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Christmas Cards

File consists of Christmas cards sent to Nouwen. Correspondents include:

  1. The Forrester Dufresnes (Ed, Sandy, Rachel and Aimee)
  2. Mary E. Hobgood and Thomas B.Chittick
  3. Sr. Julie Raman, ICM (writing from The Phillipines)
  4. James W. Skehan, SJ
  5. Barbara M. Fader
  6. Mary Deeley, husband, Dan Lum and daughter Katie [photograph removed]

Letters from Jennifer and Bob Saint John

File consists of letters and information packages from Jennifer and Bob Saint John, most regarding the Interfaith Center to Reverse the Arms Race (Pasadena, CA), including copies of letters from members of the Southern California Ecumenical Council, the Center for Defense Information, the Episcopal Church in Los Angeles, the New Jewish Agenda, the Board of Rabbis of Southern California, the Presbyterian Synod of Southern California and Hawaii, the Southern California Conference of the United Church of Christ, the South Pacific District of the American Lutheran Church, First Lutheran Church of Glendale, CA, Bishop Jack M Tuell and the Religious Society of Friends.

Letters from Laura Rice

File consists of letters from Laura Rice, including a pamphlet from Chapel House of Colgate University (Hamilton, NY).

Letters from Paul Nouwen

File consists of letters from Paul A. Nouwen, Nouwen's brother. The photographs were taken on December 1st, 1984 at the Duivenvoorde Castle, in Voorschoten, Netherlands during Paul Nouwen's 25th anniversary dinner as director of the insurance company Nationale Nederlanden.

Letters from L'Arche

File consists of letters, including four photo cards, and articles from members of the L'Arche community of Trosly-Breuil (also called La Ferme) in France, including official correspondence from Jean Vanier and letters from Thérèse Monique, Barbara, Agnes, Simone Landrien and Larry Gray. Also includes the original draft of a letter written by Nouwen to his students at Boston College explaining his reasons for joining the L'Arche community, and a letter from Therese [Cecury?] giving Nouwen the address to her parents Paul and Marie Peeters in France (it has been annotated "file: Trosly").

Letters from Dean Hammer

File consists of letters from Dean Hammer, writing from prison, including newspaper articles regarding the Plowshares movement, and letters from Fr. James O'Malley, Chaplain, and Vern Rossman.

Letters from Foster Parents Plan

File consists of a letter from Sabina Castillo on behalf of Foster Parents Plan regarding Nouwen's sponsorship of a boy, Hugo Corini, from Bolivia.

Letters from Jim Antal

File consists of letters from Jim Antal, two letters from his wife Cindy Antal, magazine articles and correspondence from various individuals connected with The Fellowship of Reconciliation (Nyack, NY) and the 40th anniversary of the bombing of Nagasaki, that has been annotated "file: Antal, Jim".

Letters from Foster Parents Plan

File consists of letters from Foster Parents Plan, regarding Nouwen's sponsorship of a young boy, Hugo Corini, from Bolivia, including short notes from Hugo (translated by the agency).

Letters from Rose Marciano Lucey

File consists of letters from Rose Marciano Lucey and long typed letter from Nouwen regarding the death of Daniel Lucey, Rose's husband. File also contains memorial cards, obituaries and funeral mass material.

Letters from Frances Kersjes

File consists of letters from Frances Kersjes, writing from Cochabamba, Bolivia, and two (one very long) typed letters from Nouwen.

Letters from Chaplain Frank Hamilton

File consists of letters from Frank M. Hamilton, a chaplain in the Presbyterian Church and later in the U.S. Army, including a photo card featuring two photographs of Nouwen giving a lecture.

Letters from Frank Gerry

File consists of letters from Frank Gerry, writing from the Philippines, as well as a copy of the journal "Life Forum".

Letter from Mary Doyle

File consists of a letter from Sr. Mary Joan Doyle, DC, regarding the status of the boy's dormitory she cares for in Cochabamba, Bolivia, which Nouwen raised funds for.

Letters from Michael Christensen

File consists of letters from (Rev.) Michael J. Christensen of the Golden Gate Community Mission in San Francisco, CA., as well as copies of Christensen's articles "The Mystery of Kairos" and "The Mystery of Kenosis".

Letter from Jane Bernhardt

File consists of a letter from Jane Bernhardt, a portrait artist painting portraits of imprisoned peace activists.

Letters from Peter Ruggere

File consists of letters from Peter Ruggere, writing from the Padres de Maryknoll in Lima, Peru, as well as letters from Sr. Mary Joan Doyle, DC (regarding the construction of a dormitory and night school for shoeshine boys in Cochabamba, Bolivia), as well as a typed letter from Nouwen, addressed to Maria Torre (c/o Ruggere), and a letter from Sofia Mereno-Mendez, a member of the family Nouwen stayed with while in Lima.

