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[Foster Alumni Association scrapbook]

Black scrapbook that includes articles on planning for and opening of Scarborough College, architecture construction, alumni, local residents, land, courses, campus events.

Extra material included within has been separated into another envelope (1969-1973) and contains: Alumni Association committee meeting minutes, financial statements, three minute books, alumni newsletters, and Presidential Advisory Committee on the Status and Future of Scarborough College minutes from 1970.

Indigenous Publications, Reports and Periodicals Collected by the Indian-Eskimo Association Library

  • CA OTUTF T-10 00014
  • Manuscript Collection
  • 1955 - 1978

This collection contains material received by the I.E.A library, most notably including original publications, reports, press releases, speeches and periodicals produced by Indigenous Nations and organizations, such as the National Indian Brotherhood and provincial Indigenous groups, including the Union of Nova Scotia Indians and the Federation of Saskatchewan Indians, as well as the Canadian Metis Society, various friendship centres and the Alberta Native Women’s Society. Also included are original periodicals published by Indigenous Nations and organizations such as The Sun Dance Echo, Kainai News, Indian News and The Native Perspective. This collection also contains Indigenous articles, reports, and speeches, which were reproduced or reprinted by the I.E.A. and made available for research for a small fee, such as pamphlets, offprints and governmental papers produced by Indigenous and non-Indigenous authors on Indigenous issues and events, particularly responses to the 1969 governmental white paper, which proposed to dismantle Indian Affairs. Material related to the internal activities of the I.E.A are also present, most notably reports, minutes, their monthly bulletin, speeches given at conferences and independent projects, which are written and produced by both Indigenous and non-Indigenous members of the organization.

Indian-Eskimo Association of Canada

University of Toronto. Division of Finance. Infrasizers Limited

Accession consists of Province of Ontario Letters Patent Incorporating Infrasizers Limited on November 18, 1936. Letters Patent name: Herbert Edward Terrick Haultain, Gareth Edward Maybee, Norman Robert Tyndall, William Hedley James Maybee, and Agnes Eleanor Pinard. Accession also includes common share stock certificates representing shares held in trust by the Infrasizers Limited Board of Directors dated 1972-1981; A minute book for meetings of the Directors and Shareholders of Infrazisers Limited 1937-1968; and a Infrasizer Limited Report prepared by ComGroup Consultants dated October, 1980.

Infrasizers Limited

Henri Nouwen Literary Trust and Henri Nouwen Society administrative files

Subseries consists of files relating to the administrative business of the Henri Nouwen Literary Trust and the Canadian branch of the Henri Nouwen Society including correspondence, reference material and newsletters. Due to the overlapping administrative support of the Henri Nouwen Literary Trust and the Canadian and American branches of the Henri Nouwen Society, records pertaining to the operation of these entities are not uncommon. Unless otherwise noted references to the Henri Nouwen Society can be understood as encompassing both the Canadian and American branches of the organization.

Topics in this series include: the selection and repackaging of Nouwen’s writing and talks for new publications; the establishment of the Nouwen Archives at the University of St. Michael’s College in Toronto, Ontario; Nouwen related articles, book reviews and events; copyright, distribution and usage permissions related to Nouwen’s work; the financial support of Nouwen related projects; legal agreements and paperwork pertaining to the management and settlement of the Nouwen Estate; the translation of Nouwen’s work; requests for materials or financial donations; and Nouwen's funerals. Included is documentation regarding the addition to Dayspring; the production and development of Journey of the Heart: the Life of Henri Nouwen; the development of books by Michael O’Laughlin, Michael J. Christensen and Rebecca Laird; reporting and budgeting information for the Oral History Project; and the permissions associated with Nouwen’s appearance on the Hour of Power at the Crystal Cathedral in 1992.

