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University of St. Michael's College, John M. Kelly Library, Special Collections
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Correspondence, literary. Includes several readers' reports.

Vicar of St. Mary's manuscript

File consists of 50 handwritten pages of prose and notes (including pasted in cuttings from the Bible) labelled "II. Vicar of St. Mary's", presumed to be an early working draft of the second chapter of Pett's thesis.

The published and unpublished Anglican sermons of John Henry Newman : Prolegomena to an Edition

File consists of a photocopy of Pett's thesis, "The published and unpublished Anglican sermons of John Henry Newman : Prolegomena to an Edition". Originally stored in three boxes, the thesis includes two or three copies of each page, although pages 2, 26, 47, 87, 114, 137, 155, 183, 214, 255, 270, 359, appear to be missing. This may be an error in pagination.

Research and reference material

Series consists of bound and loose leaf research and reference notes handwritten and typed by Douglas Ellory Pett relating to his thesis and extensive research on the early Anglican sermons of John Henry Newman. Includes detailed bibliographic entries on published works; meticulous notes on biblical references used by Newman in his sermons; transcriptions of Newman's correspondence and archival records; as well as notes on contemporary accounts of Newman's preaching activities.

Notebooks on letters from Pusey House

File consists of three bound notebooks of transcriptions of letters and notes. Each notebook has been labelled by Pett "Letters from Pusey House I, II and III". The first notebook includes a letter from the Custodian of Pusey House, Ron [Cathury?], dated July 17, 1957, and a small photograph of three men swimming.

Notebooks on material from the Oratory

File consists of eight notebooks of handwritten notes and references. The notebooks have been labelled by Pett "Letter from the Oratory I", "Letters from Oratory II", "Oratory Notes 1960", "Oratory I", "Oratory II", "Oratory III Mostly extracts from Sermons", "Oratory III Luther Rivington", "Oratory IV".

Henri Nouwen fonds

  • CA ON00389 F4
  • Fonds
  • 1910 - 1997, 1964 - 1996 predominant

Fonds consists of 15 series:

  1. Manuscripts
  2. General files
  3. Calendar files
  4. Personal records
  5. Publisher files
  6. Financial files
  7. Teaching materials
  8. Nouwen’s education records and study notes
  9. Published works
  10. Video recordings of Nouwen
  11. Sound recordings
  12. Collected materials
  13. L'Arche Daybreak administrative files
  14. Ephemera and artifacts
  15. Photographs

Nouwen, Henri J.M.

A.l.s. from Émile Zola to Ély Halpérine-Kaminsky

  1. A.l.s. from Émile Zola to Ély Halpérine-Kaminsky (1858-1936), Médan, 29 December 1891, 1 p.
    Zola will expect Halpérine-Kaminsky in Paris any evening after the 5th of January, at exactly 6:00 p.m. He hopes that this rather late hour will suit his correspondent.
    On Ély Halpérine-Kaminsky, see the notes to letter 21.
    Published in Correspondance, vol. VII, page 226 (letter 192).

A.l.s. from Émile Zola to Louis Gallet

  1. A.l.s. from Émile Zola to Louis Gallet (1835-1898), Paris, 1 November 1892, 2 p.
    Zola wants to have Charpentier print about ten copies of L’Attaque du Moulin in order to facilitate the rehearsals. Zola hopes Gallet will not mind if he takes the manuscript to Charpentier, and he promises the check the proofs. Suggests that the financial arrangements for the play be the same as they were for Le Rêve. Carvalho’s rehearsal is on November 13th at Choudens’ office.
    On Louis Gallet, see the notes to letter 26. On L’Attaque du moulin, see the notes to letter 30. Léon Carvalho was the “metteur en scène” of the opera, while Paul Choudens was a prominent music publisher.
    Published in Correspondance, vol. VII, page 333 (letter 326).

A.l.s. from Émile Zola to Paul Ménard-Dorian

  1. A.l.s. from Émile Zola to Paul Ménard-Dorian (1845-1937), Paris, 11 January 1900, 3 p.
    Zola apologizes that he is obliged to change the date for his visit to Unieux. He has to see Galliffet on Saturday, and his lawsuit with Ernest Judet will be heard on the 24th. Suggests several alternative dates for his visit.
    Zola was to see Gaston Galliffet, the defense minister, regarding the lawsuit which Zola had launched against the journalist Ernest Judet, who had slandered Zola’s father in an article published in the press.
    On Paul Ménard-Dorian and his factory at Unieux, see letter 23.
    Published in Correspondance, vol. X, page 122-123 (letter 63).

