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Durham College

The subseries E.4 Durham College covers the years 1973 to 1977. The materials are related to courses offered by Scarborough College on the Durham College campus due to space restrictions at Scarborough College, as well as Durham College library services. The file is composed of program and course descriptions, memos, and other documents.

Centennial College

The subseries E.3 Centennial College covers the years 1969 and 1974. The materials included here relate mostly to the short-lived idea that Centennial College and Scarborough College should be “twinned” to maximize resource sharing. The files are composed of minutes, correspondence, and other documents.

[St. George Campus, misc. ]

File includes various documents: a response to a written editorial on "Toronto's Biggest Landowner", the Spring 1992 Hart House Review, and a note regarding a new university inventory tracking system and an updated purchase requisition form.

Scarborough Regional School of Nursing

The subseries E.5 Scarborough Regional School of Nursing covers the year 1966. The materials relate to a request by the School of Nursing to use the new Scarborough College library. The file is composed of correspondence and other documents.

Trent University

The subseries E.7 Trent University covers the year 1964. The materials relate to the opening of Trent University, which took place the same year that Scarborough College was opened. The file includes various documents.

University of the West Indies

The subseries E.6 University of the West Indies covers the years 1967 to 1968. The materials relate to a possible academic liaison between the institutions that would allow for an overseas study program, which eventually fell through. The files include correspondence and other documents.

Scarborough Board of Education

File includes Opportunities in the Secondary Schools of Scarborough (c. 1964); Scarborough School Directory (1964); list of Scarborough Board of Education Trustees (inscription reads "Visitors to the College Jan 27th/1966" and names checked off in pencil); Your Night Schools (1966); Scarborough School Directory (1970); Inventory of Parks - Recreation Facilities - Schools (1972); Your Schools (newsletter, 1972); Scarborough School Directory (1976); article entitled "The Outdoor School" (1977);

The Council of the Borough of Scarborough

File includes materials produced by Scarborough Council: Scarborough Municipal Handbook (1963); Scarborough Municipal Diary 1965; Invitation to the Opening of the Scarborough Centennial Civic Recreation Centre (1967); Scarborough: Helpful Information from your Local Council (1970); The Scarborough Civic Centre (1974).

Scarborough Public Library

File includes Scarborough Public Library Branches, Bookmobile locations & schedule (pamphlet, n.d.), "An Invitation 1968" to the Scarborough Public Library (1968), press release advertising A History of Scarborough by Robert Bonis in paperback (1971), and other materials.

Scarborough Planning Board

File includes correspondence between UTSC and the Scarborough Planning Board; Amendment No. 64 to the Official Plan of the Township of Scarborough Planning Area (1963); Report on Scarborough Industrial Land-Use Policy and Proposed Policy with Respect to Office Development (1974); How Scarborough Plans (1976).

City of Scarborough

The subseries E.8 City of Scarborough covers the years 1963 to 1977 and 1985 to 1988. The materials relate to the surrounding community as well as the corporate body of the city. Subjects include by-laws that affect the university, transportation, postal delivery, ARTS Scarborough, and the Guild of All Arts, among many others. The files are composed of a wide variety of materials, including reports, correspondence, and other documents.


File includes correspondence regarding transportation to Scarborough College, encompassing both vehicular traffic (roads) and access by bus (TTC). Also includes bus schedules and a report by Principal A.F.W. Plumptre regarding a proposed public road through Scarborough College's valley property.

[Mailing Address]

File includes correspondence with the Postmaster General and other postal service personnel regarding the mailing address of Scarborough College.

[Scarborough Community misc.]

File includes promotional material for the Scarborough Town Centre; promotional material for Scarborough (industrial and residential); list of manufacturing industrial firms; population census 1964; Scarborough Social Soundings (questionnaire on social needs); list of clubs, associations, and local groups 1964.

General Publicity 1964

File includes articles on development of Scarborough College, Erindale Campus, Birchmount Collegiate, W.E. Beckel's address of the importance of television in education, opening the Queenston Drive Public School, "talk-back" system. File name taken from original file title.

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