C-D faculty and staff

File contains a total of 126 B&W and Colour photographs depicting activities of faculty and staff and including portraits of students, faculty and staff at University of Toronto Scarborough; 1 contact sheet and 1 over sized black and white photograph; verso captions include "Elizabeth Cooper"; "Caryl Clarke 98"; "Laura Carney 99"; "Wayne Dowler 99"; "Theresa Dawson 2001"; "Dyer 99"; "Ian Campbell"; "Vicky Chot"; "Corbin 1980"; "Carla" "Delarae" "Barry" "sheel" "rycilla" "zahid" "dons"; "Bert Corben Retired"; "Prof. John Colman"; "Ch. Wayne Dowlim"; "Principal R. Campbell"; "Academics Dove Chairman Physical Science 1978"; "Prof. Dick"; "Principal A.D. Allen; Penny Damprey"; "J. Coleman Social Sciences - 1979"; "Professor Melba Cuddy - Keane Vice Principal & Associate Dean, Scarborough Campus Photo Credit David Harford"; "Lora Carney Dec. 1993"; "Neil Dobbs"; "Student Don 1996"; "Ralph Campbell, former Principal of Scarborough College, visits 1991"; "Ian Campbell zoology"; Cleveland 98"; "Prof. G. Cupchick Psychology"; "Corbett"; "Don Campbell"; "Prof. Doucette French"; "John Delandre"; "Prof. John Colman winner of D.R. Campbell merit award 1986 former faculty"; "Ruth Campbell, Tom Tidwell, Cathy Pickett, Ralph Campbell, former Principal of Scarborough College visiting 1991"; "Michael Schonberg"; "Michael Bunce 97"; "Professor Charles Dyer Astronomy/ Computer Science 1990"; "President Connell with Divisional chairman Wayne Dowler (Humanities), Joan Grusec, Rorke Bryan"; "Clarke 99 "; "English Professor Melba Cuddy- Keane Winner of 1987 Scarborough College Teaching Award photo credit: David Harford"; "J. Kresge Chemistry"; "Sharon Dyas- Correia"; "Mary Capr 1995 Manager Health and Wellness"; "Shelly Crawford 95"; "March'78 Joan Davies - Anthro"; "Vice Principal Associate Dean Ron Dengler"; writing on the back of most photographs; sticky notes attached; various sizes; photographs in sleeves, envelops and stapled together.

Alumni; Alumni and Alumnae; Anthropology; Award Ceremonies; Campbell, D.R. (Ralph); Ceremonies and Celebrations; Chancellor; Conferences and Symposia; Correspondence; Dean; Department of English; Faculty; Laboratories; Lectures; Meeting Place; Meetings; President; Principal; Professors; Scarborough (Ont.); Scarborough College; Students; University Buildings; University of Toronto. Scarborough Campus.; Vice-Principal; University Governance; Women; All Buildings; Buildings - Interiors; All Events; Events - Celebrations and Socials; Events - General; Events - Meetings; Faculty and Staff; Faculty and Staff - General; Faculty and Staff - Research; Faculty and Staff - Teaching; All Portraits; Portraits - Students; Portraits - Faculty and Staff; All Students.

Letters from Foster Parents Plan

File consists of letters Foster Parents Plan regarding Nouwen's sponsorship of a young boy, Hugo Corini, from Bolivia, including short notes from Hugo's uncle on behalf of Hugo (translated by the agency).

Letters from Nouwen's 25th Anniversary of Ordination

File consists of letters, telegrams and greeting cards sent to Nouwen on the occassion of the 25th anniversary of his Ordination. The letters have been numbered by the Archivist. The list of correspondents includes:

  1. Br. M. Alexis
  2. Bob Durback
  3. Bob Serigan
  4. Br. James
  5. Kathy Begina
  6. Walter and Jet Gaffney
  7. Robert Jay Lifton, M.D.
  8. Marge and Tom Melizzi
  9. [Juanita Gerken?]
  10. Jean [Emmons]
  11. June E. Hagan
  12. Jane Bouvier
  13. Kathy Sennott
  14. Phyllis Howelb
  15. Madeline and Dorothea McGinley
  16. Art Laffin
  17. Steve and Carol Berry
  18. Sr. Gabriel Marie
  19. Caroline S. Wales
    20.Manette and Harry Adams
  20. Sr. Catherine
  21. Ken and Lenore Smith-Aman
    23.Joseph G. Kelly
  22. Kay Hartlage and Eileen Walsh
  23. Peg Oetjen
  24. Elaine Fitzpatrick
  25. Barbara Grecco
    28.Mary Fern [Hollis]
  26. Don McNeill
  27. Virginia van Dooren
  28. Tom and Ada Karlin (telegram also from Meg and Ovidio Penalver, Agnes Baker and Laura Shilter)
  29. Sr. Doreen, CP
  30. Frank and Sandy (Sandra) Cihlar
    34.Ellie Drury
  31. Mary Ann Logue
  32. Mabel and John Treadwell
    37.Covenant Peace Community (Rev. Hud Richard)
  33. Gerry McCrane
  34. Fr. John Eudes Bamberger
    40.David [Schlaver?]
  35. Rose and Dan Lucey
  36. Carol [Plantinga]
  37. Jeff [Merkle]
  38. Frank Yeomans
  39. Br. Christian [photograph removed]
    46.Hans and Ann Hermans
  40. Frank Yeomans, Maria Malanchuk, Arlene Ganem, Brad Wolcott and Vincent [last name unknown]
    48.Carolyn Beehler
    49.Callie and Wim Stone
    50.Caroline S. Wales
    51.Steve and Carol Berry
    52.John and Marjorie Mogabgab
    53.Rudy Hokanson and Susan Miller
    54.Sr. Marci [Marcelline] Yurkovic
  41. Anne and Mary [lastname unknown]
    56.unknown prayer card and photograph [photograph removed]
  42. Br. Anthony, OCSO [photograph removed]
    58.Elaine Blondin Kriedel
  43. P. and C.
  44. Br. Theodore.

Letters from Mich and Mary Zeman

File consists of letters from Mich and Mary Zeman, including two typed letters of recommendation for Mich Zeman and a very long typed letter from Nouwen, as well as a joint letter written by Nouwen and Mich to members of their fall 1980 course, Spiritual Direction.

Letters from Ada Palieri

File consists of letters from Ada Palieri, writing from Italy, who translated Nouwen's published works into Italian for Queriniana.

Letters from Tom Karlin

File consists of letters from Tom Karlin, including a copy of a letter sent by Nouwen to Jim Douglass and several long typed letters sent by Nouwen to the Karlin family and Jim Saur's family.

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