence regarding subscription to Signature 1992
  • 2006 01 934 Correspondence regarding subscription to Spirale 1981, 1985, 1991-1992
  • 2006 01 935 Correspondence regarding Texte zur Kunst 1992
  • 2006 01 936 Correspondence regarding subscription to Unmuzzled Ox 1980
  • 2006 01 937 Correspondence regarding subscription to line and West Coast Line 1987, 1990, 1994, 1996
  • 2006 01 938 Correspondence regarding subscription to Works 1967
  • 2006 01 939 Correspondence regarding subscription to Zone [after 1980?]
  • 2006 01 940 Correspondence soliciting subscriptions to periodicals 1985-1987, 1992-1993
  • 2006 01 941 Correspondence regarding donations to The Canadian Forum 1985-1986, 1988
  • 2006 01 942 Correspondence regarding donations to The Capilano Review 1990
  • 2006 01 943 Correspondence regarding donations to the Loyal Order of the Rubber Chicken (LORC) 1987
  • 2006 01 944 Correspondence regarding donations to line and West Coast Line 1985-1988, 1992-1995

Books about Nouwen

Sub-series consists of four books written between 1985 and 1994 about Nouwen or containing a chapter about Nouwen. The two books written in 1994 represent student theses-like material on Nouwen's life. The other two books reflect on the lives of many individuals; Nouwen is represented in one chapter of each book. The books have been described at the item level.

Books and articles

Sub-series consists of draft manuscripts and typescripts of many of Nouwen's published and unpublished books and articles, including forewords, introductions and afterwords for other authors' books. The sub-series represents Nouwen's writing process, from miscellaneous notes and journal entries to galley and print proofs. Some articles contain subject matter later published in Nouwen's full-length books; links between them have been made where appropriate. The sub-series has been divided into sub-sub-series for each of Nouwen's book-length projects, as well as files.
The sub-sub-series are as follows:

  1. Book on Anton T. Boisen
  2. Intimacy
  3. With Open Hands
  4. Aging
  5. Out of Solitude
  6. Reaching Out
  7. Genesee Diary
  8. Man at the Watershed
  9. Clowning in Rome
  10. In Memoriam
  11. A Cry for Mercy
  12. Downward Mobility
  13. A Letter of Consolation
  14. Compassion
  15. Gracias! A Latin American Journal
  16. A Spirituality of Peacemaking
  17. Love in a Fearful Land: A Guatemalan Story
  18. Lifesigns
  19. Behold the Beauty of the Lord
  20. Letters to Marc about Jesus
  21. The Road to Daybreak: A Spiritual Journey
  22. Heart Speaks to Heart
  23. In the Name of Jesus: Reflections on Christian Leadership
  24. Theology as Doxology
  25. L'Arche and the World
  26. A Spiritual Journey
  27. Mary, Mother of the Priests
  28. Taken, Blessed, Broken, Given
  29. The Life of the Beloved
  30. Show Me the Way: Readings for Each Day of Lent
  31. The Return of the Prodigal Son
  32. Circus Diary
  33. Ukrainian Diary: July 24-August 14, 1993
  34. Our Greatest Gift: A Meditation on Dying and Giving
  35. With Burning Hearts: A Meditation on the Eucharistic Life
  36. The Inner Voice of Love: A Journey through Anguish to Freedom
  37. Can You Drink the Cup?
  38. Ministry and Spirituality: Three Books in One
  39. Adam: God's Beloved
  40. Bread for the Journey: A Daybook of Wisdom and Faith
  41. Sabbatical Journey: The Final Year
  42. Articles

Books by Nouwen

Sub-series consists of hard and soft cover books or booklets written by Nouwen or containing Nouwen's words, published between 1969 and 1996. The Archives has a variety of editions, printings and translations of his books. It is not certain how Nouwen obtained most of the English versions since, other than a handful of presentation copies, few were personally inscribed to him. Although it may be presumed that some were publisher gifts, since many of the books still have their price tags, it is possible that they were purchased by Nouwen or his associates.

Books contributed to by Nouwen

Sub-series consists of books written between 1974 and 1996 of which Nouwen co-authored, contributed a chapter, provided excerpts from his previously published works, or was interviewed. As well, Nouwen also provided introductions, forewords, prefaces, and recommendations to many books also included in this subseries. In addition to the books are photocopies of Nouwen's contributions to two other books not owned by the Archives. Paper notes and inscriptions within the books suggest that many of the books were given to Nouwen from the authors or publishers.

Books of the Bible

Sub-series consists of typed and handwritten notes, organized by books of the Bible (Old Testament), detailing illuminations, illustrations, and other details of each book from various versions of the Bible that were examined. Many files also include a typed manuscript detailing the findings. Some files also include photocopies of reference material.

CBC programming

Subseries consists of documentation of Dr. Franklin’s involvement with CBC programming – in particular with CBC Ideas.

The first 6 files pertain to a CBC Ideas radio program on technology and democracy in Germany, produced by Max Allen. Preparations for the program began in 1974, and it was broadcast in 1978. The show discusses the issue of Beiufs Verbote, and the denial of employment and tenure to university teachers in Germany who were unwilling to partake in a loyalty oath. Ursula Franklin and Max Allen condensed 25 hours of German interviews by journalist Jurgen Hesse into five 1-hour programs. The German was translated by Ursula Franklin and the files contain texts in both German and English.

Subseries also includes transcripts for a number of other CBC Ideas shows, including Nuclear Peace (1982-1983), Cold War in Canada (1984), At Work in the Fields of the Bomb (1984), Telematics (1984), On the Northern Front (1985), New Ideas in Ecology and Economics (1986), Complexity and Management (1986), the Seven Deadly Sins (1989), and How the World Has Changed (2001).

Subseries also includes records relating to “Nuclear Dynamite,” a documentary on Project Plowshare for CBC’s “The Nature of Things”, including an interview transcript.

CD Howe project

Records relating to work for C.D. Howe on employment, employment cost resources, unemployment, productivity, and the interdependence of wages and prices in Canada and the U.S.


Records relating to Wilson’s evidence on telecommunications regulation and competition for CNCP Telecommunications.

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