Emmanuel College (Toronto, Ont.). Principal's Office fonds

  • CA ON00357 2062
  • Fonds
  • 1929-2016, predominant 1945-2001

Fonds consists of 12 series containing the records of the former Principals and the Principal's Office: Subject files ; Correspondence ; Records relating to the Association of Theological Schools in the United States and Canada ; Records relating to the Emmanuel College Financial Campaign ; Records relating to teaching staff ; Records related to committees and task forces ; Records related to inter-institutional agreements and cooperation ; Records related to honorary degrees ; Records related to programs and degrees ; Records related to Lectures, Conferences and events ; Records related to bursaries, scholarships and funds ; Records related to grants and endowments

Emmanuel College (Toronto, Ont.). Principal’s Office

Amir Hassanpour fonds

  • UTA 1372
  • Fonds
  • 1920 - 2017

Fonds consists of records documenting the professional and personal life of Prof. Hassanpour, Kurdish-Iranian Marxist scholar and Professor at UofT’s Department of Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations. Material reflects key areas of Prof. Hassanpour’s research, most significantly Kurdish history and culture; the history of political movements, grassroots organization, and class struggle in Iran, Iraq and Turkey; and communication theory and sociolinguistics. Material includes correspondence with colleagues and scholars internationally, documentation of research with particular focus on Prof. Hassanpour’s dissertation and his Peasant Movement Project, records relating to conference presentations, interviews, and teaching, as well as his publishing activity.

Prof. Hassanpour was deeply invested in the preservation of Kurdish oral, visual, and textual documentary heritage as a response to the historical state suppression of cultural-political struggle of Kurdish people. Reflected in records throughout the fonds is Prof. Hassanpour’s work in pursuing the establishment of Kurdish Studies as a discipline, his work editing journals related to Kurdistan, and his effort in exposing and circulating books on Kurdish Studies to libraries and research institutions internationally. Prof. Hassanpour also actively collected and preserved Kurdish texts, dailies, and visual materials. This material is included in Series 9 (Reference material) and through bibliographic and audio material held in other repositories at the University of Toronto Libraries (please see the related material note below).

Hassanpour, Amir

Personal, employment, and biographical

Series includes material related to Prof. Hassanpour’s education and employment, and additional biographical material. Records documenting Prof. Hassanpour’s education cover his studies in Iran and the U.S.A., as well as his involvement with the Confederation of Iranian Student in the U.S.A. and the Kurdish Student Organization in Europe and the U.S.A. Career and employment records include letters of application, contracts, and correspondence documenting Prof. Hassanpour’s positions and organizational membership. Files related to his employment at the University of Windsor document multiple contracts as well as covering a human rights dispute between Prof. Hassanpour and the department. Included are also syllabi, course evaluations, correspondence and course descriptions that cover Prof. Hassanpur’s teaching, particularly related to his work at the Department of Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations, University of Toronto.

Professional activities

This series documents Dr. Evans’ professional involvement, often as chair or a member of the board of directors, of many of the organizations noted in his biographical sketch (and some that are not). Organizations such as the Rockefeller Foundation, where the bulk of the files obviously remain in the head offices, are still documented sufficiently to provide an overview of Dr. Evans involvement. A few organizations – the African Medical Research Foundation-Canada, the Commonwealth Fund, and Vartana, for example – have little documentation (the last because it is so new). Most organizations fall in between and for two, the Canadian Foundation for Innovation and the Medical and Related Science Research District (MaRS), the files are so extensive that each rates its own series (see Series 3 and 4).

The files contain correspondence, memoranda, minutes of meetings, reports and associated background material. Dr. Evans made extensive handwritten notes and many of his memoranda are scattered throughout the files, along with annotated material he was working with. The arrangement is alphabetical by the name of the organization.

Dr. Evans was frequently approached as new initiatives were started in the fields of medicine, education and related social policy. One of these was the Boreal Institute, a charity founded in 2004 that focuses on contributing to economic and social development, internationally and in Canada by serving as an enabler and capacity builder for civil society. By the end of the year he had arranged for seed funding for the Institute and had attracted a number of influential backers such as Joseph Rotman. In 1998 Dr. Evans became involved in an ongoing reassessment of the role of the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), a review that included, over the next three years, a series of discussions and meetings at the highest level, including Prime Minister Chrétien’s office. Another project was the Cancer Research Institute of Ontario, founded in 2003. It immediately won the support of MaRS and its chair, Dr. Evans, who also was selected chair of the Institute in 2005. The single file in this series documents the work of its Ad Hoc Advisory Group. In 1995 Dr. Evans’ served on a panel that assessed the work of the Essential National Health Research concept as carried out by the Council on Health Research for Development, based in Geneva. He was also a member of the Hospital for Sick Children Foundation. The principal file here relates to the Apotex/Nancy Olivieri controversy.