Autograph letters from Francois Emile-Zola to J.B. Sanders

-Autograph letter with envelope from Francois Emile-Zola to J.B. Sanders, dated Athens, 12 March, 1986. Discusses several of Zola's photographs which he has in his possession.
-Autograph letter with envelope from Francois Emile-Zola to J.B. Sanders, 18 April 1986. Gives details on Zola's relationship with Jeanne Rozerot and suggests other sources of information

Letters: Bruneau, Vaucaire, Becque

-Autograph letter from Alfred Bruneau to [J.H. Rosny according to hand-written note], n.d.
Acknowledges receiving the book, which he will read with pleasure. Is looking forward to their next conversation.
-Autograph letter [fragment] from Maurice Vaucaire to [?] [according to hand-written note], n.d. [1914-1918, according to internal evidence]. Talks about the war, political gossips.
NOTE : a hand-written note attributes this fragment from Alfred Bruneau to Louis Gallet. Gallet died in 1898. The fragment is signed «M.V.».
-Hand-written copies of letters (3) from Henry Becque to various correspondents, n.d. – these copies were sent to J.B. Sanders in September 1952.

Sound Recordings series

Series consists of eleven audio cassettes of lectures and retreats given by Nouwen from 1985 to 1994. Specifically, there are two audio cassettes from a ALT Brugge Retreat on the topics of Prayer and Reconciliation. There are two audio cassettes which contain a Mass given by Nouwen on Compassion. There is one audio cassette titled "La Visitation" and another titled "Francais – Homelie – Houietie". There are also five audio cassettes of Nouwen leading a seminar on the Gospel of St. John while he was at L'Arche Trosly-Breuil.

Letters from Georges Ancey, and letter from L. Level (Ancey’s daughter)

  • Autograph letter from Georges Ancey to [?], dated «Paris, 7 février 1897» Is answering to a question about the Théâtre Libre [TL]. The TL launched a generation of new playwrights. Antoine influenced comedians as well [letter is barely legible].
  • Typed transcription of the letter from Georges Ancey to [?], dated «Paris, 7 février 1897», 2 copies.
  • Autograph letter from Georges Ancey to [?], dated «Kerbon, 7 août 1897» Is in Britanny – goes cycling in the morning, reads and works in the afternoons. Is currently writing three plays. Does not really believe in «mise en scène» -- too often, directors are preoccupied with the decors, not the play. [The rest of the letter is barely legible.]
  • Autograph letter from L. Level [Ancey’s daughter] to J. Sanders, dated «8 décembre 1949», with envelope stamped «Paris 9-12 1949». Answers J. Sanders’ questions regarding her father, his plays, his career, etc. Is sending various documents to Sanders, asking that they remain unpublished – her father would not have liked them made public as they are unfinished. With handwritten transcription by J. Sanders.
  • Transcription of a second letter from L. Level (no original in the file) to Sanders, dated «27 juillet 1949», in which she gives information about Ancey’s ancestors.
  • Handwritten biographical document about Ancey written by his daughter, dated «30 avril 1949» (with transcription by J. Sanders)
  • Autograph postcard [Nantouillet Presles, S.O], from L. Level to J. Sanders, n.d. Would like Sanders to autograph the copy of his thesis – she enjoyed reading it.

Dossier Gustave Toudouze, secondary sources

  • Georges G. Toudouze, «La colonie artistique de Camaret», Les Cahiers de l’Iroise, 1955.
  • James Sanders, «Une lettre inédite de Gustave Toudouze à Georges Ancey, relative au “Bateau des sorcières”», Les cahiers de l’Iroise, 1994.
  • James Sanders, «Camaret, hâvre de pêcheurs et d’artistes», La Revue de l’Université Laval, octobre 1963.
  • André Dupuis, Une famille d’artistes. Les Toudouze-Colin-Leloir, 1690-1957, Paris, 1957.
  • Typed document (1 page): summary of an interview with Georges G. Toudouze.
  • Typed document (5 pages): draft of an article on Gustave Toudouze (by Sanders).
  • Photocopies of an article: Dr. M.-A. Levy-Alcover, «Le foyer artistique de Camaret: à propos de deux artistes dramatiques», in Nautisme, arts, culture, été 1990.
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