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Trent University

The subseries E.7 Trent University covers the year 1964. The materials relate to the opening of Trent University, which took place the same year that Scarborough College was opened. The file includes various documents.

Uncertain or other composer or arranger

Subseries includes manuscript scores and or parts for various ensembles. Authorship is uncertain or other than Phil Nimmons. This includes items that were arranged for ensembles led by Phil Nimmons and includes music for jazz ensemble, jazz orchestra, orchestra, jazz combo, incidental music for radio plays, music for clarinet, and music for tenor.

Unitel case

Various work relating to competition in telecommunications, including competition in long distance services and price positioning.

University College administration files

Subseries consists of University College administration files relating to the Dean Review Committee and Anne Lancashire’s position as Vice-principal and program director (1990-1993). Other administration files relate to various review and advisory committees.

University Committees

Contains the records of the following groups:

Chinese Laser Group, 1974-1985
Presidential Advisory Committee on Institutional Strategy, 1982-1984
Committee on Research, 1980-1982
Renewal, 1986
Report on Engineering Science, 1970

University of Alberta teaching material

Sub-series consists of files containing correspondence, administrative documentation, lecture materials and handouts, student papers and material from Ph.D. students relating to Watson's employment at the University of Alberta, as a professor of English.

Files include:

  • 2006 01 714 University of Alberta administrative records, 1961 - 1975
  • 2006 01 715 University of Alberta interdepartmental correspondence, 1967-1975
  • 2006 01 716 University of Alberta correspondence post-retirement, 1978, 1984
  • 2006 01 717 Lecture handouts, class lists and bibliographies, [between 1961 - 1975]
  • 2006 01 718 Exam questions regarding Ezra Pound's Cantos [between 1961 - 1975]
  • 2006 01 719 Lecture notes by student for English 676, February 9, 1966
  • 2006 01 720 Evaluation of student in English 676, 1972
  • 2006 01 721 Student essays, 1961- 1975
  • 2006 01 722 Posters for Open Seminar Series in Literature, 1971-1972
  • 2006 01 723 Manuscript regarding thesis supervision of John David Mighton [ca. 1966]
  • 2006 01 724 Manuscript and note regarding thesis supervision of Peter C. Montgomery [ca. 1966]
  • 2006 01 725 Notes regarding thesis supervision of Margaret Gail Ossachoff, 1978
  • 2006 01 726 Notes and documentation regarding thesis supervision of Paul Tiessen, 1973-1974

University of British Columbia teaching material

Sub-series consists of one file containing two notices of appointment of Watson as a sessional lecturer at the University of British Columbia for the 1949/50 and 1950/51 terms and a memo regarding examination returns.

University of Toronto - St George and Mississauga campuses

The subseries E.2 University of Toronto – St George and Mississauga campusescovers the years 1964 to 1977 and 1983 to 1992. Though most of the material relates to Scarborough tangentially, its provenance lies within UTSC’s sister-campuses in downtown Toronto (St George) and Mississauga (previously called Erindale). Many of the items in the subseries are related to tri-campus policies or initiatives, such as early retirement for librarians or master plans, or are related to specific departments. The files are composed mostly of reports and other documents.

University of Toronto teaching materials

Sub-series consists of three files containing correspondence, administrative records and class lists regarding Watson's career as a teaching fellow at the University of Toronto during her doctoral studies, and as a Research Associate during the academic term of 1968-1969, where she and her husband Wilfred Watson were at the Centre for Culture and Technology at St. Michael's College. During her fellowship at the Centre, Watson acted as a teaching and general assistant to McLuhan, and he and his secretary frequently forwarded correspondence to her to manage and respond to.

Files include:

  • 2006 01 711 Correspondence and administrative records from the University of Toronto, 1957 -1969
  • 2006 01 712 Forwarded correspondence, reading lists and notes by Marshall McLuhan, 1968 - 1969
  • 2006 01 713 Class lists for English 438 and English 1110, 1968-1969

University of the West Indies

The subseries E.6 University of the West Indies covers the years 1967 to 1968. The materials relate to a possible academic liaison between the institutions that would allow for an overseas study program, which eventually fell through. The files include correspondence and other documents.

University-wide administration files

Subseries consists of university-wide administration files which include the Dean Search Committee, Connaught Committee, School of Graduate Studies Assistant to the Dean, Library Advisory Committee, Massey College Associate Fellow and the OISE Board of Governors. It also includes files relating to the Rendo Foundation, an Italian group negotiating to set up a special relationship with U of T, involving funding and research support for projects at U of T that fell through.

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