Dr. Evans has been closely associated with the Pew Charitable Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation and the World Bank which, collectively, supported a United Nations initiative, the International Health Policy Program. The files document his involvement with the program from 1994 to 1996. Another organization with close links to the Pew Charitable Foundation is the John E. Fetzer Institute, Inc. of Kalamazoo, Michigan that, in 1995, hired Dr. Evans as a consultant to assist in planning and implementing its program. This he did, partly through chairing its advisory committee on frontier medicine, on which he kept detailed files.

The project that established Dr. Evans’ reputation at the international level was his innovative work as founding dean of the Faculty of Medicine at McMaster University and, in particular, the construction of its innovative Health Sciences Centre. Most of the records pertaining to his deanship and the Centre project are, understandably, at McMaster University, but this series contains Dr. Evans’ copy of its original program, with accompanying planning reports and some photographs. There is also an oral history interview with him on the beginning of the faculty, with accompanying photographs, and two later files on other administrative matters.

In 2004 Dr. Evans was invited by the Premier of Ontario to chair a new body, the Minister’s Commercialization Advisory Council, the inaugural meeting of which was held in January 2005 and which continued throughout the year. Following these files are two others, one each on the Ontario Cancer Research Network, which he chaired from 2003 to 2005 and on the Ontario Research Council. There are no files on the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research of which Evans became chair in 2005.

The Pew Charitable Trusts funds a wide variety of research projects, two of which are documented in this series. In 1993 the Pew Center for Civic Journalism, launched a project called “Renewing our democratic heart” and invited Dr. Evans to become a member of its board of directors. Meetings held throughout 1993 and 1994 are documented here. He also agreed to chair the advisory board for the Pew Global Stewardship Initiative which studied American population policy, consumption patterns, and stewardship in relation to the formation of policy nationally and internationally. The files run through to mid-1996 and also document the contribution of Thomas Homer-Dixon of the University of Toronto.

Dr. Evans’ formal association with the Rockefeller Foundation began in 1979 when it asked him to head its Commission on the Future of Schools of Public Health, for which he produced an international study of public health and population-based medicine, ‘Measure and management in medicine and health services’. The work on this project extended to late 1981, even though he left the Foundation after several months for the World Bank. The files contain correspondence and meetings related to his study, along with his working files. There is also one unidentified notebook of notes on meeting(s) Dr. Evans attended, with a photo of attendees at one of the Bellagio conferences (see also Series 5). He joined the Foundation’s board of directors in 1982 and served as its chair from 1987 to 1995, the first Canadian to do so, and has maintained a close association with the Foundation. The single file from the period of his chairmanship documents his Foundation funded visit to Myanmar in November 1994 as UNICEF external advisor on health research and management for child survival and development.

In Toronto, Dr. Evans was a member of the steering committee of the Toronto City Summit Alliance, a coalition of civil leaders in the Toronto region. It met with officials, from the premier down, produced an action report and supported a number of initiatives to strengthen community service. It worked closely with the Toronto Region Research Alliance and other organizations such as MaRS. The files date from late 2003.

There are a few files on the University of Toronto: on the teaching of the cardiovascular programme in the Faculty of Medicine (1970), on an International Health meeting hosted by the Department of Medicine in 1998, on strategic planning for the Department of Surgery (2004), and on the Rotman School of Management (2002). Next is a single file on a board of directors meeting in June 2005 of Vartana, a charity with a mandate to develop Canada’s first financial institution dedicated to meeting the needs of voluntary sector organizations.

When Dr. Evans joined the World Bank in 1979, it was the beginning of a long relationship that often included the Rockefeller Foundation. The earliest files document his work with the Population, Health and Nutrition Department, which he founded, but most relate to his work from 1995 to 1997 with the Ad Hoc World Bank/Rockefeller Orphan Drug and Vaccine Project relating to the development, licensing and supply of AIDS vaccines to the under-developed world. The files contain detailed correspondence, notes, memoranda, minutes, and reports with government and corporate bodies.

The last files in this series document Dr. Evans’ work with the World Health Organization on two projects. The first was its Executive Board organizational study on “The role of WHO in training in public health and health programme management” (1981), followed by its Ad Hoc Review on Health Research in 1995-1996. The files contain notes, minutes, addresses, reports, and background material.

University of St. Michael's College. Collegium

  • Collection
  • 1958 - 2022

The University of St. Michael's College is a University in its own right, as established by the USMC Act (2005) It is therefore governed by two bodies: the Collegium and the Senate. The Collegium governs the affairs of the University, including the safeguarding of the property and the funds of the University. Collegium was established by the University of St. Michael's College Act (1958). More information, including Collegium by-laws can be found on the St. Michael's College website: .

The Collegium fonds consists of records reflecting the business and activities of the Collegium governing body, including meeting minutes, reports, financial records and reports, hiring decisions, and property agreements.

Minutes from 1958-2007 are kept separate from the records of the Office of the President. Many records relating to the business of Collegium, as conducted by the President, are therefore part of the Office of the President fonds.

Minutes from 2007 onward, as well of records from Collegium business, have been kept within the records of the office of origin, the Office of the President. Minutes from 2007 onward are available digitally.

University of St. Michael's College

Richard Alway fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1924 - 2012

This fonds is currently incomplete. This fonds contains works, correspondence, and ephemera belonging to or addressed to Richard Alway. The fonds currently consists of 10 main series:
• Administrative (General)
• Photographs: Miscellaneous personal and professional photographs that were transferred to the archive.
• Collected Publications: Consists of collected publications and promotional materials from art institutions or the University of Toronto.
• Correspondence
o Personal
o Professional: Includes correspondence relating to Alway's role as President of SMC.
o References: Consists of references written by Alway, largely on behalf of former students of SMC employees.
• Art Collection: Consists of materials relating to the acquisition, sale, and donation of artworks, mostly Canadian art.
• Speeches and Addresses: Consists of speeches and addresses given by Alway on various occasions including convocations, honourary degree conferrals, arts-related events, and University events. Series also includes scripts for many of Alway's CFRB talks.
• Writings: Includes academic writings and publications by Alway.
• Councils and Committees: Consists of materials relating to the many boards and committees on which Alway served, including: Heritage Trust, National Gallery of Canada, National Museums of Canada, Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada, and TCDSB Supervision.
• St. Michael’s College: Consists of research into the history of SMC, materials relating to the academic planning and funding at SMC, some personnel and administrative information, as well as Alway's own professional development while President.
• Academic Planning: Consists of academic planning materials not explicitly related to SMC or the Pontifical Institute. Includes materials related to the Toronto School of Theology, and the development of Catholic education in North America.

The fonds also contains a small amount of personal materials, largely related to the death of Alway’s father.

Alway, Richard

Stott Scrapbook

This series contains a scrapbook of geometric drawings that belonged to Alicia Boole Stott (1860-1940) who originally termed the word “polytope” to describe a four dimensional convex solid. Stott was the third daughter of mathematician George Boole and a colleague of Coxeter. The two met in 1930 and worked on various problems together early in Coxeter’s career. Stott died in 1940.

Cruise menus

File contains:
-Four booklet style menus from Victoria Cruises
-A fan menu from the M.S. Tijluwah.
-M.S. Ruys Chinese Dinner menu printed on lace handkerchief, November 7, 1964.
-M.S. Leverkusen Chinese Special Dish menu from December 25th, 1936, the Hamburg-Amerika Linie

Victoria College (Toronto, Ont.). Registrar's Office fonds

  • CA ON00357 2049
  • Fonds
  • 1837-2022

Fonds consists of the records of the Registrar and Associate Registrar, primarily relating to Victoria College students and student records as well as awards, prizes and scholarships, convocations, registration procedures, baccalaureate services, receptions, counselling, etc. Fonds also consists of material related to the Registrar's work with the Senate. Records include correspondence, annual reports, as well as ephemera and photographs.

Fonds consists of three series: Correspondence/subject files, 1893–2013; Student records, 1837–2008; Photographs.

Victoria College (Toronto. Ont.). Registrar's Office

Professor Enrico Elisi, Goh piano

File consists of a program and recording of an event that took place in Walter Hall. The concert celebrated the arrival of the Goh Steinway piano, selected in August 2022 by Professor Enrico Elisi, piano technician Andrew Novosky, and Interim Director of Advancement Tyler Greenleaf, who visited Steinway & Sons in Hamburg, Germany, with donor Dr. Swee Goh, to choose a new concert grand piano for Walter Hall.\


  • Waltz in A minor, op. 34, no. 2 ; Prelude in C-sharp minor, op. 45 ; Berceuse in D-flat major, op. 57 ; Waltz in D-flat major, op. 64, no. 1 ; Barcarolle in F-sharp major, op. 60 / Frederic Chopin
  • Notturno, P. 44 / Ottorino Respighi
  • Ungarische rhapsodie = Hungarian rhapsody in A minor, no. 13, S. 244 / Franz Liszt
  • Piano sonata no. 30 in E major, op. 109 / Ludwig van Beethoven
  • Encore [Chopin].

Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies fonds

  • CA ON00347 5
  • Fonds
  • 1927 - 1999

This fonds contains the records of the Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies, including early organizational files, correspondence, administrative files, the files of the Praeses, faculty papers, personnel files, and some publications by faculty. Related fonds include the papers of PIMS faculty, including the papers of Etienne Gilson, the first director of PIMS.

The Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies

Margo Garrett : art song master class

File consists of a program and recording of an event that took place in Walter Hall. Margo Garrett was the John R. Stratton Visitor in Music (2022-2023).


  • Im Fruhling / Franz Schubert (Leon Page, tenor ; Helen Becque, piano)
  • Twelve poems by Emily Dickinson. Nature, the gentlest mother / Aaron Copland (Morgan Reid, soprano ; Joel Goodfellow, piano)
  • Hermit songs. St. Ita's vision / Samuel Barber (William Salinas-Crosby, tenor ; Joy Lee, piano)
  • Love let the wind cry…How I adore thee, op. 29, no. 3 / Undine Smith Moore (Anika Venkatesh, soprano ; Joel Goodfellow, piano)
  • Les hiboux / Deodat de Severac (Chihiro Yasufuku, soprano ; Chun Yi Tsang, piano)
  • Das Rosenband / Richard Strauss (Madeleine Luntley, soprano ; Trevor Flemings, piano).

Side by side : Alikeness

File consists of a program and recording of an event that took place in Walter Hall.

Performers: Aiyun Huang, percussion ; Sarah Jeffrey, oboe ; Jeffrey McFadden, guitar ; Mark Fewer, violin ; Roan Ma, violin ; Theresa Rudolph, viola ; Maxime Despax, viola ; Joseph Johnson, cello ; Emma Schmiedecke, cell0


  • Phantasy quartet, op. 2 / Benjamin Britten (Sarah Jeffrey, oboe ; Mark Fewer, violin ; Theresa Rudolph, viola ; Joseph Johnson, cello)
  • Alikeness / Jaroslaw Kapuscinski (Aiyun Huang, percussion ; Mark Fewer, violin ; Roan Ma, violin ; Theresa Rudolph, viola ; Joseph Johnson, cello)
  • Aguardiente / Jeffrey McFadden (Mark Fewer, violin ; Jeffrey McFadden, guitar)
  • Quintet in D major, G. 448 "Fandango" / Luigi Boccherini (Mark Fewer, Roan Ma, violins ; Maxime Despax, viola ; Emma Schmiedecke, cello ; Jeffrey McFadden, guitar).

Margo Garrett : art song master class

File consists of a program and recording of an event that took place in Walter Hall. Margo Garrett was the John R. Stratton Visitor in Music (2022-2023).

Performers: Christine Bae, Spencer Kryzanowski, piano


  • Talk
  • Ruckert Lieder. Liebst du um Schonheit / Gustav Mahler (Nathania Rose Chan, mezzo soprano)
  • Das Thal, op. 51, no. 1 / Richard Strauss (Wesley Hui, bass)
  • Ruckert Lieder. Ich atmet' einen linden Duft / Gustav Mahler (Emily Rocha, soprano)
  • Im Rhein, im schonen Strome, S. 272 / Franz Liszt (Ben Done, tenor)
  • Funf Lieder. Laue Sommernacht / Alma Mahler (Ellita Gagner, mezzo soprano)
  • Schwanengesang, D. 957. Aufenthalt / Franz Schubert (Burak Yaman, baritone)
  • Discussion.

Margo Garrett : French melodie master class

File consists of a program and recording of an event that took place in Walter Hall. Margo Garrett was the John R. Stratton Visitor in Music (2022-2023).


  • Talk
  • Quatre chansons de Jeunesse. Pantomime / Claude Debussy (Camille Labonte, soprano ; Joel Goodfellow, piano)
  • Phidyle / Henri Duparc (Marcel d'Entremont, tenor ; Helen Becque, piano)
  • Tes yeux bleus / Emmanuel Chabrier (Leandra Dahm, soprano ; Trevor Flemings, piano)
  • Correspondances, no. 3. A Slava et Galina / Henri Dutilleux (Stephanie McKay-Turgeon, soprano ; Dakota Scott-Digout, piano)
  • Fiancailles pour rire, no. 2. Dans l'herbe / Francis Poulenc (Jennifer Wilson, soprano ; Hyejin Kwon, piano)
  • Nuit d'etoiles / Claude Debussy (Alina Tigelman, soprano ; Indra Egan, piano).

Master class : Steven Isserlis, cello

File consists of a program and recording of an event that took place in Walter Hall. Steven Isserlis was the Lorand Fenyves Resident Artist (2022-2023).


  • Cello concerto, op. 104. Allegro / Antonin Dvorak (San Rim, cello ; Cecilia Lee, piano)
  • Cello concerto, op. 129. Nicht zu schnell / Robert Schumann (Matthew Lei, cello ; Cecilia Lee, piano)
  • Sonata no. 1, op. 109. Allegro / Gabriel Faure (Emma Schmiedecke, cello ; Todd Yaniw, piano)
  • Cello concerto, op. 104. Allegro, ma non troppo / Antonin Dvorak (Michael Wong, cello ; Barbie Fong, piano).

Recital : Steven Isserlis, cello and Connie Shih piano

File consists of a program and recording of an event that took place in Walter Hall. Steven Isserlis, cello, and Connie Shih, piano, were the Lorand Fenyves Resident Artists (2022-2023).

Performers: Steven Isserlis, cello ; Connie Shih, piano


  • Variations chantantes sur un air ancien / Reynaldo Hahn
  • Cello sonata no. 2 in G minor, op. 117 / Gabriel Faure
  • Lieux retrouves / Thomas Ades
  • Adagio and allegro in A-flat major, op. 70 / Robert Schumann
  • Cello sonata no. 2 in F major, op. 99 / Johannes Brahms
  • Encore.

Student composer concert no. 1

File consists of a program and recording of an event that took place in Walter Hall.

Performers: Elyssa Arde, vibraphone ; Kelsey Choi, vibraphone ; Christian Le, guitar


  • Perspectives balance. Ascension 625 / Duncan Hall
  • Spiral staircases in dreams / Stephen Morris
  • Silent / Parisa Sabet
  • Proto-Sequence / Luke Blackmore.

Laureates : Aaron Chow, piano

File consists of a program and recording of an event that took place in Walter Hall. Aaron Chow was the 2021-2022 Shalom Ben-Uri Graduate Recital Prize Winner.


  • Prelude and fugue in E-flat major, BWV 852 / Johann Sebastian Bach
  • Drei Klavierstucke, D. 946. Allegretto / Franz Schubert
  • Barcarolle in F-sharp major, op. 60 / Frederic Chopin
  • Piano sonata no. 31 in A-flat major, op. 110 / Ludwig van Beethoven
  • Transcendental etude no. 10 in F minor, S. 139 / Franz Liszt.

Laureates : Innovators

File consists of a program and recording of an event that took place in Walter Hall.

Performers: Charlene Chin, haro ; Zachary Senick, bassoon ; Anika Venkatesh, soprano ; Todd Yaniw, Joel Goodfellow, Wesley Shen, piano


  • Concerto for harp and orchestra / R. Murray Schafer (Charlene Chin, harp ; Todd Yaniw, piano)
  • Sonata for bassoon and piano, op. 70 / Yuri Levitin (Zachary Senick, bassoon ; Wesley Shen, piano)
  • Travel's end / Florence Price ; The valley wind. Velvet shoes / Hale Smith ; Sentiments. Two epigrams / Chihchun Chi-sun Lee ; All the way through evening. Walt Whitman in 1989 / Chris DeBlasio (Anika Venkatesh, soprano ; Joel Goodfellow, piano).

First light with Alan Klaus, trumpet, and Sarah Bowker, piano

File consists of a program and recording of an event that took place in Walter Hall.

Performers: Alan Klaus, trumpet ; Sarah Bowker, piano


  • First light brings new beginning / Allan Gilliland
  • Waters of life / Rob Teehan (with recording by N. Dahn, V. Regehr, P. Roberts)
  • Song of hope / Peter Meechan (with recording by N. Dahn, H. Kao, K. Read, V. Regehr, F. Fusari)
  • Inventions / Andrew Staniland (with electronics by A. Staniland)
  • Golden hour / Cait Nishimura.

The Tuesday Noon Hour : Fourth year undergraduate singers in performance

File consists of a program and recording of an event that took place in Walter Hall. Italienisches Liederbuch. Auch kleine Dinge / Hugo Wolf

Performers: Suzy Smith, piano


  • Sept melodies, op. 2. Serenade italienne / Ernest Chausson (Leandra Dahm, soprano)
  • Chansons de Ronsard. A Cupidon / Darius Milhaud (Camille Labonte, soprano)
  • Zwolf Gedichte von Justinus Kerner, op. 35. Stille Tranen / Robert Schumann (Sarah Richardson, soprano)
  • Cowboy songs. Lift me to heaven slowly / Libby Larsen (Kathleen Kovacs, mezzo soprano)
  • The red red heart. My mother's hands / John Greer (Hermione Tankard, soprano)
  • Cosi fan tutte. In uomini, in soldati / W.A. Mozart (Charlotte Goss, soprano)
  • Manon. Je suis encore tout etourdie / Jules Massenet (Jordana Soltice Goddard, soprano)
  • Тебе нема = Absence / Stefania Turkewich (Anna Tanzak, soprano)
  • My true love hath my heart / Jake Heggie (Sarah Mole, Anika Venkatesh, sopranos)
  • Love let the wind cry…How I adore thee, op. 29, no. 3 / Undine Smith Moore (Anika Venkatesh, soprano).

The Tuesday Noon Hour : Graduate and undergraduate singers in performance

File consists of a program and recording of an event that took place in Walter Hall.

Performers: Melisande Sinsoulier, piano


  • L'Allegro. Let me wander not unseen / G.F. Handel (Victoria Chan, soprano)
  • Il mio bel foco / Benedetto Marcello ; Als Luise die Briefe / W.A. Mozart (Elizabeth Gilerovitch, soprano)
  • Suleika / Felix Mendelssohn (Sarah Luedke, mezzo soprano)
  • Elijah. Hear ye, Israel / Felix Mendelssohn (Lindsay McIntyre, soprano)
  • Ruckert-Lieder. Blicke mir nicht in die Lieder ; Liebst du um Schonheit / Gustav Mahler (Karis Tees, mezzo soprano)
  • Ouvre ton coeur / Georges Bizet (Alannah Beauparlant, soprano)
  • La fille du regiment. Chacun le sait / Gaetano Donizetti (Hermione Tankard, soprano)
  • Chansons de Don Quichotte. Chanson du depart ; Chanson de la mort / Jacques Ibert (Peter Bass, baritone)
  • A letter from Sullivan Ballou / John Kander (Charlotte Goss, soprano)
  • Susannah. Ain't it a pretty night / Carlisle Floyd (Jordana Goddard, soprano).

The Tuesday Noon Hour : Third year undergraduate singers in performance

File consists of a program and recording of an event that took place in Walter Hall.

Performers: Suzy Smith, piano


  • Juditha triumphans. Armatae face et anguibus / Antonio Vivaldi (Sarah Luedke, mezzo soprano)
  • Xerxes. Ombra mai fu / G.F. Handel (Rhianna McDonald, soprano)
  • Der Wanderer / Franz Schubert (Gabriel Klassen, baritone)
  • Schilflied / Felix Mendelssohn (Katie Kirkpatrick, soprano)
  • In der Fremde / Robert Schumann (Maren Richardson, soprano)
  • Gretchen am Spinnrade / Franz Schubert (Janelle Yausif, soprano)
  • 3 songs, op. 29. Traum durch die Dammerung / Richard Strauss (Dasha Tereshchenko, soprano)
  • 5 Kleine Lieder, op. 69. Einerlei / Richard Strauss (Jamie Bateman, soprano)
  • 6 Lieder, op. 17. Standchen / Richard Strauss (William Salinas-Crosby, tenor)
  • Fleur Dessechee / Pauline Viardot (Tarquin Wongkee, mezzo soprano)
  • Si j'etais jardinier / Cecile Chaminade (Nikan Ingabire Kanate, soprano)
  • Le rossignol des lilas / Reynaldo Hahn (Taline Yeremian, mezzo soprano)
  • Mae Hiraeth yn y Mor / Dilys Elwyn-Edwards (Megan Jones, soprano)
  • Don Giovanni. Ho capito, signor, si / W.A. Mozart (Christian Matta, baritone)
  • Musica proibita / Stanislao Gastaldon (Frank (Enquan) Yu, tenor)
  • Bird song at eventide / Eric Coates (Alina Tigelman, soprano)
  • Stornello / Pietro Cimara (Jaidyn McFadden, soprano).

The Tuesday Noon Hour : Voice Studies welcome and musical offering

File consists of a program and recording of an event that took place in Walter Hall. The concert featured singers from the Faculty of Music and Suzy Smith, piano.


  • Three songs. For broken and tired am I / Matthew Emery (Nikan Kanate, soprano)
  • Allerseelen / Richard Strauss (Matthew Black, baritone)
  • Tre nuovi poemi, no. 2. Melodia / Franco Alfano (Leandra Dahm, soprano)
  • Duh bist die Ruh / Franz Schubert (Alekzander Rosolowski, baritone)
  • Примирение = Reconciliation / Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky (Jamal Al Titi, baritone)
  • Hark, the lark at heaven's gate sings / Robert Ursan (Camille Labonte, soprano)
  • L'italiana in Algeri. Ho un gra peso sulla testa / Gioachino Rossini (Giovanni Rabbito, baritone).

Riki Turofsky master class in voice : Elliot Madore, baritone

File consists of a program and recording of an event that took place in Walter Hall.

Performers: Christine Bae, Spencer Kryzanowski, piano


  • L'elisir d'amore. Una furtiva lagrima / Gaetano Donizetti (Lyndon Ladeur, tenor)
  • Cosi fan tutte. Smanie implacabile / Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (Lissy Meyerowitz, mezzo-soprano)
  • La Sonnambula. Vi ravviso, o luoghi ameni / Vincenzo Bellini (Luke Noftall, baritone)
  • La rondine. Ch'il bel sogno / Giacomo Puccini (Cass Amorim, soprano)
  • Hamlet. O vin disippe la tristesse / Amrboise Thomas (James Coole-Stevenson, baritone)
  • Rusalka. Song to the moon / Antonin Dvorak (Ayana Platt, soprano).
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